Casual Fridays on Thursday: Game of the Week, etc…

Above: Temple City and Alhambra square off at Moor Field on Friday night at 7.

If you’re Temple City (1-0) what team poses a bigger threat: a team that heads into the game also 1-0, riding with confidence, or a team that is 0-1 and has a sense of urgency and desperation in hopes of not looking from the bottom up?

That’s the question I posed Rams coach Randy Backus and he had some interesting stuff to say. More on that in Friday’s paper on page 2.

Every time I talk to Alhambra coach Gil Ruedaflores he mentions another coach either coached as a player or has had on his staff.

Backus at one point was an assistant under Ruedaflores. I think Backus left Alhambra in 2000.

Back to the game … One thing that worries Backus he said was Alhambra’s ability to score quickly like the Moors did in the fourth quarter against Glendale last week. Alhambra scored three touchdowns and were led by sophomore Vailele Peko who caught three of those passes for touchdowns in the 44-28 loss.

Despite the 34-0 rout over Arroyo last week, Backus said he thought there were area for the Rams to improve such as blown assignments, not picking up blitzes; little things like not having 11 guys on a punt.

Darrian Cazarin, the junior quarterback for the Moors, completed 18 of 33 passes for 300 yards and had four touchdowns. He threw three interceptions and two of them were returned for touchdowns.

“We turned the ball over too many times,” Ruedaflores said. “You can’t give another team 30 points, ask UCLA.”

Friday’s Game of the Week: Temple City vs. Alhambra at Moor Field

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Tonight’s Game with predictions

South Pasadena vs. Hoover at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Hoover); Lair (South Pasadena)

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