Golper: Minor break in right toe, sprained

Arcadia’s Todd Golper has a minor crack in his right big toe and the MRI showed it is also sprained.

He’ll be able to play again this season but the question is when. The doctor doesn’t think Todd will hurt the big toe but it’s a matter of how much pain Todd can handle while playing.

There’s no doubt Todd will want to play against Lynwood a week from Friday but it’s uncertain at this point if the coaches will let him play.

Todd, who is wearing a boot, got e-mails from both UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel and linebackers coach Chuck Bullough and also Neuheisel and DeWayne Walker called Monday to inquire on his status.

At the very minimum Todd might sit out against Glendale and play against the bigger teams like Muir and others.

But then again, we’re talking about the same Todd who thought was playing the final three games of the season with a sprained wrist, only to come and find out after X-rays he had actually been playing with a broken wrist.

During the St. Francis game Todd wouldn’t take off his shoe at halftime because he thought maybe they would take him out of the game. Turns out he had 21 tackles after game film was reviewed. Todd’s the epitome of toughness.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Todd tries to run next week and play it by ear. It’s gonna be a tough judgment call.

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