UCLA Postgame: Bruins offense continues to sputter

Just got home from the Rose Bowl. I took my sister with me. It was her first UCLA football game.

Other than UCLA’s poor effort on offense it went OK.

The Bruins had only 196 total yards in a 31-10 loss to the Wildcats.


UCLA wasn’t really hurt by penalties. They were hurty by Kevin Craft’s ineffective passing. The kid played well against Tennessee. I give him credit for that great second half. But he was nonexistent against BYU and again against Arizona. Kraft completed 15 of 31 passes for just 81 yards. Derrick Coleman had a pretty good showing at running back. If the other guys won’t step up I say let the freshman play.

UCLA has one of the best offensive coordinators in the nation with Norm Chow. But it’s not showing. Patience? I guess. I’m just frustrated that the Bruins will have to take a back seat to USC football yet again this season. At least we scored some points this time, albeit it came on defense after a fumble recovery in the end zone.

The best way my sister can describe both teams is this way:

USC football are the Lakers of college football.

UCLA … the Clippers.

I was pretty upset UCLA didn’t go for it on fourth and 1 on the Arizona 14 (I think) and UCLA let the clock wind down to two seconds before they kicked a field goal. They should have just gone for the first down and tried one play for the end zone. There was plenty of time. That falls on coaching, not the players who’ve gotten plenty of blame of late. No offensive touchdowns in two straight games?!?!? Ugh!

Next weekend I celebrate my 25th birthday. I was planning on starting my day at the Rose Bowl for the Fresno State game but after today I might just save my time and energy for something more productive.

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