….High School Heisman Watch 2008….

The Heisman Trophy is the most prestigious award in college football. Florida QB Tim Tebow last season became the first sophomore ever to win the coveted award.

The award is named after the great John W. Heisman who made countless contributions to the game, including the forward pass which became legal in 1906 after three years of writing and pestering Walter Camp and the rules committee. Much of the official rule book in the day adopted Heisman’s suggestions word for word, according to the Heisman Trophy’s website.

The equivalent of our Heisman is the Area Player of the Year. For football purposes we’ll call it our High School Heisman.

I will have a top 5 list every Wednesday with my “High School Heisman Watch”. The list of player is in no particular order and you’ll note some players will jump in and out depending on their performance.

Without further adieu, The List:

1. Dietrich Riley, St. Francis, RB, Jr.

2. Matt Schilz, Maranatha, QB, Sr.

3. Joey Stewart, Temple City, RB, Sr.

4. Marcus Graves, Muir, WR, Sr.

5. Mitchell Crockom, Alhambra, WR, Jr.

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