….East meets West….


Bishop Amat (4-1) vs. St. Francis (5-0)
The Lancers, as our boy Freddy Robledo put it, have not been to the playoffs since 2004 and are a mediocre 33-33 since 2002, going 3-7 last season. Despite those numbers, Bishop Amat started the preseason ranked No. 2. The Golden Knights, however, were a few players and a play away from making the playoffs last year. St. Francis was picked the preseason No. 1 and remain the area’s No. 1 team.

Tribune’s No. 1 vs. Star-News’ No. 1
Like I said. Bishop Amat started at No. 2, then fell and now they’re back on top, but not before Bishop Amat fans were crying about not being No. 1.

Fred J. Robledo Talks Preps Sports vs. From the Sidelines with Miguel Melendez
Freddy and Steve Ramirez both picked Bishop Amat to win. I know better. I say Robledo and I make a bet but he’s ignoring my calls. If he back pedals any more he’ll end up on the 10 freeway. Bishop Amat cries so much they now get their own weekly thread on Freddy’s blog. I treat everyone the same, which means Golden Knights fans are far better to talk football.

This isn’t just another nonleague game. This is like Rocky taking on the Russian in Rocky IV, only this time the “Russian” comes to our side of town, the Russian being Bishop Amat. Every bout has a bad guy and the bad guy on this side of town is Bishop Amat.

I’m sure the Primadonnas (AKA Bishop Amat fans) have something to say about that.

But as the CEO, Mayor, President of this blog I ask that every man, woman and child on this side of the 626 rally around St. Francis.

The Golden Knights, like the boys over on Lincoln Ave., will represent the West and prove we can hang with the big boys.

Every coach should be rooting for St. Francis this week. Muir coach Kenny Howard will be for sure.

“I will,” Howard said. “I don’t know about everybody else but I’m for the West side.

“If a West side team is playing an East side team I’ll always root for the West side.”

This coming from a coach who strongly feels his Mustangs belong in the top spot. But for this week Howard is rooting for the boys over on Foothill.

I plan to be there and not only will I get there early but I’ll bring my appetite. I’ll go out on the limb and say it’s not only the Game of the Week but it’s also our Video Highlights Game of the Week. Time to breakout the Van Heusen suit.

I’ll take a carne asada burrito any day over kettle corn over at Bishop Amat. Ugh, kettle corn. Are you serious?

For this week only, I’ll post a thread every day about the showdown comparing both teams not just on the field but everything else like who has the better concession stands, better uniforms, coaching staff, better fans (we know that already) and much more.

Have your say about the showdown.

And if I haven’t made it clear yet, I’m calling you out Primadonnas.

Let the talk smacking begin!

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