Robledo: Rio Hondo, Pacific League boring

The War of Words has begun.

Here’s what Robledo over on his blog had to say about our teams out here in the West, where we have Paseo Colorado, the Rose Bowl and Old Town while the East has Subway.

“….this is where it heats up. (Bishop Amat is) going back on the road for the first time in a month, against an undefeated team that has given them fits in recent years.

… On the Pasadena side of town, Star-News prep editor Miguel Melendez is hyping it up to no end. You see, the Pasadena area has been down since I left for the Tribune.

The Rio Hondo league is looking more like the Montview every day, and the Pacific League is kind of boring.

All they really have to get excited about is St. Francis and Muir. So, here it goes, the Tribune No. 1 against the Star-News No. 1. This will decide who IS the top team in the Valley.”

I don’t expect Rio Hondo and Pacific League teams to take that sitting down.

I took Dadof3’s suggestion for a bet, the loser (Robledo) having to wear a USC shirt to work Monday, but Robledo said he’d never wear a USC shirt.

Any other ideas for a bet?

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