The bet is on!!!!!

Freddy finally caved in. The initial bet was going to be the loser would wear a USC shirt to work Monday.

But Robledo wanted no part in that. So the new bet is going to be this:

Loser has to wear the other team’s hat to work the following week. A Bishop Amat win, I’ll wear a Lancers hat.

If St. Francis wins, Robledo will wear a Golden Knights hat. I’ll remember to buy a hat at Friday’s game for Robledo. So who else is bothered that Robledo forgot his roots? How quickly they forget….

This is the alternative, Robledo said, because in no way, shape or form, will he ever wear anything with USC on it.

I guess I can understand. We’re both huge UCLA fans. I’m almost certain if we put on a USC shirt we’d burst on fire.

Well, time to compare stadiums.


Hands down St. Francis has a stadium that’s second to none. The turf allows for great playing conditions even when it rains.

Friedman Field, nestled on Foothill Blvd., looks as if it has an enormous home stands; its backdrop is a tall-standing building of classrooms that provide an eagle eye’s view from atop.

I’ve been a few times to Keifer Stadium in La Puente. The stadium and its campus sits in the middle of a neighborhood. It kind of reminds me of St. John Bosco’s stadium but with easier access.

Bishop Amat’s press box is tiny unless you climb to the top for an aerial view. The field has grass and though it’s neatly manicured, the stadium doesn’t compare to Friedman Field.

The winner is St. Francis by a landslide.

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