….The Straw Poll….

Here you go, MuddyWaters, all because I’m a man of the people…This question comes from one of your very own. I thought it was a good topic so I decided to give it its own thread.

EVERYONE is invited to take this STRAW POLL:

With the rash of injuries as of late being reported from different high schools, I am interested to know what impact this has had for ALL of our kids. So here is what I am asking from each of you:

1. Please list the name of the local school and number of players from your team that have had a major knee injury this football season. (Please no player’s names for the moment. A “major knee injury” is anything where a player is unable to play for 6 weeks or more. I may consult an Ortho Sports Med guy for a better definition in the future).

2. Second, list whether the team plays on grass or artificial turf.

3. If you know the player was injured on grass or turf that would also be helpful.

Miguel, you may want to consider making a sticky thread of this post so this list can be updates as the season goes on. Anyone else have any thoughts or information we should be asking? Thank you in advance for everyone who replays.

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