Alhambra, TCity: Bottom two but who goes where?

Last week’s rankings had Alhambra at No. 9 and Temple City at No. 10, respectively.

Both teams lost last week. If you drop them out of the rankings, what teams get in?

If they both stay in the rankings, do they keep their ranking or does Temple City get the No. 9 spot despite the loss?

Consider this:

Alhambra lost to Schurr, 38-24: The Moors (3-3, 0-1) could not capitalize on some of their offensive drives. Alhambra had a chance to go up, 7-0, in its first possession but squandered the opportunity. Darrian Cazarin hit Mitchell Crockom on the first play with a 67-yard pass, but all the Moors got out of it was a 25-yard field goal from Brian Gonzalez. Schurr countered with a 43-yard field goal and then Robert Duran ran for a 3-yard score to make it 10-3 before going into the half with a 17-3 lead. Alhambra’s defense vanished in the second half as the Spartans scored on three consecutive possession. Cazarin had a great game. He finished the night completing 14 of 25 passes for 205 yards and a touchdown. But the running game that Coach Gil Ruedaflores said they’d implement so far is nonexistent. The Moors were held to 18 yards rushing on 12 carries. Can’t live by the pass the rest of the season.

Temple City lost to Monrovia, 13-7: Some probably expected Monrovia to blowout the Rams. But Temple City kept this game closer than many expected. The main objective for the Rams defense was containing Marquise Williams. That didn’t happen. Williams rushed for 244 yards on 18 carries and scored two touchdowns that came on the ensuing possessions following missed field-goal attempts by Temple City. Both of Williams’ touchdowns were 80-yard sprints. Overall, Temple City’s defense clamped down the Wildcats resurgent offense. Max Ruckle scored on a 5-yard run to cut the Rams’ deficit to 13-7 with 5:31 left to play. Monrovia failed to score on its ensuing possession, giving TC one last change to win. Not sure what’s the deal with Joey Stewart. He’s not mentioned in the story and it appeared the Rams preferred the passing game against a secondary that played back. Temple City’s running game could have taken advantage here. In any case, the Rams played a stout Monrovia team tough and nearly pulled off the upset.

The polls 1-8 will stay just about the same. No movement there (I’m sure Muir will argue that).

But does Temple City takeover the No. 9 spot because it played the No. 6 team in the area tough?

Does Alhambra drop one spot despite having beaten the Rams earlier in the season?

Tough call, eh?

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