Please, pick a name and STICK TO IT!!!

Here is a list of bloggers who have guts and play by the rules:

The Stang Fan, Goldenarm, Dad of 3, Viking Supporter, Philly B., Hal Lamaster, burbanksports, the real hsfbfan, Joe Amat, Stang03, Huckster!!!!, Amat73, BigA, Observantcat, Reyes, MuddyWaters, !stang!, sfhs92, confused cat, Zeke Prado, Viking Fan, sstress AND last but not least, Angel Bec…

I apologize if I missed a regular.

But the point is that the bloggers above had the guts to pick a name and are sticking to it. We all know what school they associate with.

It’s fun when we can all make fun of Huckster.

It’s cool when we can address astute, respectful and informative comments from Goldenarm, Dad of 3 and The Stang Fan among others.

I’ve been seeing way too many anonymous names on the blog. Which is OK. Thanks for the hits and thanks for reading. But wouldn’t you all agree it’d be awesome if we could build our own cyber community?

I remember at The Register the posters had that, and they even met once a year at a local Dave and Busters. I thought that was pretty cool.

The reason why the Tribune blog gets so many hits, in part, is because the bloggers have made a name for themselves.

Since I’ve been here I’ve posted about 134 entries with 2,613 comments, and I know it hasn’t been ALL from the guys listed above.

Some bloggers have made a name for themselves and it can get better but it’s up to you guys to get it going.

And it starts with picking and sticking to a name.

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