BREAKING NEWS: Mills resigns as coach at Pasadena

By Miguel A. Melendez
Staff Writer

Three days after Pasadena High School lost its 12th consecutive Turkey Tussle to Muir, Kevin Mills resigned as head coach.

Mills informed principal Dr. Derick Evans and athletic director Tony Brooks of his decision early Monday afternoon.

“I’ll be at Pasadena High School in my (math) teaching capacity,” Mills said. “I don’t plan on leaving that. In terms of coaching, I want to go a different direction.”

Mills said there were several factors into his decision, but he would not elaborate.

“When I came I wanted to restore pride, tradition and a winning mentality. I think I’ve done that,” he said. “I’ve definitely left the ship a lot better then where I found it.”

Mills said he wants to coach in the future and added he’ll do whatever is necessary for a smooth transition as Pasadena searches for its next coach.

“I’ll do whatever they ask me to do,” he said. “I’m not leaving with sour grapes. Whatever can benefit the program, I’m willing to do.”

Mills broke the news to his team minutes after informing school officials.

“It just kind of came to me within the last couple of days, over the weekend,” Mills said when asked if it was something he’d been thinking about for quite some time. “I had a deep thought process and cleansing process; weighed the pros and cons on what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be.”

The embattled coach, who attended and graduated from Pasadena, has been at the helm the last four years and compiled a 17-26 record.

In his short tenure at Pasadena, Mills has had his share of trouble off the field.

Mills was put on paid administrative leave in January of 2007, and in a certified letter was told to remain off all school campuses until the district completed an investigation. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly allowing his nephew to fight with a student from Muir before eventually agreeing to a plea bargain. He pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace.

When asked if Mills was told to step down he said, “Nobody can make me do anything I don’t want to do. I was not asked to resign.”

Brooks, the school’s athletic director, did not return repeated calls late Monday.

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