Pasadena’s next coach should be ….

Here’s a list of former head coaches who could spice up a starving football program at Pasadena High School. Time for you bloggers to have a field day.

STEVE GARRISON — The former Wildcats football coach is currently a teacher at Monrovia High School. Talk about someone who would bring instant discipline and credibility to the Bulldogs program.

MIKE MOONEY — The former Temple City coach and current San Marino assistant principal/assistant coach would do the same for Pasadena, though it’s unclear if Pasadena would offer anywhere near the same deal Mooney probably has at San Marino High School.

TIP SANDERS — The former Blair coach and current JV assistant knows the area well and has proven with the right help and tools can take a program into the direction it desperately wants to go.

TOM MAHER — The former PCC football coach and current assistant at Fullerton knows the area well and has a lot of ties with Pasadena. This consideration could be entertaining at the very least.

JIM ROME — No, not the radio/TV dude. Rome used to coach at Muir and Citrus College. Having previously coached the Mustangs, Rome probably could draw interest from players who are unsure which school to attend (though it seems Muir is running a monopoly when it comes to football).

Anyone else have suggestions?

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