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See, I knew it wasn’t just me when I saw only 38 comments in my playoffs thread on Sunday. Our servers are down. Freddy’s blog is down, too.

I can see the comments you have posted in the blog dashboard, but they have not posted. If you noticed, I posted the Mills thread around 2 p.m. or so but it didn’t actually show up until around 7:30 p.m. It’s 11:24 p.m. when I posted this.

Our servers are in Denver so I’m hoping by Tuesday morning we’ll get some answers. I’ve received all your e-mails about the blog and comments being frozen. Thank you for your concern. I hope this is fixed by the time I get to work Tuesday morning. In the meantime, if you want e-mail me your comments and I’ll post them on a thread later.

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BREAKING NEWS: Mills resigns as coach at Pasadena

By Miguel A. Melendez
Staff Writer

Three days after Pasadena High School lost its 12th consecutive Turkey Tussle to Muir, Kevin Mills resigned as head coach.

Mills informed principal Dr. Derick Evans and athletic director Tony Brooks of his decision early Monday afternoon.

“I’ll be at Pasadena High School in my (math) teaching capacity,” Mills said. “I don’t plan on leaving that. In terms of coaching, I want to go a different direction.”

Mills said there were several factors into his decision, but he would not elaborate.

“When I came I wanted to restore pride, tradition and a winning mentality. I think I’ve done that,” he said. “I’ve definitely left the ship a lot better then where I found it.”

Mills said he wants to coach in the future and added he’ll do whatever is necessary for a smooth transition as Pasadena searches for its next coach.

“I’ll do whatever they ask me to do,” he said. “I’m not leaving with sour grapes. Whatever can benefit the program, I’m willing to do.”

Mills broke the news to his team minutes after informing school officials.

“It just kind of came to me within the last couple of days, over the weekend,” Mills said when asked if it was something he’d been thinking about for quite some time. “I had a deep thought process and cleansing process; weighed the pros and cons on what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be.”

The embattled coach, who attended and graduated from Pasadena, has been at the helm the last four years and compiled a 17-26 record.

In his short tenure at Pasadena, Mills has had his share of trouble off the field.

Mills was put on paid administrative leave in January of 2007, and in a certified letter was told to remain off all school campuses until the district completed an investigation. He was charged with one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly allowing his nephew to fight with a student from Muir before eventually agreeing to a plea bargain. He pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace.

When asked if Mills was told to step down he said, “Nobody can make me do anything I don’t want to do. I was not asked to resign.”

Brooks, the school’s athletic director, did not return repeated calls late Monday.

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BREAKING NEWS: Backus involved in alleged incident

Templce City coach’s status uncertain after incident with student

By Miguel A. Melendez
Staff Writer

TEMPLE CITY – Temple City High School head varsity football coach Randy Backus missed Friday’s Rio Hondo League game against La Canada, and his status for this week’s playoff opener is uncertain following an alleged incident involving a student.

Reached by phone Monday, Backus declined to elaborate.

“It’s all speculation at this point as to what happened – if anything happened,” said Backus.

Temple City High Athletic Director John Van De Veere declined to discuss the incident. He said Backus is on personal leave.

“We won’t know anything until Friday morning from the board of education,” Van De Veere said.

The district’s school board is scheduled to meet Wednesday for its regular meeting, according to the district’s Web site.

“Due to student and employee confidentiality we cannot comment in response to your call,” district spokeswoman Lynne Burkhardt responded to a reporter.

Temple City will open the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division playoffs Friday against Arroyo.

There was no immediate word Monday from officials whether a replacement will be named for Backus in the interim.

As always with sensitive matters, we will not allow comments on this post.

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…..Star Picks….It’s Playoffs time!!!

Star-News preps writer Keith Lair and I will be going head-to-head throughout the season, and I will update our records each Monday on the “Star Picks” thread.

Melendez: Last week: 10-6-1; Overall: 124-51-1
Lair: Last week: 10-6-1; Overall: 135-38-1

Last week: Whoa! What were Keith and I drinking last week?!?! Keith and had the same picks wrong: Gabrielino (lost to El Monte); Temple City (tied with La Canada); South Pasadena (lost to Blair); Maranatha (lost to Brentwood); St. Francis (lost to Chaminade); Montebello (lost to San Gabriel).

This week: Here we go again. Freddy J trying to stir things up. Here’s what he said over on his blog:

“In the Southeast, I’m taking Diamond Ranch over Muir. Muir’s all-everything Rueben Thomas injured his knee against Pasadena on Friday and is questionable, and two others suffered injuries but will likely play Friday. I know it’s not a popular pick on the Westside, but the Panthers’ brutal schedule finally pays off for them. It’s tough beating a good team twice in the same season, but Muir is limping into the playoffs while the Panthers are hitting their stride.”

This time it’s not Ken Howard providing bulletin-board material. I’ll know more about Thomas later today. But my guess is he wouldn’t miss the playoffs for anything. That said, Thomas carries much of the load for the Mustangs and if he can’t run like he’s used to that can be a liability for Muir. San Marino, St. Francis and Flintridge Prep go down this week.

Friday’s first-round with predictions:
Diamond Ranch at Muir, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Muir)
Arroyo at Temple City, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Temple City)
El Monte at Monrovia, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Monrovia)
Duarte at L.A. Baptist, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Duarte)
Cerritos Valley Christian at Rosemead, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Rosemead)
San Marino at Paraclete, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Paraclete)
San Gabriel at La Serna, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (San Gabriel)
St. Francis at Quartz Hill, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Quartz Hill)
Ontario Christian at Maranatha, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Maranatha)
Flintridge Prep at Riverside Christian, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Riverside Christian)
St. Anthony at Rio Hondo Prep, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Rio Hondo Prep)

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CIF Playoffs: Muir, Rosemead in the “Group of Death”

Note: I deleted the old thread and started this new one. Sorry for the 38 comments deleted, but I had a feeling the previous playoff thread crashed or froze.

The CIF-Southern Section playoffs begin Friday. All games at 7:30 p.m. unless noted.

SOUTHEAST DIVISION PAIRINGS: Seeds: 1. Charter Oak; 2. Santa Fe; 3. Muir; 4. Rowland.
My thoughts: Muir gets grouped in the infamous “Group of Death.” They draw a Diamond Ranch team that is gunning for them and should they win they’ll likely draw South Hills at Covina District Field in the second round. Wouldn’t it be nice if Muir played its playoff home games at the Rose Bowl? Someone should get on that.

Top bracket:
Bell Gardens (5-5, Almont 3) at Charter Oak (9-0-1, Miramonte 1)
California (8-2, Del Rio 2) at Crescenta Valley (8-2, Pacific 2)
San Gabriel (5-5, Almont 2) at La Serna (Del Rio 2, 9-1)
Burroughs (7-3, Pacific 3) at Rowland (8-2, San Antonio 1)

Bottom bracket:
Diamond Ranch (4-6, Miramonte 3) at Muir (9-1, Pacific 1)
South Hills (8-2, San Antonio 3) at Schurr (Almont 1, 7-3)
Bonita (7-3, Miramonte 2) at West Covina (8-2, San Antonio 2)
Burbank (5-5, Pacific 4) at Santa Fe (9-1, Del Rio 1)

MID-VALLEY DIVISION: Seeds: 1. Monrovia; 2. Azusa; 3. Northview; 4. San Dimas
My thoughts: Rosemead got robbed. I know it. You know it. Huckster knows it and the little kid whose ice cream I stole knows it. Rob Wigod, the Associate Commisioner in charge of football, said when he looked at Rosemead he knew they were really good and had beaten Monrovia by a few TD’s. But the fact remains CIF must honor the polls. Should the Panthers advance, they’ll only have to face San Dimas in the second round. Yikes!

Rosemead coach Matt Koffler’s reaction: “I don’t know, it’s impossible to explain. You try to play a tough schedule. You hammer everyone in your league. What else can you do? But we can’t sit here and cry about it. It is what it is now, you’ve got to go back to work and get ready.”

South Hills coach Steve Bogan’s reaction on Rosemead potentially facing San Dimas in the second round: “That’s a shame. That should be a semifinal or final. It’s an incredible oversight to say the least. It shows the herb is alive and well in some places.”

Top bracket:
El Monte (5-5, Mission Valley 3) at Monrovia (8-2, Rio Hondo 1)
Duarte (5-5, Montview 2) at L.A. Baptist (6-4, Olympic 2)
Cerritos Valley Christian (7-3, Olympic 3) at Rosemead (8-2, Mission Valley 1)
Sierra Vista (4-6, Montview 3) at San Dimas (9-1, Valle Vista 2)

Bottom bracket:
Workman (5-4, Montview 4) at Northview (8-2, Valle Vista 1)
San Marino (8-2, Rio Hondo 3) at Paraclete (7-3, Olympic 1)
Arroyo (3-7, Mission Valley 2) at Temple City (5-4-1, Rio Hondo 2)
Covina (4-6, Valle Vista 3) at Azusa (9-1, Montview 1)

WESTERN DIVISION: Seeds: 1. Palmdale; 2. Alemany; 3. Quartz Hill; 4. Mira Costa
My thoughts: St. Francis earns an at-large berth. Lets face it, the Golden Knights were somewhat robbed against Alemany. Luck plays in their favor this time. Balance has been restored.

Top bracket:
Redondo Union (5-5, Bay 3) at Palmdale (9-1, Golden 1)
Chaminade (2-8, Mission 2) at Beverly Hills (7-3, Ocean 2)
Santa Monica (8-2, Ocean 3) at Warren (7-3, San Gabriel Valley 1)

Bottom bracket:
St. Francis (6-4, Mission at-large) at Quartz Hill (9-1, Golden 2)
Peninsula (5-5, Bay 2) at Lynwood (7-2-1, San Gabriel Valley 2)
Downey (5-5, San Gabriel Valley 3) at Culver City (7-3, Ocean 1)
Highland (3-7, Golden 4) at Alemany (9-1, Mission 1)

EAST VALLEY DIVISION: Seeds: 1. St. Margaret’s; 2. Brentwood; 3. Aquinas; 4. Santa Paula.
My thoughts: The No. 2 seed was up for grabs when Maranatha marched into Brentwood. Minutemen were shutout and will probably face St. Margaret’s in the semifinals instead of the finals.

Top bracket:
Campbell Hall (5-5, Alpha at-large) at St. Margaret’s (10-0, Academy 1)
Yucca Valley (6-4, De Anza 2) at Bishop Uniont (5-4, High Desert 1)
Ontario Christian (Christian 2, 5-5) at Maranatha (9-1, Alpha 2)
Big Bear (6-3-1, De Anza at-large) at Santa Paula (8-2, Frontier1)

Bottom bracket:
Kern Valley (5-5, Hi Desert at-large) at Aquinas (9-1, Christian 1)
Brethren Christian (4-6, Academy 2) at 29 Palms (7-3, De Anza 1)
Desert (7-3, High Desert 2) at Filmore (8-2, Frontier 2)
Arrowhead Christian (6-4, Christian at-large) at Brentwood (9-1, Alpha 1)

NORTHEAST DIVISION: Seeds: 1. Saddleback Valley Christian; 2. Boron; 3. Linfield Christian; 4. Riverside Christian.
My thoughts: Rio Hondo Prep should have been seeded. Kares should run into Linfield Christian in the semifiinals. Flintridge Prep vs. Rio Hondo Prep for the title? Hmm…

Top bracket:
Mojave (5-5, Freelance at-large) at Saddleback Valley Christian (10-0, San Joaquin 1)
Webb (4-5, Prep 2) at Silver Valley (6-4, Desert Mountain 2)
Twin Pines (5-5, San Joaquin 3) at St. Genevieve (8-2, Santa Fe 1)
Flintridge Prep (3-6, Prep 3) at Riverside Christian (9-1, Big Sky 2)

Bottom bracket:
Mammoth (3-7, Desert Mountain 3) at Linfield Christian (8-2, Big Sky 1)
Bell-Jeff (7-3, Santa Fe 2) at Fairmonte Prep (3-6, San Joaquin 2)
St. Anthony (5-5, Santa Fe 3) at Rio Hondo Prep (6-3, Prep 1)
Animo Leadership (DNR, San Joaquin 4) at Boron (9-1, Desert Mountain 1)


Above: The Muir coaching staff and others watching the coin flip to determine home sites for the second round in the playoffs.

Above: Rob Wigod, the Associate Commisioner in charge of football, presiding over the coin flips.

Above: San Gabriel head coach Keith Jones and assistant Donald Bernard look on.

Above: Coaches take over the street as they await for the playoff pairings to be released Sunday morning.

Above: Coaches patiently waiting on a hot and ashy Sunday morning.

Above: I believe that’s Maranatha coach Joel Murphy with the shades and the biker hair deu.

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Girls Volleyball: Four teams in CIF quarters tonight

Above: Courtney McCutchan will lead the Spartans at Oak Park tonight at 7.

We’ll have a reporter tonight at the La Mirada-San Gabriel girls volleyball match tonight starting at 7 so we’ll need your help telling us what happened everywhere else.

The Matadors (12-3) play host to fourth-seed La Mirada (16-3) at 7 p.m. in the Division III-A quarterfinals.

It is one of four quarterfinal games involving area teams, all scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Here are the other teams remaining:

Mayfield, the top seed in Division III-A, will host Ganesha and Gabrielino plays at Santa Monica, the division’s third seed.

In Division II-A, top seed La Canada will play at Oak Park.

The winner of the La Mirada-San Gabriel match will play the Ganesha-Mayfield winner in Tuesday’s semifinals. The Cubs (18-3) defeated Magnolia in three games. The Giants, the co-Valle Vista League champions at 22-6, defeated Culver City in four games.

Gabrielino, which won the Mission Valley League, again, gets its toughest match in the playoffs. The Eagles (24-4) defeated Cerritos in five games. Santa Monica, the Ocean League champion at 23-4, defeated Garden Grove in three games. The winner will face the Webb-Chadwick winner.

La Canada (20-7) travels for the first time in the playoffs. The Rio Hondo League champion defeated Cajon in three games. Oak Park (14-6), the third-place team from the Tri-Valley League, has beaten two second-place entries, although Camarillo, which Oak Park beat in four games on Thursday, was a co-Pacific View League champ.

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Saturday Morning Quarterback Postgame: Muir edges Pasadena; Monrovia, Rosemead, Rio Hondo Prep clinch titles outright; Temple City-La Caada tie but Rams (Duarte and San Gabriel) earn playoff berths


(UPDATED 12:29 A.M.)


What an awesome vibe at the Rose Bowl.

As soon as I parked, I saw a group of Muir fans tailgating. You can sense the significance of the Turkey Tussle after walking through the tunnel and looking up at the crowd.

Muir recorded its 12th consecutive win over Pasadena with a 13-0 decision on Friday night in the season finale.

The Bulldogs (1-8, 1-6) defense was impressive, stopping the Mustangs (9-1, 7-0) three times in the red zone.

Once again, Jarron Williams proved to be a stud, leading Muir in the first quarter with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Marcus Graves. He needed only two plays and all of 21 seconds to get it done. Williams then ran a 4-yard score in the third quarter to give Muir a 13-0 lead.

The margin could have been wider but Williams was stopped at the 1-yard line on fourth-and-goal as time expired in the first half.

Muir’s victory came at a costly price. Reuben Thomas may have sprained his right knee and did not play for most of the game. Chris Dunlap, whose been battling injuries throughout the season, tweaked his left ankle and limped a couple of times off the field. Myles Campbell injured his ribs but he played the remainder of the second half. A busy night it was for Muir’s trainer.

With Thomas out, Muir’s offense lacked the punch its relied on all season. Jarron Williams carried the Mustangs in this win.

I was puzzled by Pasadena’s offensive schemes: straight snaps to J’Quan Hamilton. Pasadena threw for seven passes the entire game: three completed, three incomplete and an interception. Jeffry Davis entered the game late in the game and threw for a few completions. He’s only a sophomore from what I know and he looks like he could be a good one in two years.

After meeting Kevin Mills I must say I came away impressed with him and his players. Mills was calm, poised and respectful to me, Ken Howard and the Muir athletes.

All game long, Pasadena’s Tremaine Sanders was hearing it from the Muir sidelines.

“You know you wanna be a Stang”

Sanders kept his cool though. It was a nice gesture of him to immediately congratulate Howard after the game. This is what rivalry is all about: keep your emotions on the field because at the end of the day it’s just a game.

With three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Howard started emptying the water coolers so that he wouldn’t get a victory splash.

“I already have a cold,” he said.

Muir’s drumline was awesome and as soon as the first “boom!” came everyone turned and the Mustang crowd roared. I gotta admit, I got some goosebumps, too. There’s something about that drumline; it commands respect. They’re precise and very bravato.

Thanks to the dirty, black Ford Mustang car that let me to cut in line as I exited the Rose Bowl parking lot. I also cut off three other cars but they were cool with it after flashing my media badge. I made it just in time to the office (10:30 p.m.) to write and turn in my story by the 10:45 p.m. deadline. I also want to thank the two stat girls for Muir. They were plenty of help.

Be sure to check back Saturday morning for video highlights of the Tussle. I have to say, the vibe and energy was all it was made out to be. I’m glad I was part of covering this event.

I will be having breakfast on Sunday morning at Hoft’s Hut, just a block away from the CIF offices in Los Alamitos. After a hearty breakfast I will head to CIF and blog from there as the playoff pairings are released.

Be sure to return Sunday morning for your complete playoff pairings and analysis.

Tonight’s scores with final thoughts:

Muir 13, Pasadena 0 — As is with any rivalry, records are thrown out the window. I was impressed with the Bulldogs’ defense. For the WSGV’s sake lets hope Reuben Thomas and Chris Dunlap have a speedy recovery. Campbell felt OK after the first half. Jarron Williams is a stud.

Monrovia 41, San Marino 19 — Marquise Williams scored on a 3-yard run on the opening drive to give the Wildcats a 7-0 lead at the half. Williams rushed for 293 yards and four TD’s. Williams went bazerk in the third quarter, rushing for 193 yards in that quarter alone and three TD’s. With this effort, Williams may have taken over Scott Dooley’s spot as the top rusher in the Rio Hondo League. Dooley was contained, rushing for only 90 yards on 22 carries. Ryan Maddox, coach of the year? Hmmm…

Temple City 14, La Canada 14 — Who saw this coming? Here is how the Rio Hondo League shapes out in the season-finale:
Monrovia wins out right (5-0)
Temple City (3-1-1)
San Marino (3-2)
La Canada (2-2-1)
Max Ruckle took over the second half and finished with 136 yards on 30 carries and scored two touchdowns to lead the Rams. Ruckle rushed for 85 yards in the second half. Rocky Moore threw for two TD passes to lead the Spartans. Moore completed 9 of 16 passes for 167 yards, two TD’s and an interception. Tough break for the Spartans.

Crescenta Valley 59, Arcadia 31 — The Apaches were within striking distance as they trailed only, 24-17. But some ill-advised passes proved costly. Arcadia was riddled with injuries this season. This team will be something special in a year or two.

Rosemead 50, Arroyo 12 — Panthers clinched the league title. They should earn a No. 3 or 4 seed when playoff pairings are released Sunday.

Rio Hondo Prep 54, Flintridge Prep 7 — I’m assuming Tim Esguerra and Antonio Alaniz went buck-wild in this game. Kares were a battle-tested team and it showed. They are deserving of the Prep League title. Flintridge Prep plays in a playoff Saturday morning at Pasadena Poly at 8 a.m.

Brentwood 24, Maranatha 0 — The Minutemen ran into the best team they’ve ever faced and had no showing. Maranatha advances as the No. 2 team in the Alpha League. If they end up facing St. Margaret’s early in the playoffs, you can thank this loss for it.

Chaminade 39, St. Francis 34 — How does this happen? Dietrich Riley rushes for over 200 yards and the Golden Knights still come away empty. St. Francis misses the playoffs.

Blair 29, South Pasadena 27 — Blair wins! Blair wins! Blair wins! Steve Colliau: you still have soccer and baseball.

Marshall vs. Kilpatrick at PCC, 7 p.m. — xxxx

Bishop Montgomery 41, La Salle 35 — Carlos Morales carried the ball 27 times and rushed for 230 yards and scored two touchdowns. Morales is only a junior. Where was he all season. Despite the loss, the Lancers had a good showing and fought to the very end.

San Gabriel 57, Montebello 21 — I heard it early this morning from some SG coaches. Texts were drowning my cell but I stood my ground. In the end, I was proven wrong once again and I’m sure JFMatador takes great joy in that. Matadors are in the playoffs.

Duarte 48, La Puente 0– Falcons taking no prisoners.

El Monte 13, Gabrielino 0 — As has been the case: you never know which Eagles team will show up to play.

Alhambra 50, Keppel 6 — Nice showing but then again it came against Keppel, who will try to break that losing streak next season.

Harvard-Westlake 38, Bosco Tech 14 — There’s potential for the Tigers next season.

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Arcadia’s Golper bound to be a UCLA Bruin

Apaches standout will fulfill boyhood dream of playing football at UCLA

By Miguel A. Melendez
Staff Writer

ARCADIA – The piece that held the Arcadia High School football team together will no longer suit up on Friday night.

Todd Golper is on to fulfill his boyhood dream of playing football at UCLA.

His smart play-calling will be sorely missed by the Apaches. His laid-back style won’t be around to keep the masses calm when chaos seems forthcoming.

His bruising tackles, lights-out style of attack, high football IQ and speed will leave a huge gaping hole that will be tough to fill in the Arcadia football program.

Golper doesn’t just represent the program. He is the program.

That much he never could have imagined as the ball boy for the Apaches while in the sixth grade, walking the Arcadia sidelines wearing an oversized jersey and watching his brother, Brian, play.

It was from his brothers whom Golper learned the true definition of playing tough.

“Whatever they did I wanted to do it better,” Golper said. “I saw my brother play with two broken wrists and I thought, `Man, I can’t not play because of a little injury.’ ”

Golper, however, may be in need of a dictionary.

By his definition, a “little injury” is playing with a broken toe. Add a possible broken left ankle and you’ve got Golper’s “little injury.”

He broke his toe in Week 1 against St. Francis and sat out two weeks. Golper returned to lead the Apaches to two consecutive wins despite the injuries.

Last week, it had appeared as if Golper had torn his right ACL on an injury that occurred two minutes into the second quarter of the game against Burbank; his future flashing right before his eyes.

“I was in shock,” Golper said. “I was wondering about my scholarship, if I would ever play again, was it career-ending, was my season over, would we make the playoffs.”
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Standout area athletes ink national letters of intent

Above: Pasadena area college-bound athletes. From left to Right: Eliza Pierre, Brittnay, Henderson, Andrew Saeta, Eric Smith, Joe Henson, Susan Carlson, Felicitas Lenz and Morgan Barchan. (Keith Birmingham / Staff Photographer)

Nine area athletes put the recruiting process to bed by taking part in the early period of signing national letters of intent on Wednesday.

Some held special ceremonies in front of coaches, fans and family members as the cameras flashed, while others simply just signed.

Regardless, the day was special because it not only meant the recruiting process was over, but also that they’d just signed to play for the school of their dreams.

Pasadena High School’s Joe Henson signed with San Jose State. The 6-foot-8, 240 pound forward averaged 10 points and eight rebounds in the second half of the season after sitting out the early part because of hip surgery.

“The recruiting process was good,” Henson said. “But I chose San Jose State because I really liked the coaches and the conference.”

Henson will lead a Bulldogs team that finished 22-8 overall and 7-1 in Pacific League play.

La Canada shortstop Eric Smith signed to play at Stanford.

The senior batted .625 with an on-base percentage of .724, scored 30 runs, had 18 RBIs and committed only one error last season for the Spartans.

Pasadena Poly’s Felicitas Lenz (diving) and Andrew Saeta (swimming) will attend Northwestern and Stanford, respectively.

Arcadia’s Morgan Barchan was recruited to play softball at North Carolina State but the outfielder instead decided on Southern Illinois because her cousin, Haley Gorman, plays softball there, too.
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Turkey Tussle: Kevin Mills was ready for war

WHO: John Muir (8-1, 6-0) vs. Pasadena (1-8, 1-5)

WHEN: Friday, 7 P.M.

WHERE: Rose Bowl

John Muir leads the series, 36-17-2

For the record, Pasadena coach Kevin Mills doesn’t read the blog, so he says.

Before I got off the phone with him I asked him what was up with the military gear. I told him I was taken aback by it and said it wasn’t an outfit I’d expect a head football coach to wear during a marquee game.

“OK, OK, I’ll give you that,” was Mills’ response. He said the message he was trying to convey was that Pasadena, in the Turkey Tussle two years ago, was going to war.

“We’ve been hostage for 11 years,” Mills said, “that’s what it is.” He went on to say, “in this town you’re based on what you’ve done against Muir.”

Though the Bulldogs are 1-8 with the season coming to an end Friday night, Mills added that winning that game and a Bulldog stepping up will be remembered years to come. He brought up the example of Muir QB Tarrell Amos, AKA Famous Amos who single handily helped the Mustangs beat Pasadena in 1988.

In regards to Pasadena alumni who have expressed disinterest for this year’s Turkey Tussle, here’s what Mills had to say:

If you can’t support where you once went to school and understand the magnitude of the game then that’s on you. This game is about the kids. If you’re coming to the game come see the game to support the kids. Come support both schools, period.


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