…………..The Ice Bowl?…………..

I covered the Monrovia-Duarte quarterfinals game a few weeks ago. It was too cold for my liking. It must have been in the low 50’s. My hands were numb and I could barely keep stats and notes as my penmanship went from nice to one of a first grader. The more I thought about it the more glad I was about not leaving SoCal for a job as a sportswriter at the Indianapolis Star.

But when it became clear Rosemead would be playing Paraclete in Saturday’s final in nearby Lancaster, I couldn’t stop thinking about the weather. I know Rosemead coach Matt Koffler would like his team to have thermos and gloves provided by the school’s ASB. You folks making the trek from the San Gabriel Valley to Knight High in Palmdale better bring some hot chocolate (I’ll have mine with four marshmallows) because the temperature that night is expected to dip to 32 degrees. It’s going to be 24 degrees on Sunday night!

As you know, Rosemead is a Tribune and Star-News school. Last week, Freddy and I agreed that if Rosemead advanced to the final and played at Paraclete we’d both cover it. When I walked into the West Covina office this morning, Freddy laughed and pointed at me but I wasn’t having it. Freddy wanted to balk about taking the trip but he conceded. Even now he jokingly said I could handle writing two stories by myself up in Palmdale while he took the day off. For the record, he’s agreed to tag along and carpool to Palmdale early in the day. But lets find out what you guys think and have to say about it.

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