Rosemead football gets winter gear donated

“NY’s idea of sending someone up to check the field conditions is a good one. I hope Koffler is wise enough NOT to let this become a distraction, just because the media sees it as one.”


I have no idea what you’re insinuating, Sir Goldenarm. But an issue Rosemead coach Matt Koffler had was the temperature up in Palmdale. I’ve been up there plenty of times and I reminded Koffler about the conditions. He was aware of it and was hoping someone would donate winter gear for the Panthers.

Koffler & Co. got their wish.

Rosemead football will have winter gear donated and it is in the process of being order as we, uh, speak. The athletic department and the school figured out a way to get them the gear and Koffler was ecstatic about that. For the record, the gloves (above) and thermo (below) are just pictures, not the actual gear Rosemead will don Saturday night. The Panthers will get gloves, thermos and jackets that surely will help keep them warm.

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