Coaching update: Pasadena sorting through resumes

Just got off the phone with Pasadena High athletic director Tony Brooks. After talking about basketball we dove into the football coaching vacancy. I tried to get names but no dice.

Brooks on how far along Pasadena is in the hiring process:

“We’re looking to get the interview process in January. We’ve opened it up and people are turning in resumes. We’re getting a lot of interest including from people back East. What we’ll do is put a committee together which will consist of administrators, teachers, coaches and a returning player and maybe a parent.”

Brooks on when Pasadena will make the hire:

“We want to get something done by February because that’s the start of the second semester. You don’t want to wait too long.”

Brooks on whether the vacancy will come with a teaching position:

“Right now, hopefully it will. That’ll attract more interest but that has to be solidified through the principal to try to fit that. It’s always nice to have the person on campus in some capacity.”

Brooks on who has applied (Brooks was asked for specific names but no luck):

“A few locals, but when we get down a little more serious – this is just collection process – and when we get down to some serious applicants and finalists I’ll be happy to divulge.”

In the words of Kevin Mills, stay tuned.

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