….. Enjoy the Holidays with the ones you love …..

“You spoke to soon about disappointments; this blog has a bad odor to it. Dude come up with something that people want to comment on. Numbers are the same because people are coming in to see what you have posted but leave without commenting when they see what seems to be no effort on your part. Come on Miguel bring something interesting to the table.” I’m just say’in

I don’t know what I’m just say’in‘s problem is but I wish him a happy holiday as well. Truth is, I’ve never been one to look forward to the holidays (hence the picture above) given that I have not been home for every major holiday the last five years (welcome to the glamorous life of a sportswriter). Slowly but surely I’m getting into the spirit of it all, but this isn’t to say I’m not appreciative and thankful this time a year. I would like to thank all our correspondents who helped us with football coverage this season. Sometimes you hated what they wrote and sometimes you loved them. But without them no way we cover every game in the San Gabriel Valley. There’s a reason why football fans from the Antelope Valley, San Diego and Los Angeles areas come to our blog and read our coverage. Special thanks to correspondents John Honell, Scott French, Mike Baca, Casey Cranford, Ismael Reynoso, Ariel Carmona, Bruce Little, Rudy Ramos, Mike Munford, Casey Thompson, Ali Jawad, Jerry Luna, Henry Montemayor, Ross Kimsey, Miguel Arcieniega, John Sherrard, Jeremy Balan, Nathan Cambridge, Nathan Hawkins, Royce Kirkland, Guillermo Tovar, Rick Matthauser, Ed Russell, Jason Lowder, James Moya, Mario Aguirre and Elizabeth Botello. I want to thank every blogger who has helped me become a better sportswriter and every critic and praise from parents, coaches and sports fans. Thank you for taking me in your beloved community and for making me feel like a celebrity when I’m out and about in the SGV. Even when I covered the Lakers I’d never get that kind of treatment. Well, maybe just a little. Special thanks to Star-News Editor Frank Pine, Managing Editor Steve Hunt and Tribune preps editor Freddy Robledo for the opportunity to work here after five long absent years from the SGV. Thanks to my colleagues at the Tribune and Star-News who have welcomed me with open arms and thanks to our wonderfully patient sports copy desk who never seem to get annoyed at my last-minute revisions. I am building a fort here on Colorado and Lake that will only get stronger and better in the months to come. FYI, the Pasadena Star-News 2008 All Area Football Team will publish Christmas Day and will be up on the blog at 5:30 a.m. for those who can’t wait to let the holiday smack-talking to begin. That’s it for now, folks. Enjoy the holidays and be safe. From my family to yours, Feliz Navidad.

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