Temple City Football: St. Paul assistant coach interested

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Temple City High School athletic director John Van De Veere confirmed a resume was e-mailed to him from current St. Paul football assistant coach Gil Jimenez. What’s puzzling is that Jimenez sent his resume before the Randy Backus decision was handed yesterday.

“To tell you the truth, I got a letter from an individual who is applying for the job and it’s not even been flown in the (Temple City Unified School) district yet,” Van De Veere said. “I got an e-mail from a guy with his resume last week, Gil Jimenez from St. Paul. I’m looking at his resume and it looks excellent but since we have not flown the job (in-house) we have not made a reference check until that comes about.”

There is no guarantee the coaching position will come with a teaching position.

“We the administration at the high school want to get a football coach who is also a teacher but the district has not guaranteed us a slot for a teaching position,” Van De Veere added.

You may recall, in December I wrote about Gil Jimenez helping the Rosemead coaching staff with play-selection during its semifinal playoff game at Monrovia last fall.


Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator (Defensive Backs)

Education: Rosemead High School, Utah State

Major: Physical Education

Current Teaching: Freshman Counselor, Physical Ed, NCAA Coordinator

Coaching Experience: 10 years Saint Paul, Wilson of Hacienda Heights, Rosemead, Pasadena City College, John Glenn.

From Roger Murray’s blog at the Whittier Daily News:


It was confirmed late this morning that Pete Gonzales will be out as the Swordsmen’s football coach as of Friday morning. At present, he is still the coach, but Friday he will react to the “resign or be terminated” ultimatum given him by principal Lori Barr. He has not indicated what his decision will be but it is well known that part of his program’s philosophy is to “never quit, never give up.” No specific reasons for Barr’s decision to oust Gonzalez have been given, other than the usual wanting the program to take a different direction. Neither athletic director Marc Hernandez nor Gonzalez would discuss the situation further, and Barr was not available for comment. Gonzalez posted a 21-16 record in three years as head coach. His teams won the Western Division title in 2007 and reached the semifinals in 2006.

AND ….


What has been bandied about intensely over the past two weeks became official Friday when Pete Gonzalez met with St. Paul principal Lori Barr and athletic director Marc Hernandez and informed them he had decided not to resign his position as the Swordsmen’s head football coach. Ms. Barr then took the alternative and relieved Gonzalez from his coaching responsibilities. Late Monday afternoon, Hernandez faxed a release announcing the final action and informing that St. Paul would begin immediately a search for Gonzalez’s replacement. The release was short and to the point and included a one-line sentence explaining that this has been a confidential matter and no further details will be discussed. Ms. Barr has been unavailable for comment.

If the position is open at St. Paul and Jimenez is applying elsewhere, what does that say about St. Paul and its current status? But who’s to say Jimenez didn’t apply at St. Paul, too? Like Backus, former St. Paul coach Pete Gonzalez was asked to resign. He didn’t and was fired instead.


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