Maranatha: If you park here you will be towed away ….

Imagine my surprise when I park my car near the soccer field and find the sign below:

I just had to take a picture and ask someone what was up with the sign. I ran into Maranatha athletic director Brian DeHaan during the Campbell Hall-Maranatha girls basketball game.

“Explain this to me,” I asked DeHaan. He laughed and said the school raffled off the parking spot. The Schilz family won and instead of a sign reading “This spot reserved for the Schilz Family” the family opted to give it to Matt Schiz, the star quarterback headed to Bowling Green next season.

I ran into Matt Schilz after the game and showed him the picture, too. I asked him to explain that, jokingly, of course, and he laughed, too. I told him I was close to parking there and he replied, “You should have.” Maranatha football coach Joel Murphy jokingly said, “I park there all the time.”

So I did.

Above: Check out my new and beautiful HID lights on my ride. Thanks for the spot, Matt.

I got to watch Lauren Holiday in action. She’s a talented freshman who plays for Campbell Hall. Maranatha lost to the visiting Vikings, 40-31, dropping the Minutemen to 4-1 in Alpha League play. Campbell Hall improved to 16-1, 5-0.

Holiday is the complete package. Well, almost. She slashes past defenders, creates scoring opportunities for her teammates, has a soft shooting touch and is aggressive driving inside. She rebounds well, blocks a lot of shots and dishes the ball well, too. But she fouls a lot and can’t seem to hit the free throws. She sat the last three minutes of the second quarter because of three fouls and she made only 2 of 8 free throws. Still, she’ll only get much better and she’ll be fun to watch. If you don’t know, her brother, Jrue, is a highly-touted freshman at UCLA. One funny play happened with 5:18 left in the second quarter. Dingle was trying to in-bound the ball and when she threw it Holiday slapped it back down to Dingle’s hands. Her act of catching the ball meant turning the ball over to Campbell hall because Dingle was out of bounds. KNBC-4 was there to shoot Holiday (10 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and four steals) in action, but another young talented player was there, too. Maranatha sophomore Mian Dingle has a strong presence inside for the Minutemen. She finished with 10 points and could have had more if not for the bounces that weren’t going her way inside. This rivalry will only get better. Campbell Hall has only two seniors, one junior, four freshman and five sophomores. On the other hand, Maranatha’s Mingle is only a sohpmore as is Michell Hsu and Amber Banks. Kristina Newkirk, a junior, will furthermore compliment the offense. She finished with eight points. Lauren McGee, a senior, finished with seven points but I would have liked to see her attack the basket early and often.

Maranatha coach Annie Miller on the blooming rivalry:

“I’m excited for the future. We do both have young teams. It’s going to be a great rivalry, I agree.”

Miller on Lauren Holiday’s style of play:

She’s a hustler. a great player like that will get her points. Our goal was to hold her to less than her (17.5 points) average but she works hard. I was so impressed with her.

Campbell Hall coach Toya Holiday on Maranatha’s basketball team:

“Maranatha is a strong team. Their point guard really good and Dingle, wow, she’s tough.”

Holiday on the blooming rivalry:

“The coach has done a remarkable job. I was just saying to her she has whole bench of JV. Most of the teams we play don’t have a JV team so she’s doing something to get the girls to come out and play. I have to come with something new to beat them (in the next meeting) and that’s (our) senior night (at home).”

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