Football: Muir vs. St. Francis? Don’t count on it

Is Muir dodging St. Francis for the all-neighborhood showdown? Well, that’s what I wanted to find out so I put in a call to Ken Howard. But the coach taking charge of setting up the game was Antyone Sims, the Mustangs’ offensive coordinator. I asked Antyone straight up, “Are you guys dodging St. Francis or what?”

Bottom line is this. For us to play them this year we both have to get out of a contract. Our thing over here is if we get out of the Diamond Ranch contract can St. Francis guarantee two more years? The (St. Francis) administration won’t allow them to play three straight years. Why can’t we play this year when they’re loaded — we’ll keep it real — we’re still young but willing to play them for three straight (years). I’ve talked to (St. Francis coach Jim Bonds) directly. We had a direct conversation a week ago.

Muir wants to play St. Francis this upcoming season but they also want to play two straight years after, therein lies the problem.

We don’t have no problem playing them (this season) but can they guarantee us the next two years, and they’re saying their administration won’t allow that kind of agreement. It could be a gentleman agreement. We could do it right now for one year and between us we can have a gentleman’s agreement.

I put in a call to Bonds last week and he left a message at my desk to give his side of what’s going on.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen next year; possibly the following year. I began calling coach Howard on Dec. 15 and didn’t talk to him or touch base with him until Jan. 15. He never really called me back and I called him like 10 times. I found out he wasn’t going to be in charge of the schedule and I talked to Antyone (Sims). I talked to him two weeks ago. Their Week 0 game with Diamond Ranch has one more year on the contract. The game we wanted to drop was El rancho, but there’s too much work and red tape to get it going for next season. We’ll just wait til next year when we both have openings. If they are able to get out of that contract maybe we could go forward but i don’t want to put El Rancho in a position where they’re left scrambling for a game. Hopefully Muir in 2010.

Muir has Diamond Ranch at home, Oaks Christian on the road, Venice at home, a bye the following week before the start of Pacific League play. Muir would likely drop Diamond Ranch if they can agree on a contract with St. Francis, setting up a Week 0 showdown at St. Francis. Sims said they would be willing to play the first two games at St. Francis (so that Dietrich Riley can play at home his senior year) and play the third year at Muir. Problem is, Muir still hasn’t talked to Diamond Ranch about dropping them because nothing has been set with St. Francis yet.

Diamond Ranch would be cool (about it). We’re not worried about talking to them about the situation.

The last time Muir played St. Francis was in back-to-back CIF-Southern Section playoffs, which was 1999. Too bad it can’t be done.

Both of us agreed that the community wants it. To me why wouldn’t you want to comitt for three years? It would bring the biggest gate to the school. They just don’t want to give us a three year commitment. If they were to agree to the three year game we could play this year at St. Francis and next year at St. Francis and the last year at Muir. It’s only around the corner. We don’t really care where we play; it doesn’t matter to us. We’re willing to play their next year in Riley’s senior year. We don’t care. We’ll walk up in there.

Not for at least another year, Antyone.

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