BREAKING NEWS: How do I say goodbye?

It’s time to say goodbye. But before you reach for a box of Kleenex or, more like, jump up and down with joy I must tell you my goodbye won’t be for long. See, beginning Thursday I will be off for five days. I’ll reclaim my seat at the office come Tuesday. Between now and then the blog will practically shut down, unless your old pal Freddy J. Robledo decides to chime in once in a while. I won’t expect to maintain the 5,000 hits a day while I’m gone but that’s OK. We’ll get things back in order soon. Keith Lair will be gone, too, but he’ll return Monday and have two stories ready to go in Tuesday’s paper. If you see my column in Friday’s paper it’s only because I cranked it out during my regular shift Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ll spend time with the Nurse (I know she’s reading), finish furnishing the new townhouse and execute the workout regiment. I lost nine pounds last week, if anybody’s keeping track =) No Cabo. No San Diego. No. San Francisco. South Pasadena will do just fine. Keep it clean on the blog. Over and out.

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