Baseball: Top 10 rankings shuffle, again

Remind me never to get on Barry Bacon’s bad side …

I must apologize for my pathetic attempt at breaking down the area teams when the rankings were released last week.

Or not.

See, with All-Area packages due by last week’s end that left little time to closely look at the league-openers last week. On top of that, I’m taking Thursday, Friday and Monday off so there won’t be any action on the blog while I’m gone. Hope yall can be have yourselves.

In the meantime, here is the new top 10. I’ll be heading to Monrovia tomorrow afternoon to check out the Wildcats who host red-hot Temple City at 3:30 p.m. St. Francis is off to a good start and so is La Salle. I’ve yet to see Kilbury pitch for Monrovia, Rutherford for the Apaches or Dylan Covey for Maranatha. They play at Brentwood as we speak. Your suggestions for games to be covered Thursday/Friday while I’m gone are welcomed.

Compiled by Miguel A. Melendez

1. Arcadia (8-0)
Will anyone beat Apaches? Yes

2. Maranatha (5-1)
Covey & Co. breezing through

3. Temple City (5-1)
Impressive over San Marino

4. Monrovia (5-2)
Better than expected. Right, LC?

5. St. Francis (8-1)
2-0 in Mission League action

6. San Marino (5-4)
Titans will compete this season

7. La Caada (6-1)
Rude awakening by Monrovia

8. La Salle (6-2)
Open league on right note

9. South Pasadena (4-2)
Tigers will be tested this week

10. Alhambra (3-3)
Solid win over Bell Gardens. Nice













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Softball: New rankings released, surprise surprise

Compiled by Keith Lair

1. La Salle (8-2)
Plays top area teams this week

2. La Caada (6-1)
Gets South Pasadena this week

3. Maranatha (5-2)
Knocked off Monrovia

4. Flintridge S.H. (5-2)
Will play La Salle today

5. Temple City (4-2)
Lost pair over weekend

6. South Pasadena (3-2)
Time to get tested

7. Keppel (5-2)
Five consecutive wins

8. Arcadia (2-4)
Two consecutive victories

9. Monrovia (4-3)
Lost three of last four

10. Ramona Convent (4-0)
Three wins by shutout











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BREAKING NEWS: Temple City hires Anthony White


Temple City High School made an offer to Anthony White on Friday and he accepted the head football coaching position after a 25-minute meeting Monday afternoon, according to reliable sources who spoke on condition of anonymity because White’s hiring needs final approval by the Temple City Unified School Board at a Wednesday night meeting.

According to sources, White met with Karen Reed, assistant superintendent of personnel, at the Temple City Unified School District offices Monday. White will finish the year teaching at Rosemead High until June. He’s expected to meet the team Thursday and start the offseason program Monday.

White has a B.S. in political science and organizational communication and a master’s degree in multi-cultural education from National University, according to documents obtained by the Star-News. White also was the president of the Associated Student Body at the University of Utah.

White was an integral part of the Rosemead coaching staff this past season when the Panthers won the Mission Valley League title and reached the CIF-Southern Section Mid-Valley Division championship game. He coached a total of three seasons at Rosemead and had coaching stints at Hacienda Heights Wilson and Pasadena City College last year. He graduated from Utah and played every game at strong safety for the Utes.

“He’ll bring a hard work ethic,” Rosemead coach Matt Koffler said. “He’ll bring a lot of energy, he’ll bring a lot of experience and he’ll bring what he learned from Utah.

“He did a great job for me. and I know he’ll solidify a nice staff. He’ll work hard to keep Temple City going.”

White, 27, graduated from Rosemead High and won the Wendy’s National High School Heisman his senior year. He’ll have his hands full with spring football seemingly around the corner.

“That’s big,” Koffler said. “If you can relate to the players and get get every ounce of football out of them. (White’s) full of energy and that’s what you need. Temple City got a really good guy.”

Temple City High School officials could not be reached for comment.

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Basketball: Illegal uniforms cost team in playoff loss

Above: The black ring under the armpit was a violation of uniform policy.

Above: An example of the jersey rules from the website

From Rivals

Teams have lost basketball games at the charity stripe. They’ve lost because a referee wearing black and white stripes made a bad call.

Losing partly because of a stripe on their uniforms is a little rarer.

But that’s what happened before the opening tipoff Friday at the Illinois 3A state semifinal basketball game in Peoria, where referees assessed a technical foul on North Lawndale College Prep because stripes on the sides of its uniform violated a National Federation of State High School Associations rule.

Champaign Centennial’s Jeff Johnson sank one of two free throws, giving the Chargers a 1-0 lead before the opening tip. Centennial also was awarded the ball to start the game. When the final buzzer had sounded, Centennial had won by one point, 66-65.

The rule states that the torso of the jersey must be a solid color and that side stripes must center vertically below the armpit and be no more than four inches wide. North Lawndale’s uniform featured black stripes that curled around the armpits into the torso.
Continue reading

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Top 10′s, players/games of the week, etc…

Here’s your chance to have your say on where we should be this week, and by “we” I mean me. Keith Lair has been relegated to the desk helping tirelessly put together the All-Area packages to be released this week. In the meantime, nominate the best baseball/softball games this week to be covered, and while you’re at it nominate your athlete of the week (male/female). The top 10′s should look a little different this week, too.

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10 Questions with … Pasadena’s Mike McFarland

**The new thread “Behind the Feature” debuted last week and seemed to be a hit with you guys. In that spirit, I’m implementing this new thread as well and we’re calling it “10 Questions with … ” The subject of this edition is newly hired Pasadena football coach Mike McFarland.**

On Thursday, Pasadena High School announced Mike McFarland would be the next football coach. A product of Arcadia High, McFarland previously coached at Muir, Keppel, Occidental College, Minnesota State University-Moorhead and most recently as tight ends coach at Missouri Western University. McFarland lettered in football, basketball and track and he earned his bachelor of arts degree in social sciences from California Lutheran University in 1997.

McFarland recently took some time from his busy schedule in St. Joseph, Mo., to talk with the Star-News about his hiring.

Question: Mike, you’ve bounced around from place to place and have spent a good time in the Midwest. What’s it like to finally be coming back home?

Answer: It’s very exciting. I’m from Arcadia and obviously spent a good portion of my time in southern California and in the San Gabriel Valley in particular. My wife (Tiffany) is from Pasadena so we’re very excited to be coming home to be around friends and family. It’s going to be a real positive thing to go home, that part is (a) real attractive part of (this) position.

Q: Not only do you get to come home and be with friends and family but you get to do what you love here where you grew up playing sports.

A: It is a special to go home and coach in an area that I grew up playing football. In terms of Pasadena itself, growing up I witnessed first hand the players and teams they had in football and basketball and just growing up playing youth sports having a ton of respect for the competition.

Q: Mike, how do you plan on changing the stigma that Muir is a football school and Pasadena is a basketball school?

A: I think what’s funny is — and I’m speaking out of terms because I’m not part of the older generation — you talk to older people and they’ll tell you the opposite. Pasadena was the football power, but number one I think it goes in a cycle. From a football stand point, Muir has that rivalry on lock right now because of the winning streak. When the rivalry is that one-sided, those kinds of perceptions will (come up). I coached basketball at Muir in the late 90′s and we had a great team.

Q: Have you had the opportunity to meet the team and speak with them yet?

A: I haven’t gotten an opportunity to meet them. That first talk I think is a little bit overrated. it’s just an opportunity for players to get their first impression. in that situation the most important thing is to get their attention. I’ve got literally things I can’t think about I’ll have to do once I get out there and rolling.

Q: Such as?

A: Those things will include putting a staff and evaluating what we have and watch last season’s games and evaluate what the talent level is and what we have coming back. Obviously, academically we’ll have to look and see how guys are performing and make sure we finish the year strong so everybody we’re counting on playing will continue to participate.

Q: How quick will we see you put a coaching staff together?

A: It’s not something I’ll do immediately. It’s not like in college where in the off-season you have to get a staff together quickly so you can recruit. In this situation, here I think it’s crucial to make sure we find the right guys that are interested. As of right now I don’t have any preconceived notions about anybody. i have not had any opportunity to talk to anybody that was on staff.

Q: What immediate steps do you take once you arrive?

A: The off-season program, when it comes to strength and conditioning, that will be something we’ll implement.

Q: How soon can we expect to have you in town?

A: My goal is to be out there beginning of April and if for some reason the getting-cleared takes longer then I’ll have to wait it out.

Q: What will you be teaching at Pasadena?

A: Well, my degree is in social science so I imagine it’ll be something in that subject whether it’s history or government.

Q: Is your family coming along with you, too?

A: My family will be coming out in June. My two stepdaughters (Breanna and Brittany) are going to finish school here in Missouri. I also have a newborn (3 months) so we don’t want to rush the moving part. I have friends and family who I can bum off of for a while until we get settled.

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Baseball: Temple City comes up big in the sixth, beats San Marino, 3-0; Monrovia scores seven in the first, routs La Caada, 12-0 in Rio Hondo League opener

Temple City (5-1) scored all three runs in the sixth inning and the Rams’ Christian Cano got things started. He walked to lead off the inning and Brenden Pultz got on after getting hit by the pitcher. San Marino was keeping Cano on check at second and Chris Warren overthrew to second, moving Cano to third and Pultz to second. Ruben Jara doubled to bring hom Cano and Pultz to make it 2-0 and Morgan Hatch’s triple brought home Jara from second to make it 3-0. The Titans (5-2) threatened in the seventh but to no avail as Stevie Yortsos’ check swing was called a strike to record San Marino’s third and final out. More on this game by staff writer Miguel A. Melendez. That would be me.

Monrovia (5-2) recorded seven runs off La Caada pitcher Jeff Oechsec to jump to a 7-0 lead in the opening inning. Chris Calver hit a two-run homer to cap a 3-run fifth inning and increase Monrovia’s lead to 10-0 at that point. The Wildcats scored again twice in the seventh to extend their three-game winning streak and hand the Spartans (6-1) their first loss. Ironically, Monrovia recorded just one strikeout while La Caada struck out eight. More on this game in tomorrow’s sports section by correspondent Mario Aguirre.

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New Rule: All anonymous comments will be deleted

Yes, you’ve pushed me to go this far. I’m getting stick and tired of all these anonymous posts. It’s great that you post but please oh please pick a name already! Very soon, we will require you guys to register one time so you can post a comment. Once you’ve registered you won’t be asked to register again and your posts will be “trusted” to publish. If you don’t register, you won’t get to comment. Since you have to register why not pick a cool name and stick to it all year? C’mon guys, get with it. I’m giving you until the weekend to come up with a blog name. Starting Monday, all anonymous posts will be deleted. This might affect our numbers but frankly I don’t care anymore. You’ve been warned….

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March Madness: Take that, President Obama!

Well, so much for thinking President Obama knows what he’s talking about. I’m almost certain the Secret Service, CIA and FBI will come for me moments after this publishes for sticking it to our beloved president. But the truth of the matter is Mr. Obama was wrong as were the many pundits who picked UCLA to lose in the first round. Let it be known: Mr. Obama went 11-5 in his first round predictions and I went 14-2. Don’t believe me? Click here to check out my bracket on … Maybe I should get offered a Cabinet post. Hey, I pay my taxes! Now, all we need is for USC to lose and I’m all set. It’s not too late for yall to jump on the Bruins bandwagon and ride them all the way to the Final Four. Go Bruins!

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Melendez: PHS takes McFarland, but why so long?


This column will appear on Page 3B of the Star-News sports section on Friday, March 20

Well, it’s about time.

It only took four months but Pasadena High School finally has a new football coach.
He is Mike McFarland. He replaces Kevin Mills who resigned in November.

Despite word leaking on the Star-News’ preps blog ( that McFarland was hired, Pasadena principal Derek Evans would not confirm or deny the hiring.

He said he wanted the announcement to be done in a professional matter, and by that he meant he wanted us to wait until the school sent out an official press release.

For a school that needed four months to comb through resumes, handling this in a “professional” matter seems farfetched.

Pasadena was the first school to announce a vacancy and it’s the second to last school to hire a new coach.

Temple City, the second school in the West San Gabriel Valley to announce a football coaching vacancy after Pasadena, still is going through the final process and is expected to present a finalist to the school board in a meeting Wednesday.

For what it’s worth, Evans explained the prolonged process.
Continue reading

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