……I’m BAAAAAaAAaAaaaccckkkkk……….

Above: The future Mrs. Melendez. She’s the only one that would ever get me to do that.

First, an apology. I was so busy making sure I covered my bases on the blog and having an auto-reply e-mail during my absence that I forgot to change the greeting on my cell phone and at the office explaining my absence. My sincerest apology to those who called/texted me while I was away. I will do my best to get back to you.

Five days away from the blog, checking e-mails and writing paved the way to finally catch up on every episode of HBO’s “Entourage.” I rediscovered my love for Emmanuelle Chriqui (pictured above), had a great time at a surprise dinner for my best friend in Orange County, hung out and went out with my friends, and last, but certainly not least, got to spend time with the Nurse. We watched “I Love You, Man” (hilarious!) and “12 Rounds” (good suspense), shared plenty of lunches, dinners, ice cream, and even though it was a bit chilly we took a walk to the grocery story Sunday. We (and by “we” I mean she) even helped me clean my house. We started in the second floor with the bathroom and my bedroom and then the kitchen and dining room downstairs. Yes, I know, she’s an amazing girl.

So what did I miss in the world of preps sports? What’s on tab this week? I’m back at the office now but let me settle in and we’ll get things rolling again. For the record, I missed yall. Even you chkyrslf and I’mjusayin.

I saw this hilarious clip yesterday and I just had to share it with you guys…

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BREAKING NEWS: How do I say goodbye?

It’s time to say goodbye. But before you reach for a box of Kleenex or, more like, jump up and down with joy I must tell you my goodbye won’t be for long. See, beginning Thursday I will be off for five days. I’ll reclaim my seat at the office come Tuesday. Between now and then the blog will practically shut down, unless your old pal Freddy J. Robledo decides to chime in once in a while. I won’t expect to maintain the 5,000 hits a day while I’m gone but that’s OK. We’ll get things back in order soon. Keith Lair will be gone, too, but he’ll return Monday and have two stories ready to go in Tuesday’s paper. If you see my column in Friday’s paper it’s only because I cranked it out during my regular shift Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ll spend time with the Nurse (I know she’s reading), finish furnishing the new townhouse and execute the workout regiment. I lost nine pounds last week, if anybody’s keeping track =) No Cabo. No San Diego. No. San Francisco. South Pasadena will do just fine. Keep it clean on the blog. Over and out.

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Basketball: You’re an All-Star! Get your game on!

I’m ready to watch Nicol Biesek, Maryum Jenkins and Brittany Henderson ball up the Trib girls. Not sure what’s been going on the previous years but we’ve got skillz this year. Yes, that’s skillZ with a Z. Trib yuppies, it’s time to bring the title back where it belongs, in the West! As for the boys, we know the Star-News tears it up every year. No need to step on the Trib when they’re already on the ground. That would just be rude.

The roster for the sixth annual Star-News/Tribune All-Star Game have been finalized. Here are some quick facts about the game:

6th Annual Tribune/Star-News All-Star Classic
When: Saturday, April 4
Where: Azusa Pacific University
Girl’s game: 5:30pm
Boy’s game: 7:30pm
Admission: $8 adults, $5 students/children

Girls 3-point contest at halftime, boys Slam Dunk contest in-between games and boys 3-point contest (halftime).

Boys: Star-News leads series, 4-1
Girls: Tribune leads series, 3-2

Selected by Miguel Melendez

Coach: Rich Hollinger & Staff, Temple City High
Team: Travis Flye (Pasadena); Joseph Henson (Pasadena); Darius Johnson (Pasadena); James Chen (Temple City); Andy Scauzillo (Temple City); Chris Smith (Monrovia); Aeric Allen (Alhambra); Haitham Ali (Alhambra); Djon Ellams (South Pasadena); Brandon Bonar (Marshall); Riley Heaton (La Canada); Deon Geary (Blair); Katorio Walker (Blair); Malik Speed (St. Francis); Drew Assinesi (La Salle); Paul King (Muir).

Selected by Miguel Melendez

Coach: Gary Johnson & Staff (Muir High)
Team: Brittany Henderson (Muir); Paige Robinson (Muir); Jasmine Gordon (Monrovia); Maryum Jenkins (Monrovia); Vanessa Hernandez (Monrovia); Ashley Quiones (Monrovia); Janise Ho (Keppel); Tiffany Rubin (Keppel); Nicol Biesek (South Pasadena); Kara Yoshihara (South Pasadena); Lora Bendedetti (La Caada); Kim Tsou (La Caada); Katie Tripoli (La Salle); Jasmine Jenkins (La Salle); Tiffany Horton (La Salle).


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Girls Basketball: Pierre, Weber earn All-Area Honors

Star-News All-Area team compiled by Keith Lair
Player/Coach of the Year stories written by Miguel Melendez

Player of the Year: Eliza Pierre (Muir) Sr.
Coach of the Year: Kim Weber (Pasadena Poly)

F Jasmine Gordon (Monrovia) Sr.
F Janise Ho (Keppel) Sr.
C Brittany Henderson (Muir) Sr.
G Nicol Bisek (South Pasadena) Sr.
G Michelle Miller (Pasadena Poly) Fr.

C Courtney McCutchan (La Canada) Jr.
G Maryum Jenkins (Monrovia) Sr.
G Michelle Lo (Keppel) Jr.
G Megan Musashi (Flintridge Prep) Jr.
G Paige Robinson (Muir) Sr.

F Tiffany Horton (Rio Hondo Prep) Sr.
F Kelly Pray (Pasadena Poly) Sr.
F Evelyn Ramirez (Rosemead) Jr.
C Katie Tripoli (La Salle) Sr.
G Vanessa Hernandez (Monrovia) Sr.
G Tia Chen (La Canada) Jr.
G Mian Dingle (Maranatha) So.
G Charie Flynn (Blair) Jr.
G Gina Henderson (Monrovia) Fr.
G Jasmine Jenkins (La Salle) Sr.

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Boys Basketball: Temple City sweeps All-Area honors

Star-News All-Area teams compiled by Miguel Melendez

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: James Chen, Temple City, Sr.
COACH OF THE YEAR: Rich Hollinger, Temple City, 17th season

G Aeric Allen (Alhambra) Sr.
F Clarke Anderson (La Canada) Sr.
F Travis Flye (Pasadena) Sr.
C Joe Henson (Pasadena) Sr.
G Matt Nolan (La Salle) Jr.

F Deaon Geary (Blair) Sr.
F Chris Smith (Monrovia) Sr.
F Chris Bullock (Monrovia) Jr.
C Kenyatta Smith (Flintridge Prep) So.
G George Toyama (Pasadena) Jr.

F Brandon Bonar (Marshall) Sr.
F Tim Esguerra (Rio Hondo Prep) Sr.
F Jeff Grigg (La Canada) Jr.
F Andy Scauzillo (Temple City) Sr.
F Katorio Walker (Blair) Sr.
C Djon Ellams (South Pasadena) Sr.
G Kelly Assinesi (La Salle) So.
G Paul King (Muir) Sr.
G Kiran Koneru (Arcadia) So.
G Malik Speed (St. Francis) Sr.

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