BREAKING NEWS: St. Francis-Muir agree to finally play

After years of debating which team truly is the No. 1 team in the West San Gabriel Valley, Muir and St. Francis high schools will finally put the debate to rest. Both schools put the bickering aside and agreed to play in Week 0 at the Rose Bowl. Muir dropped its game against Diamond Ranch and St. Francis re-shuffled its schedule to fit Muir. St. Francis coach Jim Bonds and Muir offensive coordinator Antoine Sims couldn’t find the middle ground a few months ago when a contract was being negotiated. But both schools put differences aside and conceded the game is one the community has wanted for years. Muir will receive full profits from the first game. The second game will be played at St. Francis and the final game at Muir High. Athletic directors from both schools signed the contract earlier today.

Just kidding, guys. Can’t take an April fool’s joke? =)

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