Football: Practice early. Advantage or disadvantage?

Some football teams are already on the field practicing here and there. Some are going full out while others get together once or twice a week for a few passing drills and what not. Still, the fact teams are getting out there early quasi means the football season has unofficially begun. But what does this really mean? Do teams who get out there early have an advantage over those who are waiting for spring football to officially begin? The teams that are out there now, will they wear off come fall practice? Well, the right answer depends on who you ask. One local varsity football coach said he doesn’t want his team out there so early because it can be a disadvantage down the road. At what point do we draw the line and let the kids have some off time? Is that even feeseable in our day and age when all sports seemingly are going year round? Or is it even a question not up for debate since kids these days are used to it and it’s no longer a big deal? What about from a parent’s perspective, is this becoming too much to handle now that teams are allowed to practice early?

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