Baseball: You’re going to love this new gadget ….

Look at that, even the Moors are pumped about this…..

Courtesy of Fred J. Robledo who was tipped by fellow blogger Joe Amat, we now have this new feature/gadget to play with thanks to the masterminds at We’ve grouped together the area teams so you now have area leaders, standings and schedules of your favorite teams at the tip of your hands and only a mouse click away! It is now more imperative than ever that coaches update their schedule/results on MaxPreps so all your information is reflected accurately here. FYI, softball is not available just yet but when it is I’ll get it up here, too. Let me know what you think of this new item and how often we should throw it on the blog. Should we make it a weekly item?

<a href="">MaxPreps High School Sports</a>

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