Baseball: Lack of good pitching in the WSGV? Really?

It’s an easy question that’s probably going to get very complex answers. But, really, is there lack of good pitching in the West San Gabriel Valley or, for that matter, the entire San Gabriel Valley? That’s the question I’ve been posed by an anonymous blogger who e-mailed last week. But after watching Arcadia’s Bryce Rutherford and most recently San Marino’s Andrew Sloan (above) I’m convinced that there is NO lack of good pitching in the WSGV. Who would even make that argument? Playing travel ball year round, can that affect our high school pitchers in the long run? Should curve balls be allowed in Little League? Is there a lack of good pitching coaches at our area high schools? I’m not saying that’s the problem, just throwing darts on the board here. (I didn’t mention Maranatha’s Dylan Covey or Monrovia’s Richard Kilbury because I haven’t seen them pitch) I’ve been told that as a reporter it’s been unfair for me to see “the pitching and play in general is horrid all around” but I’m not quite sure. I’ve had fun covering baseball this year. Granted, it’s the first full season of high school baseball I’ve covered in my eight years as a sportswriter, but fun nonetheless. Coming to mind is the Temple City-San Marino game early in the season; Glendora’s win over Arcadia in the Apache Invitational (no offense, Apaches), just to name a few. At the very least, this topic makes for a good discussion among you baseball honchos. Enlighten me….

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