Meeting of the two minds: Melendez, Stags03 meet

Forgive my late start to the week. But before I go on to post anything else about softball and baseball I am compelled to tell my fellow football bloggers what went down this weekend. As you know, there are some real faithful bloggers here, and they’re usually found during the football season. There’s the Mayor Goldenarm who always has insightful notes anything related Rams football and football, too. There’s also our buddy The Stang Fan who knows all Muir. And who can forget Huckster? (I know, I’m trying to forget, too) There’s also our buddy Stangs03, which brings me to this post. I was out Saturday night with some friends at night spot in Alhambra. As I walk up to the waitress to order a drink someone extends their hand to shake my hand. He calls me by my first and last name. Says it’s a pleasure to meet him. He says he’s a big fan of the blog. I’m flabbergasted he recognizes me, but then comes the shocker: “I’m Stangs03.” I was just amazed. We talked about football, the April Fool’s joke and trying to figure out the identities of Goldenarm and The Stang Fan, but to no avail. It was a meeting of two minds, alright.

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