Joe Montana joins Oaks Christian High coaching staff is reporting Joe Montana is joining the Oaks Christian football coaching staff. The staff already includes 19-year NFL veteran Clay Matthews, Bob Richards and Bob Bates, two former California coaches of the year, and former University of Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen, the older brother of Jimmy. “Our coaching staff is second to none,” Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell said. “It is a very experienced staff and the average age of our staff is 65. Nobody cares who gets the credit because by the time the game ends, none of us can remember who should get the credit.” Montana, who, according to Redell, will be in the press box. The move has brought about a change in the head coach’s philosophy. “We have a policy where we don’t want fathers coaching their kids,” Redell said. “But we made an exception. So the new rule is, if you’ve been a three-time Super Bowl MVP, you can come out and coach your kid.”

Must be nice.

Funny line from our Eastside brother, Joe Amat: Coach Redelll used to have a rule that fathers couldn’t coach their sons… but had to amend it to “… unless you’ve made a Pro Bowl, Hall of Fame or Super Bowl MVP!”

Muir and Oaks Christian play in Week 3. How you likin’ that, Stang Fan?

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