Stevie Yortsos at QB for Titans? Don’t count on it!

I went to check out a passing game last Thursday involving host San Marino, Arcadia and Maranatha high schools. My notepad is full of notes which I’ll divulge here in a bit, but for now I want to leave you with some tidbits on San Marino (Arcadia and Maranatha notes to follow later in the day; I’m heading over to a press conference in L.A.). There was some flirting with having the extremely talented Stevie Yortsos at quarterback. In fact, he had a few snaps there throughout the course of these Summer Dog Days. But it’s becoming quite clear, especially after Thursday, that the quarterback spot will belong to Joe Forgatch. In Forgatch the Titans virtually get a returning starter at quarterback. If you remember, Forgatch filled in for Steven Wright halfway through the season after Wright broke his collarbone. Yortsos is a very talented athlete who can play center, as coach D.R. Moreland jokingly said last week, but the Titans are better suited having him at receiver. Forgatch’s experience starting last year will benefit San Marino. Is it likely the Titans will go unbeaten heading into Rio Hondo League play? Doubtful. Here’s the season’s first football prediction: San Marino will be 4-1 heading into its league-opener vs. Monrovia. San Marino’s lone loss: San Gabriel.

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