Football: Dead period begins, what to do for two weeks?

Those hungry for high school football information might have to wait another two weeks.

Most schools are now taking the so-called “Dead Period” which means there will be no practice at all for the next two weeks. Most schools will resume in the early weeks of August.

Arcadia and Maranatha high schools are two of those schools.

Both teams met last week in a three-team passing game that included San Marino.

Arcadia went on its dead period Thursday and resumes the dreaded “Hell Week” starting Aug. 18.

The Apaches have some restructuring to do on the defensive side. They lost their leader in Todd Golper, who is now at UCLA.

While there are some questions surrounding Arcadia’s defense, it’s quite the opposite for the Apaches’ offense.

Arcadia returns quarterback Garret Tuck, who had a stellar year on the baseball team, earning first-team All-Area honors.

Tuck’s responsibilities increased exponentially after Golper went down early in the season with a broken toe. Suddenly, the Apaches (4-6 last year) went from a run-pass team to basically leaving Tuck to muster whatever offense he could.

Arcadia coach Jim Dimalante, who recently added former Temple City coach Randy Backus to his staff, said Tuck will be prepared and is ready to shoulder more responsibility this season.

While the Apaches have newcomers hoping to earn a starting spot this fall, it’s safe to say Taylor Lagace will be there.

The sophomore-to-be has not only impressed Dimalante but also opposing coaches.

“I’ll tell you what, Garret’s going to have a great guy to throw to this year,” said Maranatha coach Joel Murphy while observing Lagace from the sidelines.

Speaking of the Minutemen, Maranatha is on dead period, too, and resumes camp Aug. 9. That’s when the entire team and coaching staff spends a week together on campus. They’ll eat, drink, and sleep football.

A typical day starts around 6 a.m. and ends late in the evening, learning the playbook and building strong chemistry.

Maranatha, which made an impressive run to the semifinals last year, arguably has its best team yet. The addition of transfer Cody Keith (North Carolina) at quarterback solidifies the Minutemen’s offense after the departure of Matt Schilz, who is now at Bowling Green.

San Marino, which got off to an 8-0 start last season, could see its offense intact with the return of Joe Forgatch at quarterback.

Forgatch took over midseason and started a few games after Steven Wright broke his collar bone.

Forgatch’s improved passing on the run is an added dimension the Titans will take advantage of, and the return of Stevie Yortsos gives Forgatch a solid go-to receiver.

“(Forgatch) did a great job for us last year and improved immensely from last season,” San Marino coach D.R. Moreland said. “I think he had that game-playing experience so he’s not coming in as a junior that backed up last year but as a junior who started a few games and a well-seasoned quarterback who’s been there and done that.”

San Marino’s dead period begins today. The Titans resume camp Aug. 17.

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  • Apache Joe

    Lagace is going to be a stud this year. Hopefully Arcadia won’t be one-dimensional like they were last year. Rodney Arnett, the Arcadia runningback is going to be very good as well.

    Arcadia should have a relatively good offense, especially the Tuck returning and the young talent ready to be on display.

  • Goldenarm

    Go fishin.

  • non pac-league fan

    whatever apache joe, another one and done CIF team.. AT BEST

  • MoneyTalks

    Arcadia will miss the services of AJ Rail who sufferred a knee injury. He was a rising star for the apaches who started last year and was possible D1 material. Knowing that he works hard, he will bounce back.

    Lagace is a absolute stud. His talent is raw right now and we haven’t seen anything yet. Although he is a great basketball player, I firmly believe his future is in football. I hope he can devote the time needed year round to keep developing his football skils. As a only soph, it would not be silly to say he could be the best WR in the valley.


    I heard that a PHS BullDog offense lineman took first place at ELAC lineman competition.
    I think the kid name is Boykins.
    Is this true??

  • pacific fan

    non pac-league fan,

    why are you hating? all Apache Joe was saying was how Arcadia should look this year. why can’t you just support the sgv teams?

  • curiousgoerge


    Alhambra threw against Arcadia and I didn’t see a “best wr in the valley” type of kid. They had a couple of good looking athletic type kids but i’m not sure who your talking about. I wouldn’t say it would be silly to say maybe top 5-10 wr’s in the valley, but not THE BEST!
    Top two Wr’s are D Riley and M Crockum no questions ask.
    I witnessed the AHS vs Dorsey at the ELA tourney and Crockum absolutely dominated.
    I think he scored at least 3 td’s, double covered, against 3 D1 db’s and were talking legit D1!
    He made it look 2 ez…
    Im not saying your kid is not one of the best
    but he is not THE BEST!
    Wish all our SGV boys the best of luck 2009

  • curiousgoerge


    This Kieth Cody kid’s getting lot’s of hype,why?
    Is it because he’s from NC?
    The reason why i’m asking, not hating,
    I’m trying to find his stats last year and tried on he’s not on the radar at all.
    Usually a player of this caliber will show up on one of these websites…
    Do you got his number’s from last year?
    Just curious!

  • MoneyTalks

    Curious George,

    I believe the kid missed a lot of passing league due to basketball. You will hear more of him.

    I believe D. Riley plays RB.

    Yea, Mitchell is the top WR. i was wrong, but the arcadia kid will be right up there though.

  • goteamgo

    Cody Keith does not have stats posted on Max Preps; here are his stats posted on for 2008:

    Passing yds: 1200
    TD: 11
    INT: 2

    Not much more (no completion %, rating, rushing, etc.)

    The kid is a mystery – a one and done QB

  • elephant

    AJ & MT,

    In my opinion, Arcadia’s success will be strongly influenced by the number of times David Maldonado touches the ball. Again this is just my opinion. But from what I saw last year and what I’ve seen so far this summer, Maldonado is by far the best skill player on the Arcadia roster. A bit undersized, he has great instinct, quick feet and probably the best hands on the team. Arnett is also very good. He bounces well and has a great burst of speed out of the hole. On the defensive side of the ball, AJ Rail’s injury is a big loss for the secondary. He’s one of the more aggressive and physical players on the team, as well as a team leader. I hope the best for that kid. Offensively, if the receivers can make catches, they should be alright. During Passing League, too many of their receivers were trying to catch with their chest. Tuck has improved greatly from last year. His passes are strong and accurate, and his O-line is experienced. The defense is my concern. During PL, there was a lot of confusion and blown assignments in the secondary. Granted it was only PL. But hey, it’s only summer. There’s still plenty of things to work on. Good luck Arcadia.

  • MoneyTalks


    Bottom line is we are a young team. This year will be a learning experience, although they have the talent to make a good run in CIF this year b/c of our standout line. Next year might be the CIF title year with all of the awesome talent coming back. I firmly believe this.

    It’s a complete bummer that AJ went down. That kid was working really hard. He was becoming a big time safety.

  • curiousgoerge


    Like I said I didn’t really know who you were talking about but I did see some good looking athletes on your squad. My bad, your right D Riley is a Rb and like I said your guy is probably top 5 by the end of season. I’m sure Arcadia will do well this year and all our top SGV prospects will have great seasons.


    Why does this NC kid(transfer to Maranantha) get so much pub?
    Especially when we have so many other great area qb’s?
    Have you seen this kids stats?
    Spread the love aroung a lil more MM!

  • elephant

    I’ve seen this kid from Maranatha at a couple of Passing Leagues. He definitely has the size for D1. And he probably has one of the best mechanics I’ve seen around. The question is will Maranatha have the skill position players to put around him.

  • The Stang Fan

    Money Talks,

    I don’t see it…I just don’t see it at all. Arcadia winning a CIF ring next year? Nah, I just can’t see it. I can certainly see them improving and BATTLING, but they are going to have to get through Muir first and win a league title. But, like I said before, Muir is built for 2010.

    This has been an interesting summer. First, I heard that it was a little tough out of the gate in the spring and early summer. Now I’m hearing that A LOT of progress has been made, AND that Muir fans are definitely in for a couple of good surprises this year. We’ll see about that. I’m going to peak in on some practices during August, and I’ll be able to chime in a little more than.

    Again, September 4th can’t come soon enough!

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apache Joe


    As much as I want to say I agree with you about a CIF championship, I just don’t see it as well. The talent is there, but it is limited. The line talent is especially thin after this season.

    Lagace will be a top 5 player in the valley when it is all said and done. The kid is an exceptional athlete and won the “best pure football player award” at the Ultimate 100 invitational camp in Long Beach featuring the top 200 (name is 100 but # of kids is 200, I know I don’t get it either) underclassmen in So Cal.

    Tuck will get him the ball this year and he will have a burst out onto the scene this year. He can play safety as well.

  • MHS Supporter

    The truth about Cody Keith is he has been well trained, he has great touch, a strong arm, very nice field vision and very sound leadership skills. It doesn’t hurt that he is also 6’4″. His stats from last year are deceiving.
    He played on a very strong running style team. That was one of the main reasons for his transfer out here. As for his supporting cast, Maranatha has 4 to 5 very strong receivers. The one that left was talented but lacked the work ethic that will make for a group of WR’s this year. The four starters are all Seniors and the starting line returns so it should be very nice for Cody to operate with.

  • MoneyTalks

    Stang Fan & Apache Joe,

    You guys are right. The reality is that we are thin and limited in positions. Staying healthy is virtually impossible. I was just thinking big. It’s sad with a student body that is 3800+ that we can’t field a larger team.

  • The Stang Fan

    Money talks,

    Yeah, it is rather unfortunate. I can only DREAM about what Muir could do if they had 3,800 kids! One thing’s for sure though…the Apaches will always BATTLE!

    As far as the Cody Keith question is concerned…look, all you need to know is that he’s a 6 foot 4 inch protege of Steve Clarkson. There aren’t ANY guarantee’s in life OR high school football (except of course, a Muir victory in the Tussle…lol), but you can’t get closer to a sure thing than a QB who is not just trained by Clarkson, but favored by him as well. The kid is going to be good, that I’m sure of. How good? Well, that will come to fruition this fall. I have NO qualms labeling him the best QB in the SGV. Just because he hasn’t played out here, and because his numbers were low in a run-oriented offense, doesn’t mean he’s not the best. But, I don’t see any of the other QB’s in the WSGV working with AND being complimented by Clarkson. I know….you gotta have some $$$ to work with the guru, but if you know ANYTHING about Steve you know that the really good QB’s are HIS guys and get a lot more attention from him as well….just as Keith is. Good luck to him and The Natha this fall!

    Btw, he may not be a pithcer, but if he did…MAN, the Natha would be certainly favored to repeat in baseball next year!

  • non pacific fan

    pacific fan, it’s ridiculous statements like the ones moneytalks made about best WR in the valley, making a good run in CIF, CIF title… this crap is stupid. quit putting unrealistic expectations on these teams. quit talking like these kinda things just happen out of thin air. they don’t, the teams have to go earn them, and they aren’t even close.

    you think i’m hating on them, i’m doing what their supporters, coaches, etc should be doing: STOP CODDLING THEM! let them know how hard it is to accomplish these things, but that it is possible if they are WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE.

  • MoneyTalks

    non pacific fan,

    You do have a point to a small degree, but if you are not a pacific league fan, why comment? Why do you care?

  • elephant

    non pacific fan,

    Calm down dude. ‘YOU’RE’ doing what their supporters, coaches, etc should be doing? Wow, you’re great man for doing that(sarcasm). Do you know this for a fact that they’re being coddled at Arcadia? Are you there at the practices? Do you even know the coaches and how the program is ran? I doubt it. Cause if you knew coach D. and coach Press, you’d know that nobody is being coddled. Nothing is unrealistic in high school sports. Any team, with a few gifted athletes and a sound line, get catch fire at any time and go on a roll. Don’t get mad at MoneyTalks’ comments, he’s a loyal fan of Arcadia. What would you have him say? Would you have him tell the kids that they’re mediocre and that they have no hope?

    Just calm down dude. Season hasn’t even started yet and you’re already using all these CAPS.

  • non pacific fan

    moneytalks, my username is just a joke. i am a prominent supporter of pacific league teams. i am just tired of the unrealistic expectations people on here have of these teams. they just are not cif championship level teams for whatever reasons. how are they gonna get there? well, first of all they can’t feel like they’ve accomplished something. when we throw around statements like they should go deep in cif, win a cif championship, etc. etc. it makes it sound like those things just happen easily. it doesn’t work that way. thats what i mean when i say we are coddling these teams, not just arcadia specifically. look at what is being written on here. people are saying all these things out of thin air, like they just happen by chance. they don’t, so don’t make it sound like they do. i know you want to build their confidence, if so, then let the results speak for themselves.

  • non pacific fan

    elephant, if you wanna play the “do you” game, here’s one for you: do you have experience at being consistently successful at the CIF level?

  • non pacific fan

    elephant, if you wanna play the “do you” game, here’s one for you: do you have experience at being consistently successful at the CIF level?

  • non pacific fan

    elephant, if you wanna play the “do you” game, here’s one for you: do you have experience at being consistently successful at the CIF level? do coach d and coach press have consistent success in cif??

  • elephant

    non pacific fan,

    Dude, I don’t want to play the “do you” game. I already know you’re gonna ‘one up’ me in everything. But I will answer your question. I don’t have experience at being consistently successful at the CIF level. All I have is 8+ years experience as a coach. All I could do was tell the kids to work hard and take care of their grades in the classroom. Coach D. and Coach Press might not have consistent success in CIF, but they do have my respect along with all the other parents. The thing I hope you understand is that nobody on this blog ever claimed to be an expert. All anybody was expressing was their opinion and hopes for their respected teams. Have a good Sunday.

  • Apache Joe

    Non-pacific fan,

    The Arcadia teams of old had high expectations so why change the expectations? We haven’t done well in CIF since 2001 but from 1995-2001 when Coach D was there as well he did a pretty good job.

    Dimalante and Press are some of the toughest head coaches around and it reflects in their kids play. If you ask anyone about playing Arcadia, I think “soft” is not a term they use to reflect their play and tenacity.

  • The Stang Fan

    This appears to be one of those times where everybody is right but the communication isn’t working for some reason.

    I happen to COMPLETELY agree with, let’s just call him, “Frustrated” Pacific Fan. The truth is I am one of the biggest culprits of which he speaks. Every year I belt out the that the Stangs are going to do this and going to do that. They proceed to do well in the pre-season, only to fall FLAT ON THEIR ASSES in the playoffs….just like ALL of the Pacific League teams in the 2000’s.

    Each school has their different reasons for a lack of playoff success. After the 90’s, ALL of the schools were not demographically strong enough to compete in Division III or even Division V, where we had a two-year stay. We just weren’t. The division we are in now is a much better fit, although it is frustrating to think we are in Division VII…but in all reality, we belong there. It is my belief that the Pacific will rattle off some “W’s” in the next few years, but because of last year’s failures (specifically Muir and Burroughs), the argument is rather hollow right now.

    I’ve stated in the past why Muir has struggled in the playoffs the last 5 years…namely DIFFICULT match-ups (3 CIF Champs and 1 CIF Finalist), a VERY small population compared to other schools (1100 students), which then leads to a lack of quality linemen AND overall depth (BOTH are huge playoff killers.)

    Every Pacific team has their own specific reasons why they don’t do well, and I think FPF (I hope you don’t mind the name alteration bro…lol) is as frustrated as we ALL are and would just like to see that change. I know I do.

    LET’S GO PACIFIC LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goldenarm

    Dead period huh?

    Margo….honey wake up,
    Elmer………what the hell, it is 545 am!!

    Somebody is banging iron plates together outside and makin a helluva racket

  • New York

    Stang Fan,
    Do you think Muir’s training and strategy has changed with the times, or do you think your program still approaches the season and games the same way it did when you guys had tons more depth?

  • The Stang Fan


    Great question. I’m not sure to be honest with you. In terms of preperation, I really couldn’t tell you how the coaching staff trains the boys. I plan on attending a couple of practices when they get back to it and I’ll let you know then.

    In terms of the game strategies, Muir ran quite a few offensive sets, most notably the trendy spread offense. They still had basic packages, and one of my ol’ favorites, the veer option, but the spread was a major part of their Offense, especially when Bingo was at QB. Defensively, they were a little traditional…I don’t remember seeing a 3-3-5 or anything like that.

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