Football: Dead period begins, what to do for two weeks?

Those hungry for high school football information might have to wait another two weeks.

Most schools are now taking the so-called “Dead Period” which means there will be no practice at all for the next two weeks. Most schools will resume in the early weeks of August.

Arcadia and Maranatha high schools are two of those schools.

Both teams met last week in a three-team passing game that included San Marino.

Arcadia went on its dead period Thursday and resumes the dreaded “Hell Week” starting Aug. 18.

The Apaches have some restructuring to do on the defensive side. They lost their leader in Todd Golper, who is now at UCLA.

While there are some questions surrounding Arcadia’s defense, it’s quite the opposite for the Apaches’ offense.

Arcadia returns quarterback Garret Tuck, who had a stellar year on the baseball team, earning first-team All-Area honors.

Tuck’s responsibilities increased exponentially after Golper went down early in the season with a broken toe. Suddenly, the Apaches (4-6 last year) went from a run-pass team to basically leaving Tuck to muster whatever offense he could.

Arcadia coach Jim Dimalante, who recently added former Temple City coach Randy Backus to his staff, said Tuck will be prepared and is ready to shoulder more responsibility this season.

While the Apaches have newcomers hoping to earn a starting spot this fall, it’s safe to say Taylor Lagace will be there.

The sophomore-to-be has not only impressed Dimalante but also opposing coaches.

“I’ll tell you what, Garret’s going to have a great guy to throw to this year,” said Maranatha coach Joel Murphy while observing Lagace from the sidelines.

Speaking of the Minutemen, Maranatha is on dead period, too, and resumes camp Aug. 9. That’s when the entire team and coaching staff spends a week together on campus. They’ll eat, drink, and sleep football.

A typical day starts around 6 a.m. and ends late in the evening, learning the playbook and building strong chemistry.

Maranatha, which made an impressive run to the semifinals last year, arguably has its best team yet. The addition of transfer Cody Keith (North Carolina) at quarterback solidifies the Minutemen’s offense after the departure of Matt Schilz, who is now at Bowling Green.

San Marino, which got off to an 8-0 start last season, could see its offense intact with the return of Joe Forgatch at quarterback.

Forgatch took over midseason and started a few games after Steven Wright broke his collar bone.

Forgatch’s improved passing on the run is an added dimension the Titans will take advantage of, and the return of Stevie Yortsos gives Forgatch a solid go-to receiver.

“(Forgatch) did a great job for us last year and improved immensely from last season,” San Marino coach D.R. Moreland said. “I think he had that game-playing experience so he’s not coming in as a junior that backed up last year but as a junior who started a few games and a well-seasoned quarterback who’s been there and done that.”

San Marino’s dead period begins today. The Titans resume camp Aug. 17.

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