Football: Temple City ready for whirlwind of a season

This story is for my boy Goldenarm and the Rams faithful …

Not to get all lovey-dovey, but what better way to explain what Anthony White has done to the Temple City High School football program since his arrival as head coach.

The former Rosemead football star has swept the Rams program off its feet with a revamped coaching staff, new schemes and philosophies.

The players have bought into what White is selling and they’ve responded with a strong commitment.

The varsity team is averaging about 50 players during the summer. The junior varsity has 40 and the freshman team has 30 players, respectively.

Through the process, White has gained the respect of his players, staff and administrators, and his passion and love for the program has become clearly evident.

“Everyone’s excited,” White said. “They know where my heart is and that’s for Temple City and the boys.”

Change is never easy to accept, but White said the support has been pouring from all angles.

“Some people take change better than others,” White said. “My concern is obviously for the kids first. I can’t really concern myself too much what parents think. I have to do what’s best for the boys and what’s best for our program.”

White and the Rams program recently held a fundraiser at Shakey’s Pizza. White said 300 people showed up to show their support.

White’s arrival meant new offensive and defensive schemes, which meant the Rams would play in more passing league games than they’ve been used to in the past.

“Temple City is not known for playing in a lot of passing leagues but since we’re installing a whole new offense and defense I felt the need to get the boys out there and compete to see how they are without pads.”

Expect the Rams to have a balanced attack. That much is expected when a team has such a stout line like Temple City returns this season.

“We’ll try to open the offense up and not allow people to stack the box anymore,” White said.

Temple City started its dead period today and returns to camp Aug. 17. When they do, they’ll get ready for what’s expected to be whirlwind of a season.

Each of the Rams’ games this upcoming season holds an interesting story line.

Against Arroyo, Temple City takes on a team they knocked out early in the season last year and survived a 7-6 victory in the first round of the playoffs.

The Rams will have vengeance on their mind when they take on Alhambra, which defeated Temple City on a last-minute hail mary pass.

“We’ll be hungry for that,” White said.

Then there’s Arcadia in Week 3. The game is being dubbed the “Brawl for the Mall” but “Backus vs. White” might not be a bad way to market that game either. (OK, maybe not).

Former Rams coach Randy Backus recently joined the Arcadia coaching staff as a linebackers/running backs coach.

Enter Rosemead in Week 4.

White, 27, graduated from Rosemead High where he won the Wendy’s National High School Heisman his senior year. And to add to the drama, White’s younger brother, Matthew Fergoso, is on the Panthers’ football team. White also is currently a teacher at Rosemead High.

That, however, could change pretty soon.

Sources confirmed White interviewed last week for a social science position at Temple City High. More interviews will follow. There is an opening for a social science position at

White could not comment about the teaching position, but did say no storyline will be lacking this upcoming season.

Temple City will undergo two-a-days when it resumes camp. Practice starts at 7 a.m. until 10 a.m., lifting from 10-11, lunch from 11-12, team meeting from 12-1, off time from 1-2 p.m. The second practice begins at 2:30 p.m. and goes to 5 p.m. The day concludes with a team meeting from 5-6 p.m.

This will be White’s first “Hell Week” experience as a head coach but said the experience on his coaching staff will make it a smooth transition.

“They’re helping me to succeed,” White said. “The whole situation here has been great. The support I’ve received from the administration has also been great, so I’m ready.”

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  • The Preacher

    AMEN to That Great job this Spring and first Part of Summer TC Rams Players and TC Coaches

  • TC Homer

    Yeah It’s too lovey-dovey. We won’t know if the players have bought in and how they will respond until the season begins. I mean c’mon it’s July. Everyone looks good in July. White seems okay but there is NO WAY to judge how successful he is until after the season is over. And also the administration may be supporting him now but they are extremely fickle. Let us not forget- They screwed Backus!

  • Nervo

    I’m anxious to see how many kids have fully bought into the program. I heard from some players that the 6am practices continue this next week, but are voluntary. Hopefully he can keep these kids working hard all the way until hell week.


    The Rams New Coaching Staff has all been but excellent. I give credit not only to Mrs. King but to VandeVeere as well, Coach White has been a great addition to our tradition


    The Rams New Coaching Staff has all been but excellent. I give credit not only to Mrs. King but to VandeVeere as well, Coach White has been a great addition to our tradition

  • Goldenarm

    Nice job MM.

    TC Homer is on the money.

    We have some tough hombres in the trenches willing to fight and a quick, shifty running back. That is all we have that is game tested……and that is not enough to get M-town, SM, LC and the boys to hand us an RHL playoff berth.

    The work has just begun and it is up to the fine group of coaches assembled to get us in position to play hard and hopefully be successful in 09. We have not even head bumped each other yet….I am going to wait until at least 9/11 to see where we are and Dec 11 to rate our progress.

  • TheTruth

    I dont think this article implies that TC will win the RHL. I think MM wanted to focus on a where they are now. I have to say, from friends I know in that community the Coaches over there have done a tremendous job SO FAR. Hats off to Coach White and Crew.

  • curiousgoerge


    I know you guy’s are stud’s upfront and you talk about a shifty rb but the question will be how that will work with the all new SPREAD offence?
    That’s gonna be interesting to see.
    I guess i’m so used to that old school SMASH mouth TC mentality. All those big bodies upfront standing up
    instead of downhill?
    I guess coach White must have some tricks up his sleeve.

  • New York

    There is a lot of pressure on White and the administration. White inherited a semi-finalist on the upswing. For the sake of a competitive RHL, I hope he keeps it going.

  • J.A.F.


    It sounds to me like your adding flame to the fire
    don’t you think?
    I hate to dwell on the PAST but a ” last minute HAIL MARY pass”?
    Are you insinuating the Moor’s might of got lucky
    against TC?
    Are you referring to MC’s 39 inch Vertical ability’s
    or was it just a chuck n’ luck pass?
    Sounds like a lil dis-crediting towards Cazzarin n’ Crock
    last minute clutching up…
    I admit passing stats wasn’t all that great for #9,
    16 for 28 190 yds and 1 td/M. Crockum had a lil 7 rec. for 150 yds with the lucky game clincher.
    Like I said Miguel,
    the Moor’s appreciate the love and appreciate the fire!

  • Info

    I dont know if TC was on the upswing. Goldenarm made it clear way back in Feb TC only had 6 returning starters and its not like they beat anyone in the playoffs. the arroyo team with a freshmen QB and an Azuza team who didnt play anyone all season. Golden arm was begging for months for the powers to hire a coach. they didnt listen to him for months. then they finally made a hire and I am glad to hear or read things are going as golden arm would like. i anticipate the start of the season! Also based on the printed information going to a spread make perfect sense if u have a strong offensive line and running back returning. “Dare teams to stack the Box then make them pay” sounds like what the Vikings are trying to do now by getting Brett F. Go Vikings and WSGV

  • Anne Onimus


    I was wondering if you have any idea who’s in the lead for the QB position at TC. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised when I heard TC was switching to a spread offense. So I’m assuming there must have been some good things happening at the QB spot to switch to the spread. How did the Gibson kid look this summer? He’s going to be a beast for you this coming year. Good luck to you guys.

  • New York

    You made some great points.

    I am happy to hear that good things are happening at TC.

  • Goldenarm

    My disclaimer: I am not always right.

    I think Miguel did some good work here, capturing the great sense of the anticipation from Coach White. He also includes a ton of good facts about what is happening with Rams football.

    For the Moors fan, dude, clear your head of any pride in a bumbling, mental mistake filled, block in the back, personal foul, wounded duck throw and deflection catch last year and focus on THIS season. You want to forget how you played last year, WIN OR NOT. You have an outstanding core of skill players to build around……… but will the Moors drop those things that have hampered them again and again? Look forward, not back. Great things could happen for Alhambra, I would put the Moors among any top 3 teams this season. Good luck AHS.

    Most know where my allegiance is, and it is the ground game. Come out from play 1, and establish you can AND WILL drive it down your opponents throat…and when they come up to breathe, run it again. Amid this battle, you stretch a long ball here or there, short post or toss outside. Your film study and game plan tells you where and when. Foe me, it is hard to see TC much any other way. We can’t match up with M-town and many others with team speed. The above approach is a proven success story in RamTown for decades on Offense.
    My biggest concern this year – DEFENSE.
    Gibson is a good kid and will help the Rams enormously. We need every ounce of commitment from our backers this season.
    Go Rams

  • Goldenarm


    As far as Azusa being a crappy opponent.

    They were the Montview champ and had previously beaten Duarte 44-6 and got a first round CIF victory over a fairly solid Covina team. The Aztecs game in averaging, AVERAGING 425 yds a game on Offense.

    The Rams DOMINATED the entire game, both sides of the ball. AZUSA crossed the 50 yard line one time…yes, one time. I believe the Rams kept them at under 100 yds of total offense. As a TC fan or any fan, who would not find pride in that kind of effort.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Miguel,

    Can you give us a list of the top Defensive Players in the area?

  • Goldenarm


    Finally made it over to “The Boat”, which now actually has a sign that says “The Boat” on it. Did not need a sign before…because it was Clearman’s Galley….and over the years the “boat” nickname just stuck….and no one even knew what a Clearman’s Galley was.
    The place is humongous inside and could seat the entire NFL and is definitely well done…but the same vibe of the old…no way.
    No more bumping your head on the ceiling as you order your burger…or hot looking waitresses from Northwoods in short skirts wandering through,,,,but the food was still good, the brew cold.

    What’s up with the Spartans??

  • curiousgoerge


    I see u contradicting yourself just a lot a bit.
    I see your getting on a Moor fan to focus on the future
    and your talking about last years play-off teams
    and how legit the teams you guys beat.
    Fact is I’m a Moor fan myself and don’t let those
    “Wounded duck’s” fool you.
    I think if were talking focus on this season,
    practice what you preach GA.
    Hopefully there’s one great scheme to stop those
    wounded ducks cause there will be a ton of those
    thrown that night!LOL
    Can’t wait for season and good luck to all our
    SGV teams it will be exciting.

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm, do they still have the same menu at the Boat? including that red cabbage salad? will try to catch some Monday night games over there, especially Raider games.

  • Miguel Melendez

    I’ve been wanting to go to the Boat for a while. I THINK I went there once, a long time ago fresh out of high school with the novia. That part of town sure has changed.

  • Goldenarm


    take the novia over to Taylor’s for a ribeye and cocktails…the boat is more of a party with the dudes kinda place…unless the new Miguel arm candy likes sports…

    No contradiction on my behalf. TC had a successful season last year, Alhambra did not. It is that simple. This is why I say focus on THIS SEASON.

    WITH SO MUCH TALENT IN THE STABLE this year, the Moors should come out strong. I think they will.

    menu looks to be the same, fish and chips was white and flaky – but only 3 skinny slivers. Everything tasted fresh, unlimited refills on the soda, small patio, big screens everywhere.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno. Reno Hightower is my name. I was the the best QB in the county. Kern County. Besides my booming van conversion business, I have been known to evaluate high school football a little. I’m wearing my white shoes so don’t get your panties in a wad if I rip your high school to shreds like I used with an airial assault. As far as TC returning a great line; don’t insult me. Their best O-Lineman graduated and only one other was all league. There is no depth behind the returners. M-Town has just as good a line and a dude wearing a 50 # ran down TC’s RB in the open field and he returns. If Rosemead’s line is close to equal as last year’s group; look out. The Pacific League schools (Arcadia, Muir, PHS) have real D-1 talent. The Rams have a decent line that will be good in the RHL. MM, why do you ball wash White so much? The Rams have always had big numbers for parent info night from Walker through Backus. The numbers are the same for the levels (V-50, JV-40,F-30) when Mooney was there. The Eagle Rock staff? Why are they at their third school in three years? They won the consolation LA title: the top 16 were in the championship division. The Spread Offense of TC’s talent wouldn’t have beat Crespi, Lompoc, or Paraclete. What of the coaches who didn’t pass background checks? The Green and White Beast north of Huntington Drive is the most improved in the off season. Just quiet, lifting tons of weight, and getting faster. By the way GA, Serrano is the toughest team on Paraclete’s schedule, not Hart or St. Paul. They have had the most success the past few years.

  • Matt


    Thanks for the review of The Boat. Then I see a mention of my place, Taylors. You are a Renaissance Man. Football savant and a true gourmet.

    LC had a good spring and a great summer. Lots of guys working hard and the results are showing. Moore is really coming into his own as a QB. His decision making, accuracy, and arm strength are all way ahead of any time last year. The tight end is a beast. They shuttle in about 6 wideouts who all run well and make plays. They competed in the ST. Francis tournament and didn’t show the best results. They didn’t look good against CV. Lost in the last seconds to Moorpark. Then ran into Valencia and two D1 corners. Then they played Notre Dame and couldn’t hang very well. They did however score twice and had three picks.

    I think the RHL will be real good this year. Monrovia is probably the team to beat. TC sounds like they hired the right guy. I think LC hired the right guy as well. SM sounds like they will be OK. LC scrimmages Burroughs and then opens with Alhambra, Glendale, CV, Firebaugh and Arroyo. Alhambra will be tough and this will be game 2 for them. Everyone says watch out for Arroyo. LC shut them out last year and the JV’s trounced them. You saw them twice last year Goldenarm so I will defer to you.

  • Incorrect

    mr. hightower,

    i must admit that i truly enjoyed your analysis and prognostication! i agree with you, i’m not sure why there has been so much attention drawn to Temple City and their coaching staff! I guess the fact that TC at one time was one of the most successful high school football programs in the state under the legendary Hitchcock, is one of the reasons why! Don’t get me wrong, i’m sure it is great for all of the TC faithful, i know i was riding the wave when Rosemead was getting the attention. i guess the past is the past, and the present is now! out with the old and in with the new! lol If anyone should be getting attention i would assume it would be Monrovia, considering they have so much talent coming back, especially after a semi-final appearance! I would also have to agree with your comment on the Temple City offensive line! I was not impressed at all last season, and i’m not even referring to the Rosemead debacle! In the playoffs the only team they faced with a dominating line was the eventual champion Paraclete! Azusa and Arroyo were average at best, and in league you could only argue Monrovia! You can’t consider pre-season, because based on what Goldenarm stated, the Ram offensive line did not come together until after the Rosemead game!

    If we are going to talk about offensive line play, then we should probably mention St. Francis! If you go to they have 13 lineman coming back, i don’t know who the returners are, but could you imaging 13 lineman at your disposal! Here are some of their measurements: 6-2 200, 6-1 190, 6-1 210, 6-0 200, 6-2 245, 6-4 245, etc That is pretty impressive, especially with the fact that they play better competition! In regards to Paraclete, that is still a pretty impressive schedule. Hart is not the same but to match wits with Harrington should always be fun from a coaching standpoint! Hart probably isn’t the same after the departure of younger Harrington to Alemany! St. Paul is down without their old coaching staff from what i have heard! Nevertheless Paraclete should be the team to beat! Good luck to all!

    Lastly, a little food for thought…..What about a little love for the Rosemead coaching staff! Koffler still keeps on competing for league title including 3 in the last four years, making the playoffs, and scheduling a tough non-league! He has done this with the departure of some great assistant coaches such as Zavala, Arrellanes, and Hernandez to name a few! You put Koffler, Paramo, Ah-Hing, Oviedo, and now the addition of Gilbert Jimenez which no one has talked about, now your talking about a long tenured staff with experience! Jimenez was the DC at St. Paul and has coached against the biggest schools, coaches, and players! That is a staff, and my biased opinion!

  • Goldenarm

    Wheeeew…Reno, Kern QB, welcome and please make this a regular stop
    just don’t crop dust the TC field mid-practice and herbicide our so-so O line and we will be fine!

    I find a whole bunch of bare bones truth in your statements. As far as TC getting extra ink, I would agree and not really sure why. Locals PHS and LC have had similar coaching houseleanings…and there are stories there. As I have been saying for months now…WE DON’T HAVE A LOT TO SHOUT ABOUT, we do have 4 of 5 O line returning, and that is a good thing. Beyond that there is a steep, hollow drop off – featuring the unknowns of inexperience and a basically a whole new D and O schemes, filled by the shoes with fresh faces, each with plenty to learn.
    Our best lineman did not graduate, though Josh O was a fine and complete offensive tackle. Matt O’Malley was and is our best lineman, he lines up at right guard. I won’t break down the rest, but suffice to say Ruckle put up 174 yds, Stewart 80 or 90, against a bad ass M-town line. Our kids may not be the best line in town…but they are tough and don’t quit….ever.

    As far as Serrano, I am talking this year, not recent, and I stick with my view of St Paul and Hart being two murderously tough games for the Spirits.

    I am not the guy to argue on behalf of the Eagle Rock additions to our staff…but based solely on what I’ve seen thus far and the 3 or so city championships behind them – I plan on pledging full support for their work at TC. Not only that, they have jumped in the fire head first – and the kids will play for them.

    It is VERY possible we could open 0-4. I am a fan first and hope to Allah, that is not the case. But unlike others I am not dreaming we have a storehouse of talent to decimate the SGV, and lay teams to waste.
    EVERYTHING is new at TC, sometimes new takes a while to catch on…..or may even regrettably, find need to return to old, in a land where old once worked damn well.
    Go Rams!

  • Goldenarm

    one more word on the line….don’t judge what lineman kick butt by looking at ALL-RHL or ALL -CIF, especially offensive lineman. There are no real recorded stats on who pulled and cleaned the DE or who trounced the MLB on a trap or counter or who got downfield on a screen and pancaked the safety.

    La Canada has several excellent unmentioned line players last year, as did TC. Not all the studs at M-town were recognized either.

    Watkins, Ouelette and O’Mall pulled down top honors for TC, but Ruckle owes his 1700 plus yards to more than just those two. One thing I am sure of – these kids will be back to block whatever us bloggers brag or insult about. Maybe the new scheme will work poorly, maybe it will be great – but these are good fundamental line players, raised abd coached in a good system – that made them successful as a unit. Stats alone make it so.

  • New York

    Mr. Hightower,
    I enjoyed reading your post, and I like most of what you mentioned, especially the good stuff about Monrovia. My one question is related to your quote below?

    “Spread Offense of TC’s talent wouldn’t have beat Crespi, Lompoc, or Paraclete.”

    I’m not sure any offense with TC would have beaten these teams. Crespi and Lompoc won multiple CIF titles in our division prior to climbing up a few rungs. Paraclete may be on the way.

    You weren’t drinking from the still water in Lake Isabella prior to that post, were you?

  • New York


    There are definitely ways for TC to stay physical out of a spread formation. I am curious to see how it works out. The most success I have seen from TC (in the playoffs) was during the DiFiori years of running the Veer…not quite the spread. The Mooney years were tough as well with a lot of foot-to-foot “splits.”

    I am convinced that a team can indeed run dive, blast and power out of any formation. So don’t worry too much.

  • Info

    Fun to read people put down kids and coaches that are trying to make the best out of their season. SOmeone is green with envy, GREEN AND GOLD THAT IS. From the looks of it TC is just trying to recover from all the chaos that happened earlier in the year. Monrovia is a great team and should be just as good this year. Same for La Canada, they are improving and should battle. Now the Rosemead Coaching staff does have names but most of those guys coached there for only 2 years, non league doesnt matter at all anyone can schedule teams to lose to and mission valley is the second worst league in that division. rosemead was good last year, because Sumler was good. the year before they couldnt even win that league.rosemead wins a playoff game for the first time in what seems like 10 years and they want the QUALM, you have to win the the playoffs year in and year out to get respect. Pasadena Mcfarland will benefit from the new turf and being the new face on campus as will the La Canada Coach. St. paul looks to rebound with the old coaches back in town and a donation of $1,000,000 now in the bank.

  • Vegas Baby

    Reno sucks all about Vegas now get a life and wish these players the best this season.

  • Reno Hightower

    Wow! That is quite a staff at Rosemead. Keep it simple, pound the ball, make the defense play 8 in the box. QB gets 3 Deep or man coverage. Solid defensive coordinator with a 3-5-3 scheme. They won’t miss Anthony White at all.

  • Reno Hightower

    vegas Baby,

    I’m a prick and always have been a prick. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Now, your 1987 Ford Econline is ready. You know, the one with the magnifying mirror on the ceiling.

  • Panther

    Reno Rosemead Runs a 3-4-4 and drops a Saftey down as a LB as we did with Chavez. Don’t act like you know our D

  • MoneyTalks

    LMAO @ reno….funny stuff and entertaining

  • Goldenarm

    New York,

    Like you, I too am curious, but that curiousity is laced with a bit of skepticism. It will be tough for yours truly to ride out an unsucessful year…so behind everything – I am hopeful and guardedly optimistic.

    I know that sounds like a ball of confusion. But that is the usual gut churning feeling I get on the eve of Week 1. The churning has begun way early this season. It is a little more heartburnish this summer with so many unknowns…and a very, very young team – kids so clearly unaware of what to expect.

  • Goldenarm


    I used to date a fine blonde woman and took her to Taylor’s regularly. The food and drink were better than any aphrodisiac…great place. Unfortunately, the blonde turned out to be the lead singer of the Looney Toon’s Band…complete with spinning head like Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

    Nonetheless, top drawer food. Thanks for the word on LC…the RHL is wide open and this could be the most competitive season in many moons.

    Arroyo’s strong point is experience and a QB that has gotten much better. At this stage – it is all potential

  • Trojan Man

    This is going to be an EXCITING SEASON !

  • Trojan Man

    This is going to be an EXCITING SEASON !

  • New York

    You keep mentioning TC’s youth, but you also mention 4/5 O-linemen returning…that’s a pretty good start. Ideally those guys up front will provide some big wholes for your young backs as well as time for your QB. However, I do realize that young RBs can often misread the blocking and screw up the pass protection something fierce.

    Dominant hogs can sure help control the clock and beat the opposition with a slow death. Remember when Ohio State beat Miami with their lumbering QB grinding out QB follows a few yards at a time when they needed to take the air out of the ball?

  • Goldenarm


    it is going to be a loooooong August

    I hope the M-town / TC game is the war it was last year. Hard hitting, clean and down to the wire.

    We had better get Maddox now – before the coming power surge takes hold 100%.

  • Desert Rat

    Paraclete definitely has a stiffer non-league schedule this year…no doubt. It works best because it gets the guys comfortable playing bigger teams.

    But our prep work is top rate. Our scouting and coaching staff really gets the guys prepared.

    Can’t wait…38 days left for us.

  • Goldenarm


    It must be meltin tires out in Lancactuser right now
    By the way…how do you guys schedule 2 a days?? Early / late ….real late?

    what is your take on Serrano, Hart and St Paul….looks to me Dahlia is making the right move in prepping the Spirits, it is going to be a tougher road to the dance this year

    who are your top 3 returnees…

  • Desert Rat

    To Goldenarm:

    Early and late…avoid peak heat hours.

    Serrano has some good kids returning.The program is well run and they have decent size. Senior RB Dionza Bradford is a beast. We were in it with them last year. Take away three turnovers and we win the game. They have a balanced attack, but favor the run. It’s going to be a good game again this year.

    Hart isn’t the Hart when I went to school but the experienced coaching always makes them a challenger. They’re slowly coming back after an off year. It will be interesting to play them. Souza is gone at QB and I’m wondering who Harrington is going with…is it Borland this year?..wouldn’t be surprised, he’s an athlete. Hart is all about spread and we did really well against that in the past year. So we’re going to have to figure out tendecies and Mike’s trick plays quick.

    St. Paul is new to me and from what I’ve heard, their program has been a bit of a train wreck. But with the new(old) coaching staff in, it will also be interesting to see what they bring to the table. It’s not going to be a cake walk and playing in their barn is another toughy. Thankfully we get a couple weeks to scout them.

    Coming back….we’re looking pretty good on both sides of the ball. We only lost 2 or 3 players on defense; they’ve been filled with some good talent (not trying to act tough and talk em up…I’m just pleased with the guys who are looking to step up and and play those roles). We’re going to be probably tougher there than last year…seriously, even I’m scratching my head.

    Offense lost Buteyn but we got a couple horses to fill that void. Pretty much all the line is back on offense. I haven’t heard any grumblings from the line coach yet…so they must be content with their group. QB’s and WR’s are okay. We have some bright spots there, but they’re going to have to decide what they want to bring to table.

    Top 3..pretty hard to put my finger on it. Look for these guys:

    Davis, Todd

  • New York

    Dessert Rat’s assessment should be plenty to motivate any local Mid-Valley player and coach to stay focused from now through the playoffs. Those boys in red just reloaded.

  • Desert Rat

    To NY,NY:

    I don’t know if reload is the word. Maybe…arrived? I dunno. This year’s team was said to be the pinnacle of the rebuild. Last year’s team just came in and simply got it done.

    We should truly know what 09’s team is all about after 10 weeks. While it looks great now…this bunch will have to carve out their own identity. It will definitely be neat to watch…especially knowing where the bar was left.

  • Dan

    Lots of good post from you guy’s over here on the west side, keep up the good work, there are a lot of good takes on different teams out here and I like how you guy’s keep it mostly about football and less on personal attacks, that eastside can get pretty nasty at times.
    There are several schools I’m curious about, GA has me wondering about Temple City and how they will do with their returning line, returning runningback, and their new staff. I’m a fan of coach Maddox so I will be keeping tabs on Monrovia and wish them well too. I keep hearing about Alhambra and the talent over there, the only thing is, it seems like I heard this about Alhambra for the past couple of seasons now, So my question is, and I say this with sincerity, what goes wrong over there in Mooretown? Do they have problems with their line or maybe some discipline issues? Or is it overhype? Which ever it may be good luck to them this season, maybe this will be their breakout year. Taking in to account what Desert Rat had to say, it looks on paper like Paraclete should be one of the teams back in the finals, that is if they get through their preseason without key injuries.
    The Pacific league will obviously have my attention as they are in the same division as West Covina. I know Muir and Burroughs usually put out good teams, how is Arcadia looking, do they have Detrick Rielly [spelling ?] coming back? Did Burbank graduate most of their key players? Good luck with avoiding major injuries to all teams, I wish knee’s and other joints were unbreakable.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I confused Detrick Rielly with Todd Golpher in my last post.

  • Goldenarm

    Desert Rat,

    it amazes me that your O line is nearly all returning – because they were returnees LAST YEAR!
    I know Area 51 is out there, are you guys doing some paranormal time warp crap out among the cactus?

    Also, the Clete must carry 90 on the travel roster when you came to TC…lots of sophomores, yes?

    It is pretty scary if you return Calver and the rest of those studs up front. I have visions frozen in my mind how you guys double-teamed our best D lineman again and again, and burned them out in the 3rd quarter. We hung hard the first two quarters…but we got ground up by the tandem back attack eventually. The same thing happened at NV, and they had size on the Spirits.

    Sounds like that tailgating Clete horde will again find it’s way to the SGV. If you were at the TC game – I guess you saw we support our boys just as intensely. The hook and lateral we ran was the loudest I have heard the TC crowd in the last 4 years. It was good football. Best of luck in 09.

  • Goldenarm


    what is your take on West Co’s week 3 game versus Amat?
    week 4 ain’t no cakewalk either….

    What is your overall record versus South Hills?

    As far as Arcadia – much, much improved would be my thought.

  • Desert Rat

    We battled injuries throughout the year so our core crew grew. And even though we lost Rodrigo, Culver, and Rush, we had experienced and seasoned replacements. So we really had a big, well-oiled group who all played a vital role late in the year. I don’t think you saw a couple of regulars when we were at your house. But that was the great thing about it. Guys stepped in and really came together. You can expect Davis, Owen, Ruiz, Meyers, and Anson back. So were short one guy but I’m hearing of a couple biggins coming down the pipeline this year.

  • The Stang Fan


    Always nice to have you cross over the 605! You, and a handful of others are the lone “good ones” from the east side.

    To address your inquiries about the Pacific, the usual suspects should reign again. Muir and Burroughs will be the top two teams again, followed by CV and Arcadia. PHS is the wild card this year, and has enough talent to be a spoiler in league AND the playoffs. Muir and Burroughs choked big-time last year in the first round. I understand DR was a Finalist and all (and a DAMN good team), but as the 1st place team in league, the Stangs should have advanced further on than they did. I don’t see the top 2 teams in the Pacific losing in the first round again this year, but hey, I was wrong about that last year! In my opinion, the top five teams in the SE last year were CO, DR, Muir, SH, and WC, and I don’t see much changing this year. Our current team is built for 2010, so it’s unfortunate that CO, and maybe even SH, might leave the SE division next year. That would SUCK!

    Anyhow, good luck to WC and hope to hear more from you in the future!

  • Desert Rat

    To The Stang Fan:

    You can’t count Burbank out this year. I’m hearing nothing but positives on and off the field. Plus, it’s been said that this is going to be one of their most talented teams in a very very long time. Now does that translate into “W’s,” we’ll see, but I expect the Bulldogs to be in the mix with Muir and Burroughs.

  • Reno Hightower

    Whats up with blog nazi?

  • Dan

    Golden Arm,
    As you know, Amat will always be a tough mountain to climb for any SGV school, the bright side is that they had heavy graduation losses and we get several of our key players back, but I can certainly assume they will reload and that coaching staff will have them ready to go. I keep telling myself that we played a terrible game that night, I can think of 3 specific plays we missed that could have been touchdowns, and a couple of others that could have been big gainers,but thats the difference with schools like Amat, they don’t miss their opportunities, they execute well, they don’t miss tackles, they get to where they need to be quickly, their offenive guards were real effective in cutting off our inexperienced linebackers from the plays, yet their linebackers would shed blockers and make the plays. You are right about week 4, Glendora should be one of the best teams in the valley this year, and they are probably still pissed that we beat them last year, certainly a revenge factor going for them.
    South Hills usually seems to have our number, even in our favored years, I think the recent series is 6 to 2 in their favor, we’ve had some good lower level teams these past few seasons, and this years freshman group looks like one of the best in recent years so hopefully the tide will start to turn our way.
    Stang Fan,
    I’m not so sure it was your 2 teams choking so much as I think they just came across some teams that were playing good ball at the time. With 5 D1 recruits Diamond Ranch was bound to get it together sooner or later, as for Rowland, it sounds kind of odd, but they were a very good team last year, their wins were legit
    and they gave CO all they could handle for about 3 quarters in the semifinal game. I think Muir, Burroughs, D-Ranch & Rowland were all pretty evenly matched teams, and if those same teams played again
    it could go either way.
    I agree with you 100 percent about CO & SH leaving the division that would be terrible.

  • The Stang Fan


    I hear you, but when you turn the ball over three times, once on DR’s 8 yard line, that’s a choke job in my book. Nontheless, DR was great that night and for the next couple of weeks after that. I honestly can’t comment on Rowland, but I’d sure like to think we would have been able to beat them. How do they look this year by the way, I’ve heard they lost a lot?

  • Dan

    Stang Fan,
    3 turnovers can have a big effect and doing it at your opponents 8 would even hurt my feelings, as for Rowland I think your right, they do loose a lot to graduation, I think they return 7 or 8 starters total,
    they had a real good freshman class 2 years ago who should be juniors this year who may help out but they loose their running back Stansell who was one of the best in the area, and their other stud, WR. BJ. Oyefeso is also gone.
    The sleeper team that may take their place, believe it or not is Walnut, Their skill players can just about match anybodys in the division, including a couple of talented recievers, one who is around 6’5″, and they return 2 studs at running back, one who will probably go D1, he is 6’4″ & 230lbs and not only is quick for his size runs but has great hands. If they have any kind of decent line they could go deep in the playoffs.

  • Goldenarm


    I concur on Walnut, they do have a good looking receiver corp, and the 6’5″ dude will be a load to defend, especially when plenty of corners stand 5’8″ or even less. Both Walnut’s QB’s threw the ball well when I saw them and their defensive rotation looked like they understood what they were doing as a unit, showing football smarts on short delay patterns and off speed crap…reacting to the ball well.

    Then again it is underwear football and nobody is attempting to decapitate your quarterback, or drooling, waiting to clean your clock as you reach to catch the post pattern. Nonetheless, I think Walnut looks pretty sound.

  • Dan

    Golden Arm,
    Good point on the underwear football, it’s different catching a ball with shoulder pads, Helmet,& a facemask on, let alone knowing there is a db or linebacker waiting to clean your clock, like you infered, not having to throw in between or over moving linemen who are more than glad to break you in half makes things a little easier. I do know that the two running backs are legit, both did well as juniors, and the qb that played against us was a junior, The big reciever did not play against us last year, I’m not sure if he is a transfer or if he just didn’t play as a junior.


    simple if you never fire Mooney none of the drama and bad stuff happens
    Backus did amazing for the hand he was dealt….
    goodluck to tc and all the boys

  • Anonymous


  • Rams Know It All

    Van De Veere and King are Morons

    I agree. King had a petty administrative jealousy with Mooney. She didn’t like that he coached, got his administrative duties done, and was well received. She undermined the program with Van De Veere’s help and it may not recover for years. It has nothing to do with the new coaches. She will sit on them and under the guise of support squash any positive thinking. King doesn’t want the Ramrodders around either. Has she attended any Ramrodder meeting, parent night, or fundraiser? Van De Veere is just clueless, stuck in the old school of past Ram glory of the 70’s/80’s. He didn’t support Walker, Soumakian, DiFiori, Mooney , or Backus? Why should he now? By the way, last year’s football team was the only major boys team at TCHS to win any playoff game.

  • TC ALUM 67

    I am touching on the fact that from what I am reading about White he sounds like he knows what he is doing and best of luck to him. As far as all you Mooney lovers get over it. Mooney was the worst coach I have ever had in my life. Mooney true and only success (which turned out to be a bust) was getting little Desmond (Eric) Reed to USC. I wish back in the days when Mooney first arrived on campus that he payed attention to the senior talent on the team that he had and got at least on of them a scholarship out of High School. TC Fans, Parents, and former players lost out when DiFiori decided to go back to Amat and instead of the administration handing the team over to Backus which they did not was the biggest mistake in school history to this date. So with all this being said I may now come back to watch a game and route my team on simply because Mooney is no longer a Ram and I am GLAD. I am also glad to hear that Coach Backus has moved on to continue coaching. To sum this Rant off Go Rams and good luck to all the guys out there and lets bring a title back to TC soon.

  • Anonymous

    Mooney was a great coach. I was sad to hear he left. What happened with Backus?

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