Star-Jibber: Dealing with “Dead Period” one day at a time

Believe me, you and I are in this together. Not much is going on right now as far as football goes thanks to the annual “Dead Period.” Still, this is no time for our football boys to goof up, party it up and spend late nights watching Conan, playing Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto. The team that best stays in shape during this time is the team that will get the best results. It’s as simple as that. I’m no expert on “Dead Period” but a reporter at The Oregonian in Portland contacted yours truly for a story he’s working on. I’m gonna make the long-distance call right now but I want to leave you with some thoughts ….

I have seen enough and listened to plenty of coaches to take a stab at what we might see this season. Later this week, I’ll break down schedules and give you my prediction of which team will make the biggest run this season. Also later this week, a top 5 list of returning wide receivers and running backs. As far as the best returning line, I think we can all agree Temple City has that title hands down. Hope you guys eat it all up because after Friday I’m taking off on vacation and don’t return until Aug. 10. Send all your “miss you” cards to 911 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA …. I digress …. If you have any topics for discussion I should address let me know and I’ll throw a thread up. It’s only Monday but I’m already running on fumes (worked a good deal of the weekend) so your help would be much appreciated.

In case anyone cares, I went on two dates this weekend, both on Sunday, no less, which means I missed Entourage last night. I hope my girl Sloan stays on the show. Anyway, the two chicas have a lot of potential but I think I’m gonna narrow the list to one by this weekend; the one who runs a Claim Jumpers and knows her wines really good (It’s OK to live vicariously through me. All the married guys in the office do anyway). So if you don’t want details on last night’s date I suggest you suggest to me a topic to discuss so I can start a thread, football-related, please…

Below is the cover of last year’s football tab, which by the way no other paper or “media outlet” (Yes, quote, unquote) produced last year. Any thoughts on what to feature for this year’s cover? Top five returning players? Top 5 returning quarterbacks? Have your say ….

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