Star-Jibber: Dealing with “Dead Period” one day at a time

Believe me, you and I are in this together. Not much is going on right now as far as football goes thanks to the annual “Dead Period.” Still, this is no time for our football boys to goof up, party it up and spend late nights watching Conan, playing Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto. The team that best stays in shape during this time is the team that will get the best results. It’s as simple as that. I’m no expert on “Dead Period” but a reporter at The Oregonian in Portland contacted yours truly for a story he’s working on. I’m gonna make the long-distance call right now but I want to leave you with some thoughts ….

I have seen enough and listened to plenty of coaches to take a stab at what we might see this season. Later this week, I’ll break down schedules and give you my prediction of which team will make the biggest run this season. Also later this week, a top 5 list of returning wide receivers and running backs. As far as the best returning line, I think we can all agree Temple City has that title hands down. Hope you guys eat it all up because after Friday I’m taking off on vacation and don’t return until Aug. 10. Send all your “miss you” cards to 911 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA …. I digress …. If you have any topics for discussion I should address let me know and I’ll throw a thread up. It’s only Monday but I’m already running on fumes (worked a good deal of the weekend) so your help would be much appreciated.

In case anyone cares, I went on two dates this weekend, both on Sunday, no less, which means I missed Entourage last night. I hope my girl Sloan stays on the show. Anyway, the two chicas have a lot of potential but I think I’m gonna narrow the list to one by this weekend; the one who runs a Claim Jumpers and knows her wines really good (It’s OK to live vicariously through me. All the married guys in the office do anyway). So if you don’t want details on last night’s date I suggest you suggest to me a topic to discuss so I can start a thread, football-related, please…

Below is the cover of last year’s football tab, which by the way no other paper or “media outlet” (Yes, quote, unquote) produced last year. Any thoughts on what to feature for this year’s cover? Top five returning players? Top 5 returning quarterbacks? Have your say ….

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  • Amused Reader

    Robledo didn’t do a tab? That’s news.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if you can say TC has the best returning line. Monrovia also has 4/5 starting linemen returning.

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, I recall that you stopped with the 5 top returning QBs. how about running this series of threads out for Receivers, Running backs, etc.?

  • Miguel Melendez

    BFF: I’m doing that this week. Just been caught up with two long-piece features that run Tuesday and Friday. My story publishing Friday will run in the Star-News, Trib, Whittier Daily News, Torrance Daily Breeze, Long Beach Press-Telegram and L.A. Daily News. It’s been a busy two weeks.

  • Amused Reader

    Let Miguel get his Galaxy updates done before he works on something trivial like summer prep football.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Thanks, Amused Reader. You’re almost as good as my assistant. I think a colleague of mine needs an assistant if you want me to put in a word for you I can.

  • King

    Careful Miguel you don’t want to go around calling out your readers, you saw where that got Sir. Becks! Almost on the firt boat back across the pond.

    Must be a pretty big article if you’re getting that much press, nice work.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Amused Reader and I have a love-hate relationship. Think the Batman-Joker relationship in the Dark Knight, though I won’t say which one of us is which ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Big story coming out tomorrow on high school sports and big story coming out Friday about the Rose Bowl. Just a heads up.


    I don’t know if you can say TC has the best returning line.PHS BullDog Got some Beef upfront Too!!

  • New York

    Coach Lujan’s presense on the Monrovia staff should be a nice compliment to the maturity of our returning O-Line starters.

  • Whistle Blower

    DEAD PERIOD Drove by the Mission blvd today and it looked like a full practice at rosemead, maybe they start late. I have to stay in the area for a while for work but I will make sure Koffler Doesnt violate CIF again or bring the St.Paul cheating habit in.

  • football fan

    Where those vikings at ? What’s going on marengo !

  • Someone who knows

    The Dead Period is different for different schools. It may also depend on when that school’s summer session ends, or when the school’s first games is (0 week or week 1). They just need three weeks.

    Copied directly from the 2008-09 CIF-SS “Blue Book.”

    >>>”<>1407.2 A summer dead period must be declared by the school principal for all sports. The dates of the dead period must be forwarded to the
    Southern Section Commissioner. The dead period must be the same for all levels and must be three (3) consecutive weeks between
    the end of school or June 12, whichever is first, and August 23, 2009. No class could be offered which could circumvent the rule.
    There are no exceptions to the summer dead period.”<<<

  • sgvfootball

    the front cover should be the top players returning an with that said melendez it is obvious the guys should be:
    dietrich riley st francis
    isaac valdez san gabriel
    mitchell crockam alhambra
    all well deserved and all area returners
    wat u say miguel?

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan

    how about CV and the Nitro’s this year….will they compete?

  • The Stang Fan


    It was nice to see a little improvement from CV last year, even though it wasn’t really a close game when we played them. Glendale was the big shocker in terms of improvement last year, and it was good for those kids to experience some success.

    With that said, I see CV doing essentially the same thing this year that they did last year. They lost a little, but they had some good underclassmen. I can see them winning a playoff game just like they did last year, but nothing much beyond that.

    Glendale is in a different situation. I would love for the Nitros to come out and battle like they did last year, but with the loss of a pretty damn good staff, I just don’t see it. Especially, the guy who is now your D-coordinator who was formerly at Eagle Rock. He REALLY did a lot for them, and their D is what helped them turn around last year. Frankly, I see them back at the lower end of the totem pole in the Pacific. As crazy as this sounds, I believe that Hoover in the next year or two will improve as much as Glendale did last year. Those coaches are really turning it around and they will get better and better. Not playoff better, but more competitive and they’ll beat Glendale at the end of the year.

  • Anonymous

    Talent wise I dont know what glendale brings back but coaching wise they will be fine. The new hc is a guy named Alan Eberhart and I believe that he won at least 3 pac league titles during his time at cv in the 90s.

  • Viking Fan

    @ Football fan…we’re here. at least i am. haven’t been on much. our boys are looking good. coach parks has plans in motion for them. And since this isn’t just a football topic, we’ve also picked up new basketball coaches for both our girls and boys teams, so we’re looking good on that front too.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan,

    If you watch Chow work, he is similar in coaching styles to Maddox. I think his success will continue, and like Backus before him, he will have to wring every drop of effort – to get the results.
    Teams will see a different defense this year….very different.

    Following stellar MLB’s Joe Reasoner and Nick Conora…it is going to be interesting to see who can come close to filling that level of supreme reliability and near nil missed tackles. Both kids were the classic “slightly warped” personalities that somehow make great MLB’s….and I mean that in a non-insulting kind of way.

    One coach who has not been mentioned much, but whom I think deserves a shake, Coach Horton, the new TC strength/conditioning dude.

    I know a few kids are off on two week family vacations…coming back just in time for 105 degrees and 2 a days. Definitely gonna be some cookie-tossing going on.

  • Goldenarm

    Calpreps projections on openers

    Blair 0
    St Margs 62

    Monrovia 28
    Arc 22

    they can’t decide on TC / Arroyo – they have it both ways 17-14

    DR 17
    Stangs 14

    Moors 26
    LC 17

  • chkyrslf


    Seems fitting that you pay very little legit attention to female sports, do very few personal stories on female athletes. Allow for disinterested staff members to cover important female sporting events in a boring and non-detailed manner, but put out a flyer for a male soccer team’s beauty contest?!! And then you proceed to make sexist and sexual overtones about two of the ladies in the pictures, “Me likes the one on the far left and second to the right.???!!!”


    That is embarrassing! Maybe one day you will find a way to respect young ladies in and out of athletic environments.

    By the way there are dozens of ladies from our area who are currently signing and receiving college scholarships to play ball and not be beauty queens. All of which are great stories and should be noted by your HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS page. This is a sports blog, please leave those overtones to the society pages or whatever other publications you read or contribute to.

    You keep saying that you would do a better job next year, the first thing you need to do is start respecting female athletes. Right now, I must say, on those terms you are rather gross.

    I wish I had read this earlier because I would have jumped right on it. It doesn’t surprise me that no one has yet , because most fans of female sports stopped reading a long time ago because of lack of stories.

    By the way if you would recognize your job as writing stories about female athletes rather than hitting on beauty queens with Freddy, you might sell a few more papers.

    WOW! GROW UP! That really pisses me off and should piss other people off.

  • Cat Dad

    New York:
    One of the main reason Monrovia has had success with the trenches is the Coaching.Coach Holden and Coach Minter are fantastic.Holden is running the o-line and Minter the d-line.Really though they both split duties.On Offense, Holden will take C’s and G’s and Minter will take T’s.On Defense, Minter takes DE’s and Holden will take DT’s.We love to hang at practice by the Linemen because these coaches are always doing something creative to keep these Kids interested.Some of there drills are amazing.It totally shows by the success these guys have.I hope Coach Maddox is able to keep this Great Staff together.The success could be LIMITLESS…..Good Luck to the Cats this year.

  • Apache Joe


    Would you like to pay for the unsold papers or should everyone else? The star news is one of the few newspapers actually keeping jobs and they are obligated to sell papers. With you being the only obvious response to whatever issues you have, it is plainly being implied what the majority of readers care about.

  • chkyrslf


    What are you suggesting? That his comments, which are degrading, sell papers?

    This website used to be a sight that embraced female sports. It doesn’t now. You have a kid running the blog who, when it comes to women, is more focused on beauty queens than female athletes. I do not have the information that would support/deny the selling papers aspect, but what does it take to stop him from going backwards toward old stereotypes of women/girls. And on top of it, making sexual/sexist remarks on top of it. It is flat out insulting and disturbing. He should at least have the presence of mind to know that the few people who read this blog looking for stories on female sports, are not looking for beauty queen stories or to hear his fantasies about young women. Maybe his goal is to get rid of the few that are left. Go to any travel ball tournament and see the crowds or recognize the fact that the world cup of softball played on ESPN just recently. People care, we already know that PSN doesn’t, but if he would not be insulting and piggish in the process, we would appreciate it.

    Apache, I am surprised that you support this sort of talk, I thought you supported female athletes.

    The only reason that people haven’t reacted is because those that care about female sports have gone already and because no one really read that useless piece of crap article anyway!

    I am really pissed, and whether they write it or not other people are pissed about the coverage of female sports as well. It needs to change next year.

  • Beauty Pageant Judge


    What are your measurements by the way? Only answer if your a chick though. A hot chick actually.

  • chky

    Beauty Pageant Judge,

    I am way hotter than your mom, but nowhere near as promiscuous.

  • Miguel Melendez


    I take it you missed my recent story on former Monrovia star Shannon Brooks being named to the Guatemalan national soccer team? Headline and stand-alone story on page 3. Did you catch the story on Maranatha’s Nicolby Atallah being named to the Brazilian National Softball Team? Yup, headline and all, too.

    What about the breast cancer awareness story from football season or the column on two single moms who helped their daughters earn full scholarships to play soccer at Division I schools?

    My point is you seem to disregard anything else that’s not softball-related and berate our work any chance you get. That’s fine and all, but don’t forget to tell the entire story.

    I say the two Galaxy girls are cute and you throw a fit by interpreting my remark as sexist? Wow. On those terms I’m rather gross? What about on the terms I mentioned above?

    Momma raised no fool, and my five sisters can attest to that.

  • chky

    I feel honored that you actually addressed one of my comments.

    I would have no problem with funny comments about the beauty pageant girls if you paid more attention to the realities of local female sports. Y’know, counter them with some real reporting. I do believe that the whole local softball community was really disappointed in the way the All-Star game was handled and then followed up with terrible coverage of the game. Should I point out that there was never even a story put on the Blog about the post All-Star game?

    I will give it to you, the story on the “soccer moms” was very touching. But puhleeese do not try and act like you are giving the girls their due. One story does not make it right. There was no story on Nicolby Atallah, it was tossed up on the blog with a blurb.

    Look, I stick by what I said before, and until you actually outweigh the “Me likes the one on the far left and second to the right” and the “you can come watch Freddy and I in action trying to get Miss Galaxy’s number” comments with a substantial amount of solid female sport stories, including softball, I am going to hold you accountable.

  • Miguel Melendez


    I did write a story on Nicolby that came out in the paper. You must have missed it. And it’s not just ONE story that I pointed out; there were several. I will agree we should have handled the all-star softball game MUCH better. If nothing else, remember this writer for owning up to blunders. Things will turn. This rookie starts Season Two soon.

  • MoneyTalks


    I thought your daugther you claimed as an all everything player graduated already.

    Why is underwear in a bunch?

  • New York

    Cat Dad,

    My favorite thing about Coach Minter is that he obviously cares about the kids. We’re fortunate to have that type of guy in the program.

    Best wishes for your kid this season.

  • Chky


    I’ll let the Beauty pageant stuff go, but I am going to take you for your word that things will be better this upcoming year. You were hard to read last year, because you would start down the right path, then, at least in the sport I most cared about and I’m not alone, you dropped the ball. At least I am telling you, because most of the people I know, who are softball fans, just stopped following the blog and stopped relying on the PSN for softball info.

    I know I can be harsh, but I am actually pulling for you. If you treat softball and all women’s sports with respect, and put someone on the coverage who has enthusiasm and a sense of detail, I will have your back.

    By the way, I have heard that South Pas is building a new softball field. Don’t you live there? Maybe you can do a story on that. Is it at the same place?

    Money Talks,

    First of all, as Bill Murray says,” I rarely wear underwear, but when I do it is usually something unusual.”

    Second of all, you must have me confused with someone else.

  • Miguel Melendez


    I’m thinking I might take the Robledo route and cover baseball and softball exclusively during the spring season. That’s just one of many ideas I’ll sleep on during my week-long vacation.

  • chky

    Its a good idea, because when you do it, you do a good job. Enjoy your vacation.

  • Rebecca Fleming

    I wanted to add my two cents to a few things said on this thread. I just had the honor of taking my daughter to the University of New Mexico to start off her college years. She and myself were mentioned in a few articles this last year thanks to Miguel. I took a real interest in him from the beginning due to the fact that he was raised by a single mom and I am one. My daughter graduated from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and plays soccer. She is attending UNM on a scholarship.

    With that being said, I was very honored to be interviewed for an article by Miguel. I have a lot of things to be thankful for – mainly good role models that my daughter was exposed to during her AYSO years. She started at the age of 4 and I cannot tell you how many people whether it be the coaches, assistant coaches, team moms, parents, etc.. made it so fun for her that she still continues to play. In other words it just wasn’t me that got her to where is she today. It was a lot of “you” out there that have volunteered your time over the years.

    Women’s soccer does get a lot more attention than women’s swimming, women’s basketball, and softball. I respect the fact that Chykyrself has really stepped out and tried to bring more attention to his daughter’s sport. I follow football but am not familiar with it as much as soccer – but reading Goldenarm, Dawg, Apache Joe, Huckster!!!, etc. comments helps me to understand it more and I can follow the area players better.

    In a perfect world women and men’s sports would get the same exposure, the same media attention and the same press. We all know that doesn’t happen. Quite a bit of dust got kicked up when it was signing day and the football players got front page coverage and the girls that signed their national letters of intent were a few pages back on the sports page. My daughter attended school with Jessica Ferri who is going to Harvard to play ball. Imagine that … Harvard.

    I think what gave me a new found respect for Miguel was that he made a point of calling me and telling me that he meant no disrespect to the girls by not having them on the front page. Sports news is Sports News and the paper has to sell papers and most sports fans want to know who is going where for college football.

    That is the reality of the situation. I think Miguel did a great job for his first year. I plan on meeting Scott Galetti when I get out to UNM to try and catch a few football games – but when he was doing this blog he was very complimentary and helpful to my daughter. I never had the pleasure of meeting Fred Robledo – but being a native Pasadena person – my son is a Guzman and the Guzman’s and the Robledoes go way back. My son’s grandfather was Sef Guzman and for you old schoolers – he was a coach and assistant coach for area baseball here in Pasadena for years.

    My son does play baseball (it’s in the blood) so maybe a few years from now you might be hearing about my son. I sitll read Fred’s blog as I know a few soccer players who live out in that neck of the woods. I do remember though that Fred was very good about covering women’s soccer in Pasadena while he was doing this blog.

    In any event – I just want to say that I can’t really thank so many people here enough for helping to get my daughter to where she is now.

    When you spend your time volunteering for kid’s sports you don’t know what lives you are touching and I can bet many people on this blog can remember at least one coach that touched their lives.

    If we want the sports that our kids play to get more coverage than we need to be the ones to make that happen. Whether it’s calling in scores, sending pictures, letting the staff know about a game, etc.. it’s up to us in the long run to make it happen.

    Miguel can only do so much and I think he’s done pretty good for his first year. If there are areas that we think need to be improved upon then we should see how we can help in that area.

  • The Stang Fan

    Excellent post Ms. Fleming!

    Good luck to your daughter, and drop in every now and then to let us know how she’s doing. The Guzman’s and Robledo’s? That is definitely ol’ school Pasadena right there. Lol!

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