The one time Vin Scully was unprepared ….

Really good story in today’s L.A. Times by Jerry Crowe telling the one time Vin Scully was unprepared. Turned out that was his best career move since it landed him a job as the Dodgers’ No. 3 announcer. Can you imagine growing up and not ever hearing such a soothing voice that is Vin Scully and Chick Hearn, for that matter. Yes, we here in L.A. are spoiled big time.

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  • King


  • Goldenarm

    there may be one other time the great one was not really unprepared,,,but a little off track maybe. I can’t remember the exaxt game or location (Steve Yeager, maybe, or an old all star game) when a catcher got absolulely nailed in the groin…Scully turned to the color man and asked him to describe what the guy with the shattered cup might be feeling. Off course, the color got hung up for a second, but eventually mumbled something about extrene nausea and the commentary went back to Scully and all was well. maybe one of the baseball purists out there has a much better description

  • tcchamps


    Sounds like a Joe Garagiola moment.

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