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While Miguel’s on vacation, I’m sharing the top ten serious and not-so-serious things football teams can do to increase newspaper coverage…

1. Thursday Night Games: This is what the mid-major’s do for national exposure, and it works in our backyard too. Highly recommended for teams that normally feel slighted on Friday night’s by the more traditional schools.

2. Schedule Muir/St. Francis: This is sort of a joke, but also has a ring of truth to it. When an area teams takes on the best the area has to offer, its newsworthy.

3. Programs/Rosters: What will inevitably happen the first full week of football games is that half our reporters will return to the office complaining that schools not only don’t have programs, they forget rosters. If you’re going to charge $5 bucks to get into the stadium, the least you can do is provide fans/writers with names to go with the numbers.

4. Non-League rivalries: Not enough of these anymore. You have the Smudge Pot: Bonita-San Dimas; MD Classic: Duarte-Monrovia, and whatever Temple City vs. Arroyo is called, but we need more of these. In other words, when will Muir and St. Francis sign the contract.

5. Earlier kick-off times: This is why you see reporters running off the field after the final whistle. Those who traditionally play 7:30 p.m., football games will have a rough time making our deadlines this season. If you’re shocked that some games miss the newspaper entirely, it’s probably because the game ran late and missed deadline. Our deadlines are nearly two hours earlier than they were a decade ago, so 7 p.m., games and (can I ask) 6:30 p.m., games are strongly encouraged.

6. Scheduling Upgrade: Nobody is asking that you go crazy and schedule like Muir did earlier this decade, but upgrading the schedule against traditional locals or Southland giants is always appealing.

7. Quotable: Coaches and players who don’t make us wait long after games and aren’t afraid to speak their mind go to the front of the line.

8. Snack Bar: We don’t accept free food, but we take donations (hint, hint).

9. Parking: Time is precious. For those stadiums impossible to get out quick, reserve a spot close to an exit for your hometown newspaper.

10. Stats: Our annual reminder for coaches to upgrade stats on MaxPreps. Stop hiding and saying you don’t want to be scouted, stats are for the many fans that follow your programs, and for the newspapers that desperately need them to keep track of what’s going on.

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  • SGaletti

    Well said Freddy!!! Great list.

  • FredJ

    Thanks Scotty, obviously you can tell its a slow newsday…Why is everyone on vacation but me?

  • The Stang Fan

    Number two needs to happen…..SOON!!!!

  • !stang!

    Fred, can you call over to st.fanny and see what’s up with this game getting sheduled? Both teams will be lookin for new contracts new year. Maybe you can see why Bonds is scared.

  • King

    After seeing/being part of the LS v Natha game last season, I believe that this could turn into a great small school cross-town rivalry. These two schools often times are fighting each other for students/athletes, so it should be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years. if its anything like last years game, we’re in for a treat.

  • Kentera

    Bonds wanted to play this year, Muir said they couldn’t or wouldn’t! Now, St. Francis is preparing for who is on their schedule, not who should be.

  • !stang!

    Bonds wanted a one year contract. He wanted to play muir while he had the best player in the valley, because he knows that is his only chance of beating muir

  • The Stang Fan


    This again? I thought we already cleared this up. Come on K…let’s reflect a little.

    Bonds wanted a contract for ONLY one game to be played this year @ SF.

    He wanted Muir to cut their contract with DR and drop their SEASON HOME OPENER vs. a CIF Finalist, and SF would drop….EL RANCHO???? Like that makes ANY SENSE whatsoever, financially or strategically.

    Muir agreed though….with one stipulation! Add one OR two more years to the contract and they would sign. They even offered TWO HOME GAMES to SF if they could agree to the 3-year option. Bonds declined.

    Approximately 98% of contracts call for two games…one home and one away. So why did Bonds only ask for a one-year contract? Well, you’d have to ask him. I don’t think he’s “scared,” but there is definitely something stopping him from pulling the trigger.

    And remember Miguel verified all of this.

  • FredJ

    When I was at the Star-News I was praying St. Francis and Muir would meet in the playoffs, but it never happened. This shouldn’t be a one or two-year-deal, this should become a traditional rivalry. St. Francis should drop Arcadia and schedule Muir because this is the game that all Westside want to see. The only thing stopping it is stubborn pride and the fear of losing — on both sides. These are two great programs just miles apart, public vs. private, blue-collar vs. white-collar, what more incentive do you need? How much longer do we have to wait before this is finally renewed?

  • Kentera

    Stang Fan and !stang!,
    My point is St. Francis is not afraid of playing Muir. They play Notre Dame, Crespi, BA and Loyola on a rotation basis every other year. Not to mention the Mission League.

    If Muir wanted to play, the game for THIS year was there for them to take. I am not talking about next year or the following year. They chose not to. St. Francis has moved on and is preparing for their opponents.

    BTW,!stang!, last time these two schools got together, St. Frannie won. D. Riley was not around. Go figure!

  • SgvUlumni


    According to the STANG guy’s almost every team
    is scared to play them so don’t even worry bout it!
    There lucky not to play you guy’s this year,
    wish they were though cause I would pay to see them get
    that OOOOO stuff i bit from StangF! Haaaaa

  • !stang!

    Bonds is scared of losing his recruiting leverage.How does Bonds get the panther/pony kids if he cant beat muir? to be honest a lot of kids chose where they go and who they play for……

    See you in the playoffs ….. if ahs gets passed glendale!

  • SgvUlumni

    Hope so STANG and hopefully you won’t see Diomand Ranch so early in the 1st round that way we have a better shot of playing each other. Funny thing is I was talking to a couple of Muir boys at an All-Star game practice and they told me Muir was gonna be down this year so hopefully you guy’s re-build quickly season’s just around the corner and I can’t wait!

  • SGaletti

    By the way Freddy, my vaction is over, we had our first practice today. A four-hour split-squad marathon. Football is back!!!

  • SgvUlumni


    Let the past be the past GLENDALE guy don’t let me pull a STANG bone out the closet please.
    I remember clearly a year when WEAK AHS beat up on GLENDALE and the MIGHTY STANGS LOOOOOOST to GLENDALE!

  • !stang!

    Well this is the same 11th and 10th graders , who got whooped on last year. But I am going to let the past be the past. i have a couple questions for you. what sets this team apart from last year ? honestly , seriously ! new transfers ? coaches?


    SF gets kids not just because of their football program but also because of its reputation. The education that one receives at SF is much better than at Muir. And there is evidence to back that up. Not every athlete is going to be an athlete in college so why not get a good education and go to a prestigious university while still playing football.


    SF gets kids not just because of their football team but because of its reputation as well. At SF one will receive a much better education than if one were to go to Muir. There is evidence to back that up too. A high school athlete maybe an athlete in high school but not in college and SF gives their students the opportunities to attend prestigious universities while still playing football at SF.

  • The Lancer

    That game hands down was the best game of the year in this area…bar none. I dont care if they are small schools, football is football. Great game. Hopefully this rivalry continues on for many years to come…I am really looking forward to the game this year, at La Salle. Should be fun. Hey King have you heard of any good players at La Salle. Ive heard a little but would love to hear your opinion.

  • SgvUlumni


    That is a fair question and I will answer it fairly in my opinion. Aside from a couple secretive transfer’s and a couple of great new coaches that compliment well,
    the most important factor will be our maturity level.
    Guy’s can have all the talent in the world, but if you ain’t got no HEARTBEAT then it ain’t worth much.
    We had lots of that last year, and it showed.
    This year all the bad seeds and cancer is gone
    and our Senior’s and some key junior’s have sincerely bought in, have become a much closer group of guy’s that are finally getting after it at 6am workout’s taking care of biz in the classroom, all these different factor’s.
    There’s no more “I GUYS” only “OUR GUY’s” attitude
    and its spreading nicely.
    Mitchell Crockum is a 100% practice player this year
    on and off the field.
    Forget his talent, he found his heartbeat this off season and it will show this year in a big way.
    D Cazz senior Qb same senerio, Vailele Peco jr. rb, heart of a giant, great football player, won’t mention the transfer’s name yet, wr/db great compliment, all-cif caliber, Brandon Wilson rb/lb 6’1 240 lbs will compliment Peco in a J BETTIS sorta way, beast on defense, Carlos Phillip’s lockdown CB, I mean let’s just say we have a shot to be a really really good team and hopefully make the play-off’s this year!
    I know Muir will be Muir and loaded w/ talent,
    I just believe,” Any team can be beaten on any given friday night”, if we don’t believe that then why play this game that we all love?
    I feel an exciting 2009 and can’t wait!
    Good luck to all our SGV Teams

  • Observer


    I like the list except for the deadline thing… Why are the deadlines moved up two hours? How is that the case? And why can’t the stories that don’t make deadline run online?

  • Goldenarm


    If the “team” vibe is there and the commitment that goes with it, Alhambra could finally break out of the underperformance mojo that has attached itself to Moor Field.

    Like I said a few weeks back in picking Alhambra to succeed this year – the talent is there. Glad to see your honest assessment of the “cancer” that truly damaged last year’s team…some of this has got to be owned by Reudaflores staff as well. The fact someone who supports the Moors FINALLY has copped to this is refreshing. It is a weakness that hurts the team – and without it the Moors DO have the potential to make big waves – no doubt.

    Peko is an exciting little sucker who can break the game. If defenses focus or double Crockom – Peko could have a huge year….he makes a great short pass target for Cazz.

  • Goldenarm

    Re: SF versus Muir

    I totally disagree with this “fear” angle – as being why the schools have not met to play. The thought that SF fears Muir or vice -versa, or that losing a single game would be too much to bear, just makes no sense.

    The coaches/admin from both schools should sit down and hammer out a 5 year agreement, minimum. This game would year after year generate great interest and benefit the football programs of both schools. Delaying this only inserts the possibility of more multi-year contractural commitments being made with schools (such as DR, etc) and limiting/preventing any open slots to play one another.

    A quick look at either teams schedule – and it is clear FEAR does not dictate who they line up against.

  • Goldenarm


    I heard TC / Arroyo called the “Mid-Valley Classic” two years ago and again this year.

    I am not really sure what to expect from TC, but I know Arroyo will arrive on fire. We beat them twice, one blowout and one behind good D and a shanked PAT. In game 2 we launched a couple of their players off the grass and under a sideline bench seat… after Hatch threw a pick. We got flagged and deserved it…with the refs briefly considering an ejection to boot. (look at the film if someone disagrees)Not really a true cheap shot,,,but not what is expected of TC football either, but the Backus fiasco had left some bad tudes and short tempers in the locker room..and it was bound to come out somewhere. The TC player came under IMMEDIATE coach wrath as he returned to the TC sideline. It was a hard hitting game on both sides.

    We had better cinch up our Green/Gold jocks for this one. Because if we turn it over, or look soft – we are done and done quick.

  • Goldenarm



  • King


    Word on the street is that they’ve got a really nice looking wide-out coming back this year. I think he was hurt for most of the season, but was still able to play. Made some unreal plays against Maranatha in that game last year, he should be a fun one to watch. Also, Mr. Sanders, big athletic body. Could be a little more physical and use his size to his advantage.

    I believe they are also returning a very experienced senior line. I want to say that most if not all of the O-line from last year was juniors/sophmores. Their D-line and LB core should be pretty solid as well led by Ziomek? They’ve got a few RB’s coming back, and DB’s as well, so hopefully that coaching staff has these kids on point and they can turn around the dismal 1-9 record from last year.

  • Hal Lamaster


    You are going WAY back…
    The last time that Alhambra beat Glendale AND Glendale beat Muir in the same season was 1991.

    AHS beat GHS by a couple and GHS beat Muir by 1 on a last second field goal at PCC. Muir featured Saladin McCullough that year.

  • Tom S

    Im with you in that I cant wait until 9/11 and the La Salle v Maranatha game. Bragging rights are on the line again and Im sure it will be another fun game to see. I hope you guys are planning on huge crowds like we had last year and I know the Maranatha faithful are planning on coming in force.

  • goteamgo

    I like the fact that this year La Salle is “flying below the radar” and not getting to much publicity. Last season they were garnering press due to their QB; this season it is more “who knows?” It will give them a chance to pull things together. They start hell week Tuesday.

    Due to the unique configuration of Lancer Field, the home and visiting team sit on the same side of the field. That means the La Salle and Maranatha supporters will be sitting side by side. I hope the crowd stays in control.

  • SGaletti

    It’s not football season without Tom S. Nice to see you on Tom. Is Maranatha the area’s No. 1 team this year?

  • Goldenarm


    I can’t see La Salle and Maranatha fans doing any cage fighting in the stands, but I guess you never know. The La Salle announcer is such a fair slanted dude, he would probably serve as peacemaker – and make sure everybody shared a tri-tip sandwich in harmony.

    Parking can be funky up there, so maybe somebody will duke it out over a parking place. If you get there early, it’s not a problem. It is definitely different sharing the stands, though, with the visitor team way across the field.

    Last year we got a ref crew at La Salle that made some bizarre calls – on both sides. We saw that crew twice last year….they love the PI call, or obscure penalties from the Jim Thorpe era. A couple guys on that crew seem to like to become the focal point – not the kids and the game itself. On the other side, we had some very well officiated games..

    One of the strangest calls from last year was in the Paraclete game – where they took nearly 10 minutes to decide a simple first down for the Rams. Why?? No idea.

    Also…kickers – act like a grenade blew you up when you get hit while punting or placekicking….we got roughed twice against the Clete -without a hanky in sight.

  • Tom S

    Scott: Good to hear from you. Hope all is going well for you in NM. You know Im getting pumped up for football. Hell week in next week for the Minutemen. #1 ranking in the Star-News poll, no I dont think so but definitely a top 5 in the area. The La Salle game will be great. Last year it was standing room only on both sides of the field. I hope they bring extra bbqs in for the tri-tips because I had the In-N-Out truck doing the concession last year and even though they had extra supplies on the truck we sold out before the end of halftime. It was crazy but so exciting to finally have this local small school rivalry game and hope it continues for years to come.

  • SGaletti

    Ah, the In-N-Out Truck. Memories. All is great out here. We’ve already had three practices. Nothing like football workouts in the intense heat.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Miguel, yall aint letting me on? If so, I know that “Mexican” cop shot my boy 11 times in the back beccause he was “BLACK”!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Miguel, yall aint letting me on? If so, I know that “Mexican” cop shot my boy 11 times in the back beccause he was “BLACK”!

  • Goldenarm


    I think the automated blog editor has gone off the track – and is not letting comments go through. Two of my last comments did not make it – not sure if this one will either.

  • The Stang Fan

    Yeah, it’s been swallowing ALL my attempts to post something too. Frustrating….

  • Goldenarm


    I know you said no way you were getting married on your vacation, but police reports pieced together from various desert communities indicate the following:

    1. Apparently, you broke all “man laws” and went on a blind date.

    2.Drank 1/2 gallon of Patron, ate two racks of oysters, took a 100mg little blue pill. Started feeling really good.

    3.Hailed a yellow cab, demanded a ride to Stateline Nevada. Dropped to one knee, proposing marriage to the beautiful girl with a Marine’s jaw line, happy, oh so happy, when she smiled and in a husky, james earl jones kind of voice saying, saying Yes, Yes!

    4.Called Robledo on your cell from the cab backseat, asking him for Webster’s definition of TRANS – VEST- TITE…and to stand up as your best man once you made it to Whiskey Pete’s

    5.Cab blew a tire near the big thermometer at Baker and something snapped in your head. The driver stepped out to check the tire, and scrolled on the back of his jacket was “Mid-Valley News”…then it hit you, Hell Week is here! What am I doing? You ran from the vehicle like the old defensive back you claim to be…with Teresa the Tranny in hot pursuit..yelling desperately for her Latin lover – with only the lonely desert moon as witness.

    6. Sometime near daybreak as you stumbled along some lost highway that intersects US 15, you were picked up by a busload of Amat alumni, returning from the annual conference on Delusional Fanatic Football Supporters.


  • tcchamps


    I told him not to take the brown acid.

  • fb fan

    Bonds is not afraid of playing Muir. Who cares about Muir. Muir would be out coached and out played. They don’t deserve to play St. Francis. The game that should be scheduled every year is St. Francis vs Loyola. As far as Bonds recruiting that is bs. St. Francis’s admin will not let a player in just because of sports. They are a college prep school. Their students actually have to take classes that prepare them for college not remidial classes so they can stay eligible for sports. What good would it do for St. Francis to let a kid in for sports that doesn’t even make it past his freshman year? None. It makes the school look bad and the program. If St. Francis recruited they would win CIF every year. Who wouldn’t want to go to that beutifull campus for free? I know I would. Most of you that talk trash about SF would give your left testicle to be able to send your kid there or go there yourself. I invite anyone to look at all these powerhouse private schools in the area and look at their rosters. See were all their players are from. I promiss you will see pasadena all over the place. If SF recruited why wouldn’t those kids be at SF. Why would the parents take them to scools out in the valley when they could go to school at SF for free?

  • Goldenarm

    fb fan,

    While your written comments try to discourage a SF/Muir contest – they succeed in doing just the opposite.

  • Anne Onimus

    fb fan,

    Don’t be naive, every school, in one form or another, recruits. As great a school SF is, every school recruits.

  • The Stang Fan

    Hal Lam,

    Great memory! That’s back when Glendale was pretty tough, I remember they had a great back that year who was DAMN good. Saladin is still the BEST high school player I ever saw…bar none.


    I agree. I don’t believe the two schools are scared of each other either. The unfortunate things is, I don’t know if they will commit to this in the near future. I mean, something should have at least been established or discussed about the possibility of playing when the other option fell through, and I don’t think that has taken place. And no, one-year contracts DO NOT COUNT. That’s cheap, and just pure bullsh**! This all falls on the head coaches and AD’s of both programs. It’s a shame.


    If the situation was reversed and Muir was asking SF for the same things, SF and their fans would be saying the same thing we are. No question. And yes, you guys did beat a pretty bad Muir team in 98-99… a team that had to fight tooth and nail to pull out a damn TIE in the Turkey Tussle vs. PHS. That was a terrible team and you guys were much better that year. But let’s not forget what happened the year before. Damn I miss the McCulloughs!!!


    Comparing private schools and public schools academically is really apples and oranges. SF IS a great academic institution, however they don’t service all populations. None of their funding goes to ESL learners. None of it goes to special ed students. None of it goes to educating severely handicapped children. SF picks and chooses who they want, while Muir must take whomever shows up on their doorsteps. You can get what you want out of both schools, it really is up to the student and the parents. My buddy’s daughter graduated from Muir and did well at Yale (female sports editor of the school paper) and just graduated from Harvard law. While my younger brother’s friend attended SF and acquired his A.A. after 6 years. Of course, that’s just one example, and FAR more students from SF do much better than those from Muir, but my point is simply that, you get out whatever you put in.

  • !stang!

    Fb fan, I wouldn’t go to St.fanny if your dad paid for it! Stang Until I die!


    Shut up Dickface!

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