…. Pinch hitting over the weekend …..

I spent my Saturday evening covering the Seattle-Galaxy soccer match since our soccer beat writer couldn’t make it. Normally, I would have kept my Saturday night open for other fun activities but I decided to pinch-hit since covering the game meant I would get a chance to see my old soccer scribe buddies. After deadline some of us went out for a bite and reminisced our traveling days. Two years ago, all of us in the photo above were reporters at major newspapers. Now, only two of us continue to work in print journalism (myself and my good friend Jose Romero of the Seattle Times, far left). Everyone else is freelancing and working in PR. A lot sure has changed from just two years ago, but for at least one night we were all smiles. … Anyway, I got into the office not long ago and walked over to Subway to grab a sandwich. As soon as I walked in I heard, “Hey, Miguel.” I turned and there was the one and only Dietrich Riley. He was there with his mom grabbing a bite, too, and we chatted a bit. I spent most of my morning at Temple City High where the Rams opened camp. Later I made a pit stop at the Tribune office before heading over to Monrovia High to chat with Ryan Maddox. I’ll dispatch reports in a bit …

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  • tcchamps

    MM said:

    “You want names of the players competing at QB? I’ll hook you up Monday.”

    You going to hook us up or did this require 50 cents?

  • As the saying goes, within the professional’s mind there aren’t many choices, but for someone possessing a beginner’s mind, everything is wide open.

  • Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day šŸ™‚