BREAKING NEWS: Both Canada’s declared ineligible by CIF-SS, citing “athletically motivated” reasons

Fred Robledo brings it to you first ….

The CIF-Southern Section announced this morning that brothers Jordan (senior) and Jaime (sophomore) Canada have been declared ineligible to play football during the 2009 season for “athletically motivated” reasons. Jordan and Jaime Canada left Duarte high early last spring to enroll at South Hills, where they have been practicing with the football team in preparation for the 2009 season. According to CIF Director of Communications Thom Simmons, the reason for declaring the Canada’s ineligible was that Duarte officials attached a letter with the transfer paperwork suggesting that the Canada’s transfer to South Hills was “athletically motivated.” Once a school that the players is leaving makes that suggestion, according to Simmons, a player is immediately declared ineligible. “Now it’s up to the parents (of Jordan and Jaime Canada) and South Hills to show that it wasn’t an athletically motivated transfer,” Simmons said. South Hills coach Steve Bogan was extremely disappointed, and guarded in his remarks. “We know that they (the Canada’s) did everything right,” Bogan said. “We know this was not a final decision, it was a step in the process. CIF has a process they have to go through to find clarity. We’re looking into and will work with CIF to find that clarity so they can make the right decision.”

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  • Goldenarm


    Talk about a two-sided coin, you want fairness, you need rules, but wham….was this not anticipated by all those who should have known?

    There was talk early on about Duarte admin attaching letters of discredit to kids that bailed. Here is the concrete proof of that. Does South Hills have potential punishment awaiting them as well? Or is that punishment solely directed at the two brothers?

    From the wording it sounds like a court battle/major hearing of fact awaits. Kickoff is in sight, so when could a resolution happen? Or is this it, one and done?

  • BigFatFan

    sounds like CIF grew a pair of pelotas grandes

  • Amused Reader

    Right call, perhaps. What a shock that CIF finally set down the law. Could this be the beginning of bigger things to come from anyone trying to transfer? Personally this one seemed like a no brainer.

  • New York

    Were these kids’ best interests really what drove the decision to rule them ineligible? Were their best interests really what made the Duarte administrators file that complaint?

  • Duarte Insider

    I heard that it was a duarte fan that put the seal on it by insisting that CIF investigate these two kids. They were doomed from the start with this whistle-blower. He knows who he is. I hope these kids get a chance to play this year somewhere. It would be a shame if their future in their collegiate goals go unnoticed because of some hatin fans and hatin administration. MORE TO COME!

  • The Lancer

    Does anyone remember Canada’s Mom speaking out to the star news…April 2009…She basically talked her way right into this decision. WOW!!!

  • The Lancer

    Hey Miguel could you remove my comment below, no need to bring that up. Sorry everybody.

  • Goldenarm

    I wonder about the possibility of Coach Bogan, CIF and the Canada’s figuring out this “process”.

    According to the quote above, the player exiting the school is IMMEDIATELY declared ineligible by CIF, should the school he is leaving state the reasons for the transfer are “athletically motivated”.

    With the transfer happening nearly 5 months ago, IMMEDIATELY must have a different meaning at CIF headquarters than it does at where I work.

    My suspicion is Duarte High School will suffer twice the black eye of the original action. They were too pissed off to even imagine that these letters would eventually lead to far greater scrutiny of their school and the actions of administrators there. When the Canada’s defend the “athletically motivated” transfer – how do you think they will paint Duarte High school?

    TIP SANDERS would be happy to have 2 new kids suit up. That is my suggestion to remedy this in a manner beneficial to all. Not agreeable to all – but in the big picture – pretty damn good.

    Second suggestion is for them to enroll at TC, under the guise of exchange students from one of the many fine Asian families – and express an interest in learning the Cantonese or Mandarin language dialects. Hopefully this would deflect any concern over the athletically motivated angle. We have room in our backfield next to Ruckle.

  • Amused Reader

    I don’t take too much stock into the immediately comment because it sounds like the school never signed off on the transfer. The new transfer rules were quite clear last year that you have one free transfer as freshmen. The mom just happened to place her kids in a public school football hotbed which would put up a red flag unless you’re not a sports fan. School is beginning so now it’s an issue because the kids are trying to play football. The CIF can go after anyone but they have to find out first. Worst case would be if they play and CIF ruled every game SH played a loss. Now that would be bad because it hurst SH and not the kids.

  • Just wondering

    I would like to know if CIF Will investigate all the Duarte Football players that have left the high school to go to other high schools? As I understand, Monrovia High School has a couple of Football players that transferred into the school, now are this kids also going to be declared ineligible to play? If CIF is going to sit there and investigate the Canada brothers then all the other Football players that transferred to other schools should be treated the same. It’s not fair to just point the finger at this two kids. I’m not saying that I agree with the transfer they did but it wouldn’t be right to just single them out. Now is CIF going to sit there and investigate all athletes that have transferred into new High Schools with maybe better athletic programs?

  • goteamgo


    Why delete your comment? It is something in the public record (4/28/09 Blog) that anyone can look up.

  • Observantcat

    The Monrovia Kids aren’t really considered transfers from what I am led to believe. They are actually Monrovia residents that were attending private schools that are now back in the public school system. If that were the case then the Canada Brothers who have always had a Monrovia address would have or should have been declared ineligible over at Duarte. I have never known any coach at Monrovia to recruit, there is a big difference. Brotha’s would truly stand out in San Marino…..If would be funny down the road if San Marino had an all Black starting Offense…lol now that would be some serious recruiting. Hopefully Mike Mooney gets his ring and makes it into the upper echelon of coaching so that things don’t seem so apparent.

  • The Stang Fan

    The botton line is this…HUNDREDS of kids transfer every year in Socal and it would be IMPOSSIBLE for CIF to look into them all.

    The Duarte admins took it upon themselves to “document” the transfer as an “athletically motivated” one, and per the CIF rules the boys were declared “instantly” ineligible (though GA’s questions about the “instantly” portion ring loudly here.) Now the onus is on the family and the new school to “prove” (not quite sure how that is done) that the transfer was not “athletically motivated.” And here’s where our “new media” comes into play, because on this very blog in spring, Canada’s mother seems to have provided prima facie evidence that the transfer was in fact motivated by her sons’ desires to play athletics.

    Bad rule? Probably. But it’s the rule.

    I hope to hell that the kid can play and continue his dream at the next level. This stuff happens every single year, and will continue to happen for a long time. Unfortunate…..

  • Prep Fan

    The difference between the Canada transfers and the other transfers is precisely the public record of their mothers comments regarding the motivation for the transfer. Normally you do not see denials from CIF along these lines because it is nearly impossible to prove, in this case the information was handed to Duarte and CIF on a silver platter.

    Schools do not want transfers for athletically motivated reasons, CIF is just enforcing the schools wishes in a case that was so blatant they had no choice but to act.

  • Prep Fan

    In regards to the CIF comments about immediate, that means immediately ineligible upon CIF getting the transfer paperwork and making a ruling. If the Canada brothers have been at South Hills since February they should ave filed the transfer paper work much sooner. It is not CIF’s job to actively solicit transfer requests, it is up to the family and school to submit them in a timely manner.

  • Prep Fan

    Also, in regards to the Monrovia kids moving from private to public school. That would still be considered a transfer that needs to be documented and approved. The fact that they lived in the Monrovia attendance district the whole time has no influence on the transfer rules.

  • BigFatFan

    yep, i remember the mom blogging last spring about why they were leaving Duarte, that basically seals their fate.

  • The Stang Fan

    Prep fan,

    Thanks for clarifying! If that’s the case, then Coach Bogan and SH dropped the ball BIG-TIME!!!!!

    Which is odd, considering the talent they’ve recieved outside of their district over the years…..

    You are also right about transferring from private to public, however if parents can prove that they have taken a financial hit and must withdraw their sons, that is often approved through the hardship waiver.

  • BigFatFan

    Ironically, I heard that there were some Brothas working out with San Marino football this summer. but in the end, they decided to stay at Muir.

  • CATS 07

    Monrovia doesn’t need to recruit kids. There is enough talent in this small town to be competitive year in and year out. The problem was always about trying to keep them here. Whether it be from transferring to another public school or a private one. Some kids are finally deciding to come back.

  • ???

    What about those 5 or so Monrovia players that helped CO win it all last season?

  • Duarte Athletic Fan

    Get your story straight. I guess Duarte had proof of the athletically motivated move, why else woud they do it? The mom put herslef out there when she spoke to the papers about her move.

    Do you see any other ex-players eligible to play…the Canadas aren’t the only players who left. Give it time the others players will most likely not be able to play either.

    As for Coach Sanders and the New and improved Duarte Football team, leave them alone and let them play football.

  • theoneandonly

    I feel really sorry for the boys as they are really great kids. The problem is the mother who does things for her own selfish reasons. I hope and pray CIF gives them a second chance because they deserve it…hopefully it will teach their mom a lesson to let the boys have their own dreams and not go after hers.

  • Goldenarm

    Duarte Athletic Fan

    I would respond, but I have not a clue what point
    you are attempting to make.

    If the transfer goes before a review board, Duarte will be portrayed as a gang ridden hell hole, and the school itself void of any academic opportunity. Thus reason to seek an education elsewhere. The only other argument option would seem to be ….”yeah, we are leaving to play football elsewhere, you guys canned our coach”.

    This is no put down on Tip Sanders or the D-rock kids, and nothing I have said has been directed that way. If anybody can win under these circumstances it would be Sanders.

  • New York

    What is the spirit of this rule that says that “athletically motivated” transfers will be scrutinized and punished?

    I find this grounds for scrutiny to be ironic. Educators often use participation in athletics programs to encourage kids to stay in school and to maintain their grades. We often hear stories of “at-risk” youths who are motivated to go to class so that they can play sports. The decision to show up to school is often “athletically motivated.” Over the past few years, Duarte had an impressive number of kids sign Divison 1 scholarships and play in All-Star games. Those scholarships are athletically motivated. Furthermore, those players maintained were eligible for those scholarships.

    From the outside, it appears that the Canada brothers and their mother had seemingly bought into a program with a coach who had their confidence. The school administrators at Duarte made a decision to go in a different direction, the parent disagreed, the parent then found a school with a direction she prefers. The state and possibly federal education dollars travel with these two students to whichever public school they attend. What’s the problem?

    Rules are rules, but sometimes bad rules get thrown out or revised. The long arm of the governing body of The CIF is messing with these kids’ futures and high school experience. The organization that boasts of the importance of athletics chastises “athletically motivated” decisions.

  • Someone who knows

    The ruling basically puts the burden of proof on the family that they really had a bonafide change of address and are indeed living in the area of the new school’s attendance.

    If the Canadas can prove they legitimately moved into South Hill’s attendance area, they will be cleared to play. If they cannot, they won’t be cleared to play.

    This is straight from the 2009-10 CIF “Blue Book” from their website:

    >>>>>Valid Change of Residence A family makes a valid change of residence into a new school boundary when the students
    immediate family relocates and takes with them the household goods and furniture appropriate to the circumstances. For
    eligibility purposes, a family unit may not maintain more than one valid residence. A subsequent move by the family (or other
    family members) during that same school year will result in the student being declared ineligible until cleared for competition
    by the Section Commissioner. CIF rules and regulations will require the new school to document and verify a Valid Change of
    Residence. Evidence that a valid change of residence has occurred may include:
    Telephone and utility service operative at the students new residence and terminated at the former residence;
    Utility service receipts;
    Proof of paying for utilities at the new residence including phone, gas, electricity, water, cable television, and garbage
    Proof of submitting a change of address to the U.S. Postal Service to receive mail at the new residence:
    Proof of transfer of the parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver and age-appropriate students motor vehicle registration;
    Proof of changed address on the parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver and age-appropriate student drivers license;
    Voter registration listing the new address;
    Real estate documents indicating and verifying a change of residence (sale and purchase, for instance);
    Proof of entering a long-term lease;
    Court documents indicating a change of residence;
    Property tax receipts;
    Rent payment receipts;
    Declaration of residency executed by the students parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver;
    Bank account statements;
    Credit card statements;
    Other documentation that a Section or school district may require that establishes that a person is living at the new
    No single document listed above, or combination thereof, establishes residency. The Section Commissioner and/or school has
    the discretion to request additional documents that he/she deems necessary to confirm residency.<<<<<<

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