Muir and St. Francis the Top 2 area teams? Think again

In putting together the football preview section, Keith Lair and I have made numerous phone calls to WSGV coaches. I’ve talked to every single coach in the Rio Hondo, Pacific, and Camino Real leagues, respectively. And now all I’m missing is our boys on Lincoln and Foothill Blvd: Muir and St. Francis. Seems like we’re playing phone tag the last week or so with both coaches, though I don’t blame them since my extension at work was down a few days while I.T. (finally) took care of my internet connection. With Muir and St. Francis left this question comes to mind: Are both schools really the area’s top two teams? I know Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox might hate my saying this, but I might be going with the Wildcats this season as the area’s best. Unpopular move, I know. But can you really make valid arguments why Muir and St. Francis belong in the top two spots after losing so much talent? Yeah, both teams return Jarron Williams and Dietrich Riley, respectively, but what after that? Therein lies the debate …. Don’t wait for me to start the Top 10, give your two cents here. Football Preview section is tentatively scheduled to run next week.

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  • SF FAN

    If any other area team were to play these two teams they would get killed. These are the best two teams in the area, no one can compete.

    Muir= Best Public School Team
    St. Francis= Best Private School Team

  • Miguel Melendez

    Traditionally, yes. This year, perhaps a whole ‘nother story.

  • SF Alum

    If SF didn’t have to endure Bonds, they would be much better. Bonds finds a way to waste more talent than any area coach – he is building a legacy of underachievement.

  • Apache Joe

    I see it as

    1. St Francis – Top school in the area. They would beat probably beat anyone in the area. They have a sunday-caliber player in Dietrich Riley who is a once in a decade type of kid. They have depth as well (probably going 3 deep at all positions if not more). They get some of the top guys in the area as it is THE football school besides Muir in the WSGV. I don’t see anyone being better than them this year.

    2. Muir – Speed, speed, speed. Now combine that with 4 returning O-linemen and you have a formula for success.

    3. Alhambra – QB is back, RB is back, stud WR is back. Include some bloomers and you have a good squad.

    4. Monrovia – Bueno comes back and he is probably the quickest athlete on any given field. He is very small but plays with heart and some leadership. Monrovia’s defense is led by Josh Lowden, who quite possibly could be a D-1 caliber player. They have young talent waiting to be unleashed and given Maddox’ system being implemented for a second year, it should make it an easier transition. I like their shot in the MDV division this year.

    From there I am uncertain about teams. Too many losses and talent deprivation hurts.

  • observantcat

    You St. Francis guys really kill me with we are better than the rest attitude. Try playing some the area schools then make that determination. You have one or two great players every year and think that that makes you too competitive for area schools? think again. If your coach grabbed around 5 of Monrovia’s skill players and had your thick line to block for some these guys then I would say you could compete anywhere at anytime but until then keep your dreams alive of being the areas best. Getting beat down year in and year out by the other private schools doesn’t give you any precedence over any area schools it just means your school is consistent at getting beat by outside schools. You keep crying about playing Muir every year, try playing Monrovia, Muir, & Temple City year in and year out. You would soon get used to loosing to this areas real powerhouses. I can see Muir’s justification but St. Francis?….. great school Academically but by far not the powerhouse you claim to be in sports, especially football even with the recruiting edge. I cant remember the last time you guys made it past the quarter finals… enlighten us all in the west San Gabriel valley. Dietrich Riley may make a great DB in div. 1 but for him to save your running game, that’s a whole other story. It would be great for all of the area teams to compete with one another, because in order to really have a true outcome “You Have to Play”

  • Amused Reader

    Cat, St. Francis is the Amat of the Pasadena area. They are in a tough league and more times than not have trouble against the bigger teams. But until someone beats them like the one time Arcadia did a few years ago with the best team they’d had in years, don’t even go there with Monrovia is better than St. Francis. Remember when you thought you were better than Arcadia and got spanked? And you guys beating Muir is as big a joke. You don’t get the number of athletes.

  • oh yea! football

    so who is going to be on the front page of the preview??

  • 07

    The year Arcadia beat SF was the year Muir put 50 points on the scoreboard against Arcadia and beat the hell outta them boys

  • sgv football

    mm i got the same question also bought the front page! so who is it going to be?
    i say the top three players from the top 5 studs list they all are all area returners! all got numbers nd game to back it

  • New York

    Blog monster ate my post. sorry if it shows up multiple times, but worse if not at all…

  • curiousgoerge

    I can smell the tension in the air,
    and them FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT’s around the corner.
    My top ten:

    1-MUIR:Speed kills and Stang’s got more team speed and skill athletes than SF, plus I here they are solid upfront
    2-ST. FRANCIS: They have one of the TOP players not only
    in Cali, but one the top player’s in the country.
    loaded with big guys upfront, and loaded with depth
    at each position. That is a luxury most area SGV teams
    don’t have.
    3-Monrovia:Nick Bueno @ QB along w/ a talented supporting cast, throw in stud LB Josh Lowden @ LB on “D”,
    Coming off great season last year.
    4-Alhambra: Senior squad returning, lead by Sr. QB
    D. Cazzarin, Sr. WR/DB M. Crockum, B. Wilson RB/ILB,
    transfer from Cathedral, started as a sophmore over there at WR/DB will be his senior season as a Moor,
    Outstanding RB/DB Jr. Vailele’ Peko. Team goal will be to redeem themselves this year after a disappointing last season, and dedicate this season to coach Rudy’s
    last season.
    5-Temple City:One of the TOP O-lines in the area, hand’s down, along with Sr. RB/DB Max Ruckle,
    New Staff, new system, either way SOLID squad,
    and coming off a great run last season.
    6-San Gabriel: Top QB’s in the area in Isaac Valdez,
    along with a couple talented RB’s, should be solid.

  • !stang!

    What kills me about st.Fanny , is they shedule 3 pl teams every year.They should just shedule M-town, Muir, charter oak, or or a team with a rating higher then 25 on calprep! Muir is number 1. Miguel what did you see at muir on your visit?

  • Knight 07

    St. Francis lost 32 players to graduation and the only significant player returning is Riley. They shouldn’t be considered for top spot. 1.Muir 2.Monrovia 3.Arroyo 4.Alhambra 5.St. Francis

  • Just passing thru

    Went to Monrovia High yesterday to pick up my cousin and ended up watching football practice. They sure looked pretty good.

  • Thomas & Tony

    Miguel, the TC coaching staff has a ton of potential in not only White but Prado and former Eagle Rock win machine Jerry Chou (who happened to be unceremoniously displaced back @ ERHS by Admin (I think, received quite a bit of press over @ Daily News) in similar manner as Mr.Backus – sans la student incident)

    If they live up to that pot’l consider raising TC up the ladder this high.

    Thomas & Tony

  • Thomas & Tony

    Miguel, the TC coaching staff has a ton of potential in not only White but Prado and former Eagle Rock win machine Jerry Chou (who happened to be unceremoniously displaced back @ ERHS by Admin (I think, received quite a bit of press over @ Daily News) in similar manner as Mr.Backus – sans la student incident)

    If they live up to that pot’l consider raising TC up the ladder this high.

    Thomas & Tony

  • burbanksports

    Forget St. Francis….the game I’d like to see is SO Notre Dame vs Muir. That’s the game Muir needs to quiet the critics.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Stang: How did you know I attended Thursday’s practice? Kinda cool if you saw me there. I’ll post a thread Friday with my thoughts on the ‘Stangs.

    So far my preseason top 10 poll doesn’t have St. Francis or Muir. But, hey, it’s only Thursday and my work isn’t due until Tuesday. Stay tuned.

  • !stang!

    Mm , I was helping out with the Skills for life basketball camp and I was watching the tackling drills from a distance. You were easy to spot. But the team has some size at linebacker! Stang Nation!

  • oldschoolpanther

    I wish all west sgv teams the best of luck! I am sick and tired of the east valley always being on top. The teams that I like are Muir, Arroyo, Alhambra, Monrovia, and a the Temple City Rams. Anthony White is a good coach who not only cares about the game but the kids as well. Rosemead has a lot of work to do and Koffler has to find a quarterback soon! Good luck to all!

  • New York

    St Francis is more like the “Damien” or “St Paul” of the area. Amat would not waste it’s time playing so many non-champion Pacific league teams (Although they play the second best San Antonio and the second best Miramonte teams). That said, St Francis spanked Arcadia the week after Monrovia’s embarrassing showing at Arcadia last year. Until Monrovia starts going undefeated against stronger competiton, I’m not going to make a statement about “best team”. Our 1998 team beat the Divion 2 champion. If we had a blog back then, you would have heard my claim. For now, I will make statements only about “potential” to be the best team, but potential doesn’t even buy a cup of coffee.

    IF Monrovia becomes a program that plays full speed with great fundamentals and strategy after a few years of dedicated modern off-season training, THEN I will make a claim about top team in the area. My hope is that Maddox achieves this AND starts scheduling upper division teams as West Covina does. Maybe Monrovia vs St Francis will be a game in a few years.

    Unfortunately, playing Arcadia seems to be the only common measuring stick for a few of the more competitive teams in the WSGV. Arcadia’s lack of depth would suggest that their best game will be the first game. (Convenient for me to say that because I’m a Monrovia fan.) By the time Arcadia has faced Muir recently, Arcadia has been pretty well depleted. That may not change the W-L outcome, but it definitely effects the margin of victory.

    Here are some topics I’m more interested in:

    1) When will Monrovia win a Mid-Valley Title. How many MV Titles will Monrovia win?
    2) Will Muir meet Charter Oak for a Best of the “West” matchup?
    3) What does St. Francis need to do to become a good upper division private school? They certainly have the infrastructure as well as the location to find a nice mix of football players.
    4) How much noise will Alhambra make in the playoffs. Personally, I think the Almont League should be in the Mid-Valley Divison.

  • Amused Reader

    Burbank Sports Muir is playing and has been playing Oaks Christian. I’d say that’s a tough game. St. Francis is so deep that they could still beat any team in the area each and every year with the exception of Muir. And the year Arcadia beat SF, although Arcadia deserves the win, SF was inside the red zone almost every time down field and blew it. Football is the one true sport where rankings make sense. Putting a team like Monrovia at #1 would be a joke because they shouldn’t be able to hand with the Muirs and St. Francis simply because of the numbers of players those other schools have to work with. Rio Hondo Prep won a CIF title last year and if they had their entire team back Muir and St. Francis could put 100 points on them for the same reasons. They’d be physically worn out by the end of the first quarter.

  • !stang!

    Amused Rm , I disagree with Muir having numbers. If you look at Muir sideline every year it averages about 30-40 players. I do admit the talent ratio is a lot better then other schools.

  • Observantcat

    Amused reader: You really do amuse me and probably several other readers on this blog. It seems like all of the St. Francis guys point to Muir when looking for a way to say that they are as good or better than everyone else in the W. San Gabriel valley. Yes Monrovia has a couple of down years as of late (07-Quarter finals 08 semi-finals) I know this new league realignment isn’t the best but looking over the past ten or so years we have played teams that would have mopped some of your teams all over the field and I do believe that if everything were perfect over the past 3 years in regards to the transferring of students to other schools that we would have taken that CIF Crown last year and this year without a doubt. The only thing I give St. Francis credit for is playing sound fundamental football, talent wise they would rank well below several teams in the area. I think that if PHS wakes up and starts to smell the coffee they would destroy a few teams, they are a team full of potential just lying on the shelf waiting to become a monster. So Amused reader when you guys are able to have a record better than 6-5, 5-6, 3-8 then some of us will take your team a lot more serious. As far as Monrovia playing Muir, that would be a much better match-up. I caught the 2 game series a few years ago and Monrovia won the first game going away. Muir won the following year, I would like to see that series develop somewhere down the line.

  • Amused Reader

    Wow, little Monrovia better than private school St. Francis? Maybe in baseball, but no way on earch in football, not even in Monrovia’s best year. Nice try and good comedy.

  • observantcat

    Amused reader: What a typical comeback. Stay on the coach this season and watch re-runs of St. Franny’s greatest hits. If you win 4 games this season I will personally call it a victory. And by you guys being the best team in the SGV, I must say that I have been wrong all of these years…….. There really isn’t any hope that this side can win outside of the playgrounds of Pasadena.

  • New York

    Where is my posting?

  • Amused Reader

    Cat, beat Arcadia more than once before worrying about other teams in the area. I’d pay to see you guys get hammered by Notre Dame, Bishop Amat and the like. Stay in the safe Rio Hondo and enjoy the lower levels.

  • SF FAN


    Im surprised u haven’t pulled out that all of the SF kids are spoiled brats… I think someone is a little bitter that they didn’t go to SF. Monrovia would get killed by SF every single year. But then again why would SF waste their time playing a low caliber team like that when they play teams like Loyola, ND, Crespi, and Amat??

  • New York

    SF FAN,
    Why name call like that? Nobody on here has openly questioned why Loyola plays a “low caliber” private school like St. Francis.

  • SF FAN

    New York,

    Really if I recall 2 years ago when SF played Loyola, Loyola almost lost. So yea real low caliber

  • New York

    Horseshoes and hand grenades.

  • kingofcali626

    Observant Cat You are right Monrovia did beat Muir the 1st time they played on a last second 50 something yard FG. The next year Muir destroyed Monrovia. I doubt Monrovia could beat beat Muir or St.Francis or even be competitive. Muir reloads every year just about. You are highly over rating Bueno because he played pretty decent against a weak Rio Hondo League. He won’t have the luxury of handing off to Williams this year and I dont care how much he might improve the loss is more than the gain.

  • The Stang Fan

    This is great! I can finally just sit back, relax, and read other schools go after it! The truth is we ALL want the WSGV schools to play hard, be injury-free, be competitive, and win games. But that makes for boring blogging. This is the stuff that riles folks up and gets them ready for the season. Can’t be mad at that.

    As far as the pre-season Top 5 goes, well, I used to be a lot more concerened with it than I am now. My feeling is that as long as Muir and SF are in the Top 3 or 4, that would be fairly accurate. Monrovia may not have the top teams year in an year out, but they will definitely have their years, and more often than not. Let’s not forget ALLLLLLL the talent they lost too. If Miguel’s opinion is that they are the best to start the year off…so be it. As we ALL know, the season will dictate which teams REALLY deserve the top spots…for the most part.

    My only problem is that Miguel uses conversations as a MAJOR source of info. I know that he only has one-year under his belt and he has to get to know the area better, so I can give him the benefit of the doubt. But Miguel, what you must realize is that some schools REALLY DO reload…and Muir is certainly one of those schools.

    Top four teams in no particular order:


    Okay…I guess that is an order, hunh? LOL!

  • Observantcat


    I don’t know what game you were watching, but the first game was decided in the first half Monrovia was up 21-6 I don’t remember the final score but the final score was a 14 pt win for the Cats. The biggest difference in that game was the Defense, Muir running backs coughed up 4 fumbles in that game. Now as far as competition is concerned the only way figure that out is to play and then evaluate not assume. Muir Used to by my Dallas Cowboys of High School Football They have become my New Raiders. It would be unfair to say that the Mustangs don’t have athletes on the team but compared to the Athletes from their 80/90s teams there is no comparison. And speaking of Nick Bueno, I give this guy props for being able to come in as a sophomore after probably looking at not even playing QB if Thropay had of stayed. He is only going to get better, football isn’t all physical there is a lot of mental toughness as well. The biggest challenge for most players is to play the guy that always talking the loudest and close his mouth permanently.

  • !stang!

    Mm , is there any word on Dranch dressing?

  • Cats Fan

    Bueno doesn’t have Williams this year, but he has Bubba Johnson (230 lb RB) and Deshawn Ramirez (who will be one of the best players in the valley before he is done). According to insiders, this years’ team will be more explosive. Also, watch out for Grant Haggard (6’2″ 235) and Ellis McCarthy (6’4″ 250) at DE. They are going to be beasts this season. And if you think that Bueno is overrated, you will soon find out what all the fuss is all about. There won’t be a more dangerous playmaker in the valley.

  • Apache Joe

    Amused Reader,

    Arcadia beating SF two years ago – Arcadia was in the redzone one time and fumbled. St. Francis was in the redzone twice and got stuffed both times. Arcadia absolutely dominated that game. 17-6. You are not correct in stating that they were in the redzone all game. 2007 was a great year for Arcadia (8-2), and unfortunately lost to Muir for the league championship. That was probably the last of the gritty Arcadia teams in my opinion.

  • Knight 07

    Maybe Muir is overrated for this coming season. Asides from Williams, who else do they have coming back that contributed last year?

  • Football Fan

    Apache Joe,

    If I recall last year when SF and Arcadia played the score was 54-7. And 40-0 at half. Garrett threw 3 picks 2 for defensive touchdowns. One of which was scored by a D-Lineman.The 2007 game was a fluke.

  • Knight10

    How could you possibly say that monrovia or muir is the best team in the area. Who else is returning to SF besides Riley? All area linebacker Chris Cabrera to start. Returning nose tackle David Chirikian. All league tackle Patrick Carrol. SF has all the depth in the world. The defense will be unstoppable the linebacking core and and defensive line is massive and blood thirsty. Monrovia plays teams like South Pasadena…. thats all that needs to be said. Who else in the area is playing ND the best team in the country last year.

  • MoneyTalks

    Football Fan,

    First and foremost, please get off your high horse. Second, I would like to point out that you are incorrect. Get your facts in order. The arcadia victory over SF in 2007 was not a fluke. Flukes games in football do not exist. Maybe in other sports, but not football. You guys were stacked, but arcadia was just that much better. It’s tremendously difficult to digest, but it is what it is, move on.

  • PantherPride

    Knight10: Did you guys beat ND? And when was the last time you guys won your league?

  • PantherPride

    SF Fan: Did you guys beat Loyola, Crespi, ND and AMAT? That’s what I thought. Get off your high horse. Monrovia would beat you guys everytime. You can’t match their speed and athleticism. Ask Muir fans.

  • sfhs92

    I guess that football season is right around the corner. Man there sure is a lot of mud slinging going on and now I think its time for me to put my two cents in. First things first Monrovia nobody is scared of you beat Arcadia and La Salle first then maybe you can come sit at the big boy table. As far as SF being a low tier private school that is a joke. Sure the football team hasn’t been that great recently but low tier…no. Maybe a tier lower then the likes of loyola and Notre Dame but still better then all of the public schools in the area save Muir(and we wont know the answer to that till they play). You say play a local schedule, well SF is on the edges of two valleys San Gabriel and San Fernando I think they schedule accordingly by playing teams in both valleys. Not only that they add a little pacific league flavor Arcadia, Phs, CV, Burroughs, and Muir a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The reason that SF and Loyola is a big deal even though Sf hasn’t won a varsity game since 1983 and on any level since 1988 (freshmen)is because both schools compete for the same students and most of the kids who go to the schools have known each other since they were youngsters. I look for this to be another 6-4 7-3 type season for Sf depending on what happens at QB. Posthuma is a good athlete but not the best QB he is better suited for defense or receiver. I’m not sure if there is enough weapons to help Riley on offense. The defense will be stout again this year and will keep SF in many games until the offense finds some other play makers. Oh and Panther pride I’m guessing you’re from Rosemead so we’ll just totally disregard what you have to say. Your squad plays in the weakest league in the area I bet everybody wishes they could play the likes of mountain spew and gabrilino every year. Good luck to all area athletes this fall stay healthy and Godspeed.

  • Football Fan

    Panther Pride,

    Ur a joke. High Horse??? Yes if thats what you want to call speaking the truth. And Muir would agree that SF and themselves are the 2 best teams. Monrovia verse SF. You know why that would never happen, because the outcome is already known. The game would be over at half. And I do have all my stats right about the Arcadia game last year. Calling it a fluke is not wrong stats. Maybe a wrong opinion about the outcome but not wrong stats. Go represent Rosemead somewhere else.

  • Knight10

    We came close to beating Amat and Loyola in the past years. No one else in the WSGV plays teams anywhere near that skill level. We would utterly destroy Monrovia, they may have some speedy skill players, but you cant do anything if your o line is getting chewed up. CIF knows what they are doing when they make up the divisions. Stop acting like monrovia would even stand a chance.

  • !stang!

    Knight10 , don’t forget Muir does play Oaks Chrisitan every year. Close doesn’t cut it. You either win or lose!

  • Observantcat

    Knight 10:

    Is that why C.I.F. left you guys our to dry in you league and in your division. Your favorite word is ALMOST. Well in my ALMOST isn’t good enough. A lot of weaker boxing opponents ALMOST beat Iron Mike Tyson, But when Buster Douglas stepped into the ring one night after reading all the handi-caps on how Mike was going to destroy him he shocked the world. Iron Mike was never looked at the same since. St. Francis isn’t even close in the caparison to Iron Mike in his hay, but you guys insist that you are better. Look down the check list and tell me where you guy’s fit in.

    Better Backs–No

    Better Line– Maybe

    Better Defense- Not this year

    Better Coaching?- Nahhh! I don’t think so.

    Better Snack Bar- I do believe you do, Lots of meat on you lines,

    No in order for you to beat the best you have to have the best and from my list all you seem to have is a good eaten lineman, One great recruit and A bunch of Arrogant fans who would be shaking in their boot If Monrovia were to get put on their schedule.
    Coach Bonds knows what he’s doing, He’ll stay in his gig as long as he doesn’t get embarrassed by what you guys call the so-called mediocre local teams. Just keep getting spanked year after year and bragging about it maybe someone outside of La Canada will appreciate it. I’m certainly not impressed.

  • Amused Reader

    You have a back that’s better than Riley? Really? And what school has he committed too? Get real.

  • Kentera


    Calpreps predicts St. Francis would beat Monrovia, Rosemead, Muir and any other MSGV team in their “project a matchup” section. Look it up.

  • The Stang Fan

    IMHO, Muir and SF are the two best teams in the area, but I’d like to comment on something else.

    SF certainly has the most difficult schedule of ALL the teams in the area, playing the likes of Loyola, ND, Crespi, and Amat, along with lower tier privates in their league like SP, Alemany, and Chaminade, that can field really good teams from time to time. And SF fans LOVE to point this out…and deservedly so.

    However, it isn’t like SF SEEKS these games as some folks seem to suggest. Because the Serra League has four teams(ND, Loyola, Crespi, & BA) and because the Mission League has four teams (Alemany, SP, SF, Chaminade), both leagues only have three league games and seven “pre-season” games. Therefore, the two leagues agreed to combine and theoretically play an “inter-league” schedule and use a rotating format. This way the teams aren’t SCRAMBLING to look for games in Weeeks 6 and 7 because all the other teams are playing their league schedules. It makes sense.

    Yet, this is THE LAST YEAR you will see the Mission league teams playing ND, Loyola, Crespi, Amat, and now even Alemany. Because of league realignments there will be no need to have these games anymore because the Mission will now field six teams (SP, SF, CHaminade, Serra, Cathedral, and Harvard-Westlake) and they don’t have to fill Weeks 6 and 7 any longer. And NO ONE is happier than Coach Bonds!

    SF will NOT willingly schedules these teams anymore, and if they do, they will only schedule one of them….maybe Loyola. I guarantee it! Props to SF for playing with the big boys for the last few years, and giving everything they have on the field against them….but this “difficult schedule” argument ends after this year. Trust me!



  • The Stang Fan


    I’m a Calpreps guy. I think they do a very good job of ranking and rating teams and I refer to them as a fairly reputable source.

    But, their ratings at the beginning of the season mean NOTHING! As the season moves along, their ratings get better and better and truer to reality, and I believe they end the year at about a 70-80% accuaracy rate…which is not bad at all. Let us not forget though, that Calpreps picked DR to beat Muir in Week 0 last year, and Muir to beat DR in the playoffs. The exact opposite happened. THey also had Amat losing to Orange Lutheran and Crespi…and that didn’t happen. As you well know, the game is played on the field.

    Whoever has the higheset rating will “win” in the projected match-up. Because SF has a legit SUPERSTAR in Riley, they get a higher rating as the year opens up. It’ll be interesting to see how the ratings play out through the end of the year though.

    Here’s to hoping that the schools will finally do what we ALL want them to do!

  • Kentera

    Stang Fan,
    Knowing that you are going to play 2 teams from the Serra league every year, you must set your schedule accordingly. They go through a stretch of playing ND, Loyola, Alemeny and St. Paul this year. Which team, besides MAYBE Muir, could do this and come out healthy on the other end? Certainly not Rosemeand or Monrovia. Bonds would be an idiot to try schdule teams the caliber of ND, Loyola, Alemeny or St.Paul during the 1st 5 games knowing what lies ahead. Conversely, the toughest part of the Muir schedule is at the start of the season. So when they lose 1 or 2 games, everyone forgets about it toward the end of the season, because they win out in a weak league. If St Francis played in the PL, they would finish 1st or second every year. The same can not be said if the Stangs were in the Mission.

  • Observantcat

    I would be willing to bet everything that I own that a kid like Jordan Canada would give St. Francis a much more fluent offense than Riley. I’ve seen both of these kids play and if I were a D1 coach I would pick Canada for just plain Talent alone. Not to take anything away from Riley’s efforts, but if you think about it, who would you rather have in your backfield, Riley or LaVelle Peterson? A team can only be led by it’s leaders and even with the level of athleticism that Riley may posses there are several independent running backs that are much, much better than himself. Getting a D1 Scholarship is a privilege that very few athletes will ever receive in their lifetime. If you go out to schools like Notre Dame, Crespi, Mater Dei, etc… you will note that they key in on great backs that will stack up 1500-2000 yard seasons knowing their line can support their style of offense, St. Francis has the same opportunity to develop a team of that caliber but for what ever reason can’t seem to find a handle on the recruiting process. So as far as other teams see you, You’re just an average team playing in an above average league. Cal Preps has many factors that give a team it’s power ratings and if you just so happen to be in a powerful league you will have substantial power numbers as a gimme. Having good athletes is always an advantage if the program is airtight. I would love to see how good St. Francis really is by playing a few of these schools that you claim you are better than. Where do you go when Riley graduates?… maybe take a stroll down Lincoln?

  • Kentera

    Riley is being recruited as a safety. He is a BEAST!

  • THe Stang Fan


    You are right. SF WOULD be one of the top 2 teams in the Pacific. Muir WOULD NOT always be one of the top 2 teams if we were added to the Mission. SF WOULD be foolish to schedule heavy early on with their current schedule. And yes, Muir DOES play a light load later in the schedule due to a weak league, therefore they look to schedule tough schools up front.

    Here’s where I believe we differ. Next year, and the years after, I just DO NOT see Bonds scheduling the big boys for the pre-season. I do not think we will see more than one of the bigger powers on SF’s schedule. Like I said, maybe a Loyola game or even an Amat game, but no more than that. Of course, this is yet to be seen (and I could be absolutely wrong), but I have a strong notion that Bonds does not want to play those games if he doesn’t have to. We will see as soon as next year’s schedule comes out.

    My point is that SF fans like to throw out the fact that they play these powers because the program WANTS to play these teams, and that they have no business wasting their time with the peons of the WSGV. I believe that they play these teams because they HAVE to. It’ll be interesting to see who they schedule for the pre-season in the future. Teams like El Rancho, CV, and Rio Mesa should NOT be on their schedule anymore. If they have teams like that on their schedule still, then they might as well replace them with the “lower-level” teams of the WSGV.

    Btw, Dietrich Riley may not be the best RB, but he is by far the best player in the ENTIRE San Gabriel Valley! Period! Hell, throw the SFV in there as well!

  • Apache Joe


    Jordan Canada over D-riley? What!?!

    I don’t know about that one.

  • Observantcat


    I think Canada is the best player in the entire SGV, he may not have had the opportunity to play with the big boys in other leagues, but he is that perfect athlete who could have attended St. Francis and maybe gotten them that crown that they have long been waiting for. Stan Fan you have your opinion, but until you have seen this kid play you really wouldn’t know. He is on the same line as Sultan Mc Cullough and Ricky Ervins. Now would you have traded any of these two guys for Riley? unless he was you blood relative.

  • Cats Fan

    I agree with observantcat. I would take Canada over Riley at running back any day.

  • Goldenarm

    Yesterday is one thing, but looking ahead beginning this year – and extending the next 4 seasons, Monrovia will continue to prosper under the fundamentals and discipline that Coach Maddox and staff are laying down.

    We will soon see a “scary” Wildcat defense, the kind that not only allows little forward progress, but drives teams backward. Combine this will the offensive explosiveness that is M -Towns trademark and WINS will begin to accumulate. This is coming, maybe not all the way to the MV crown this year, but it is going to happen, and soon.

  • MoneyTalks

    I have known Jesse Canada (WR-same class as Deshaun Jackson @ CAL; now star WR @ Mt. Sac.) for sometime and I know Jordan, his bro, from the days I use to work at Clifton Middle School in monrovia. Jordan Canada is an awesome RB with out a doubt, but he is no D. Riley. D.Riley has amazing speed @ RB and has great receiving skills out of the backfield, plus he can pass protect like no other. He is like a Brian Westbrook.

    Jordan Canada is great in his own respect. He’s tougher than nail and has a great stride and vision and runs at pad level. Everything you would want in a RB, but Riley is in a elite class of his own. There’s no comparison.

  • Goldenarm

    I would classify TC as a “Wild Card” this year.

    We have some kids who did not play fball last year – but have the natural skills which are needed to excel on the field. But, do they have a clue? That is an unknown,,,but is something I am sure our coaches will be looking at and reviewing. You don’t want to test on 3rd and 8 in a game situation, that is for sure.

    Coach White will need to hold it together, not be reactive when things go haywire early on, which they will. He needs to keep repeating “In Chou We Trust”, over and over again…and we need to defend against the deep ball, and that hideous halfback pass, which will be on everyone’s fav list from last year.

    On offense, the Rams will need McKay to groom the talent we have and not press for miraculous receptions coming from hands not so miraculous and arms not fueled by Terry Bradshaw velocity. I believe he is smart enough to know this and much more. Coach Sumida and Mondo, keep the line focused and draw up some good stuff – good things will happen. Oh yeah….PLEASE…find us a pass rush.

    My last request is to remember our line are BROTHERS, been to war, and have had each others back for 3 years. Without them, Ruckle would not have 17 TD’s last season…and Max would be first in line to tell you that.

    Go Rams

  • !stang!

    Cats fan , you just really offend me! On the level of sultan your crazy.Sultan was one of the nations fastest high school football players. Canada may be good but never on the level of sultan. Sultan was runinng in the low 10 in the 100. Sultan went to state as a junior. Do not compare the best thing to ever leave monrovia , to one of muir great athletes! For a minute o-cat I though we was on the same level. Compare canada to ian Bell.

  • The Stang Fan

    Again, no one will get an argmument from me about Canada being the best RB in the area. I’m sure he is the best RB around and I’d take him over Muema (CO) and Johnson (WC) as well.

    But I’m talking OVERALL football player. D. Riley is SECOND TO NONE in our area. As much exposure as Coach Crutch got his guys at Duarte, there is NO WAY anyone can say that all of the big-time schools haven’t seen or heard of Canada. To date, he has a few options at some decent D-1 schools. After his SOPHOMORE year, Dietrich Riley recieved a full ride to the University of Southern California. That, in and of itself, speaks VOLUMES!!! Pete Carroll doesn’t just throw these things around to any ol’ body…let alone after their 10th grade year! That is ELITE! Btw, how many kids HAVE had an offer from Carrol and Co. after their sophomore seasons. I’d venture to say no more than a handful.

    Let’s not forget about the offers from LSU, ND, Michigan, Tenessee, Georgia, etc, etc, etc. Or the fact that he can play LB, CB, SS, FS, WR, RB, and maybe even TE and DE (at least in high school.)

    I don’t care what ANYBODY says…this young man is in a class by himself this year. No question. I’m sure Canada will have a HUGE year, and possibly get over 2000 yards and over 20 td’s. All of that STILL would not put him on par, as an OVERALL football player, with Dietrich Riley.

  • Kentera

    Stang Fan,
    I agree with your last comments.

    You are kidding about Canada better than Riley? Must of missed Canada in the ESPNU 150. Didn’t miss Riley. I guess USC, UCLA, ND, Etc are wrong. He is the Best(Beast) in the SGV.

  • papa d

    i agree with all of u…..canada is no where close to d. riley…he goes to top camps and shuts down top players in the coutry..for example dietrich went to florida not to long back to compete in there top 7 on 7 passing tourney…..hey repeatedly shut down kyle prater. (the number 5 best player on now tell me… is a guy with 20+ offers at the best d 1 colleges in the country being compare to canada???…..dietrich riley can go anywhere he wants for football….how bout canada? i didnt think so……lastly dietrich riley has been all state since his sophmore year and last year he was all state first team at db when he never played a down of db in high school?…..exactly dietrich riley is in a class of his own…do not compare him to canada

  • Anonymous


    I agree that D.Riley is a GREAT football player,
    hand’s down the TOP player in the SGV,
    But does he have “AMAZING SPEED”?
    That’s going a lil too far.
    He has great speed for the high school level,
    but @ the D1 level I would define it as GOOD speed.
    That is probably why SC and most of all these other
    big time schools are recruiting him as a DB.
    Like I said, GREAT player, will be successful at the D1
    level and most likely play SS for somebody on SUNDAYS!

  • ex college coach

    Riley has ideal size to be a D1 safety and is obviously very talented, which explains all of the offers he has received. Canada, on the other hand, is considered small to be a D1 between the takles running back which he is. However, after seeing both of them last season, I feel that Canada would have great success on the next level. Riley still lacks closing speed and hip flexibility. By the way, many great high school players aren’t able top attend all of these so called camps. So there are thousands of players that go undiscovered by colleges. Riley has a former college QB as head coach, who knows the ins and outs of recruiting and I assume has many contacts. With that being said, I would take Riley if I needed a safety, and I would take Canada as my running back.

  • Observantcat

    Ex-College Coach

    Ditto. Aftter both players play over the past few years, each have their own unique style at both positions . Coach Crutchfield helped secure Canada a scholarship over at Universty of Oregon where he will evevtually become a starter. I guess my earlier int on this blog was to say, If I were a betting man and had to choose a great running back or a great sftey to lead my team to a league championship, I would go with the running back. Both players have game, but as far as styles I like Jordans. He will be playing with the big boys over at South hills this year and they have a very legit schedule, let’s see what he accomplish”s this season. Who knows, maybe Pete Carol will some of his scouts running over to South Hillls.

  • Goldenarm

    Aparently the whole ” full gear” practice time frame has been come under some srutiny last week and several teams have adjusted, rolled back or altered their scheduled first day of full contact.

    There are differing circumstances depending on who is telling the story. Part of the “confusion” stems from Week 0 activity, and the verbiage in the CIF directive regarding what constitutes a “contest”, the whole number of days E=MC2 thing, and maybe just because many, many coaching changes have happened. Even lateness of a CIF’s rule outline was mentioned.

    That is one view. The other is, the energy to make things happen just boiled over the pot, and the steam was so dense – the coaches could barely see the calendar to count anything at all.

    The only thing assured in the WSGV is there are some kids out there working their assses off, getting ready for what I can’t wait to see, the opening of football, full blown. That first walk out of the locker room together, for all us fans to see.

  • New York

    Isn’t this getting exciting!?!

  • Goldenarm

    Arroyo is still getting tons of hype and predicted by most “football minds” to beat Rosemead in their league opener.

    The Knights are also generally favored to beat TC in their opener, some are saying in a beat down kinda way.

    Another publication has even gone as far as saying Arroyo might have their best team ever. That statement is hideously premature, but indicative of the swarm of expectations and predictions flying out along Santa Anita, down below the Arcadia line.

    The basis is of course, the slew of returnees in the Arroyo camp. When compared to the Mead or TC,with far less, but possibly MORE crucial individual players returning. The Mead and TC will have size and strength advantages both outside and in. It is a good argument, and a good challenge, because the Knights are always a tough crew.
    However, My cash would be on the Mead.

  • M-town dad

    The MVL crown will come down to Rosemead and Arroyo once again. Rosemead will have the better defense, but Arroyo will have the offensive firepower. It will probably come down to coaching.

  • New York

    Here are some topics I’m more interested in:

    1) When will Monrovia finally win a CIF Title. How many Mid-Valley Titles will Monrovia eventually win?
    2) Will Muir meet Charter Oak for a Best of the “West” matchup?
    3) What does St. Francis need to do to become a good upper division private school? They certainly have the infrastructure as well as the location to find a nice mix of football players.
    4) How much noise will Alhambra make in the playoffs. Personally, I think the Almont League should be in the Mid-Valley Divison.
    5) What type of machine is getting built at San Marino? Some very interesting rumors have been floated.

  • New York

    So, IF/WHEN Monrovia becomes a program that plays full speed with great fundamentals and strategy after a few years of dedicated modern off-season training, THEN I will make a claim about top team in the area. My hope is that Maddox achieves this AND starts scheduling upper division teams, as West Covina does. Maybe Monrovia vs St Francis will be a game in a few years.

    Unfortunately, playing Arcadia seems to be the only common measuring stick for a few of the more competitive teams in the WSGV. Arcadia’s lack of depth would suggest that their best game will be the first game. (Convenient for me to say that because I’m a Monrovia fan.) By the time Arcadia has faced Muir recently, Arcadia has been pretty well depleted. That may not change the W-L outcome, but it definitely effects the margin of victory.

  • M-town dad

    New York: Coach Maddox is doing a great job so far. He sure has the players’ attention. He has instilled discipline and work ethic into the program that I didn’t see from the previous regime. Not taking anything away from what Coach Garrison has done, but the Coach Maddox teams so far have shown unity and great chemistry. By the way, there are no defections this year. In fact, I heard that there have been several players from other schools who inquired about transferring in.

  • The Stang Fan

    ex college coach,

    Good points, and your last statement sums it up best. I’d take Canada at RB over Riley, and I’d take Riley at S anyday. Now…who would I pick first to start my high school team? Riley ALL day long.

    You also bring up good points about Riley’s closing speed and hip flexibility. From what I understand he has been working with a personal trainer, and Muir’s former track coach, to work on those exact things (article in the PSN a couple of weeks ago.) Riley is a little stiff and very much a North/South guy. While I’m sure he’ll be able to work on the flexibility of his hips, I’m not sure he’ll ever look as fluid “openining up” as a good corner does. His closing speed will improve a lot after all of his speed work and when he’s able to just go one way in college.

    And while SF does have a former college QB with “connects,” PLEASE do not undermine what and who Coach Crutchfield knows in the world of college football. That dude gets kids THROUGHOUT the SGV seen by ALL schools, both big and small-time. Hell, look at who SF has gotten out these past few years compared to Duarte. You’d be surprised.

  • The Stang Fan


    In regards to what Monrovia could become if they’d do certain things….well, the same could be said for quite a few schools. Namely PHS and Muir.

    As far as the Apache barometer, at least it can be said that they aren’t running from any of the local powers. Everyone wants Muir/SF, Muir/Monrovia, and SF/Monrovia, and Arcadia plays them all. As a matter of fact, over the last two seasons they are 3-3 against Monrovia, SF, and Muir, with two wins against the Cats and one vs. SF. Not bad. And btw, when Muir beat Arcadia 50-28 in 2007 the Apaches were not a depleted team. Matter of fact, they strolled into NW Pasadena sporting an undefeated record and riding HIGH with a ton of confidence…until the 2nd quarter that is. And as sad as it is to see the Apache sideline with 25-30 players?……welcome to our world! We’ve ALWAYS rolled with that many.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and you know I will…lol.) Taking school enrollment (under 1200) and the competitiveness of a team into consideration…..Muir is one of the best “POUND-FOR-POUND” programs in Socal.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan,

    The difference from “other schools” is Monrovia has already begun doing those things under Maddox. M-town Dad’s words like unity – not something the Cats have been rated #1 in for a long time.

    My feeling is this program is being built now, here and now and will quickly show the results.

    I’ve been babbling this same song since first seeing Maddox work, not longer after he was hired. In short order he established himself, began to teach football and demand the “related” personal attributes that make up a great football player. He is simply an outstanding coach, who has already “upped” the program. The only element missing is time…

  • New York

    Stang Fan,


    I love TC’s schedule. It is filled with rivalry games. Arroyo, Arcadia, Rosemead (seems to have become a rivalry), Alhambra should be (especially for you), and league with San Marino and Monrovia.

    If Coach White turns out to be the real deal (27 years old puts him on a fast track), I wonder how long you guys will be able to keep him around.

  • Goldenarm

    I like our schedule as well, and switching SG with Arcadia is a welcome change.

    Arroyo will give us a look at areas where new faces now fill the field for us on defense. It will be an immediate eye-opener.
    Alhambra is usually big up front and now has multi-threats on offense. A good test of tackling skills.
    Mead is eternally hostile, and EVERYBODY should face a team like that in their preleague schedule.
    Arcadia is where our line finds out there are bigger and stronger kids out there – that need 120% of their effort to keep them in check. This ends any hope of half-ass blocking efforts.

    Finally you have La Salle, which is not the neighborhood turf war like the rest, but I like this game too. Great people and fan base. The Lancers scout well and are super prepared – and this year,will be resuming the ground game that should have never left them.

  • Goldenarm

    New York

    He will be at TC for awhile if he is wise. Going back 50 years, the “good” Rams coaches hang at least 10 years.

    It is the staff that was assembled that is by far his greatest accomplishment at this point.

    Winning comes next.

  • Rams Know It All

    Golden Arm

    Going back through the recent coaches @ TC only Mooney lasted longer than 5 years. Walker, Soumakian, DiFiori, and Backus were not 10 year guys. The school is different, the administration is “cluless” and the school board has turned TCHS into a performing arts academy. If White greatest accomplishment so far is a staff, why is he in violation of CIF rules (however small you feel that they are) with two former HS head coaches on staff? Where was the AD? Where was the principal? They are the ones in charge of when the dead period is to take place. Why didn’t that happen? Lack of communication or ignoring the rules? They are clueless. It is not a simple mistake along with recruitment of out of district kids. The Duarte kids are now ineligible at South Hills. Add up the little snowballs and you have an avalanche.

  • Goldenarm

    As usual your insights stir issues many would prefer lay dormant.

    In the 10 year thought, I was referring to Mooney/Backus…with RB’s time logged as both defensive coach, assistant head coach(with Mooney) and later, head coach. That pattern has been hurled off the track forever, and a new train is coming around the corner, just out of view.

    To some degree I find myself believing in a similar manner as yourself. On the other hand, I desperately want the best possible year for the TC seniors – and that is where my focus is and will remain. Sure there is skepticism, all know I was a supporter of RB, Tim Loya and Marty Valdes….big time. But….it is time to support the new team and that is where I stand.

  • RamParent11

    Rams Know It All, I hope you are not apart of our program you have spread enough lies are deceitful and seem to carry a grudge against the new regime at Temple City. All your claims are false and while reading some of your post I see others have also agreed with me. Call CIF or TCUSD to see if anything close to illegal has taken place, if not then do yourself a favor and keep you negativity. The new Regime has done wonders and here are some facts Last year 4 varsity Coaches, this year 12. Last year 36 Varsity 27 JV This Year 55 Varsity and 40 JV. The numbers dont lie. Only you do.

  • Rams Know It All


    A new coach will always have higher numbers. He wants to see everybody possible. No way that there are 90 players. Count the players at the end of the season. Who quit and why? How are you paying 12 Varsity coaches? USC doesn’t have that many coaches. It is not negativity that I bring forward; it is reality and what is happening. Would you rather have 30 commited players or 55 so-so players? How many players are both JV/Varsity? What happens when the Varsity player takes the JV player’s time? With 30 WR players, how many are getting true practice time and improving their individual talents and how many are not? This is not the TC way set forth by tradition.

  • RamParent11

    Ram Know it all do your homework, you get quality reps by having quality coaches, not 3 as TC was left with after that debacle. I am sorry time has passed you by. My son and I are proud to be a part of the new regime. As Goldenarm lets support our team!GO RAMS! we support you TC! Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Give it a rest RamKIA we are here to pump the season not suck the life out of it because of your personal vendettas

  • burbanksports

    When Burroughs defeats SF will Miguel make the Indians the favorite over Muir the following week?

  • interested observer

    To Rams know it all, A good friend of mine coaches at TC and he told me they have 9 guys on staff. Heres the breakdown. Head coach, DC, OC, (2) line coaches, LBs, DBs,WRs and equipment man. 3 JV coaches and 3 frosh coaches. According to my math thats 15 guys on staff for the entire program. They also have a kicking coach who comes once or twice a week so if you count him its 16. How they pay their coaches is really not your concern. Maybe they are spliting up stipends. Maybe they sell cookies or something. Stop being such a hater/whiner and give them a chance. Have you spoken to any of the players for their opinion?? Kids don’t lie. Have you spoken to any of the coaches? Have you been to any practices? Or do you just criticize on the blog. Give these guys a chance!!!

  • Rams Know It All

    How does a kid from Glendale end up @ TC? Why isn’t he at CV, Alemany, Saint Francis, or Cathedral? Don’t be blind. As far as numbers go, what do you want; quality or quantity? Name another school that has 12 “quality” Varsity coaches? Amat? No. Saint Francis? Don’t think so. Mater Dei? Perhaps. What happens when the transfer kid takes your son’s spot when he transfers to TC in the summer time? Don’t think that you feel warm and fuzzy now…

  • interested observer

    Hey Rams Know it all my buddy who coaches at TC says he wants to meet you. Why don’t you introduce yourself to him. He’s one of the line coaches.

  • Goldenarm

    Rams Know it All

    My last comment on the topic.

    Some years back at a TC football banquet, Mike Mooney stepped to the microphone . Before his speech had even ended, I knew I wanted my son to play football for the Temple City Rams. In particular, I wanted him to be coached by the man behind the microphone.

    With my son in the program, to my dismay, Mooney left for San Marino.

    My first thought of Mooney’s replacement, the bald one….what an Ahole! Over time, that opinion changed to semi-Ahole… but eventually I came to realize a big part of my dislike for Backus – was that he was not Mooney.
    I have met Anthony White. I don’t get the sense he will destroy the TC football program. He is not Randy Backus and that won’t change. Like any new head coach, a big learning curve awaits him. Some blunders are to be anticipated. I pray the vets on his staff serve to counsel and support White and all keep their eye on the same enchilada verde. That is what a good coaching staff does.

    My point is change is not easy,,,and first impressions can morph over time. I am not burying anyone without giving them an opportunity – and definitely not without more solid evidence the Rams are running blindly down some road to doom.

    Go Rams!

  • New York

    My guess (completely a guess), as a former football coach, is that some of the new TC coaches are not getting paid at all. Most of us will coach football for free any time, because football is such an amazing sport and it offers so many awesome life lessons for the players AND coaches. Furthermore, coaching is just a lot of fun for some of us.

    Some staffs have done well with many assistant coaches while some of done well with very few. Remember when Bloomington set the national scoring record in 1994? They had one coach, Don Markham, and 21 players. Rumor had it that Markham cut two players as they entered the playoffs.

  • Truth


    When Did this become a Temple City Football sports blog?
    TC is gonna get whooped in the opener, hopefully this will wake everyone of you Ram fans up. Get ready, its gonna be a long…season

  • tcchamps


    “What happens when the transfer kid takes your son’s spot when he transfers to TC in the summer time? Don’t think that you feel warm and fuzzy now…”

    The result is usually a disgrunted parent that will attack a program at all costs.

  • Rams Know It All


    “Not hating just stating” Did I touch somebody’s raw nerve? Sorry. As far as meeting the TC line coach; my daddy can beat up your daddy! Get real.

  • The Stang Fan


    Let me give my 2 cents on your topics.

    1. While it appears that Paraclete is primed for a back-to-back run at the Mid-Valley title, I think that M-town should win a CIF ring in the next few years. How many can they win? I have no clue, but they should win one at the very least. I don’t see many strong teams in the Mid-Valley and if Monrovia can hold on to their kids, they should be able to play in many Decembers.

    2. Love the Best of the “West” joke. I know I sound like a bitter fan now, BUT, I believe that Muir and CO were the two best teams in the Southeast last year. Had they both been healthy and met up in the Finals, CO would have won by two TD’s, they were clearly the best team in the division last year. However, I think that Muir was right behind them before they were hit with big injuries. Can they meet up this year? I can’t wait to find out! I don’t think CO is as good as they were last year, and the Stangs are talented but unproven, so I’m hoping we’ll meet somewhere in the playoffs. Again, Muir is FULL of underclassmen and is built for 2010-2011, and unfortunately CO will likely move to the Cental Division next year.

    3. Not quite sure about SF becoming a football power. As much as the school would like to be really good, they don’t sacrifice their “academic reputation” like some other schools, and they don’t have the numbers of other privates who are academically and athletically elite. Schools like St. Bonnie’s, Alemany, & Serra, among others WANT to become powers and don’t hold themselves up to the academic standards of other successful schools like MD, Loyola, and ND. While SF does have the advantage over local publics by not being bound by district boundaries, they really don’t recruit like many of the other private schools do. I’m sure they went after Reilly very hard, but they just don’t go as hard as the other schools for as many kids.

    4. Alhambra is a mysterious team. They appear to have some talent and I am actually looking forward to see what they do with it. I’ve been very critical of the Moors and the Almont league altogether, so let’s see how they do this year. And I agree with you 100%, the Almont should be in the Mid-Valley division, which may happen when CIF does their next CIF realignment.

    5. Like most of the WSGV teams, it appears that SM’s best days are in the past. I don’t think they’ll ever finish higher than 3rd in the RHL.

  • SadTitan

    Dont know if anyone saw my post on the other topic but for San Marino, our Asst. Principal Mooney who I think is our OL coach or Offensive coordinator and the head Coach Mooreland recruited William Do’s little brother from the Rams last year Who played on the JV and now we have some players that showed up from Muir high school during the summer. San Marino , Arcadia and Temple city all have remarkable academics and I cannot blame parents for wanting their children to get a top notch education for free especially in this economy.

  • New York

    Tough to prove that somebody was “recruited.” Why would you be sad after acknowledging the great academic reputation of San Marino?

  • Reno Hightower

    It has been a typical August up here in the Kern County. Nasty. It has been hot and humid with an occasional thunderstorm. Sounds like it has been stormy down there in the land of the Rose Queens. (Had a friend who played 1 season @ PCC. He said the fall semester was hot with Rose Princess hopefuls!) Anyways, this is how I call your teams.

    SOUTHEAST: 1). Charter Oak 2). South Hills 2A). Muir 4). The rest with the Almont League being the bottom feeders. CO and SH have numbers and coaches. Muir has scary speed that can’t be coached. Can Diamond Ranch repeat last season? Don’t think that the Arizona Cardinals are going back to the Super Bowl.

    MID VALLEY: 1). Paraclete 2). Monrovia 3). Nobody else.
    TC, Rosemead, Arroyo,(Fill in) would get smoked by my high desert boys schedule (Serrano, St. Paul, Hart).

    Saint Francis: wierd league and format. Two slip ups and a tough loss can have you packing away for the 2010 season early.

    That being said, 16 teams qualify for the postseason including the #3 weak sisters. So, if your team makes it past the 1st round and you don’t have to spend Thanksgiving at your in laws, consider the season a success.

  • TommyTitan

    Miguel! I heard from a friend that the Canada brothers (Jamie & Jordan) who I’m pretty sure go to South Hills now have been ruled ineligible…Can you look into this and see if its true?

  • The Stang Fan


    You are off to a STRONG rookie campaign my friend!!!!

    PCC being “hot with Rose Princess hopefuls?” LMFAO!!!!!!

  • BigFatFan

    Congrats to former South Pas football player David Allen for cracking the UCLA football roster for the upcoming season.

  • BigFatFan

    I heard that the two kids from Muir, that worked with San Marino football this summer decided to return to Muir.

  • Lightsout

    Arcadia’s Todd Golper had 4 tackles & 2 sacks for UCLA on saturday for a scrimmage they had.

  • Goldenarm

    Randall Carroll, just out of Cathedral- is going to see plenty of action this season at UCLA. Presley will get reps too.
    I really hope TG does his thing, but the Bruins are loaded with backers.

    The Kwame Do move to San Marino will not become a CIF headline…..and RECRUIT is always the eye of the beholder.

  • tcchamps


    Damm you have great insight. No wonder you are the Mayor.


  • Rams Know It All

    Pads on Wednesday!

    Who melts…Who doesn’t…Who has the guts to stick it out…100+ degress on Thursday/Friday/Saturday… Somebody was playing Madden football and somebody was getting ready…Mommy, bring me some water…

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