Week 0: Muir hungry for some (D)-Ranch dressing

“We’re aiming for heads.”

Those are the words of a Muir football player when asked if the Mustangs are seeking redemption when they host Diamond Ranch next Friday at 7. There are posters all over Muir’s campus promoting the school’s new football field, which is generating buzz around campus with students who will attend their first game just to see their team play on a new field. Muir will try to do what it couldn’t do in the first round of the Southeast Division playoffs. We’ll see how the Mustangs fare against the runner-up. Here’s a list of Week 0 games in the WSGV … Who’s ready to get this party started? By the way: the football preview tab publishes Wednesday, Sept. 2.

(All games 7 p.m. unless noted)

Thursday, Sept. 3

La Puente at Gabrielino — Harold Sanin, a longtime assistant coach, begins his first season after Vince Lopez resigned to become assistant principal. After La Puente’s debacle last year, the Falcons Warriors could give Sanin a tough Week 0.

Friday, Sept. 3

Diamond Ranch at Muir — All year long, a certain D-Ranch assistant coach has taken friendly jabs at Muir coach Ken Howard. It’s time to put that to rest, Kenny. The Mustangs won at Diamond Ranch last year in the season opener but faltered in the playoffs. Muir will protect its home field and reclaim SGV supremacy.

Arcadia at Monrovia — No truth to rumors Arcadia will jog to Monrovia High and use it as pre-game warmups (that visual popped in my head for whatever reason). Anyway, Nick Bueno & Co. takes on a revamped Apaches team that includes one of the area’s top QB in Garret Tuck and newcomers Taylor Legace and Rodney Arnett.

Linfield Christian at Maranatha — Yawn …. When’s that game vs. La Salle again? Oh yeah, but either way ‘Natha fans will finally get a chance to see what Cody Keith’s all about. Call this one a tune-up to the Minutemen’s showdown with La Salle and then Bakersfield Christian.

Village Christian at La Salle — The Lancers were routed last year at Village Christian. They hope to have regained their form with a revamped staff and renewed enthusiasm in the Lancers program.

Pasadena at Westchester — Isn’t Westchester a basketball school? I didn’t even know Westchester had a football team. Well, in that case, pencil in a “W” for the boys on Sierra Madre. The McFarland era gets off to a good start.

San Gabriel at Cathedral — Got a lot of heat for picking Cathedral last year. Someone still owes me a steak dinner. I’ll let it slide. With vengeance on his mind, Isaac Valdez leads the Matadors to an impressive victory.

Pomona at Keppel — Keppel has a 50 percent chance to win this game. But so does Pomona. My coin has the Aztecs breaking out of their 30-plus game skid.

Alhambra at Roosevelt — Alhambra’s Gil Ruedaflores and Roosevelt’s Javier Cid are very good friends and practically hung out all summer as coaches of the SoCal Fiesta Bowl. Ruedaflores, however, will feel no remorse when the Moors put the beat down.

Blair at St. Margaret’s — Why?

Duarte at Cajon — Tip Sanders gets his shot at reviving another program.

Rio Hondo Prep at Mission Prep — The area’s lone CIF champion last year opens the season with a victory.

Saturday, Sept. 4

Contreras at Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m. — Tiger fans, save your Saturday afternoons for football games. All of Bosco Techs’ home games will be Saturday at 1:30 p.m.

Animo Leadership at Pasadena Poly, 11 a.m. — Grab a cup of coffee and read your favorite sportswriter in Saturday’s paper while also watching Poly cook up a win.

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  • MoneyTalks

    Duarte has no chance against a stacked Cajon team. That area of san bernardino is D1 country. I would say the score would be 52-14.

  • Goldenarm

    Coach Howard is smart enough and experienced enough to know this is simply game 1, and the outcome is not nearly as critical as compared to the opportunity for a first look at his squad, in a full-fledged war situation.

    My feeling is Howard will be laying a big load of responsibility on the doorstep of his line players….and not letting them off the hook all year.
    Challenging them to move bodies out of the way, to control the 4th quarter and lean on opponents play after play.

    If the Stang line is capable of this, it will be a big year for Muir.

    Good luck to all Stang Fans, including one I much respect, the original Stang Fan.

  • King

    Really? (D)-Ranch dressing? Very clever

  • goteamgo

    “The Lancers were routed last year at Village Christian.”

    Come on, Miguel – 21 to 18 is a loss, not a rout!!!!

  • goteamgo

    “The Lancers were routed last year at Village Christian.”

    Come on, Miguel – 21 to 18 is a loss, not a rout!

  • Goldenarm

    Quote from interview with TC O Coordinator McKay and his fellow crew formerly of Eagle Rock…

    When asked about using the run to set up the pass….his reply,

    Abdominal cramp, acid reflux, severe diararrhea, mucus build up, ED, loss of appetite.
    Goldenarm is officially headed for the high mountain regions of Tibet, where he will be in uninterrupted prair and endless chanting, searching for strength and guidance. Prairs at the Altar of Mooney were not answered. I am at that crossroads where faith can be lost and one’s spirit splinters away traveling into endless blackness.
    I will be asking Tibet’s Ancient One’s to exorcise my rights as PSN Blog Mayor, and double lightning bolt Miguel’s ass for assigning me the title in first place.

    Good line, good tailback – run with football.
    Demand best of D from Chou…..EQUALS
    Good season for TC.

  • King

    Speaking of Eagle Rock…whatever happened to Coach Johnny Lopez who was brutally attacked last year? Is he still coaching?

  • New York


    Using the pass to set up the run is a sound strategy when speed is your advantage against larger (slower) opponents. Time will tell for this exciting Temple City experiment.

    Can any Temple City fans remind me of the more open offense from about 8 years ago when Dan Loyd was helping with the play calling?

  • The Stang Fan

    “Aiming for heads,” as in the HEADS half of the coin in the pre-game coin flip. Tone it down fellas, and leave ALL the sh** talking to old blowhards like myself!

    I’m excited for this game! I need to hurry up and catch a practice so that I can give a more thorough and educated prognostication. Wait, didn’t I criticize Miguel for the same thing? Lol! Hey, I ain’t gettin’ paid the big bucks though! Right, Miguel?

  • Anonymous

    I think the quote was “We USED to pass to set up the run while I was at Eagle Rock.” he went on to say they will be much more balanced this year.

  • The Stang Fan


    You are dead-on! I’m hearing that Muir’s line isn’t as deep as we thought it’d be, but the guys that they do have are damn good. It’s really hard to find a bunch of big bodies that can play the game at a school with 1100 students. If we were to ever establish a dominant “hog culture” at Muir, we’d be effin scary!

    Btw, I’m dying to see what TC is going to do this year, so I might come check the Rams out during Week 3 this year, which is Muir’s bye week.

  • !stang!

    whats game of the week?

  • Muddy Waters

    Best of luck to all the Pasadena schools this year!
    (Muddy dusts off hif key board) Yawns….

  • Muddy Waters

    Best of luck to all the Pasadena schools this year!
    (Muddy dusts off hif key board) Yawns….

  • King

    Let the season begin now that the waters are “Muddy”!

    And goteamgo I agree, a 3 point loss isn’t usually considered a route…but hey we all have our own take on things right miguel.

  • Goldenarm

    Even if Thropay had transfered to TC, our mission would be best served to run/pass – it would just mean the “pass” aspect would have a range of 5-70 yds, with some added velocity on most everything. I like your assessment on pass/run.

    I freely admit my one mindedness on this, clock control is a powerful component, and has been THE difference in MANY Ram victories over the years.

  • Goldenarm


    About time you came in out of the smoke. Thought maybe you were doing the Howlin Wolf thing or mourning the passing of Les Paul. Figures you would show up – now that the boys are in full contact.

    Damn it was good to hear some pops yesterday. STAY LOW!! True 50 years ago, true today!

    Anyone have suggestions on how to best teach this? Drills to make it automatic??

  • Reyes

    Coach McFarland,
    I got PHS Bulldog looking very good in practice.
    This year will with so many skill players.
    The (HOP) House of Pancake O-line will get it due credit. There O-line has been overlook last few years!!!


    La Puente at Gabrielino — Harold Sanin, a longtime assistant coach, begins his first season after Vince Lopez resigned to become assistant principal. After La Puente’s debacle last year, the Falcons could give Sanin a tough Week 0.

    Wait a minute……

    I thought La Puente was the warriors and Gabrielino were the Eagles………………So is Sanin coaching gabrielino now who are now named the Falcons or did the new coaching staff at la puente change their name to the falcons?

    I’m so confused.

  • Reno Hightower

    New York

    Danny Loyd! What a blast from the past. His QB play @ San Marino reminded me of myself before I became a van conversion specialist. Boy, that boy could wing the old pigskin. As I recall, Loyd moved on to Redlands and then Arizona or Arizona State as a coach. The Rams have always used multiple sets and formations not just the tested and true I formation. Interesting, the last two years produced two good tailbacks each year. 2007 had Williams Do and Johnny Escobedo while 2008 had Joey Stewart and Max Ruckle. Both teams rushed for over 2,000 yards each year. As much as I love to throw the rock, you can’t beat that winning formula…

  • Reno Hightower


    It is reaaly simple. Melendez and his counterpart at the Tribune,Robledo, are nit wits when it comes to journalism. Thats why they were looking for correspondents for games earlier this year. So, if you can do the following: misquote, report inaccurate information, or not know what player/coach/nickname goes with which school then you can have Miquel’s job.

  • Miguel Melendez


    Thanks for being my biggest fan and continuing to read my blog.

    Your favorite writer,


  • Observantcat

    Miguel, You and Reno need to negotiate a new reality show. I have to laugh sometimes when I’m supposed to be serious after reading his lines. I can just imagine you sucking in a deep breath trying not to say or do the wrong thing. They say what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger….. keep up the good work…..

  • Miguel Melendez


    What baffles me is Reno talks trash, yet he continues to read our blogs! It’s OK though, I love haters! 14,000 comments and counting! I’ll add Reno to my list of best buddies. Thanks for the kind words, OCat.

  • Observantcat

    Miguel:… I thought there would have been more than 14,000 blogs. GA has 13,999 of that alone. LoL…..

  • EagleBrains

    Reno how are things are at Rosemead? I have heard the new freshmen Coach weighs more than the whole team combined. also that they are trying to get a new Qb in there

  • New York

    Half-time fundraiser at this year’s Temple City vs Monrovia game; a football throwing contest. Early entries are Dan Loyd, Goldenarm, Reno Hightower, and Uncle Rico (from Napolean Dynamite).

  • King

    Rumor has it that Uncle Rico and Reno are related? Any truth to that. They both claim they could’ve won state if they played in the 4th quarter, both claim they have rocket arms and can throw a football over that mountain, and both drive some kick ass mini-vans! Reno, by any chance do you also sell tupperware on the side?

  • New York

    Uncanny parallels. I think we bloggers all have a bit of an Uncle Rico in us.

  • Goldenarm


    If I start warmimg up right now, today, and don’t stop until minutes before Mtown-TC halftime – it is possible the shoulder would hold together long enough to cut loose a couple spirals before pieces of rotator cuff begin raining down on the 50 yard line.

    After squeezing tennis balls and those little black grip strengtheners – for 8 years, finally my left hand looks the same as my right.

    All this is probably why I now profess love of the ground game.

    The slo-mo is in my head – of the glory throws and receptions, jubilation afterward. Weird, but my favorite head replay is a pick I threw, never saw the guy, threw it right to him while attempting to lead my guy on a post. The skinny bastard darted for the sideline, and out of nowhere a “psycho white man” switch activated in my head from sheer anger, pissed at myself for the INT. Our tailback contained him on the sideline and he should have crossed the chalk out of bounds and been done….but no, he cut back and claaaaaaaaaack – the best hit of my playing days. He saw me at the absolute last second and I remember his saucer sized eyes and the explosion of adrenaline I felt. My O-line liked me much more after that.

  • Goldenarm

    Yeah, my posts are heavier this year – I need the release. It keeps me from loading the 12 gauge.

    That is not trash talk from Reno, just straight out.
    With “veteran” comes expectation of a low error rate, research and most importantly….paragraphs that give us (readership) info we can take as fact. You know this.

    Stang Fan,
    I want to hit Licoln Ave and see the DR game….can you update on parking, layout, anything that might help?

  • Reno Hightower

    Reno is no Uncle Ruco

    If you can’t catch the tight spiral, stay on the sidelines with the women and children. No sighting of a deep thrower at Rosemead but Kofler will have someone ready to throw the 7 step 15 yard out on the mark by game #1. You can bet on that one. A solid Panther running game helps with play action passes and one on one coverage on the wide outs. Much has been made of the return of several players to the Ram football program but what of the juniors who are sitting out this year?

  • Goldenarm


    who is missing?
    other than Kwame, that is.
    One individual who would make a difference and impact is D Sanderson.
    He is first rate quick, good as anyone man on man, tireless and an outstatanding overall athlete, besides being a “team” first kinda kid.
    Unfortunately, he banged up his shoulder. He has starting cornerback written all over him and kickoff returner written under that.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan

    I gotta give FJR ups for taking the Stangs over DR, not a popular move with the east side crew and DRanch fans over there. He will takin heat either way.

  • DRanchhhh

    The Stang Fan,

    Found Ya!! So this is where all of the S*it Typing goes on?? I am hoping for a woarm welcome into this blog once Sept. 5th rolls around. Yes, that the day after, the day that Muir fans realize that it just didn’t happen for’um. Looking forward to a highly competitve game, and please on the visitor side can you tell the guys who park on that street not to blow back there. By the 3rd quarter our players were turnt up!

  • dRanchhhh

    Oh and one more thing, Please tell Muir that by aiming for heads, they will miss a lot of tackles against us!! They may want to think about aiming at waist lines and wrapping!!

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