Top RB at Lakewood High charged with attempted murder, coach confirms he’s not playing this season.

Ben Bolch at the Los Angeles Times reports a star running back from Lakewood High was charged Tuesday with two counts of attempted murder in connection with what police described as a gang-related drive-by shooting Friday afternoon in which no one was injured. Bolch wirtes: Law enforcement officials privately confirmed that Jerry Stone, a senior considered among the best tailbacks in the state, was allegedly driving the vehicle involved in the shooting, which occurred in the 1100 block of Acacia Avenue in Compton. Because Stone is a juvenile, authorities are not allowed to identify him publicly.

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  • coach jb

    Very bed news. This young kid put his future in serious jepordy. I feel for the kid. I am glad no one was killed or seriously hurt. It’sad when a kid has the whole world in their hands and are not aware of it. I wonder if anyone has told him that these last few years…? Well either way he is going to have to live with what ever the outcome turns out to be.

  • Heya, Awesome job. i didn’t expect to have this right away. It is a great write-up.