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  • Moor Til I Die!

    Went by the office to see if I can catch
    coach old “Rudy” just to say hi and check out the team.
    I knew they couldn’t be practicing out there but I know
    coach will having his players doing something constructive
    and to my surprised somebody directed me the the basketball gym. There was something very uncharacteristic of anything coach would approve us doing way way back in the day, but I must say there is something special in the air over there with the Moors.
    I walked in on some sorta talent contest as the boys were broken up into there defensive positions(DL/LB’s/DB’s) and each group performed to a song that the had something to do with football and the most important thing that means to them when they step on the field and” go to WAR with your Families” as coach Rudy shouted out.
    The boy’s looked like they were having a blast along with the coaching staff, and I sensed a really special
    TEAM vibe going on in that short time I was there.

  • FYI

    Blair boarded a bus and practiced at U.S.C for 2 days..When i heard that and confirmed that it blew me away ! I seen it and boy are they loaded with youngsters and a kid from South Carolina who is a stuuuudddd. I believe the Defensive coordinator and Defensive line coach is an employee if I am correct form Parks’ interview?


  • Anonymous

    what about that big kid #74 who left blair to go to muir but is now at alemany! he is a beast!!

  • Alhambra baller

    I heard from somebody at Alhambra that Rosemeads kicking coach will possibly join the varstiy staff. This guy is a class act and has coached some very good kickers for the Panthers. Coach Rudy got himself a good one here that will make a difference in close games!

  • Alhambra Baller

    Coach Rudy is bringing Rosemeads kicking coach on staff and this guy has coached some of the best kickers in the valley. Big loss for Rosemead but a sweet gain for the Moors. Every year the Panthers have produced some big legs which will be important in those close games.

  • Goldenarm

    Moor Till I Die,

    To each his own I guess. Regarding the Moors indoor “practice”:
    Each group (DL, LB’s DB’s) performing to a song in a some sort of talent contest in the gym?? Is Richard Simmons on the Moors staff?
    Pigskin American Idol?
    Hopefully somebody was breaking a sweat.

    Hold onto the video, If the Moors take league and do well in the playoffs you could see some $$$$ come your way.

  • Vikings Supporter

    rised from the ashes and took the bait like the slimmy fish you are…Singing like a mocking bird !

  • Matt


    Have you talked to anyone at La Canada yet?

  • JC


    Richard Simmon’s?LOL
    Breaking a sweat?
    Prior to the wich “MOOR GOT TALENT” contest
    was a vigorous 4 hr workout in the gym so don’t
    worry or question anyone’s coaching staff.
    I’m sure you will have lot’s of question’s this season
    with your new coaching staff.
    The boy’s have been participating in many different
    activities aside from football, that has brought them much
    closer as a unit. It has also brought out some leadership
    qualities in some young men that was FAR unexpected,
    in turn will benefit this team in the long run.
    A slight change of pace can sometimes be a breath of fresh air! GO MOORS

  • FB Einstein

    TC had its inner squad scrimmage tonight. Offense sputtered but the D was tough and fast fast fast…Goldenarm were you there? I caught most of it. All three QB’s still look like they are looking for their timing and the o-line looks out of whack in those splits. I’m sure they will get it figured out. The D was all over the place. Secondary seemed a bit undersized but the 7 in the box are beasts! Ruckle looked off without a lead Full-back and the O-line walling down.

  • Reno Hightower

    FB Einstein

    “Goldearm were you there?” (@ the TC Scrimmage). In regards to there is no stupid question, this almost qualifies as a stupid question. Of course Goldenarm was there, if not physically then at least with a well thought opinion. He was was probably walking the halls of the TC campus looking for a FB to be the lead blocker of his beloved 6 Power. This play is run from the NFL down to the pee wees of Pop Warner. It was a staple of the single wing of the 1920’s to Tim Tebow at Florida today. The Rams will run a version of it somehow. About the Rams undersized secondary, it will be interesting to see the matchups in week #2 vs. the big wideouts of Alhambra. Ruedaflores and company will have payback on their mind after getting shellacked by Glendale, the current FB Staff at TC, in Game #1 last year. Coaches have long memories. Air raid sirens and bombs away!

  • The Stang Fan


    Not an expert on fires at all…BUT I don’t think the air will be clear enough by Friday for Muir to host their season opener. Is it possible that if DR can’t host this game that it would just be cancelled?

    Might not be the worst thing in the world, considering Muir didn’t practice in pads last week and probably won’t be able to this weeek either.


  • Miguel Melendez

    TSF: I’m actually going to be putting in a call to coaches on Monday specifically about practice conditions and if they’ll get to even play Friday. I’ll have info for you by Monday afternoon.

  • BigFatFan

    SP intrasquad scrimmage is Tuesday night, under the lights, if the smoke will allow the boys to play. I think they are all tired of practices in the gym, and no hitting.

  • curiousgoerge

    L.A.Times “Rating the Quarterbacks”

    1:Bryan Bennett,Crespi,6’1,190,Sr
    2:Devon Blackmon,Summit,6’1,180,Jr
    3:Brandon Connette,Corona Santiago,6’2,195,Sr
    4:Ryan Kasdorf,Sherman Oaks ND,6’1,205,Sr
    5:Nick Montana,Oaks Christian,6’2,190,Sr
    6:Chase Rettig,San Clemente,6’4,205,Sr
    7:Jesse Scroggins,Lakewood,6’2,200,Sr
    8:Tyler Shreve,Redlands E. Valley,6’4,215,Sr
    9:Matt Viles,Edison,6’3,190,Sr
    10:Greg Watson,Rancho Cucamonga,6’0,190,Sr
    11:Justin Alo,Carson,6’0,180,Jr
    12:Micheal Ball,Rowland,5’9,160,Jr
    13:Brian Blechen,Moorpark,6’3,200,Sr
    14:Micheal Bundy,El segundo,5’11,180,Sr

  • curiousgoerge


    SUCKS is an understatement.
    The Moors could not practice in pads either,
    And there upcoming opponent Roosevelt,
    have been in pads for six weeks already.
    The city school rules are different than CIF plus the
    ALL YEAR AROUND school system plays to there advantage sometimes.
    No excuse but needing to be in pads in preperation for
    your season opener is critical.
    If the Admins do not let the boys practice,
    how can they play on FRIDAY night?
    We will see how it plays out.

  • hsfootballfan

    expect a big season out of mike alexander from la salle. i was at their team scrimmage on friday. he played 10 plays on offense, had 2 catches for about 110 yards, including an 80 yard slant for a TD. he should have big season after being injured for basically all of last season

  • hsfootballfan

    expect a big season out of mike alexander from la salle. i was at their team scrimmage on friday. he played 10 plays on offense, had 2 catches for about 110 yards, including an 80 yard slant for a TD. he should have big season after being injured for basically all of last season

  • Moor Til I Die!

    Congrats to Darrian representing the SGV,
    the last time I seen him was ten years ago he was our
    ball boy @ AHS. I couldn’t believe how much he’s grown and matured. He will have an outstanding 2009 season!

  • Anonymous

    how are teams like phs and lasalle able to have full scrimmages and others cant take the field?

  • Reno Hightower

    Hey The Stang Fan & Curiousgeorge,

    Good call on what the smoke will bring this week. Some schools have week 0 games whereas others are only scrimmaging. Scrimmage schools will still 9 practice days until their first contest. Little pad work and limited conditioning will be a factor in all games. Depth will be an issue. Seldom used/overlooked players will have an opportunity to “shine or ride the pine.” Will administrators look at gate receipts (big for Arcadia @ Monrovia), cancel, or move the games to favorable weather sites on Thursday or Saturday? Any truth to the rumor that the Moors and Mustangs are facing off with a talent show at the Pasadena Playhouse? Muir wins in a breakdance overtime THRILLER! Should have scheduled that week zero game in Hawaii and get some surfing in too!

  • curiousgoerge

    Go to LATIMES.COM/PREPS go to “Rating the wide wr’s”,
    Mitchell Crockum #5 on the top ten list congrats to the young man, he’s been working very hard and has become a leader and great character kid this year.
    Most Improved from last year and what a differece a year
    makes…Good luck to all our SGV teams and hope for a great year!


    1:Kevin Anderson, Lakewood, 6’0,180,Sr.
    2:Nat Bellamy, Loyala,6’0,180,Sr.
    3:Victor Blackwell, Mater Dei,6’2, 190,Jr.
    4:Tevin Carter, Santee,6’2,186,Sr.

  • Goldenarm

    Moor fans,

    Apparently the forced indoor practices have made everyone a little insane this week, because TC joined the “talent contest” “let me entertain you” ranks – similar to what Moor Til I Die explained. Some acts appear bound for International Stardom, others had them rolling in the aisles. Lets just say when you mix the musical influences of Mexico, Asia and a white man of unknown origin into a vocal trio- the result can be downright amazing. Not necessarily ready for public display…but entertaining as hell. MY BAD for not recognizing the team building benefit of such an activity – in my era team building meant staying an hour after practice to work the sled.
    Times have changed.

  • Arm Chair QB

    hey golenarm,
    i always look to you for the latest on TC and i heard some things about an inter squad scrinnage and im waiting to hear what your take is on the team thus far…

  • Arm Chair QB

    hey goldenarm,
    i always look to you for the latest on TC and i heard some things about an inter squad scrinnage and im waiting to hear what your take is on the team thus far…

  • Arm Chair QB

    hey goldenarm,

    i always look to you for the latest on TC and i heard some things about an inter squad scrinnage and im waiting to hear what your take is on the team thus far…

  • Viking Dad

    As a parent, I am proud of those boys on MARENGO..Slow turn out but the kids are showing up. My son has trimmed down and ready to take the lead for his senior season. Give them hell on Friday Vikes. Thanks to coach Parks and his staff for teaching loyalty and commitment but most of all, standing by the lesson when others probally would have walked away. Great job coach.

  • Goldenarm

    I was at the scrimmage and so was a crowd bigger than I can recall for a simple inter squad practice. Many people in the stands…the upcoming JV parents are an enthusiastic bunch. The Rams have us vets wondering and waiting.

    The offense – well, break out the Rettig La Salle video of last year. Will this work? We have some smart coaches who are confident it will. The scrimmage did show we have a wide range of talent, new and real new. We have some kids who WE MUST find ways to get the ball. But, doing so without disrupting whatever the hell it is we intend to do. #1 of many concerns when you pass – is pass blocking. A couple thoughts:

    1)Even a good QB looks bad when on the ground or running for his life.
    2)When all are covered – it is perfectly fine to throw it (safely) away, scramble for whatever you can – or TAKE THE SACK WITH DIGNITY. Please no picks for six.
    3.Listen to the coaches motto – take what the defense gives you – don’t throw to the triple teamed dude.
    4.Justin, Calvin, Brandon – TC fans support you!

    We looked semi-crappy in the ElMO scrimmage last year, it don’t mean squat in the big picture. D looked impressive at times…and this will be THE CRUCIAL factor this year. I know our line can stand up, it is the 2nd and 3rd tier of LB’s and DB’s that are mostly new to this level. I say again, “In Chou We Trust”.
    Go Rams!!!

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan

    the fire issue could bring more disruption – 730pm and the flames they say are going to scorch mt wilson pretty quick and potentially whack satelitte and other transmission stations up there.
    at the scrimmage everyone was watching that big mo drop the red retardant along the ridge lines…for what looked like 1/2 mile drop, awesome
    the smoke was thick and ashe everywhere this morning, and the air is hideous right now in Dena. not sure how much better it would be out there at the end of the 210, were it moved to DR turf.
    what about Sat night games…is that even possible?
    I don’t like the thought of one game less to the season

  • Goldenarm

    Viking Dad

    get your travelin shoes on…I thought our schedule sucked with only 4 home games…the Vikes are officially the “ROAD WARRIORS” this year.

    Good luck to you and your son this season.

  • Arm Chair QB


    thanks for the update sounds like your kids still need some fine polishing, good news is you guys dont have the opener for a coupe weeks. athough i am wondering a bit about that offensive line i’ve heard so much about this off season…also so which kid looks to be the QB starter over there? i heard some things on the blogs about a freshman. there not really thinkin of startin a freshman at QB are they?

  • Arm Chair QB


    well it sounds like your guys still have some fine polishing to do, good thing is there still have two weeks before the opener. hey i read alot about that offensive line over ther, whats up with that… one more thing who looks to be the QB starter? ive read some things on the blogs about a freshman kin. there not really thinkin about startin a freshman at QB, are they?

  • Semi-Krappy


    Of course the Rams looked semi crappy vs. El Mo last year in a scrimmage. Why give a MVL team video of the real deal when they will share with their league brothers? Rams looked crappy in the scrimmage and blasted Arroyo 34-0 in the real deal. Singiser, Sanchez and Kofler will discuss/strategize TC as a non-league/playoff opponent. Everything is vanilla. Don’t if it changes this week.



  • Moor Til I Die!


    no offence taken at all and yes these Fires have made everyone a lil insane and on edge, i’m old school to and if it wasn’t for these fires trust me coach Rudy lives n’ die’s on the boys pushing that big metal sled as much as these kids hate it after a two hour session!

  • FB Einstein

    G.A. that was gently put, but my fears about the TC offense looked like they might come to fruition. Their splits are way too wide. Having to run three yards to block the guy in your gap does not equate to a successful running game. The defenses in the RHL will simply adjust with speed just like Chou has done with TCs D.

    Also G.A. the Rams looked Simi crappy against El Monte last year…Really? My memory tells a different story…three drives with the 1s and three scores…I agree these scrimmages dont tell you everything about your team, but it does tell you where you need to improve…did they even go two-backs..? Every play single back with the QB in shot half the time…that defense better be conditioned…in Chou we trust!!

  • Goldenarm

    FB Einstein

    It is too early for doom, but yes, I can feel a disturbance in the force, Obe Wan.

    Yes, one back, looks eerily similar to La Salle of last year.

    The theory that when we scrimmaged ElMo last year – we reason we ran absolutely nothing and looked semi-crappy was some massive prep for Arroyo or to deny the MVL review film – is laughable. The Arroyo game swung on what was seen at gametime, both in personnel and defensive alignment – not any “secretive” arsenal of plays Loya had held in reserve. The two teams know each other like brothers and the rest of the MVL has known what we run since Hitchcock was coach!!! Their is enough film of similar content floating around to fill MGM’s vault. This is not some New England spygate plot.

    My point is it is OK to look out of sync in scrimmage situations – the kids have barely been in pads! Some chaos is to be expected and not go off the deep end because of it. Few teams look oiled in game 1, and with new schemes on both sides of the ball – I just pray the Rams come together when we need to.

    We have some skill this year and we have some toughness. Any other year at Temple City that is enough to win some football games.
    Excitement is coming – TC supporters…bring all you got.
    Go Rams

  • Goldenarm


    you La Canada guys getting any practices in ?

    Maybe Yoder should bus down the squad to the coast somewhere and get some full tilt practices under the belt. You guys are in the thick of it.

    I hear LC High School is an evac/Red Cross station as well….

    I sincerely hope the best…

  • Matt

    No practice since Wednesday on the field. The scrimmage on Saturday was cancelled. They are supposed to scrimmage Burroughs on Friday, but I doubt that will happen. I heard they expect to fully contain the fire on the 9th. First game versus Alhambra on the 11th. Tough situation. I heard they had a lot of players evacuated and who knows where they are.

  • Goldenarm

    It is looking like this may extinct the first week of SGV football.

    Maybe NASA can cloud seed us a massive thundershower. Maybe God played fullback and will show us who really runs the show – with a rainstorm out of nowhere.

    Maybe we all practice indoors another week and do round 2 of the talent show? Their is alot of fuel out there,,,,,but not contained until the 9th??? That sounds like a nightmare…

  • Goldenarm


    Returning Offensive Starters: 8
    Returning Defensive Starters: 8
    2008 JV Record: 3-7
    Starting Quarterback Returning: yes
    Top Running Back Returning: yes
    Top Receiver Returning: yes
    Top OL Returning: yes
    Top Defender Returning: yes

  • Semi-Krappy

    Agree with you, FB Eistein about last year’s TC/El Mo get together. Just saying that coaches play everything close to the vest in scrimmages. They won’t show any wrinkles such as halfback pass so that the opposing coaches know that #22 or that guy can throw. Also the second teamers get a chance to show if they have the right/wrong stuff. Coaches will let mistakes happen so that they can correct off the videotape. Perhaps in the spirit of cooperation, school districts and the CIF will waive the massive red tape and hold a quadruple opener at Cal State Fullerton, Orange Coast College, El Camino College, Harbor College and other locations on Saturday. Games @ 10am, 1 pm, 4pm, and 7 pm. The split would be 50% to CIF and 50% to relief or Red Cross. It is a good idea, but I doubt if it will happen.

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