Football: Dietrich Riley takes center stage this season

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St. Francis star Dietrich Riley is one of the most coveted recruits this season, and arguably the West San Gabriel Valley’s best Division I prospect; the San Gabriel Valley’s version of Matt Barkley, if you will. USC coach Pete Carroll was first to offer Riley a scholarship, and he hadn’t even set foot in his first varsity game. Yeah, Riley’s got game. Since then, Riley’s gotten well over a dozen offers from some of the top football programs in the nation, including USC, Ohio State, Alabama, Notre Dame and Oklahoma. Riley’s graced us with his ominous presence the last three seasons, and as he prepares for his final season we will follow him every week and await his highly-anticipated decision of where he’ll continue his stellar career.

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  • Goldenarm

    Go ahead, shoot the messenger, somebody must take the first bullet
    In every war

    Phelan beats Paraclete
    La Puente over Gabe
    DR 14 Muir 10sorry Stangs, next week aint pretty either
    Dogs lose to Westchester
    Norwalk crushes SoElMo
    Pomona over Keppel (hang in there MK)
    Moors beat LC (but no blowout, no shutout, Spartans hang tough)

    And the upset of the week.
    Arcadia surprises Monrovia

    Let the smoke leave our valleylet the games begin!!

  • Observantcat

    The only way that Arcadia surprises Monrovia this year is to jog over to MHS like Miguel had mentioned. Then Jog back at halftime. I think that the Wildcats are a much better team than last year. Completely athletic from top to bottom. Much, Much faster and way more organized than last season. The best attribute this year for the Cats will be the “D” especially the linebackers & secondary. I think Monrovia will have some surprises in the backfield this year as well. Very young team but very talented. Very good depth on O & D this year as well. I see Bueno giving their D hell this year and his back-ups taking it to the house on a consistent basis. I dont care if the fire reaches the Big M on the hill, the game will still be played.

  • Reno Hightower


    Phelan over the ‘Clete? The Station Fire must have blazed through a illegal marijuana farm up in the Angeles Crest and the secondary smoke cloud settled over your apartment. The Spirits blow the P-Boys out as they reload to run through the Mid Valley.

  • Goldenarm

    I feel the love, thanks.
    At least I got my ol friend to post!
    I think the game will be more level – but you sure are heavy on the confidence.

    I thought I had a swarm of skunks under my apartment…now I know it was that blazing Indica farm up on the hill…no wonder those 27 Reese’s Cups tasted so good! Damn my mouth is dry….Calpreps shared my bong, they see the Clete going down in their opener as well.

  • observantcat


    I’m merely looking at both teams on offense and defense and skill player positions and after analyzing both squads returning as well as new players that can make a difference my conclusion is that Monrovia is top and bottom heavy in more areas. Now Arcadia has a very strong line coming back but the difference from last year to this year is that they have several untested defensive players and a QB that struggled greatly last year with pressure and has little to no running game. All of this along with the 9-1 JV players and 9-1 Freshman team standouts I see the pendulum swinging to the North East. I feel that Maddox has attracted all of the best athletes at the school to come out and add support to an already gifted class of athletes. Now if you know something that us Monrovia Fans don’t than I’m sure all of us are open for discussion.

    PS… By the same token I dont think that Arcadia will have an answer for TC and Max Ruclke AKA Little (Don Roberts)

  • Cats Fan

    GA: This years Monrovia team is not the same as last years’ team. Much more firepower, speed and athleticism. Probably a better defensive team as well. Look for DEs Grant Haggard (6-1 230) and Ellis McCarthy (6-4 250) to have a field day at the opposing backfields, and LBs Josh Lowden (6-2 230), Derrick Johnson (6-0 230) and Justin De la Nuez (5-11 185) to clean up on RBs. Offensively, it will be interesting to see how teams plan on containing Bueno, Ramirez, Bouligny and Brown (just to name a few). These 4 could form a pretty awesome 4×100 team.

  • Why SF?

    Riley’s a pretty good player. It’s too bad he picked St.Francis to go to.

  • the truth

    dietrich played the second half of his freshman year on varsity and scored 2 tds first game and he didnt have his offer then soooo

  • the truth

    dietrich played the second half of his freshman year on varsity and scored 2 tds first game and he didnt have his offer then soooo

  • the truth

    dietrich played the second half of his freshman year on varsity and scored 2 tds first game and he didnt have his offer then soooo

  • the truth

    dietrich played the second half of his freshman year on varsity and scored 2 tds first game and he didnt have his offer then soooo

  • Apache Joe

    Dietrich Riley is a fantastic player. Hope all the best for him this season and to stay injury free. Good luck D!

  • Reno Hightower


    That Bob Marley Bong Cloud must have settled over your house. It is Serrano OF Phelan, not Phelan High School. Serrano would blast any and all Mid Valley Division Teams by 21 or more points. Serrano would run with Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, or Muir. Check their record. It is like confusing Arroyo and El Monte. “We’re playing Long Beach (Wilson, Cabrillo or Poly?) on Friday.” There is a difference between La Salle and Concord De La Salle. Serrano vs. Paraclete is a toss up. If the ‘Clete Spirits go 2-1 vs. Serrano, Hart, and St. Paul, they will tear a new a– through the division. Reno knows football. Jack in the Box does sound good after Bob Marley…

  • Bayou Vol

    Riley has been getting a lot of love and press on the Tennessee blogs. It seems Orgeron and Kiffin are pushing hard for him. Personally, I’d love to see him in orange, running through the “T”. We’ll see how it shakes down in the coming months…

  • Goldenarm


    It is all cactus to me, you get my drift, whether it is Boramir of Gondor or Serrano of Phelan. The Clete will be locking horns with one tough-ass Bighorn sheep.
    By the way, I am tracking the GPS location of that THC cloud, should I need it later this season.

    Cats Fan,
    just the thing that always makes a TC dude smile, word that Monrovia has more speed and firepower than the year prior. Mr Rufus Williams was plenty last year, thank you.
    I say again, it will be the Monrovia defense that will take/not take them to the promised land. Teams will be hard pressed to find a soft spot or something to capitalize on, when they do, you have the right guy in charge to make whatever adjustments are needed. Arcadia will need their A+ game.

    TC is in a much different place than M-town is right now…and that will become apparent as pre-league kicks off. Were we running our straight in your face running game – I am confident that once again, our two squads would have a tremendous game and fight to the last ticks. Line to line we are as good if not better than Monrovia, witness last year’s 80 yard drives and 13 first half 1st downs, we can hang up front with anyone in the Valley. The Rams came away with much respect for M-town’s trench play last year. Without a system built on the muscle and will of our line – I can’t see us challenging Monrovia in a way where we have a legitimate shot of winning. Sorry Ram faithful – that is just the way I see it.
    For a D to KNOW we have to throw and to be repeatedly put into must throw situations – puts the advantage in Monrovia’s court all day long. Closing speed, pass rush, blitzes and stunts – we can neutralize these factors with a power run game…and we have before. This year M-town stands very high over the RHL….it should be fun to watch.

  • Goldenarm


    Don Roberts – nice compliment for the ruck.
    he looked good in the intra-squad scrimmage.

    we got a couple juniors that will make names this year and some good defenders who need to step up quick – there will be some fights to make #1 on the depth chart.
    we lose the best tackler in the RHL with Conora graduating, hard to replace a machine like that, Reasoner before him.
    Who will it be this year?
    Lowden is a good bet for D player of the year.

  • Angel BEC

    Riley is a very nice young man and takes his sport seriously. I hope that he has the season of his life and that he goes to the school that will be the best fit for him.

    I hope Miguel follows up on all area athletes who went to college this fall – sort of “how are they doing now”
    May Spring or summer of this year?

  • Rams Know It All

    Max Ruckle and Don Roberts

    Don Roberts was a once in a decade or once in a generation type talent. He was a threat on run, pass, or kick return. Punt return for TD was common for #43. Desmond Reed and Don Roberts should be in the same breath. Max is a great talent too. However, he is more in the line of other Ram backs most recently Sushi Tsai and Antonio Wagner. Remember Max got sucked up in the open field last year by LB/OL Josh Lowden.

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious to find out whos going to be Paraclete’s QB? That team was very pedestrian offensively without last years starter & would not have won cif without him.

  • Observantcat

    TC Fans… Never mind the comparison of Ruckle to Roberts in terms of Stats. I am comparing him to Roberts in terms of physical attributes, size, speed, etc. I think with Don Roberts line you would be looking at pretty similar stats as well.

  • MIke

    Saw Riley at a USC practice a a couple of weeks ago and he was like a celebrity there. Saw several coaches come up to him and ask how he was? That kind of attention from the SC staff means they think he is pretty special.

    About Paraclete and the rest of the Mid-Valley division…no contest! They will roll through that division this year for a 2nd straight title. No one else has any chance. The only chance anyone has had to beat them, was Northview last year. They played them tougher than anyone in the division last year or than anyone will this year. Too bad that the Mid-Valley division title won’t go to a local team.

  • Panther Pride

    Rosemead would have beaten Paraclete last year had they played down here and Monrovia would definitely give them a challenge this season.

  • Anonymous

    Paraclete did not “roll through” the midvalley division last year. That’s a total misrepresentation of how they won the title last year. They were losing in their 1st round game in the 2nd qtr., then they played 3 closely contested games in which they made plays at key times. They earned that title and will have to do it again. As I stated earlier, last years qb who was hurt during the season & came back during the playoffs, was a difference maker and unless they have someone similar to him or better, I don’t see how a repeat is such a guarantee.

  • tcchamps


    Don’t Bogart that cloud, give up those coordinates.

  • Reno Hightower

    Reagarding Paraclete

    As much as I love trowing the rock, scoring points, and seeing the cheerleaders doing cartwheels (do I ever), Paraclete giave up minimal points in the post season. Defense wins the rings. Rosemead had their chance last season with a once in a generation opportunity. It didn’t happen (state your reason here). The Panthers were the only team to match up with the Spirits. Last year’s backup is this year’s starter with play off experience. The Mid Valley is a very weak division. The ‘Clete should roll (a’int I right, Desert Rat?). What would Monrovia, TC,Azusa, Northview, etc. be vs. Hart, Serrano, St. Paul, and Hart? Oh and 3, outscored by____? The Wildcats mught have a chance this year if…

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen that team play & there is nothing that should make anyone believe that Paraclete is head & shoulders that much better than everyone else in the midvalley. Their individual talent is no better than anyone else in the division. The backup is now the starter… that should be interesting, any word on how much he has improved? The SM playoff game that he started in he got yanked for the 3rd string guy any word if that guy is in the mix for qb? Against NV he got yanked for the og starter & Paraclete never looked back. Paraclete was not very impressive offensivly with him under center. Hmph. D wins championships, O wins games without an offence that can consistently keep possession & score points, the D just ends up playing the whole game. Paraclete is not that scary.

  • Goldenarm

    Paraclete took the crown for many, many reasons, and those reasons would be a blog topic in itself.
    The Clete QB was a better runner than passer, and threw some horrendeous long balls at Northview, twice getting bailed out on int calls from NV defenders. He threw one good pass against TC, a short slant that was set up by their relentless run game – which is what Paraclete is really all about.
    Defense and ground attack.
    This is a tremendously well prepared team that understands the long road into December football…
    and play their season with their eye on the BIG prize from day one. Most MV teams aspire to make the playoffs – and consider that as “success”.

    The team is beatable and are not loaded with unstoppable talent, tremendous speed or huge size. They play and thrive at a high level of aggression that MUST be matched – if you hope to take away their game.

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