UPDATED: La Caada/Alhambra ruled “no-contest” per CIF-SS; Rio Hondo Prep/Kilpatrick game canceled.

*UPDATED 2:24 p.m.* Rob Wigod, CIF-SS assistant commissioner in charge of football, said the La Caada/Alhambra game has been ruled a “no-contest.”

“Bottom line, we’re not going to award a victory or give someone a loss when it’s beyond the school’s control,” Wigod said. The Week 1 game between LC and Alhambra was canceled because the Spartans did not meet the minimum 10 days of mandatory practice. Reason? Poor air quality from the Station Fire.

“The Rio Hondo-Kilpatrick game, now thas’ a little different,” Wigod said. “That’s considered a forfeit victory for Rio Hondo Prep.”


*WEDNESDAY (12:01 p.m.)* If it’s not one thing, it’s something else, right?

Rio Hondo Prep football coach Ken Drain confirmed Kilpatrick forfeited Friday night’s game against the Kares after a riot involving football players erupted at Kilptrick.

According to Drain, all but seven players from JV and varsity were suspended, thus giving Rio Hondo Prep (2-0) a forfeit victory.

Kilpatrick AD Donald Freeman confirmed the forfeit, adding the riot took place Saturday.

“I can’t tell you more beyond what I’ve told you,” Freeman said.

Kilpatrick, a juvenile school under the control of the Los Angeles Court Schools, houses its students.

Drain, also the school’s athletic director, said he tried to schedule another team before the Week 2 showdown against Brentwood next week, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, La Caada and Alhambra are looking into how to handle this week’s canceled game. Last week’s Franklin-Harvard Westlake game was canceled because of poor air quality.

The Times reported that the City Section stood by its decision last week to label the game as a “no-contest”. But according to the report, Harvard-Westlake is calling it a forfeit.

I’ve put in a call to Rob Wigod, CIF assistant commissioner in charge of football, to find out how the Alhambra/La Caada situation will be handled.

Are the Moors now 1-1 and LC 0-1?

“When I spoke with CIF they said it wouldn’t hurt us,” Spartans athletic director Tamar Hill said. “I’m assuming it would be a no-contest. From my impression this (the fires and poor air quality) was beyond our control. We physically couldn’t practice.”

Stay tuned.

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  • eagleball

    I hear the Moors are looking for a game. Maybe Coach Rudy can figure out how to adjust to the over-load this week against RHP?

  • New York

    Rio Hondo vs. Alhambra would make sense.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Rio Hondo Prep vs. Alhambra has a weird feel to it, but at this point I’m sure both teams would take it. Having said that, it would probably be too late for both schools to make arrangements and prepare for a Friday game, seeing as in both schools already have plans to scout future opponents.

  • lchspartans

    The Spartans are disappointed they can not play the Moors. Both varsity teams should have an unofficial scrimmage.

  • Someone who knows


    You cannot even scrimmage another school without enough practices.

    New York,

    A school of 90 (coed) against a school of 3300 would not be much of a match, on paper, I just don’t think Rio Hondo would risk injuries in a meaningless game; however, it would be interesting to see and the Kares would give the Moors a more competitive game that Keppel.

  • New York

    Someone Who Knows,

    I would fully expect Coach Drain to have them ready to go in the same manner that the 300 Spartans performed in their epic battle.

  • Someone who knows

    New York,

    I would agree and RHP’s coaching is much better with very dedicated players who are knowledgeable about the game of football.

    However, with a squad of around 24, that means many players go both ways and play on special teams and by the second half, a school like Alhambra and their much larger squad, would end up pulling away in the end.

    But this could very well be an interesting game and RHP could prove that their 12 CIF Titles since 1973 are not a fluke and the only school in the Southern Section to win a Six Man (1, the last in 1973), Eight Man (9), and Eleven Man (2) Champonships.

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