Thursday Postgame: San Gabriel, Muir routed; Rio Hondo Prep takes care of business, Duarte doesn’t


San Gabriel not only had trouble getting into an offensive rhythm, but they couldn’t control the ball, committed costly penalties and lack of execution stymied them in the first half. Burbank led 14-0 at the half and piled it on in the third quarter en route to a 40-28 win Thursday night at Burroughs High. But you have to give the Matadors (1-2) some credit: They didn’t go down without a fight. In fact, Isaac Valdez led the second half effort and finished the night completing 20 of 38 passes for 283 yards and three touchdowns. Junior wide receiver Mark Covarrubias was one of the few bright spots for the Matadors. He caught seven passes for 159 yards and two touchdowns. As if the injury bug hadn’t already taken a huge bite out of San Gabriel, there’s some uncertainty as to what will be of senior running back Fabian Amaro who left midway through the fourth quarter with a neck strain. San Gabriel’s already without Alex Lopez, Arthur Brown and Steven Park. They should be ready come Almont League play. I have to imagine this game was hardest on Lopez who was hooting and hollering almost the entire game until there was no clear sight of a late comeback. Someone suggested to me that San Gabriel perhaps is overrated, but don’t slap that tag just yet. Sanchez himself at 6-3, 195 pounds would be a huge target for Valdez, as would be Brown and Park. This team could look very different and much improved come Almont League action. But there is no sugar coating this one. San Gabriel got beat hard. Burbank took a 14-0 lead at the half and there was no stopping QB Adam Colman, who competed 12 of 16 passes for 222 yards and five (yes, five!) touchdowns. His final four passes were touchdowns from 10, 60, 39 and 34 yards out. Leo Rodas was also a force on the ground for the Bulldogs (2-1). He rushed for 122 yards on 16 carries. “I just didn’t like the way we played,” San Gabriel coach Keith Jones said. “We told the kids we knew exactly what was going to come and they just didn’t perform. “We’re just not meshing very well all the way around. It wasn’t a good game. “I appreciate the fact the kids battled back late, but it’s not satisfying to me.” On a personal note I have one thing to gripe about. I arrived at Burroughs High at 6 p.m. knowing parking might be limited. I finally found a spot on the street and close to the visitors exit. But some Burbank dude was awesome enough to stand in the empty spot (big enough for two cars) and blatantly said “This spot’s taken” … Since when can someone just stand there and say the spot’s taken? I was close to putting the car in reverse and parallel park anyway, but dude in the blue polo shirt wasn’t worth my precious time. Real classy, dude.


Burbank 40, San Gabriel 20
Venice 49, Muir 14
Rio Hondo Prep 23, Brentwood 13
Pomona 29, Duarte 0

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  • JFMat

    Two QB studs, this should be an air assault!

  • Miguel Melendez

    That is true, JFMat. I’m heading out to Burroughs right now. Lets hope nobody slams into my car again like they did Wednesday =/

  • Goldenarm

    Just left Lincoln Ave following one quarter, beautiful field, great steamy football weather and some good lookin babes in the Muir stands.

    Unfortunately for my compadre the Stang Fan, Muir came out flat and Venice jumped on them following a couple penalties and some mishaps in the kicking game. Quickly 7 zip Venice. Williams passes’ were not too crisp at the start, then he let loose a perfectly thrown deep ball between 2 defenders right down the right sideline,,,,6 for sure….it was dropped.
    Muir then got the all world sideline violation (beware all of you will see it soon)then a botched snap on the punt gave Venice the ball on the 15 yd line of Muir…horrible break for the Stangs. Venice’s stumpy but studly RB then cut back on a draw that looked jammed up and scored easily, untouched.
    Muir got the ball back after Williams tossed a long int that was nullified by some penalty I could not figure out….and the announcer and no one else could either. The Venice D was blitzing with abandon..and even when the Stangs had the right play called….throws either went errant under pressure or were dropped…killing the Stangs chances to maintain possession.
    Holmes dropped a couple passes, including a 25 yd out that would have been a 1st down – but came back with a spectacular catch on a slant pass.
    I believe it was # 1 for the Stangs who started the game by aggresively stepping in front of a Venice wide out – for a textbook “that is my ball” take it away interception.
    …….at the end of one 21 -0 Venice on top.

    Please note – Venice is loaded with athletes and played superb defense. But…….the Stangs obviously were off their game as well. I hope things get better in the 2nd half. Muir crowd was way too quiet when I left.

  • Anonymous

    That mascot is almost as bad at the Maranatha cartoon Minuteman! Almost.

  • Hot Rod

    I left the Muir game at start of 4th quarter. Score was Venice 49-6. Muir played flat entire game and were never in it. They never showed up. They also screw you with a parking fee. Only school in so cal I ever seen do that.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    The Stangs are flat out terrible! There was no passion, ball hawking, play making and just no courage at all! To all the DONKEY fans out there I got $500 to your $300 that we will win league and for sure kick a$$ in the Bowl! Yawl been eating my money up for years and I can honestly say, if Muir scores on us Ill be surprised and pissed! Oh, Arcadia too!

    Yours truely!!!!

    P.S. I’m back!!!!!

  • Huckster!!!!!

    The Stangs are flat out terrible! There was no passion, ball hawking, play making and just no courage at all! To all the DONKEY fans out there I got $500 to your $300 that we will win league and for sure kick a$$ in the Bowl! Yawl been eating my money up for years and I can honestly say, if Muir scores on us Ill be surprised and pissed! Oh, Arcadia too!

    Yours truely!

    P.S. I’m back!!!

  • MoneyTalks

    So far (from the prior topic that i posted on) I have been money on my picks…

    Don’t forget I have Mead of Mtown and CV over SF.

  • MoneyTalks

    Huck, I truly believe that your bulldogs under mcfarland can beat muir this year. PHS is very scary. Tides are changing. Defense is tight, but offense is lagging somewhat for the Dogs. I think you all will be on point by game 7 or 8. What do u think?

  • MoneyTalks

    Huck, I truly believe that your bulldogs under mcfarland can beat muir this year. PHS is very scary. Tides are changing. Defense is tight, but offense is lagging somewhat for the Dogs. I think you all will be on point by game 7 or 8. What do u think?

  • RHP83

    Good job Rio, without your win the PSN area football would have been winless on thursday night. GO KARES

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Money Talks,

    Bro, I think by game 7 & 8 the Dog’s O should be okay enough to win the Pacific, but Muir will be running and hiding! I see something in the Stangs that I’ve never seen before! No Guts or Nuts at all! Mc Farland, is acting like the previous coach, but is not as brash!

  • MoneyTalks


    I had the chance to speak with McFarland for about 15 minutes since we both kind of knew each other through people. He is a neat fellow and very up beat. PHS picking him was huge. Great coach and character.

    The pacific league is wide open. Who is going to step it up???

  • Goldenarm

    The Muir QB is an excellent athlete, elusive in the pocket, and though his passing release is a little funky, he puts the ball in a catchable location.

    Muir did look flat and unfocused, and the opponent looked motivated. Their were too many Stangs in street clothes on the sidelines, and not knowing their roster, I have no idea if these are starters or not.

    The house was packed and food was smellin good. I passed on the pay parking and parked over by the underpass. It was 6 bucks general admission. I recall last year the highest in regular season was the San Gabriel game at 8 bucks.

  • Goldenarm


    PSN going to put up any video this week??

    La Salle faithful….can you guys beat San Marino?

  • Wake Up Miguel

    Curious George & Miguel,

    Thanks for proving my point regarding your sports credibility. SG got “stomped” on by Burbank & Muir laid an egg against Venice like I said would happen. SG is a 5-5 team at best!!! it goes to show that the matadors are a one dimensional team, having to have Valdez throw close to 40 times is sad.(I can just imagine how many bubble screens were thrown, ouch!) The Burbank qb had just as many yards in 16 attempts. LOL. SG defense is horrible. As for Muir, its is gonna be a long season.

  • Miguel Melendez

    Wake Up Miguel: Anytime, dude. Though I don’t think you seem to grasp the concept that SG is playing without three exceptional players, and will be a much different team come league. As far as Muir, they’re playing a tough schedule. We must hold judgemet until the first one or two leage games to fully asses the Mustangs. …. In a related note, I just woke up, literally.

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Ok, Muir played OC which is a dominate team, but DR is a decent team and Venice was okay. All Im saying is that the Stangs couldve lost a 100 to nothing had it not been for sportsmanship by OC & Venice! Folks, listen! A 100 to nothing in two separate games! I cant think of any Muir team that ever stared down those numbers! Muir will be lucky to beat Hoover and I cant stop laughing at the coaching staff! Go ahead and say, well beat the Dogs! This is one time that the Muir faithful should close their eyes on this season!

    As for PHS McFarland, needs to dummy down his offence and have 10 plays that hes going to run out of various formations to build off of during the season. The Pasadena defense will cause so many problems come league play, which I seriously doubt 4 out of the 6 league teams will score a touchdown! That includes Muir too! The O is terrible at this point and I dont see any progress from when Mills had the O! Im keeping it 100%!

  • goteamgo

    GA –

    If the public opinion polls on this blog are any indication, La Salle is definitely the underdog against SM. The game will be a good test for La Salle. LS has two games under their belt, have shown they can come from behind, have been through an emotional Maranatha game, and the play calling is 100 times better than last season. SM has played one game against a not so good Gabrielino team. Are they battle tested yet?

    Does La Salle have a chance? Yes, if they execute their game plan (they are prepared), and avoid mistakes. I hate to make predictions after last season’s 1-9 debacle, but it will be a good test. Before my child graduates, I would like to say La Salle beat SM – we have not defeated SM since 2005.

  • Wake Up Miguel


    I don’t know if you know this but injuries are part of football. That is no excuse!If the coaching staff is not able to make adjustments throughout a season that is a bad sign. To make things worse, this was the 3rd straight game SG faced the spread offense and for them not to be ready to play is a reflection on the coaching staff.


    The “D” Coordinator is horrible and has always been. SG won’t even make the playoffs this year . get new coaches that know football and the defensive side and they would be o.k..

  • The Stang Fan

    There were many reasons why I picked Muir to lose to DR, OC, and Venice. But lack of heart was DEFINITELY not one of them.

    Okay. I get it. All those guys from last year and the previous years aren’t here anymore. We have a young team. Our CB’s are 5 foot nothing. Some of the replacement lineman (btw, the team has literally 6 o-lineman……6) are major liabilities. Our school population is low as hell. We play some tough teams in the pre-season. Yada, yada, yada.

    At the end of the day, this game is played with a lot of heart, a lot of desire, and a lot of pride. This current John Muir High School Mustang team has NOOOOOOOOOOOOONE of those things!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zilch. Zero. Nada.

    I’m not used to this. Muir fans aren’t used to this. Alums aren’t used to this. NW Pasadena isn’t used to this.

    Hanging your head after a 14-0 start in the first quarter is shameful. Giving up on plays in the first half is embarrassing. Lack of determined effort throughout the game is pitiful. Getting your head out of your ASSSSSSSSS and playing like REAL STANGS is priceless!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m glad these dudes don’t have the Mustang decal on their helmets, because a few folks in the stands would have gladly walked right down on to the field and ripped those things right off.

    Huckster, the TUSSLE is definitely up for grab this year.

    I know, I know….this is ONLY high school football, right? Don’t take it so serious, right? These are only kids, right? Whatever. These dudes need to MAN the hell up and play some G** damn football. Period.

    I had the nerve to think this team would be alright. Damn.

  • The Stang Fan

    Oh, and one more thing. I have NOOOO idea who #17 is or where he came from…..but, GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL!!!

  • spartanpride




  • burbanksports

    Sorry to hear about your parking issue. That’s the problem with Burbank. Just imagine living here. It’s worse. Next time I’ll tell you where to park that is quick and easy.

    Good to have you back (?). Before you get too excited-the Pacific League Championship goes through Burbank and CV. I do like the new field you have though.

  • burbanksports

    I don’t think you can label San Gabriel as overrated either. San Gabriel never quit. They played hard all night. Yes, Burbank emptied the bench and played everyone except the mascots, but SG’s players and coaches never quit. This was simply not a good matchup for San Gabriel. The Matadors can take pride in their effort and have a good season.

  • Your Right

    SG’s DC is bad he should go out there and make tackles for his players. He should run out there and make the checks for them. He sucks boy does he suck.

  • Burbank

    Risendiz aka the stang fan dont get mad and stuff because muir is hella sorry this year like i been saying muir is nothing with Numbers (24) #3,#4,#55,#7,#21,#2 and Mr everything. Plus you also know that my time anit over yet the only reason why most of us didnt go anywhere was because tauwn only cared about bingo and marcus. But who gets the last word in now at least when i was at full/linebacker we won games everyone can check my highlighttape if you dont believe me
    Last Words PHS will win the Tussel this year Muir no no where near the team they had last year. hahahahhahaha

  • das

    San Gabriel really is overrated. For a top ranked area team, they can’t even compete with the 2nd 3rd or even 4th best team in a different league. Still, San Gabriel does well given the players they have (or lack of). San Gabriel will end up making the playoffs just by beating Keppel, Montebello, and Bell Gardens and probably get bounced in the first round again.

  • muirfan

    Come check out a Muir game and you’ll see their isn’t alot of “coaching going on” they have relied on the athleticism. Where the coaches at!(not all but most) just being straight spectators! It aint happening this year.

  • AMAT 73

    Hey Stang Fan,
    Just thought I would drop you a little note seeing as your Stangs lost again. Keep the faith brother things will get better. You guys have too good of a program and tradition for this to keep going on. Stay strong and hold your head high.

  • HUH?

    SG didn’t get stomped, just in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was a nice comeback though. Haters are just a bunch of insignificant, this game helped the team in a way. BTW SG scored 28 points, a little more soothing to look at.

  • Wake up Huh


    Anytime your losing 28-0, that is getting “STOMPED!” The only reason SG scored was bc Burbank called the dogs off and put in the scrubs. Stop being a homer and get real man. Valdez’ stats are a little misleading, especially when they’re coming in garbage time. Just another attempt to try and increase his numbers which is pathetic! Can’t wait for Alhambra and Schurr to whoop that a$$.

  • hey you

    wat u talking bout sg lost to a good team not a 4th place like ur saying! burbank will win league or go second!
    muir is down 0-3
    pasadena are not there yet 1-2
    glendale is 0-2
    crescenta valley is ok
    arcadia is not happening
    hoover is hoover
    use logic this league has burbank taking it
    they are 2-1 and the only lost came in overtime against a div 1 school!

  • JFMat

    Wake up Huh

    Are you sure you’re not Eagleball?

  • JAB

    Does Burbank change their uniforms every year? Last time they ripped off Michigan’s uniforms, which looked terrible and made no sense… This year apparently is all blue… I think they’re just going to switch every year until they beat Burroughs… Count on many new Unis

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Burbank. Muir doesnt’t have a good coaching staff all they have is good players. What Muir needs is a good coaching staff the only 2 coaches that know what they are doing is Marcus (Def. Cord.) and the D-Line coach. Coach Sims A.K.A Offensive Cord. doesnt know how to run an offense they only got 1 yard last week in the first half against Venice. Like Burbank said the only thing that Coach Sims cared about last year was Mr. Everything and Marcus Graves. He didn’t do anything else for the rest of the kids last year. Without the players from last year like Burbank said Muir is nothing. Everybody around here believes C.V or Burbank is going to win the Pacific League title this year. Thanks a lot for speaking out Burbank keep on doing it on the blogs.

  • Pacig League

    the pacific league is wide open. it is funny people are declaring burbank champs. they beat simi who hasn’t a winning record in years and hired a coach that went something like 3 seasons without winning a game at calabasas (btw a winning program before he took over). chamminade committed 7 turnovers. 2 in the end zone and burbank still lost. san gabriel had players hurt. this may be the best burbank team in a while, but still a lot to prove. CV seems real. They have a great line and running back that will keep them in games. Pasadena seems like they will be competitive and never count muir out. Nobody is even mentioning burroughs. them and muir have been almost neck and neck since the reallingment of leagues three years ago staying a step ahead of everyone else. arcadia has a great coaching staff, i just don’t know if they have the horses. one thing i can guarantee is glendale and hoover will be battling for last place.

  • MoneyTalks

    Pacig League,

    I can guarantee you that this hoover team will surprise the pacific league. Mark my words. They are well coached and have done a 180 just like UW.

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