Friday Night Postgame: Monrovia unstoppable; Marshall snaps 31-game losing streak; Alhambra, San Marino, St. Francis, Pasadena, La Caada and Bosco Tech earn win


Well, what can I say? I should have gone with ‘Rovia but I didn’t. The Wildcats are just unstoppable, and they proved as much in an emphatic 33-7 win over Rosemead in nonleague action Friday night. Nick Bueno did his thing, rushing for 107 yards on 13 carries. He scored one touchdown. Derrick Johnson joined in on the fun with three TD’s, and the Wildcats defense played stellar in the near shutout. Rosemead virtually self destructed after turning the ball over and committing costly penalties. Monrovia also was stymied by penalties, which negated two scores, including a 61-yard touchdown run by De’Shawn Ramirez. Monrovia coach Ryan Maddox, however, wasn’t so much concerned about that as he was about Charlie Cimmarusti, who was carried off the field after breaking his right knee cap in the second quarter.

Rosemead coach Matt Koffler talked about how the Panthers (0-2) were going to have to stop Nick Bueno if they were to come away with a win, but that certainly didn’t happen. Monrovia went on to avenge its 16-6 defeat to Rosemead in last year’s semifinals of the Mid-Valley Division playoffs. Monrovia will get another chance to make a statement when it hosts San Dimas next week.

In other news, Marshall snapped its 31-game losing streak. Marshall coach Rickey Pickens said there were plenty of seats still available at the beginning of the game against Pasadena Poly. But word soon spread of the Eagles’ lead and by the fourth quarter the entire school was in the home stands to watch Marshall beat Pas Poly, 36-24. Alhambra needed a late rally and a Vailele Peko interception with under 1:30 left in the fourth quarter to seal the win for the Moors. Pasadena and La Caada had impressive victories. Everyone had the Bulldogs pegged in a blowout loss but it was anything but. What an emotional win for the Spartans. First, the fires cancel their fall practices, then their gym is designated an evacuation center, their scrimmage is canceled as is their season opener vs. Alhambra, only to go on and rout a revamped Glendale team. Impressive, Mr. Yoder.

Monrovia 33, Rosemead 7
Alhambra 17, Temple City 14
San Marino 35, La Salle 13
Marshall 36, Pasadena Poly 24
St. Francis 28, Crescenta Valley 21
Hoover 16, South Pasadena 13
La Caada 35, Glendale 0
Bosco Tech 23, Gladstone 19
Pasadena 19, Long Beach Jordan 16
Gabrielino 20, Keppel 17

Friday night’s record: 3-6

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  • Anonymous

    There is NO WHERE TO PARK at Monrovia (due to contruction). Be prepared to walk several blocks if you want to see the game.

  • RamsMom

    Hey Miguel,

    I see you changed your pick for the TC/Alhambra game. Any inside info, or did you just forget who you chose?!

  • New York

    I respect that you go out on a limb and make predictions every week, but your Thursday night predictions were 0-4 and not even close to 1-3. I hope this trend continues into Friday night.

    Rosemead is tough as nails every year and will be a great test for the run stopping ability of Monrovia’s defensive front. We did pretty well with Arcadia. Rosemead has some big boddies up front, but Monrovia has some pretty stout footballers this year as well, and we are better conditioned than we have been in a very long time. Monrovia can play a physical game or a fast game. Rosemead has the advantage of the underdog chip on their shoulder, but Monrovia players and coaches should feel that they have a score to settle as well. I have a feeling Monrovia is faster and more physical than Covina, and I expect Monrovia’s offense to have more success than Covina did.

    I like Monrovia’s chances tonight.

  • Goldenarm


    Although I disagree, your explanation for favoring and picking the Mead is your most coherent and feasible to date.
    Under your umbrella, Rosemead must establish and maintain a ground game with authority in order to get a “W”.

    Exactly what the Rams will need to be doing several miles west around the same time tonight. Last year at Moor Field we opened with 7 straight pass plays, while the Moors sat back in soft coverage easily defending each throw. If we do that again, against this improved AHS squad, we are going down.

    Our line really needs to show up with dirt in their teeth and prepared to get physical immediately, not wait until the 3rd quarter. We are still down a starter –

    As far as M-town,
    I think after two games, Maddox now knows what his offense should be doing, the juggling and fishing is done. With Haggard, Lowden, McCarthy and others on D, unlikely that M-town will fold up when pounded upon.
    I go 24 -21 Monrovia.

  • Observantcat

    written by GIL JIMENEZ aka (FEAR THE MEAD)

    First off Miguel I wouldn’t even try to compare this years Rosemead team to last years Rosemead team. Even the Rosemead faithful should ban you from thinking that Diaz is the Real answer for Sumler, last year Sumler rushed for 199 with just 15 carries in the first half with 4 TD’s against a defenseless W. Cov team where that score ended up being 50-12 and those 12 were Mercy points. I believe that W. Covina is a much much weaker team than Arcadia, W.Cov lost all of it’s top skill players from last years team and are at a standstill when it comes to getting better players from their area. Now as much as you are learned about football over the past year or so you will find that sentimental favorites don’t always apply to these kind of games. Either you have what it takes to win or you’ll die trying. I sat around sipping cold ones with JIMENEZ and he told you that he saw a Martian would you believe him? yes, maybe? As tough as Rosemeads Rep is this is not their year to chest pump. In this game Speed will take precedent over Brawn or Yawn! Last year I supported the Mead because they had the better overall weapons to win that War, this year they should sign a peace treaty and hurry up! before they get nuked.

    Just thought I’d wake you up from last night’s predictions…… The Demons are gone…you can go home now”

    Talk to you tommorow

  • goteamgo

    Miguel –

    Are you covering your bases?

    In the Blog posting above you pick SM over LS.

    On page 2 of today’s Star News Sports section (yes!!! and actual subscriber and a reader of a real newspaper!!) you pick LS over SM

  • spiritxpress

    this should be a good showing of the mid valley division.
    Monrovia has speed and runs the ball well. Rosemead has tightends but lack of experience might slow them down. i predict Rovia by 14 but could be a different story come playoffs.

  • Miguel Melendez

    OCat: You know I got a lot of love for your Cats, but I’m going with my gut feeling. If Rovia wins I’ll run like hell back to my car and hope to not find it on blocks.

    goteamgo: My picks should be Alhambra over TC and La Salle over San Marino. I wrote this entry blog late late last night and I made the wrong picks here. I’m sticking by my initial picks. Thanks for being a loyal customer. Much appreciated.

  • New York


    By playoffs, it will be Monrovia by 21.

  • eagleball

    Be prepared to barter- chicken wings for a parking space. Lancruster is only a two hour round trip so you best get it crackin’.

  • Observantcat

    MM: You mean when they win… PS. you’re more likely to find your car on blocks in the Mead as opposed to Monrovia. But still run out to one of your favorite spots and tell everyone that JIMENEZ PUT SOMETHING IN YUOR DRINK. LOL

  • Philly B.

    . Well i see that miguel has got right back on the panther train, and has pretty much picked them to knock out monrovia. whatever if thats his choice he talkin bout respect, monrovia needs respect even though we’re ranked “number 1” in the area that isnt enough for me of course. I know monrovia hasnt played anyone yet, and because of turnovers etc etc. is why we won against arcadia, but a win is a win. And with the talent and the stable of running backs we should wear down rosemeads defense. Rosemeads star player diaz is just one person, he will get tired, and they’re will be a minimum of two guys on him all night. that can take a toll and we’ll se how tough the panthers are against monrovias fast D. Remember monrovia almost won last year in Rosemead it was close for 3qtrs. I believe.
    Miguel if Monrovia wins, which they should based on depth, dont try and come back to our wagon then, you stay with the panthers and we’ll see them in playoffs hopefully

  • Miguel Melendez

    Philly B: The only wagon I’m on is Wells Farfo’s …

  • Dan

    Observant cat,
    You’re a little confused, Rosemead hasn’t played West Covina in decades, and when has West Co been much weaker than Arcadia? You must be thinking of another team.

  • oldschoolpanther

    Word on the Rosemead campus is that Joey Diaz is out for tonights game. The beloved Panthers do not have a chance without him.
    Monrovia 21 Rosemead 7

  • New York

    Welcome back. I think Covina was the intented comparison, not your mighty Bulldogs. We need to put that game back on the schedule.

    That is terrible news. I hope it’s not true. Good luck to Mr. Diaz and the rest of Mead.

  • Goldenarm


    you are flip-floppin like a Pacific Mackerel

    I knew after that Cazz and the Family Stone feature article you would return to your blue and gold roots…no problem
    I hope we get a win, but truthfully my gut is telling me hang on to my hat

  • Observantcat

    My Badd. COVINA

    New York: That would be a good game.

  • Trojan Man

    NOT the same RHS Panthers without Diaz.

    RHS 14

    MHS 28

    I hope I am wrong !

    Fight On

  • pacific fan

    why is everyone hating on arcadia?

    they have played the two best teams in the area so far.

    they lost a close one to monrovia, which didn’t show so much in the score but they were driving all game on monrovias defense. A couple of penalties killed it for them.

    And st. Francis has one of the best teams that they have had in a while and would beat any team in this area.

    Once maldonado and arnett get back, look for the apaches to surprise all you haters

  • Observantcat

    No Trojan Man:

    Not the same Rosemead team without Sumler/Alejandre

    Much Better Monrovia Team without either of them.

  • Dan

    New York, Observantcat,
    Duhhhh!! I should have put two & two together, but the thought of Covina didn’t even cross my mind, by the way, how does this years Wildcat team compare to the 2006 team that had Davis, Potts, Sparks and company? Also how do you guy’s compare 2006 to your 2002 team? I’ve always wondered what happened to you guy’s towards the end of 06, I couldn’t believe La Salle beat you guy’s in the playoffs that year, especially since you pounded them earlier in the season?

  • Anonymous


    Maranatha vs. BYE

    I am not sure about this team called BYE, but considering the way Maranatha has played its first two games, I am putting my money on BYE.


  • Observantcat


    I think that we are altogether better than we were with Davis & Sparks 2006 team. This team will only get better with time. Both of our featured Backs are Sophomores and our QB has another year along with Derrick Johnson, who in my opinion is a monster and could easily be a game changer in the backfield. I’t just going to be progress in motion. With Maddox at the helm at HC, Monrovia wont just settle for 40 yard field goals with these kind of RB’s

    Defense is much tougher, Faster to the ball and more rock solid at the Defensive end spots and Linebacker positions.

  • New York


    I’d say we are significantly better than 2006. Conditioning, leadership, poise. For the longest time, Monrovia was a team that would fold from a steady diet of inside runs. Hence, getting rolled by TC in 2006 even though we were able to go toe-to-toe with a more potent West Covina team. I think conditioning has been a huge factor. Emphasis on fundamentals has improved as well.

    Dont get me wrong, Potts, Sparks and Davis were great athletes. They would have been even better with this type of training.

    The scary thing about the 2002 team is that they were missing a bunch of great athletes who had left the school or stopped playing all together. They ultimately had a great season, although they ended up giving up a lot of points to a few teams. Again, I think the inability to stop a power run game against good linemen was their undoing, as it has been with many Monrovia teams. I hope we have turned the corner…We will see!

  • Hot Rod

    PHS defense knocked out the starting LB Jordan QB John Timu. They took a lead with Sophomore Cleo Bates, his second 2-yard TD run of the night and Pasadena leads 12-8, with 7:23 to go in the third quarter

  • Hot Rod

    Pasadena knocked the 2008 Moore League player of the year QB John Timu out of the game. They held on to beat Long Beach Jordan 19-16 with 2 rushing TDs and Quarterback Aaron Simpson and wide receiver Shaun Sykes hooked up for a 68-yard TD.

  • Nervo

    TC 14 Alhambra 17

    Son of a B.

    Temple City Varsity (Running White Offense): 0-2

    Temple City JV & Frosh (Smash Mouth Run O): 4-0

    As John Stossel would say: Gimme a Break!

  • Rams09

    Another loss in the fourth quarter. Don’t count out the Rams yet they just gotta finish and close games out. They call it preseason for a reason

  • pantherballer

    Was at the Rosemead game and I must say that it was a joke. Koffler this year has to actually coach and has to stop depending on the defense to do everything. I cannot believe that a former USC player has a quarterback who sucks this bad. Koffler take the time and help the young man develope his skills. It is going to be a long season so good luck because you need it!

  • Goldenarm

    TC Coaches

    I hope your fingers are not pointing at anyone in the locker room right now….because tonight’s loss is yours.
    So much went haywire.
    The worst of the bunch was an attempted short snap and run near midfield on 4th and 2, rather than punting and putting Alhambra back in the hole. With the Rams Leading 14-3 at the time…this is simply bad football.
    And it cost us the game, among a sea of other poorly executed and ill timed plays and decisions along the way.
    Patience for me is gone after two games, two games in which we were the better football team, but were drowned in a mudbath of errors before we had a chance to prove it.
    We shot ourselves with a Ruckle fumble and a Justin Smith pick, but the Rams had soooooooo many opportunities float miserably away from them. Sorry to use the cliche…it is just not Ram football.
    Can it be fixed ….yes. Can this staff of coaches do it, yes, I still believe so.

    The Moors only play that worked on offense was one we gave them all night….our corners are 15 yds off the wide out, meaning Crockom and others. The reciever either stood there and was delivered the ball or short slanted in, totally uncovered …..all night. I’m surprised it was not run every single down. It was humiliating to watch. We had many, many sacks.
    When things go wrong for you – it keeps adding up. The officials are throwing flags whenever their butt has an itch…such as the Moors riduculous long pass on a fake punt…incomplete and tightly covered …no, oooooops pass interference, 40 yd gain, Moors get bailed out. No PI happened, none. Roughing the passer….please watch the replay refs…and relearn the intent and scope of the rule. If we hit the guy hard…that is not the definition of roughing. The final straw, a backwards step spot on Ruckle’s 4 th down attempt….no 1st down.
    Such calls will go either way on some nights. YOU MUST PUT YOURSELF IN A POSITION TO WIN. But seeing this type of performance….is just plain painful. We are a bunch of individuals and not a team right now.

    I stand by our COACHING crew, but do what needs doing and don’t even think of making this a personnel issue or a lack of effort melee. We have the personnel, they just need a plan to ride on, a plan you need to provide.
    I hear the attacks coming, and you know what…I don’t give a SH&*@.,,,,and neither does Arcadia or the Mead.

  • Goldenarm


    Sadly and with pain, I say…our O line was outplayed by Alhammbra’s defensive front. We were beat off the ball and penetrated all night.
    A beautiful screen was called back for either a hold or a phantom hold….I could not see that one.

  • MoneyTalks

    Hoover beat South Pas 16-13….unbelieveable game. Hoover is legit and should get some pacific wins. Score should have been 30-13.

  • booyaaa

    BOOYAAA back on track… Haters its on after not practing due the fires and getting a game cancelled its game time.. You will all see the MOORS run the table now.. Croc is the real deal… Suckers..

  • FB Einstein

    I was hoping you would be right G.A. when I was ranting and raving last week. That game was uglyugly…ugly!!! One thing this coaching staff realized tonight TC DOES NOT GI hope ET THE CALLS AND NEVER HAVE! they get it figured out soon cuz M-Town is gaining momentum. On the 4th down late in the game why not run a QB sneak and pickup the 1st, then punch it in and win the game? Why did Chou not adjust his corners depth, allowing Alhambras Vanilla offense move the ball with ease? Does White have play calling responsibilities? This isnt college or NFL why the hell doesnt he get involved? I thought these Eagle Rock coaches where the best in the area. 0-2 is on the coaches not the players.

  • FB Einstein

    RE: Booyaa

    You obviously were not at that game. Crock didnt do Crock but limp of the field after he got burned. That kid is way overrated. #3 and #32 are your best FOOTBALL players. #9 throws a good ball. The Moors will be struggling to win in league. TC’s coaching handed that one to you. You should send over a thank you letter.

  • Shady Gambino

    TC played tough, they have some tough kids and should do alright in their league, gave the Moors a hell of a fight.

    I was disappointed in the lack of class the TC head coach showed tonight. Didn’t shake the opposing coaches’ hands before the game, and didn’t congratulate Alhambra after they lost. The rest of the coaches showed great class, even the JV coaches were out there congratulating the Moors.

    The new TC head coach should check himself and show some class if he wants to stay a head coach.

  • MHSFan4

    Just a quick note: Charlie Cimmarusti from Monrovia did not break his knee cap, but he did dislocate it. They put it back in place. He had xrays. No break.

  • sfhs89

    Got back not long ago from the St. Francis-CV game (it was Alumni night at SF and my class was one of the ones honored).

    Very good game this evening. CV’s offense models itself with a lot of misdirection and it gave the SF defense fits. For 3 1/2 quarters, the SF defense couldn’t tackle to save their lives – just kept missing the 1st tackle so darn much. The CV wideouts made some incredible catches.

    I tell you this much – if it wasn’t for #4, we lose to CV tonight. His 1st touchdown really was one for the highlight reels.

    The SF kicking game needs a lot of work. I thought our secondary played very well.

    Hats off to CV. They are definitely a top-2 team in the Pacific League.

  • Matt

    LC 35 Glendale 0. Granted Glendale is a bad team, but after all LC has been through it was a good win. Moore threw for 4 scores and probably over 300 yards. He had an 86 yard pass and a 95 yard pass for a score and another td pass of about 40 yards. CV next week and that will be a whole different game. They have to play much better to be in that game in order to have a chance to win.


    Observantcat…do we know each other? why does my name always seem to come out of your mouth(fingers) but whatever, its all good.

    Got to the game just before the 1st half ended & was surprised to see the score 19-0. It made a lil more sense when I saw that #2 was not suited and #84 was icing his knee and had his helmet taken away to make sure he wouldn’t try to get back into the game.

    Not that the outcome of the game would’ve been any different (maybe) but with the heart and soul, not to mention the 2 best players on both sides of the ball for the Mead watching the game as spectators I think the game might have been a lil more competitive. Not taking anything away from Monrovia they took it to the Mead and won the game. Plain and simple.

    FYI its not GJIMENEZ that blogs but JJIMENEZ (I dont think my brother knows how to work a computer…haha)

    Last but not least…YOU KNOW I gotta say it win or lose…


  • Shady Gambino

    Shady Gambino, you should check your facts, Coach White knows multiple Moor Coaches. He was the last coach on the field. Sad to see that is what you look for at the game last night. Rams just have to pound the ball and finish games.

  • Goldenarm

    Reading my rant this morning, I realize the keyboard is not the best place to go after a tough loss. I learned this some years back from The Stang Fan, after he fell off the map for 5 days after some hard times hit the Stangs.

    Congratulations to Coach Rudy and the Moors, Cazarin, Peko and the all the Moors for their win.

    Last year it was Rosemead that was our wake up call…this year that call comes earlier. It needs to happen this week…before Arcadia.
    #1 on the fix it list has got to be pass coverage and rotation, including our linebackers. Most any pass play stands a good chance of succeeding against us right now.
    #2 may mean a real change of direction and is my opinion only. We need a fullback. This conflicts with the spread I know, but we came out running, running and running, then backed away into a hodgepodge of wayward offense and inefficiency. Fei, Mendez, even a beast like O’Malley would do the job. Trust me, O’Malley would have gotten us the 6 inches we needed on 4th down, or 3 Moors would have been stretchered out with concussions if they stopped him.
    3 -10 I will hold off on, these two are plenty.
    Go Rams.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Monrovia .vs Rosemead last night at MHS

    The Cats ran over, thru, and around “The Mead”

    Cats were in control start to finish with Rosemeads only score off what looked like a “broken play”

    In addition to the 33 points Monrovia scored they had 2 TD’s called back for penalties.

    Apparently Bueno and Company forgot to “Fear the Mead”

    Everyone keeps comparing the 09 Cats to previous Teams.
    Admittedly there have been some great teams but the one Major difference here is “Nick Bueno”

    Cats have had speed and tough defense, with a great ground game before.

    The 09 Cats have all of that and more!

    If Monrovia can defeat San Dimas next week they will definitely have hopes for CIF Playoffs this year.

  • Goldenarm


    Those at the game last night saw what looked like an NFL catch of the year by Brandon Pultz. Spectacular and gracefully laid flat out and extended….Great job Brandon.
    Andrew Gibson is playing outstanding football, anytime and anywhere he is on the field.
    Sutton….whatever you ate in the offseason, please dish out a plate to your teammates!
    Max – hang tough and don’t let up – and DON’T LEAVE YOUR FEET ANYMORE YOU MANIAC!!
    Mota and Anda – you guys are maturing and getting better every game
    Lumary – heal fast – we want to see you do your thing and we need you!
    Drew T- we need your foot, we need you on D…not your best night but you are the man….period.
    Chou and McKay – nobody said it would be an easy road, you both got what it takes to overcome it
    White – the players are playing for you – just like you asked them to, they believe. The season will turn, don’t let up!
    I need a Vicodin and a massage.

  • Disappointed TC Fan!

    TC’s staff is not a “Temple City” coaching staff!
    If you look over the years, there’s always been at least an assistant coach who stays to carry on the tradition!
    This coaching staff/team DOES NOT DESERVE TO WEAR THE HORNS YET!!!!!
    Any former player knows what I mean! YOU HAVE TO EARN THE HORNS! These guys are pitiful! Not shaking hands… 10-15 yds off with your corners (given for a while it’s understandable, but should have changed at some point early!).
    This coaching staff needs some TC tradition training! It’s the richest tradition in at least the SGV and it’s being trampled!

    BRING MOONEY BACK! AT WHATEVER THE COST TC!!!!! Or watch M-Town win the next 3-4 RHL titles!

    (Notice SM is 2-0, ran for 232 yds, with a lot of former TC coaches… Coincidence? I think NOT!)

  • former ram

    please,please,please bring back the single/double tight power “I”. with mendez,gibson you can have a real back field. max needs more blockers!!!!!! the o-line is fairly good especially the o’mal/sutton side but i hope u realize now that they dont pass block. they run block! the kids have talent they just need to be put in a position to show good thing from last nite was that the stadium looked a little more full compared to last year.

  • Observantcat

    Arcadia will be a good test for your offense. It may give Coach White more to settle in and work with. How’s your secondary? because the Apaches will go over the top of you guys all night long if you let them. By the Way the boys from the Dessert LOST 20-10 to Barstow!

    Monrovia has shown the Mid-Valley some of what it’s made of and I dont think we have exploited all of our athleticism. Johnson is the Monster on the O & D just as I had predicted. give this kid the Ball 25-30 times a game and he will have a 2,500 yard season. De’Shawn Ramirez is much more dangerous than his predecessor Marquise Williams, his ability to just run right past everyone on the field is very impressive, Nick displayed his usual Houdini trick with his unstoppable running game, I think the Cats had about 450-500 total yards of offense last night, they controlled the game from top to bottom both on offense and Defense. Bueno got in a lot of passing drills to his receivers and are special teams were very dangerous to where Koufler just decided to kick away from our returning team. Defensively McCarthy, Johnson, Lowden, Haggard manhandled Rosemead all night: 2 knock downs, fumble, blocked punt, safety. Next week Monrovia will represent the EAST vs. WEST Showdown at the CATS HOUSE! This game will be more balanced on both sides of the ball, It will come down to who is truly the fastest, strongest, and more mentally stable of the two teams.

    Dont know you but definitely know your Marquee, You seem like a stand up kind of guy and definitely one of the MEADS biggest fans, In regards to Diaz playing or not playing last night, the kid is very tough and was very missed by his teammates but for him to overcome everything that the Cats were throwing at his team would have been impossible unless he was perhaps both LT on offense & SM on Defense.
    When he’s back and healthy you guys will beat the crap out of a lot of teams in your league and some in the playoffs but there are several holes on your defense that need to be attended to. Football is an 11 man sport.

    If I had to be more critical of Monrovia, I would say we need to create a stable backfield with Ramirez and Johnson getting the ball more often and Letting Bueno get a complete feel of his passing game. The problem is that he’s just so exciting to watch in the open field that you forget sometimes that he really is the QB.

  • RHP83

    Disappointed TC Fan

    Mooney is not coming, quit living in the past.
    Times have change. The GAME has changed. Your CITY has changed.
    TC has only played 2 games and you are already predicting DOOM for TC football. Did you forget about last season already.
    Preseason is when you try new things, see what works and what does not, fine tune the engine before league starts (in 4 weeks whe the games really count).
    You have a good team, with dedicated players and coaches.
    Why are TC alumni not coming back to coach?, many reasons, one being the price to live in this area and the lack of jobs.
    As for traditions, they change with time also. But one they SHOULD ALWAYS KEEP is the earning of the horns (which is only been around about 10 years).
    So coaches TAKE THEM HORNS OFF make them earn them.
    Go RAMS

  • The Stang Fan


    GREAT win bro! Man, you just might make a TON of $$$ this year in early November.


    Who cares about those damn horns just keep playing hard and wins will come. all you need are the pads and helmets its people talking about horns and formations and all other things that have made football so pressy today. Just play ball


    Who cares about those damn horns just keep playing hard and wins will come. all you need are the pads and helmets its people talking about horns and formations and all other things that have made football so pressy today. Just play ball

  • oldschoolpanther

    JJIMENEZ please tone it down brother because this year their is really nothing to fear about the Mead. Koffler looks lost without Tre or Angel and it appears that the Panthers are headed for a long ass season. Maybe Miguel should pay more attention to Monrovia this year then the Mead. Who cares all that matters to him is how sharp he looks!

  • Oldtimer

    Cracks me up, USC Lost was it because some players wore black wrist bands? Like Hitchcock Era said players play and coaches coach. the best team doesnt win ALL the time. the season is early. fight the trojan way

  • Anonymous

    the sf game was a very hard fought battle on both sides…….it came down to who wanted it more and in the end sf had more heart….when ur defense and offense r struggling its glad to no that a team can win on pure heart


    Disappointed TC Fan!, San Marino played a Gabrielino team that got shut out by la puente and a la salle team that TC will see week 4 or 5. Tc played a Arroyo team with over 15 returning starters and an Alhambra team with 1-2 D-I players on it. who would you rather play? Everyone knows San Marino schedules cupcakes just like last year until TC shut them up 21-0. I applaud TC for playing a tough preseason, that is why they will be prepared in league and in the playoffs. If you knew anything about HS football it is all about League and the Playoffs. Ask San Marino and Mooney 8-2 then 1 and done in 2008 if not mistaken

  • Goldenarm

    A couple things:
    This is not last year’s SM team, this is a better team, with an improved line, an experienced QB, an All League receiver and another solid back tandem in Hung and Do. When not ripping his own yards, Benny Hung makes an excellent lead blocker for Do.
    Their defense is loaded with returnees and the coaching staff is determined to establish a long term winning program at San Marino. Just my opinion, but the days of thinking SM will choke and fade are just about coming to an end.
    TC would have been one and done too if we had not managed a tie with LC….and instead met the Spirits in round one. (thanks again Loya, Hatch and 08 Rams)

    The question why are TC Alumni not coming back to coach?
    they can’t afford to live in the area? Huh? in San Marino got cheaper recently? The head coach chosen this year is a graduate of rosemead high school….he can hire who he likes and he did. We are beginning a head long tour of “new direction” which is what our administrators, AD and prncipal saw as vital, and certainly more promising than additional years with RB at the helm…at least in their eyes.
    Like I said 8 months ago, this is going to a different look RHL this year. La Canada…..what has Yoder created over there? Likely the extent will be known next Friday. Blair? Tigers? Who is TC? Only one certainity and that is M-town is damn good – and will be getting better every week,.

  • JFMat

    WOW keppel almost beat gabby….lol.

  • Anonymous


    whats wrong with the sound in the video?

  • Apache Joe

    I called it right about the CV – SF game. I said it was going to be close and to keep an eye on CV for this one. SF pulled it out.

  • Neutral

    FACTS needs to get his facts straight. SM lost to TC 21-10. It was a hard fought game but TC came out on top. SM failed to get any points on the board after twice being within five yards of scoring. Which I complement the Rams on. The game could have gone either way.

  • Wow

    WOW, SG lost to Burbank and is 1-2. LOL. OVERRATED

  • Reno Hightower

    Satelite Surfing in Kern County

    La Canada looked sharp in their 35-0 whitewashing of Glendale. The spartans looked sharper in their new Boston College style uniforms. And sharpestof all was QB Rocky Moore who may be the best QB in the PSN. Yes, Reno knows QBs!

    CV and Burbank are the class of the Pacific League right now. McFarland gets his 1st win. Congratulations Coach! A Muir team playing without much fire? Wow!

    San Marino pounds the rock under OC Mooney. What a novel concept. Did TC Coach White shake/not shake Ruedaflores hand after the game? Who knows? Mission Valley League coaches weren’t sad to see White leave and his lack of sportsmanship was one reason.

    M-Town passes football test in pounding of Rosemead and now gets possible CIF 2nd/Semi/Final round look at San Dimas and the Wing T (this week or next). Do the Saints play defense this year? Find out vs. the ‘Cats. Paraclete lost, so is the M/SD matchup for #1 in the division? The ‘Clete now faces Hart and St. Paul back to back.

    Arroyo now 2-0 while Rosemead regroups. The rest of the MVL is pretty sad. Almont League looks like it wide open for a Schurr repeat.

  • Goldenarm

    the SM /TC game could have gone either way?

    Did you see the Titans at the beginning of the game and see the Titans as they walked toward their bus?
    It did not even appear to be the same team. They were outplayed and physically beat up. It was a dominant victory.
    Don’t sweat it – it was last year, you have a good shot at redemption this year.

    NOTE: the Rams sure could use Dusty Sanderson and/or Kwame Do at corner. Expect Tuck to air it out on Friday. If you were an opposing coach – would you?

    If I had a van, I would have you convert it.

    Arroyo is going to be tough to beat, we had them beat, but could not finish it. Maybe by league, the Mead will have it together and do the job. With the Knights many returnees, familiar with the O and D, a good start can be somewhat anticipated. The Mead has many new faces, and Coach K may be able to get those faces up to speed over a couple more games. Either that or Arroyo gets better as well and runs the table.

  • Goldenarm


    I know it is not a popular topic, but Bueno is taking a beating. I hope the kid holds up, his rollout throws look great, and I say again, the Cats don’t need 15 plus carries a game from him to win. They do need him at QB however. Just one dude’s opinion.

    Horrible punt coverage by the Mead. It is early, the Panthers will be fine.
    Mtowns defense looks supremely confident and hungry.

  • Hal Lamaster

    With the style of uniforms La Canada and Glendale wear, the game looked like Boston College vs. Georgia. And in Friday night’s case, BC won in a blow out.

  • mvl Fan

    Arroyo will smoke the Panthers this year because Koffler doesnt have the guns this year and the pre season schedule only gets worse for them. I really doubt that the quarterback will get better because this guy has no arm what so ever. I also believe that Temple City will be fine and Anthony White will have his team competing for league!

  • Observantcat


    Believe me, Bueno and Maddox know what they’re doing. Anyone can get hurt at any given time. By the time league starts RHL teams will have to figure out how to stop 3 of the top backs in the Div. What the film didn’t show you is the 67 yard run by Ramirez that was nullified by a penalty, this Kid has the makings of Akil Harris or better written all over him. He’s not afraid to take the challenge of out maneuvering around everyone in front of him. And if teams want to play Smash mouth Football, Derrick Johnson is a tank that can run, Pre-season gives Nick a chance to practice the option, roll out of the pocket, but most of all utilize his speed whenever he chooses which just plain and simply breaks down defenses. Yes he will get hit but he’s the type of QB that has great instinct not to take on the biggest part of the punishment. If you watch the last part of the video you will also notice that Nick was replaced by another Athletic type QB that could be very dangerous as well ANDRAE STELLY. By CIF playoffs this backfield will be primed and ready to take on anyone. I am really beginning to by into Maddox style of coaching this offense, no one superstar although any or all could be. Much faster off the ball like some of our 80’s & 90’s squads. less mental errors, What has most impressed me with this years team is that these guys are all just phenomenal athletes. The new guys who joined the team have really stepped up their game. JUSTIN De La NUEZ is becoming a hell of a defensive player and also a pretty good back-up running back complete Stud. JAY HENDERSON Complete athlete basketball player wide receiver and punt returner as you noticed on video has very good wheels, I believe this video was to highlight BUENO’S running contribution to the teams overall performance. If he weren’t our QB He would be our MAX RUCKLE! who I think has much more of a chance to get injured under that new spread offense. Good Luck against the Apaches RHL/PL make them believers. I think that Max Ruckle will have his best offensive game thus far if your line can hold up against their D. On the other hand you D must be in the face of face of Garret Tuck all night or he will put it right over the top of your D Line to either a Back or receiver on a post route, hopefully your Db’s will be able to read his throws.

    PS. I think the other RHL/PL match up is going to be a lot more interesting than most think, La Canada and CV is gong to be a very good game… could be the biggest upset in the pre season.

  • haha

    La Salle gets dominated and all the kool aid drinkers quiet down…must have been that first class defense…

  • Curious

    I just do wonder what the outcome would have been if SMs QB didn’t get injured resulting in putting Forgatch in a very tough spot considering that was arguably his first varsity start. Yes, he played against LC and Blair but SM threw the ball maybe 5 times against LC. And for Blair.. well last year’s team was equivalent to JV competition. But I would agree to your comment and SM did look beaten up against a very tough TC team

  • Reno Hightower

    The video of M-Town/Fear the Mead (No More) just came over the satelite feed. Bueno getting bent over and the scream reminded me that a QB needs to stay healthy. Reno knows about knees and QBs! Our old Defensive Coach, Bingo Elliot, used to love facing Veer teams. It gave his defense opportunities to take shots at the QB-legally. Bueno, no matter how tough and elusive he is, doesn’t need to Nicked to pieces. They don’t run the Veer in the NFL and Brady don’t do any Wildcat. There is a reason. Bingo had sent several QBs off to the hospital until his car repo business got too busy and he quit coaching. Limit Bueno’s carries is a good idea.

  • Goldenarm


    “anyone can get hurt anytime is true” – but to spend added time in the crush zone between tackles AS A BALLCARRIER…ups the odds as a QB. I made my point and will leave it. Bueno is hugely improved from when I first saw him at the Bonita passing tourney right after Maddox was hired. His dropback, his throwing motion and accuracy have all improved. Damn, he looks good. EXCELLENT FIELD VISION.
    Yes, the Ruck is taking a beating, and leading by example. The Rams need to raise their intensity to match his, and some have. The coaches neeed to stay upbeat, get their plan together and we will be fine.

    I will say one thing for the Moors, they hit. And we hit back, it was a black and blue affair. We gang tackled Crockom and they gang tackled Ruckle. It was somewhat of a slopfest, but the Moors could turn out to be a very strong team. Their D line did a good job. Their O-line is large but not very athletic, we recorded something like 6 sacks on Cazarrin, and forced several early throws and generally terrorized their backfield. Peko should have a red neon sign on his helmet – DANGEROUS.

    It will be really weird seeing the bald headed one on the other sideline. Can we ask CIF to mandate he must wear a hat??

  • Goldenarm

    congratulations to coach mcfarland and phs!

    great job marshall!! put the other 31 games behind you…I could not imagine supporting a team that has lost that many games in a row….breathe in the winning air!

    what the hell happened with so pas? Rumor has been out that hoover is on the upward slide….but should the Tigers have lost this one?

  • 1836

    Everyone needs to calm down about TC’s coaching staff. Arroyo and Alhambra are both quality football teams. The only thing the kids at TC should be concerned with is playing their best football when league starts. TC has always played tough teams to get ready for league play. 5-0 means nothing if you schedule soft teams then go 1-4 in league. Stay focused and be playing your best ball @ La Canada wk 6.


    Aight…so the Mead got spanked by Monrovia big deal its 1 game.

    Did we play like crap and look soft? Sadly, yes & it kills me to say that ’cause year in and year out whether we got the talent or not you know your gonna be in a hard hitting, physical game when you play us.

    Now even if this isn’t our year and it does end up being a looonngggg season by no means will I ever throw these kids (nor the staff) under the bus. I just PRAY that the kids develop the mentality and physicality that a ROSEMEAD team has always been known for….with that being said….


  • CuriousGoerge

    All I have to say is WOW!
    For that game to be only the 2nd game for both teams,WOW!
    Sloppy? Yes at times very but the intensity and the physicality on the field by both teams almost felt like PLAYOFF atmosphere. I know both teams are long aways from November but both teams will be very GOOD.
    To be honest in my opinion both teams will be playing
    for their leagues championship.
    Cazz 18 for 28 303 yds and 2 td’s, and that came after
    taking a beating by the Rams and i’ll correct you GA,
    that was 8-9 sacks. We expected nothing less from your guys upfront. Although we were missing a couple athletic guys up on that o-line that were missing for personal reasons but you guys came with the wood and we came right back. I’ll tell you what that Cazz is one tough kid to hang in there and make those plays to get it done in the fourth. He got dinged in the 1st qtr
    but being the tough kid that he is he knew he had to go balls out. Crock got gang hit on but never left the field. He had 8 grabs for 117 yds/ 13 tackles on D including two game saving Td’s. J-Smoothe Baccera had another 100 yd game and critical Td for the Moors,
    and I agree with you Golden, i would have called hitches every single time. Peko “the playmaker when it counts”, got lit up DANGEROUSLY indeed, but the only light that kid see’s is that Blu n’ gold light in the endzone to get the game winning Td, oh yeah and not to mention, he goes BOTH ways too, and like the playmaker he is, got the game winning INT!
    The Moor’s knew M RUCKLE was the best RB they would face in regular season and he’s every ounce of that.
    I saw Max before the game over by the lockerrooms, walk right up to Cazz, introduce himself, shook hands and wished good luck…CLASSY KID!
    a lot more than I can say for coach Wh’;;’!
    Anyways I will stay on a positive ending and say that
    Both teams are very good teams and will both be successful this season GOOD LUCK to both teams,

  • CuriousGoerge

    Oh yeah and I forgot to ask you Golden,
    WHY does Ruckle NOT return punt’s(bad hands)?
    And why is he not in at least on passing situation’s,
    like a dime back on D, he’s only your BEST athlete.
    I know you guys can’t afford to get em’ injured but just asking…..???
    hopefully you guys will consider that for league!

  • The Lancer

    What do you expect us to do, keep talking crap after La Salle lost their game!!! No we know that we got beat, but to be completely honest, it wasnt as ugly as it looked. La Salle had the ball on the four yardline going in with 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter down 7 to 21!!! A bad snap exchange led to a fumble that San Marino recovered…I totally understand that is part of the game, but a TD there changes the momentum and La Salle is only down one TD. After that fumble the air was knocked out of La Salle and San Marino took advantage…Now the scores shows they got spanked, but I truly feel it was not as bad as the score indicated. Mike Alexander kept them in the game scoring a TD and had in interception right before the half making it 7 to 21 (why Alexander only plays six plays or so on defense is beyond me). Kishon Sanders had a TD and played great on defense. I feel those two and Benny Hung are the best players on the field that night. Donk come back your boy is tearing it up!!! Good Luck Coach P and the Lancers this Friday, dont let one game bring you down.

  • Goldenarm


    We have several kids who can return punts and kickoffs – coaches are taking a look at personnel. No need to use Ruckle everywhere, all the time.

    I don’t have any idea who coach White shook hands with and who he did not. As usual, such things mean little, but get fanned into something big.

    Somebody in Ramland needs to send MaxPreps some info because according to stats, no one on TC has yet to make one tackle. It does look depressing seeing TC on the bottom of the league pile.

    some good news

    THE MOORS had minus yards rushing against us.

    QUARTERBACKS look weary, wrinkled and stretched after they play TC.

    We lost two games, by a total of 6 combined points.

  • Goldenarm

    monrovia is on a roll and will beat San Dimas on Friday.

    arcadia is tired of losing and so is temple city. for once, the jingle name is accurate, it will be a brawl.

  • Goldenarm

    “The Propellor from the Cellar”
    Arcadia versus Temple City.

    San Dimas and Monrovia – game of the week candidate. However, a loss by either team does not really say much…or impact where either team is headed.
    M-town wins to keep the ESGV bs level under control, at least temporarily.

    Rosemead has one of the toughest preleagues schedules in the WSGV.
    Monrovia last week, Harvard Westlake this week and South Hills the week before they meet Arroyo to start league.
    3 games that would be tough for any team in our area.

    By contrast, San Marino has a few gentle dances (Gabe and Hoover)Cantwell – then open league with M-town.
    Could be an eye opener for the BMW boys.

  • Reyes

    Congratulations to coach McFarland and PHS!
    Hey Miguel,
    It was not reported that PHS Bulldog football player went to there locker room at half-time to find that there locker was broken into and that kids money, I-pod, cell phone was stolen. What a shame!!!
    I hope PHS never play LB Jordan again!!!

  • curiousgoerge


    “Qb’s looked weary, stretched and wrinkled?”
    Maybe so can’t speak for Arroyo Qb but I was at both games
    And both Qb’s made the PLAYS to get the V.
    Great job #9 let’s get another V this week!

  • Big Football Fanatic


    It’s more like “Fear the Meek” “War Kittens”

  • WingNut

    The Lancer,
    Glad to see another Lancer fan here. I would disagree with your assessment of the game. Benny popped 245 yards on 33 carries. That is a controlled offense on any level. SM also passed when they needed to keep LSs D spread out. SM took what the LS D gave them and controlled the game/clock 80% of the time. Their offense ran 59 plays to LSs 45. LS looked great here and there but never put together multiple solid series to challenge SMs game. I love to hate Mooney. He is a patient coach and waits for his opponent to stumble then pounces on them with points on the board. A classic ball control offense that stays within itself. SM players are extremely well coached and they have a solid program. Hats off to SM for an excellent game and best of luck for the remainder of your season.

  • Hot Rod

    Hey Everyone! WHATS THE BEST GAME I should go to this week?
    HELP ME decide what game to see this friday!

  • Midvalley Man

    Alhambra has a nice kicking coach in Gary Rios from Rosemead. The work that you are putting in made the difference last week in that Temple City game. Good job and keep up the good work!

  • Desert Rat

    I so want to see the Rovia-Dimas game….we’re at St. Paul the same night…darn it darn it darn it.

    Congrats to the Cats for rising to the top of the Mid-Valley…they got a special squad this year…we stunk it up last week. I like seeing Rovia take that #1 spot….for now, keep it warm for us guys….lol! πŸ˜‰


    How long until TC staff is officially on death watch?

  • haha

    33 for 245? thats 7.4 yards a rush, thats not control thats domination, kinda like what most teams did to La Salle’s D last season, Cantwell? Monrovia? Bishop Montgomery? Mary Star?…but we can all just attribute it to coaches no longer there….

  • Anonymous

    Bottom line!!!!
    TC has given away 2 Victories!
    What the hell is with lining up 4th and short and snapping to Ruckle deep??? Where does that philosophy come from?
    Every players wants every win! PreSeason or not!

  • Goldenarm

    Midvalley Man,

    The AHS kicker has a strong leg – but the kicking game was inconsistent and both hurt and helped the Moors last week, moreso if the Rams had made better decisions.
    5 or 6 Moor kickoffs went out of bounds, and we kept asking for rekicks, instead of accepting the ball at the 35. On the 3rd rekick, the Alhambra kicker boomed a line drive all the way back to the end zone and we ended up on the 20 anyway. Plenty of boot in that leg.

    The field goal from the Moors should have been blocked because the trajectory came out crotch high and crossed the line of scrimmage at head height…unfortunately no one from TC was aligned to raise a hand and the kick was straight and long…good for 3.
    The kid has raw skill and if the coach you mention is good as you say, this young man could win some games for the Moors.

  • Goldenarm

    Desert Rat,

    We had a couple losses to two good teams and they hurt. Mistakes, penalties, unpreparedness…probably even global warming have all contributed. Am I happy, hell no.

    This is our “new direction”. We can’t go back.

    New things have been learned, and when tested, some work well and others need to be let go of. I never expected this year’s team to come out and storm the Valley. I see some great things on the field and also some real problems. Our coaching staff needs to address the bad – promote and build upon the good. Remember, we had a measely 6 returning starters, that leaves 16 positions to fill and get up to speed, playing speed.

    Right now my concern is keeping our kids positive and not letting the beginning lead to the end. Our senior leadership is solid and the Rams will be fine.

  • SP Fan

    It has become a very sad event watching South Pas play football. The confusion on the sidelines is obvious. It is time to make a change. Some of the most rudimentary play calling I have ever seen, year after year. It is time! We have got to stop putting these kids through this backwards experience. The AD and principle have got to stop protecting Coach Anderson. I will not go back to a game until a change has been made.

  • curiousgoerge

    Moors go against an interesting opponent this week
    in LA Wilson.Yes they are 0-2 but that doesn’t mean jack ;./,! They lost to Roosevelt(3-0) and Garfield(2-1) and one of GHS’s victories came against Birmingham, and lost to St. Paul in a tight one. Wilson is always very physical and have really good skill guys similar to AHS. Should be a good pre-season test for the Moors. It will be nice to finally play @ home.

  • ForPublicGettinBetter

    Marshall…way to go!!!…game between the haves(Poly) and the have-nots (Marshall). Interesting year for Marshall? I wonder how they’ll do in the Alpha League?? I wonder if they’ll get field turf??

  • Trojan Man

    Rosemead is NOT the same team as 2008 NOT EVEN CLOSE!

    BELIEVE ME , come league Matt will have the Panthers READY !


  • BigFatFan

    SP Fan, I hear your pain. In both games this year, SP has come out swinging, either taken the lead (as with Hoover this past week) or had the opponent on their heals (as with SG in Week 1). then for some inexplicable reason, the offense goes conservative and the team bogs down and eventually loses. not sure whats up there, but it is frustrating.

  • goteamgo

    For this week’s “Athlete of the Week” I nominate the entire Marshall football team for a job well done.

  • Drama


    So Robledo throws up 11 topics to discuss since Friday and you can’t come up with ONE?
    How about discussing this weeks CIF polls? How about “Just Tribbin”? Girls Volleyball? UCLA’s recent suck-sess?
    Iknow, I know, you’ve been busy with blah blah blah and PSN is short handed because blah blah blah……

    Come on bro!!

    As Linda Richman (Mike Meyers) would say, “Physical education is neither, discuss!

  • Chevron

    Wow this blog is amazing! We’ve been treated to the same topic all weekend and into the middle of the week. I love reading old news! The season is still young to turn this thing around. Drama is right on with their assessment!

  • SP Fan


    If you look at SP football. They never get better as the season goes on, they only get worse and from what I hear other teams don’t even look at film on them because they have so few plays and they are the same every year. For some reason I called him Coach Anderson he is actually Coach Smith.

  • Goldenarm

    things are so bad at SoPas that you can’t tell if it Mr Smith or Mr Anderson??? Sounds like the “agents” from the Matrix movie interogating Keanu Reeves….mr anderrrrrrrson….follow the white rabbit, yes, but stay away from the mescaline.

    I know what 0-2 feels like and it sucks. Sounds like there are some positives with the Tigers…just need to build on those. When you hand the ball back to the other team, your defense has to get it back. Football in it’s simplest and best form.

    When they get it back for you, don’t squander the gift. Keep it awhile and let those animals catch a breath – and do a recount on their teeth, ice their groin or whatever it is that keeps em going. Chances are really good that you’re gonna need them to protect the 7 you just put up.

  • Philly b.

    My Goodness, Nick Bueno, its like two different QB’s from a year ago. Last year, I think he was learning the offense, and managing the game. After seeing that Film clip(Thanks Miguel) Nick Runs the offense, its ran through him. Boys got speed, like no other. Rosemead losing their top offensive weapon sucks. But the way Monrovia’s defense fly’s to the ball, and the DB’s like to come up and make plays on the run. I really dont think Diaz Could of had that much of an impact on the game. Goldenarm, you think San Marino even has a shot against Monrovia with that weak Pre-league schedule. I respect Rosemead for tryin to schedule tough opponents and going to the ESGV to challenge themselves. But man Monrovia looks good. Maddox says they have depth this year. I hope they do it at the QB position becuz Nick doesnt run out of bounds, he fights for every yard, and that can increase the chance of injury. I hope it doesnt come to that, but does alot of running. Congrats to the cats, bring on the saints, that should be a REAL game of the week.

  • SP Fan

    Exhibiting zero class and accepting no responsibility for the poor play of the SP Tigers, Coach Smith in self-preservation mode made this comment,

    “Right now we just dont have the guys who can make plays for us. Our linemen didnt block, our running backs didnt run, our receivers didnt catch and the quarterback didnt always make the throws.

    Not once mentioning the obvious confusion of the coaching staff and their lack of preparation for the game. Most coaches of of character would at least say that they didn’t have their team properly prepared, but instead he only threw the kids under the bus. This is nothing new. 8-17 in league play over the last five years. All but one of those wins being over Blair and San Marino. Its time.

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