Football: St. Francis escapes CV, remains atop rankings

Above: The St. Francis offense lines up against Crescenta Valley last Friday night (Michael Owen Baker/Staff Photographer)

Compiled by Miguel A. Melendez

1. St. Francis (2-0) — Turns out CV proved to be more than a worthy opponent. St. Francis was challenged, and just like Apache Joe called it, this was one was close. St. Francis might get another tough one this week against Burroughs. Despite the close win, it’s my assessment the Knights are the area’s best team, though the Wildcats are closing in and closing in fast!

2. Monrovia (3-0) — So much for last week’s “showdown.” The real showdown is Friday night at Monrovia where the Wildcats, No. 1 in the Mid-Valley Division, play host to No. 2 San Dimas. We’re going all out with this game: photographer, videographer and one of Southern California’s best journalist, Scott French. You can bet San Dimas is wanting to get its hands on Monrovia film. How they’ll stop Nick Bueno is beyond me. They not only have to account for his quick feet, but his arm is becoming a secondary option, at least it was against Arcadia and Rosemead. Each team is winning by large margin and score about 40 points per game. This game will ultimately come down to defense, where, again, Monrovia is loaded. By the way, what are they feeding Ellis McCarthy??? Whatever it is, I want some .. In case you haven’t already noticed: San Dimas (3-0) at Monrovia (3-0) is the PSN’s Game of the Week.

3. Muir (0-3) — Lost but still moved up. Yup, that’s how unpredictable these rankings have become. But take a closer look. Yes, the Mustangs lost to a tough Venice team, and despite a down year Muir is still talented. That being said, Alhambra, San Marino and Temple City can probably give Muir a run for its money, and then some. But until someone from the Pacific League knocks off Muir, the Mustangs remain up high because of their dreaded schedule. Why does it seem like Pasadena this season may break the Turkey Tussel losing spell? Here come the e-mails …

4. Alhambra (1-1) — A win is a win but the Moors still appear a bit raw. They needed a late-Vailele Peko interception to seal the win. Alhambra needs to win convincingly if they are truly to be considered an Almont League title contender. Joseph Becerra is filling in nicely as a go-to guy in the Moors’ offense. He caught six passes for 110 yards. Mitchell Crockom caught eight passes for 103 yards, modest numbers for a player with huge potential.

5. San Marino (2-0) — Benny Hung kindly shared the spotlight last season, but that’s not the case this season. He rushed for 232 yards and scored three touchdowns last week. They face an inferior team in Hoover this week, but you can bet D.R. Moreland will have this team prepared and won’t expect a walk in the park.

6. Rosemead (1-1) –The Panthers are hurting — bad. No mobile QB plus a secondary that was exposed last week amounted to a drubbing by the Wildcats. It won’t get any easier for Rosemead when it hosts Harvard-Westlake. Wait another week before slapping the “rebuilding” tag on the Panthers.

7. Temple City (0-2) — Will the Rams get their first win against the Apaches and “The Bald One,” as Goldenarm so eloquently refers to Randy Backus. It seems like Anthony White’s spread offense has ruffled some feathers. The TC faithful may be getting too ahead of themselves. This is preseason. You experiment a bit and figure out how to improve. If not for two mistakes late in the game those same fans unleashing their wrath would instead jump of joy because of a 2-0 start. Sooner or later Temple City’s going to win, and it very well may come against Arcadia. Until now, Temple City went toe-to-toe against Arroyo and Alhambra, but it’s clear the Rams are the superior team this week.

8. San Gabriel (1-2) — I’ve said it already: If not for injuries to three starting players there’s no telling how well the Matadors truly are this season. We’ll get a different look of San Gabriel come Almont League play.

9. Bosco Tech (3-0) — Next time the Tigers have a day Saturday game, grab a couple bucks and head over to Bosco Tech and enjoy a couple hot dogs and the stellar balanced attack. Johnny Calderon leads the way, and every reporter that’s covered Bosco Tech raves about sophomore QB Dillon Welsh.

10. La Salle (2-1) — The Lancers should keep their heads up. It’s obvious they are much improved. They scheduled the likes of San Marino, Monrovia and Temple City to measure where they are this season. Even if they lose, they win. That’s because going up against the big boys will be valuable down the road.

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  • papa d

    sf is doing well….they managed to beat cv even when they hit an offensive funk…from what ive heard they r dedicated and i believe they can make a splash this season

  • JFMat

    By league play those injured players could get a bit rusty,thank GOD it’s Keppel for the season opener.

  • pacific fan

    upset: arcadia over temple city

  • Grammar School

    jf, please go back to school. Your messages never make any sense. Stop spending so much time on this blog and pick up a book (dictionary). Loser

  • FootballFan

    Okay, Arcadia not ranked…
    Theres something wrong with that. When Arcadia beats temple city this friday will see if they should be ranked or not.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Grammar School..

    Perfect handle for you as your post was the playground equivalent to “I know you are but what am I”

    FYI Personal attacks are not tolerated on this blog.

    Blog about Sports or don’t Blog!

  • phs iz back


  • New York

    Muir remains an enigma until they play some local teams. Difficult to gauge.

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    Just like SC, Muir could go 0-10 and still be ranked…Enough said

  • Goldenarm

    pacific fan

    An “upset” is normally a scenario where the expected loser beats the expected winner.
    Arcadia is picked to win most everywhere, including Calpreps.
    Sorry, no upset for the Apaches, you are supposed to win.

    Word is the baseball contigent on both sides don’t like each other….baseballers of all things to spark a little adrenalin on the football field.
    Good luck to both teams, both of us need a win, guess we will see who needs a win worse.

  • Goldenarm

    pacific fan

    “Upset” is a term used when the team expected to lose beats the team expected to win.

    Arcadia is favored over TC just about everywhere, including Calpreps. Sorry, no upset. Had you beaten SF that would have been an upset.

    Apparently some of the baseball contigent from both sides don’t particularly like each other. What is the world coming to ?? Baseball starting football aggression? That is evolution backwards. Next thing you know the TC/Arcadia band members will be chop blocking the opposing tuba players. With the size of both school bands that could get entertaining!

    Good luck to Rams/ Apaches and may the game be the 1st of many “Brawls” to come.
    Coach Backus – a class dude regardless of what sideline your head reflects light from!

    Go Rams!

  • Goldenarm

    submission error…..

    time for Reno to assume the mayorship

  • I’m just say’in

    Very, very true New York and Muir will most likely be ranked high when the season ends. However it is ridiculous for a 0 and 3 team to move up in the rankings. Just because Muir plays and loses to a good team does not make Muir good. For now they should be ranked accordingly and that is out of the top 10. This is not rocket science Miguel.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel, you are right, Alhambra needs to find a way to get Crockom the ball more.

  • Drama


    How do explain keeping RH Prep out of the top 10?
    Do you have a “size” issue?

  • BigFatFan

    Miguel, you are going out on a thin limb by putting an 0-3 team in the No. 3 spot on your Top 10 rankings. maybe, just maybe, Muir will show they are deserving of a spot in the Top Ten by the end of the season, but not now.

  • Philly B.

    Just AS I predicted I knew monrovia was going to be able to hand it to rosemead. I know there biggest test will be San Dimas and no one else during the regular season. Go Cats, We’ll see rosemead Im sure in the playoffs and if not then Monrovia we’ll be lucky. Because like I said before its very hard to beat a team twice in one Season. But Im looking forward to seeing people hop on the M-town train. San Marino Beware. Pre-league means nothing, The cats are almost a shoe in for the league title

  • Tom S

    Hard to figure Miggy out. Agreed, how can he keep the only school to bring a PSN area CIF championship home and start this season out with a 3-0 record, yes one of those is a forfeit by Kilpatrick, out of the top ten and have larger schools with 0-3 and 0-2 in the top ten. Maybe he will explain or maybe not.
    All I know is my Minutemen will have a battle Friday night against Bakersfield Christian. Time to start posting some wins on the board. Hope the week off gave some of the injuries time to heal.

  • Nervo


    As someone who was in TCHS band, I can confirm that the Pride of Temple City generally DOES hate the Arcadia band…

  • Dan the Man

    Well when you go 3-10 on your picks, I’m not exactly sure if I’d consider that same guy a credible source to be picking the Top 10. Maybe its a low blow, but lets see how he does next week. If maxpreps had a say, here’s how the top ten would be picked. Next to every team is their current state ranking from the site.

    1. St. Francis – 112
    2. Monrovia – 166
    3. Rio Hondo Prep – 324
    4. San Marino – 342
    5. Rosemead – 402
    6. Muir – 409
    7. La Salle – 491
    8. Arcadia – 535
    9. San Gabriel – 543
    10. Alhambra – 548

    Honorable Mentions
    Maranatha – 584
    Bosco Tech – 611
    Temple City – 698

    I’m not exactly sure how the rankings come together, but I want to make the assumption that its put together by some statistical method using strength of schedule, Points Scored, Points Allowed, W-L, etc

    Rip it..Like it…Love it… whatever, this is what they think. I would think that their W-L ratio on picks might be a little closer. Miguel should stay out of the sports book next time in vegas!

  • JFMat

    Grammar School

    yeh tanks four nouticing mai crapy gramer…:)

  • Angry DENA DOG!

    Hey Philly B,

    See you at the “Ranch” on Friday….

  • Philly b.

    Ummm, im pretty sure everyone that is involved with music hates Arcadia’s Band. I dont know how to explain where everyone would understand but u just hate them. Alot not all are very cocky. but

  • Philly b.

    Ummm, im pretty sure everyone that is involved with music hates Arcadia’s Band. I dont know how to explain where everyone would understand but u just hate them. Alot not all are very cocky.

  • King

    Hey Miggy-

    How about some stats on the leaders in the area (Offensive/Defensive)? Would be interesting to see how the “Top” Players are doing so far after the preseason rankings.

  • MHS Fan

    I don’t see how Rio Hondo cannot be in the top 10 after beating Brentwood and looking like they are having a good year. Also, La Salle IS brave for playing bigger schools that’s true. It’s also nice when they are willing to play you if you are a smaller school which is not always the case. Looking forward to this weeks Maranatha game. Hopefully the coaches can fix the problems they have had in the first two games and utilize the strong talent they have from here on out.
    Not sure they will be fully healthy though.
    Go Minutemen!!

  • AsianTrojan

    As a current, TC band member I can re-confirm what Nervo said. WE HATE ARCADIA’S BAND!

    As far as the game, there’s is going to be a lot of people, ‘cuz the thing most people are talking about at school is the game on Friday.

    Go T.C!
    Regarding Mr. Backus being at Arcadia’s program, I just want to wish him the best of luck, since I was in his English class last year and saw what he was like after the “incident”.

  • King

    Great now we have the battle of the bands going on in a SPORTS blog! Miggy give the band people their own blog to debate who has the better band.

  • t3h hobojedi

    hey king
    were not even arguing wich band is better..and in this “sports blog” band is as much a part of the football atmosphere as the football players themselves.

    theres a lot of hype about the TC Arcadia game at both schools…I talk about it as well, it should be a tight game, i personally havn’t seen arcadia play but according to scores, stats and a few reviews, they didnt put up too much of a fight against monrovia and st. francis, even if they are powerhouse teams. in terms of TC we(because im a tc fan) could really pick up on the defensive side, we havnt allowed too many points but we did give up some game winning touchdowns and we really need to work on our open secondary. the offense looks ok but the OL really needs to open up some holes for max to get any room.

    @asiantrojan you can probably figure out who i am from this post-
    as for the band thing, im part of the POTC and we can honestly say…WE HATE ARCADIA, band and all, we’ve even picked up an extra band bus for the game. as for arcadia – we suggest you guys get ready to replace your bleachers.

  • AsianTrojan

    Jed: … It was too easy… 😛 I think you can probably figuire out who I am too LOL

    Just think of the only asian guy in band who likes USC..

  • san marino faithful

    i dont quite understand how TC is in the top ten. they are 0-2. have you ever seen an 0-2 team in the power rankings of any region? i didnt think so. i know ruckle is a stud and everything, but he is the only one on that squad as far as im concerned. im not being bias or anything, but a 2-0 sm team that destroyed a favored la salle team is only two spots ahead of a winless team. not quite sure i understand the logic there.

  • Goldenarm

    san marino faithful,

    Maybe Miquel can explain his thought process. Ask yourself, are the Titans solid enough to beat Arroyo or Alhambra?
    No matter, please move us down and replace with SM, almighty destroyer of Gabe and Hoover.
    It is surprising Mooney has not pushed for schedule change, maybe their is a contractual lock in place.

    It might be a blessing. Last year Miguel had you a 2 touchdown favorite when you came to TC 8-0.
    If you recall, that did not work out too well for Titan Central.

    Personally, I think you are a better team than the Rams at this stage. 4 weeks from now may be a different enchilada however. Good luck on your season.
    You have some real fine coaches and Forgatch is much improved.

  • Goldenarm

    sm faithful,

    oh yeah, Muir is 0-3 and ranked at 3, go figure.

    I stated several months before season start – the Rams could have an 0-4 start. In case folks have not noticed – wholesale change has happened with the Ram football team. The whole atmosphere and feeling has swung – and it has not settled into anything yet….anything that resembles a rhythem anyway. We are still learning and making learning mistakes.

    TC fans will hang me from the crossbar – but I wish we would shelf the OPTION we have attempted in both game 1 and 2. Neither our QB or RB appear comfortable running it, and we lack the time to fine tune and get the automatic “toss or keep” mentality in place. The inevitable will happen soon – ball on the ground. Please, Allah, make me wrong on this.

    We need some takeaways and a big game from our defense, and a solid performance from Justin at QB. We get that and Rams can take home a victory and the keys to Westerfield.

  • Goldenarm


    The guys who thrive on knowing an E flat from an E sharp…want to direct who covers who in the flat on Friday night.

    First it was baseballers talking football smack.
    Now we have king of Alpha males, the ever aggressive, fiery tempered obo player, coming on line to incite the Arcadia band and Apache faithful.

    At half, someone should set up the chicken coop with razor wire on the 50 yard line and let the flutists go toe to toe with the percussion section. Symbols can be thrown like Odd Job’s hat in the Bond movies. Conductors death match will conclude the entertainment.

    Our band is big, but looks to have an average 2% body fat – some skinny suckers out there. You want to play O line and block for Max,,,,,??stash the clarinet and come on down, we need some depth on the roster.
    Go Rams!

  • MHS faithful

    MHS fan, as I do agree with you on the talent that this years team has I also have to add this to your comment and I am sure you have heard this before, Coaches coach and players play. If that happens and everyone in on the same page, Friday night should take care of itself. Lets stay positive, focused and ready to bring much needed fan support to our first home game. I’m sure the entire team would benefit greatly from the positive energy generated from a pumped up home crowd……

  • Philly B.

    San Marino Faithful,
    I understand your little beef with T.C. being ranked even though they havent won a game. But take this into consideration, they have a new coach, a new offense, and it seems like they’re still tryin to find their identity on the offensive side of the ball. San marino has been ranked highly in the past even before league play begins, and what happens????? Dont worry I’ll wait… T.C. gets in that butt, and then Monrovia runs all over San marino’s slow D. Who has San Marino Played?????If you bring up La Salle, I’ll laugh, they’ve had some coaching changes too, and thats not saying much. Could You guys beat Arroyo, and Alhambra…..I really doubted it. Those teams are both athletic and most of all they’re physical teams last I checked. I told miguel when he ranked San Marino above T.C. and Monrovia when they were 5-0 going into league, that They were going to dissappoint, and thats what they did. In the weak Rio Hondo league you’ll always be 3rd best. You shouldnt worry about Why T.C. is ranked, you should be thinking about making sure you beat La Canada, South Pas, and Blair. Then Come talk to the big dogs in the weak League, Plain&Simple. As Far as the The Arcadia, And T.C. bands….Its not even a good band battle, becuz arcadia cant even fit they’re entire band on friday night to play some tunes for the crowd, they use that excuse for a pep band hahaha. Obvious I still hate T.C. to this Day, its part of the rivalry, but I respect them. But you put Arcadia in the mix, theres really not much love for the band or football team. When they beat Muir then the arcadia faithful can start talkin. Even if Arcadia beats T.C.(I hope not) that means very little, becuz Monrovia is already rollin on all cylinders, DB’s giving run support making takles, and the stable of RB’s they have, I dont see how T.C. can stop that. But I hope it’ll be a good game as much as everybody is hyping it up to be. #1 Monrovia vs. #2 San Dimas should have all the hype. But becuz san Dimas is over on the east. Its not much to debate about

  • Neutral

    Goldenarm I want to hate you. But you always end your comments with positive notes. Put into account SM plays Cantwell Sacred Heart and San Gabriel at the end of their scedule.

  • t3h hobojedi

    yea goldenarm? i would gladly get up and block as Oline for max..nd im pretty sure theres a guy in the clarinet section that could take on any guy on the Oline. and our band director is known for goin apeshit and i’d like to watch that and as for talkin about the secondary, thats pretty much what costed us the last two games, im just sayin that someone needs to get on those holes. anyway, point that 2moros game is gonna be epic.
    i’m also lookin forward to seeing nick bueno and the epic monrovia offense. and hung and the SM team pretty good up till now, we’ll see what happens wen league starts. hopefully the rankings will be more obvious as the season progresses

  • The Stang Fan

    Again, my commentary is slow-coming because I’d like to be as guarded as possible. With that said, because we are all used to the college-style rankings, Muir should not be up that high with an 0-3 record. You lose…you go down. Simple. The way the Stangs have played these last two weeks, they don’t deserve it. At all. Regardless of whom they played. The lack of desire, shown against Venice in particular, might change for the better if MM drops them completely out of the Top 10.

    So why DID Miguel put them so high? Well, I’m guessing he still thinks they are better than all of the other teams behind them. I’m sure he thinks that, had the other schools played Muir’s schedule, they too would be 0-3 or 1-2…or had Muir played other folks’ schedules they’d be 3-0 or 2-1. Or maybe even, for the LOVE OF GOD, he believes Muir will wake up from this FUNK and play the type of football we in the WSGV are used to seeing them play. Not sure. I guess he’d have to explain himself a little more.

    Look, Muir is a talented group of young guys with VERY little senior leadership. The line was supposed to be the strength, but after some injuries and other things that is definitely not the case. Again, this entire line comes back next year I believe, but they have got to be better conditioned because these guys DO NOT come off the field. Just no depth at all. The defensive backfield is another concern, ironically, and they too all come back, except for Williams. The LB corp has all Jr.’s too, except for one kid. On offense, they need to give Tripp some more carries and DEFINITELY get the new kid, #17, the DAMN BALL! But all the other skill guys are Juniors and 2-3 Sophomores. As GA noted, there were too many guys wearing jeans and jerseys and they are badly needed, for depth at the very least. Hell, it’s late, and now I’m ranting.

    What I’m trying to say is, the season is still young, and while we do not deserve top billing because of our lackluster losses, we shouldn’t be counted out just yet. I keep looking to DR’s team last year, who started out 0-4 or 0-5, but still ran through the playoffs. There’s a BIG difference though…they had 5 D-1 Seniors on that team….something I wish Muir had right now.

    LET’S GO STANGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Goldenarm


    I try to present my points and not be a complete Ahole when doing so. Obviously, my success rate in avoiding the A-hole category still needs some work. My shrink says I have L.O.M.S. – Loss Of Mooney Syndrome, and it will never go away. This probably explains why beating 8-0 San Marino remains one of fondest memories of last season. Hate me for that alone – it is cool.
    I stick with what I said earlier, the Titans are a better team this year than last.

    Philly B,

    I guess it is your kick in the head writing style and comments that always find me reading your posts carefully, sometimes twice. I love the “I hate TC to this day” statement….later followed by “I respect them”. Statements from “enemies” and opponents of that nature are a true signpost of where a football program is at or headed to. Many, many players and coaches did the right thing over years and years to get to that in place. That said, it is the ONE THING the program should NEVER ALLOW TO BE COMPRIMISED. Our new coaching staff has a high level of sportsmanship and work ethic to keep alive and build on. Time will tell.

    Unless one day the Rams play a football game with the Swedish Women’s Ski team (in lingerie, of course)…Mtown / TC will always be my favorite match up. This year will be no different, win or lose.

  • Goldenarm

    Stang Fan,

    You guys will do fine. Howard needs to get that line off the ball and moving downfield. They are too choked up and stacked and not being allowed to pull, trap and basically get out in front of the ballcarrier…at least not during the Venice game. Maybe they looked choked because Venice was a blitzing team – and somebody had to pick up those blitzers. I was not there long enough to say. Is Williams being handed any audible options to utilize in obvious blitz situations?

    I must agree that the “desire” and fire mentality must be #1 on the repair bill. The Stangs are obviously well supported in the stands and that fan base saw a real flat team head out to play on their home field.
    Depth will be a concern like you said, you need those 8-10 dudes off IR.
    Your passing game has big promise, and players skilled to make it work, but needs to benefit from a tighter and better mapped out blocking/running scheme. Remember that Venice was a top drawer opponent with studs aplenty…

  • Huckster!!!!!

    Where the Dogs at? Not ranked? If Muir is ranked 3rd the WSGV is terrible! Muir, Arcadia, Burroughs, Glendale and Hoover will not score against PHS this year! The Dogs will win the Pacific this year!

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