Star-Picks: Spiraling out of control one week at a time

Melendez: Last week (total): 3-10 (19-28)

I’m not about to bore you with details of my whereabouts. I’ll just say it’s been a tumultuous week. I was also off Monday. Anyway, things here are just plain out pathetic. I went 3-10 last week, and I get the feeling it all fell apart after picking Rosemead over Monrovia. I couldn’t have been been more wrong, and if my boys on Madison aren’t still upset with yours truly, I’m gonna go with Monrovia over San Dimas; there’s just no stopping Nick Bueno. Besides, how do you stop a flow of thunder from the backfield: Ramirez. Johnson. De La Nuez. It’s just insane how talented the Wildcats are this season. The return of the glory days? That’s up for debate, but the guess here is those days certainly will be back if Monrovia takes care of the Saints. I’ll be covering South Pas at Glendale. I’ll FINALLY get a chance to check out Bednarski. Not sure what happened last week vs. Hoover, but for now it’s just an afterthought. Friday night I will be at Arcadia when Ruckle & Co. take on the Apaches. What an amazing night it was for La Caada, Marshall, Pasadena, and even Keppel. The Spartans — after having their practices canceled, scrimmage and season opener canceled because of the Station Fire — roared their way to a 35-0 victory. QB Rocky Moore completed 11 of 17 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns in the win. He’s our athlete of the week in Wednesday’s paper. Marshall snapped its 31-game losing streak. Coach Ricky Pickens was ecstatic after the game, that much was evident if you read our story in Saturday’s paper. Pasadena earned its first win of the season, and despite having their locker rooms broken into, the Bulldogs still held their heads high. More on the burglary in Wednesday’s paper … Keppel battled tough and came close to snapping its own 40-game losing streak. They’ll get a chance to do it again Thursday vs. Pomona at Ganesha.

(All games 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted)

South Pasadena at Glendale — Melendez (South Pasadena)
Keppel vs. Pomona at Ganesha High — Melendez (Keppel)

San Dimas at Monrovia — Melendez (Monrovia)
Temple City at Arcadia — Melendez (Temple City)
St. Francis at Burroughs — Melendez (St. Francis)
Crescenta Valley at La Caada — Melendez (Crescenta Valley)
Blair at La Salle — Melendez (La Salle)
Harvard-Westlake at Rosemead — Melendez (Harvard-Westlake)
Azusa at Gabrielino — Melendez (Azusa)
San Marino vs. Hoover at Glendale — Melendez (San Marino)
Rio Hondo Prep at Boron — Melendez (Rio Hondo Prep)
Littlerock at Duarte — Melendez (Little Rock)
Bakersfield Christian at Maranatha — Melendez (Bakersfield Christian)
Chadwick vs. Marshall at Pasadena High — Melendez (Marshall)
San Gabriel at Contreras — Melendez (San Gabriel)
L.A. Wilson vs. Alhambra at Moor Field — Melendez (Alhambra)

Campbell Hall at Flintridge Prep — Melendez (Campbell Hall)
Pasadena Poly vs. Sierra Canyon at Granada Hills High — Melendez (Pasadena Poly)

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  • curiousgoerge

    My picks:

    San Dimas vs Monrovia: Sooner or later Bueno’s gonna be forced to throw the ball; don’t see it happening yet!
    I’ll take San Dimas to win.

    Temple City vs Arcadia: Ruckle n’ the great wall of green
    will be too much for Arcadia to handle. Mad Max will have
    a 200+ game.
    I’ll take the Rams to win.

    Alhambra vs LA Wilson: Moors got some key guys back on O-line should spark the running game, FINALLY!
    Cazz will have a BIG night in the air.
    I’ll take Alhambra to win.

    St. Francis vs Burroughs: Riley just too much to handle;
    Francis will roll.
    I’ll take St. Francis to win.

  • Observantcat


    Believe Me, Bueno will not have a problem throwing the ball, Monrovia just has the luxury of having plenty of options with his backfield. Running is just one of his weapons and as long as it works he’ll keep on doing it, when defenses figure out a way to stop it, then he will take to the air. I wouldn’t be surprised if he passes quite a bit more this game. I have a feeling he will be in the whole game this week. But Curiousgeorge, Who’s going to Stop Johnson? Ramirez? and the rest of the cats backfield? these guys will be the biggest distraction in this game. I think that everyone is so hung up on Bueno’s passing game, Having this extra benefit is what makes him so different. I’m sure people said the same thing about Tim Tebow. If I were a coach I would be worried about the other skilled players Bueno is going to get his no matter what.

  • Annonymous

    Miguel, Muir should move up another notch this week for having tied a score this friday 0-0 over the other Muir alter Ego! You can never leave those Mustangs out of any polls, they will find a way to just keep climbing that ladder. Sorry other teams, you must beat or score on a Pac 5 team to even be considered a threat to to these polls.

  • MoneyTalks

    I am the 1st to say this, Hoover is not Hoover anymore. they should be 2-0. They are a new team with a new image. The SPAS v Hoover score should have been 37-13. They dominated South Pas but dropped two TD and fumbled a snap on the 1 yard line. You should see the emotions they play with. Just wait and see. Unbelieveable. I am not kidding.

    South Pasadena at Glendale — (South Pasadena)
    Keppel vs. Pomona at Ganesha High — (Keppel)

    San Dimas at Monrovia — (San Dimas)
    Temple City at Arcadia — (Arcadia)
    St. Francis at Burroughs — (St. Francis)
    Crescenta Valley at La Caada — (Crescenta Valley)
    Blair at La Salle — (La Salle)
    Harvard-Westlake at Rosemead — (Harvard-Westlake)
    Azusa at Gabrielino — (Azusa)
    San Marino vs. Hoover — (Hoover)
    Rio Hondo Prep at Boron — (Rio Hondo Prep)
    Littlerock at Duarte — (Little Rock)
    Bakersfield Christian at Maranatha — (Bakersfield Christian)
    Chadwick vs. Marshall at Pasadena High –(Marshall)
    San Gabriel at Contreras — (San Gabriel)
    L.A. Wilson vs. Alhambra (Alhambra)

    Campbell Hall at Flintridge Prep — (Campbell Hall)
    Pasadena Poly vs. Sierra Canyon –(Pasadena Poly)

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Game of the week again! Gotta Love it!

    I think San Dimas is going to see Run! Run and more Run! And then when the Cats really need some yards.. Ruuunnn!! Maddox will mix in some pass plays probably off of play action but the Cats will pound the Ball all game. The only worry for the Cats is covering Dimas receivers who have some speed. Cats defense of the run will be as advertised and getting pressure on the QB will be the way to help out the secondary.
    Again all things being equal the Wild Card is Bueno! How San Dimas handles Tebow Jr. will be the difference.
    Probably just more highlight footage for Bueno to put on his College App!

  • CatsFan

    San Dimas might get a taste of OJ (Bouligny) this week. He is another weapon they have yet to unveil, and quite possibly the fastest kid on the team.

  • Apache Joe

    I went 8-5 last week.

    Here are my picks for this week.

    South Pasadena at Glendale — (South Pasadena)
    Keppel vs. Pomona at Ganesha High — (Pomona)

    San Dimas at Monrovia — (San Dimas)
    Temple City at Arcadia — (Arcadia) – this is going to be close. I think Tuck goes off in this game.
    St. Francis at Burroughs — (St. Francis)
    Crescenta Valley at La Caada — (Crescenta Valley)
    Blair at La Salle — (La Salle)
    Harvard-Westlake at Rosemead — (Harvard-Westlake)
    Azusa at Gabrielino — (Azusa)
    San Marino vs. Hoover — (San Marino) – As excited as i am to see Hoover’s program on the rise, they aren’t quite ready for Hung and the SM running game.
    Rio Hondo Prep at Boron — (Rio Hondo Prep)
    Littlerock at Duarte — (Little Rock)
    Bakersfield Christian at Maranatha — (Bakersfield Christian)
    Chadwick vs. Marshall at Pasadena High –(Chadwick)
    San Gabriel at Contreras — (San Gabriel)
    L.A. Wilson vs. Alhambra (Alhambra)

    Campbell Hall at Flintridge Prep — (Campbell Hall)
    Pasadena Poly vs. Sierra Canyon –(Pasadena Poly)

  • CatsFan

    What makes Bueno so good besides being a great athlete is that he is a very smart player. He has been given the green light to audible on the line of scrimmage depending on the defensive alignment. He is also very adept at running the read option. Teams are gonna have to load up 8 on the line to try and stop 240lb Johnson and when they do, Bueno will kill them with his feet or his arm. Also, keep in mind that they have been slow to use Ramirez and Bouligny, because they wanted to see how good Johnson is and comfortable Bueno was in running the spread option. Ramirez is a D1 RB and he will eventually get more touches.

  • curiousgoerge


    It’s just my opinion that’s all…
    And please don’t compare Bueno with TIM TEBOW?
    I know the kid is a great h.s. Qb and just a great football player period but NOT Tim Tebow!
    Good Luck this week

  • ex college coach

    Yes, please don’t compare Bueno to Tebow. Tebow averages 5 yds per carry, while Bueno only gets 13. Come on curiosgeorge, O-cat is entitled to his opinion too.

  • observantcat


    Use some imagination, Bueno is a double threat and guess what? So is Tim Tebow. At this stage of SGV football Bueno is the best of the best of the double threat. Maybe you should come by and check this kid out, if you can find a seat. He’s drawing in fans from all over the valley…. This kid is really that special. I notice that all of the Pacific league faithful have the RHL teams losing this week,, that;’s funny because a lot of PL league teams are getting exposed this year and this is only the beginning. Quiet honestly I would love to see more competitive scores in the PL this season, otherwise the future isn’t looking so bright!!!

  • calm down george

    Nobody’s trying to compare Bueno to Tebow. It’s just a commentary on the his aggressive style of play. He doesn’t like to step out of bounds and he likes to lower his shoulder and run over the last guy(a la arcadia).

  • MoneyTalks

    Apache Joe,

    I went 10-4 last week… I think the picks this week are pretty easy except for the arcadia v TC match up. That’s a toss up.

  • curiousgoerge

    Ex College coach,

    I’m not taking anything away from the kid,
    but your making him sound like he’ll be playing @ Florida St. next year? NOT
    Just wanna see some more passing yards from the kid, that’s all. I understand the concept if it ain’t broke don’t fix it(RUN RUN RUN)!
    In three games Bueno has only 15 att/30 comp. 227 yds and 2 td’s and 2 int’s,PASSING?
    He is your leading rusher with 31 carries 411 yds and 5 td’s seems more like RB stats.
    I know the kid is a great HS Qb just wanna see a lil more passing that’s all.Hope to get out and watch him sometime I support all my Mexican/American Student Athletes!
    I’m quite sure he will lead you to the promise land!

  • Anne Onimus

    Nick is actually half Filipino and half Italian. All this talk about his athleticism, you should also know that beyond sports, he’s just an overall good kid. Very soft spoken. He’s the type of kid you root for long after the season is over. Good luck Bueno, keep your head straight(and don’t read these blogs).

  • sfhs92

    I don’t know anything about Bueno. I am sure he is a superior athlete just from reading all of these comments. With that being said the wing T is a misdirection running offense with a lot of ball fakes to confuse the defense. It is an offense that is meant to throw play action passes not seven step drops. Get off the kid for not throwing the ball that much that is not what this offense is meant to do. If you see Bueno droping back it is probably not a good thing for Monrovia.

  • Goldenarm

    A QB’s job is to direct 11 dudes to successfully move downfield toward the red zone – and in whatever fashion possible, come away with points greater than the point total the opponent can produce.

    Bueno needs to expertly execute whatever the OC or Maddox is sending in…and it is pretty apparent he is doing that and more. If the current play mix has M-town putting up 40 a game, as a coach, I think I would leave it alone.

    As teams attempt to counter Monrovia’s current offensive tendencies, it could be other things will open up. That scenario could happen as early as Friday against San Dimas.

    Curiousg – Bueno is not being asked to be a pocket passer like Cazarrin. You can’t rush Bueno like Cazz either, because he will kill you with evasiveness once rush lanes lose contain…or pump fake and blow down the sideline for BIG play yardage and scores.

    Had TC stuck to their early season pass madness last year – Hatch could have easily doubled his completions and yardage. However, the Rams would have never been able to maintain late 4th quarter leads without a run first attitude and focus. When we needed a crucial completion Hatch got it done – Bueno will be doing the same for the Cats this year.

  • Matt

    I would like to thank everyone who picked Glendale over LC. Stangfan is the only one who went the other way. Stangfan,you are allowed into La Canada anytime. Goldenarm and the others will be checked at the border. Miquel still hasn’t graced La Canada with his presence.

    Upset special LC over CV. LC has a lot more weapons than was shown at Glendale.

    Good luck to all Rio Hondo League teams this week. Lets go for a sweep.

  • New York

    Good to hear about Hoover. You mentioned suring the summer that your Arcadia buddies had taken over coaching and were turning it around. Now, you were 10-4 last week with one glaring mistake, the Monrovia victory. You picked Rosemead under the pretense of “not impressed at all with Monrovia…” And now you are suggesting that the San Dimas victory is an easy call but conveniently the Arcadia-TC matchup is a toss-up? I would love to hear your take on what has been so impressive about San Dimas…

    I hope you will still support Bueno even though his lineage has been defined differently than you had suspected? Gimme a break, guy.

  • New York

    Thanks for the support this week, but we are not an advertising firm. Our school address is Colorado Blvd…just busting chops. I know you enter the parking lot on Madison…be good.

  • New York

    Monrovia and San Dimas are good this year, but the competition each team has faced thus far has been weak. So, this week’s game is the first real test for either team. I think the teams that Monrovia has beaten are tougher than the teams that San Dimas has beaten. Monrovia’s ability to stop the run defensively as well as establish the run offensively is tough to deal with. Hopefully this translates to a Monrovia victory against the San Dimas Wing-T. We need to stick with the fundamentals of securing the football and continue to let our tough and athletic linemen push people around as well as let our explosive big-skill players continue to dominate.

  • Goldenarm

    Good point NY. The pf/points against has Monrovia looking like the second coming, making this game a pretty good litmus considering San Dimas is getting heavy stroking from the East side.
    I want to see M-town do well.

    Preleague 56-0 against D-rock was barely enough to get Haggard and Lowden’s jersey damp. Tip will get it rolling, and if gets some backing, who knows for next season.

    Matt –
    good luck Friday!

  • booyaaa

    My 3 “picks of the week”

    Temple City over Acadia (“coaches get it done”)
    Alhambra over LA Wilson (“peko goes off”)
    Borroughs over ST. Francis (“upset special”)

    Oliver Yerfase aka “booyaaa”

  • Observantcat

    check out my last week predictions, I had all of the RHL teams winning mainly because I dont think that teams in the area show enough true respect for teams they deem as LOWER than THEMSELVES. I never start out the season believing that any team has the upper hand over any other team unless I see them play. For all of those who have never ventured to go to a RHL game you will be surprised at the level of competition most of these teams play with week in and week out. This isn’t just a good year for the CATS it’s a good year for the RHL in general. When you look at other Div. the CAT’s could be just as competitive if not more than any team in the SGV including CO this year. In the RHL everyone puts it “ALL IN” like a poker game and usually the best teams win on any given Friday. Although in a joking kind of way I predicted La Canada to beat Glendale I didn’t figure them to win so convincingly, but that goes to show never to underestimate your opponent’s potential until either you play them or see them play.

    My predictions this week are as follows:
    Monrovia/San Dimas
    Wildcats are the more athletically gifted team and are riding on a no fear kind of attitude which generates in great team efforts and playmaking advantages. San Dimas, although much improved defensively has not met any running backs like the ones that will be opposing them this Friday night. Monrovia will contain the wing T offense that SD will try and impose on them and our secondary is stellar in its play as well. Not to day SD will not score, just will not have nearly the success of controlling the game as in games past.
    Monrovia by 21

    Arcadia/Temple City

    Although this game seems to be a close call, I will give the edge to TC simply because of the Ruckle factor. After Mtown’s game I notice how slow the Arcadia defense was on both on the line and the secondary and that is the right climate for a Max Ruckle to put on a show. I do believe that TC should try and at least work on some kind of passing attack if they want to dominate the Apache D. Although the Apache D is slow they do play fundamentally sound D so if you try and play simply straight up smash mouth Offense it could tilt the edge to the Arcadia Offense and allow for a long and boring night of 3& outs on both sides.
    Temple City by 14

    St. Francis/Burroughs

    Since the Pacific league is in an athletic drought this year, I dont see Burroughs making any statement against a team that has already taken down it’s consensus 2009 number one team. Burroughs has lost a lot of it’s players especially its go to guys which makes them an average SGV team which I cant see St. Francis (From pride alone) allowing them to win this game. Oh, by the way “Mr Everything” Dietrich Riley couldn’t possibly let his team down against a Pacific league squad.
    St. Francis by 21

    Cresenta Valley/ La Canada

    Now this game is going to be a lot closer than anyone on this blog that doubts La Canada thinks. The only thing that La Canada lacked last year was any kind of explosive offense, this year that looks like it may have been accomplished. Although they played the Pacific league doormat team, They will now be facing the Premier PL team this year and I think that if CV thinks that this is going to be a walk in the park they will be in for a big surprise. CV has a great weapon of their own in their backfield this year and from what I can tell their line can hold their own. This should be a low scoring game filled with a lot of emotion.
    7-10 point game by either team

    The rest of this weeks games I will predict accordingly:

    South Pas/ Glendale SP by 14

    LaSalle/ Blair LaSalle by 21

    Harvard Westlake/ Rosemead HW by 14 (The Mead is currently looking for a heart donor)

    San Marino/Hoover SM by 25

    Muir/bye Muir wins by default (Get some rest so that you can take on the PL)

    San Gabriel/Contreras (What Playground is this game going to be played at?)
    SG by 35

    Little Rock/DuRoc this should be Duarte closest pre-season game although thats not saying much.
    Little Rock by 21

    So there you have it. Some hit’s some misses. Good Luck this week!

  • Goldenarm


    Reno said a Cannabis farm burned during the Station Fire – creating a cloud that eventually stalled over my house, paralyzing my football brain long term. I am beginning to think Doc Reno may have been correct.

    Could it be Yoder filled the Spartan water cooler with foothill runoff from the hidden steriod factory which burned above La Canada? Either the smoke, the rest, or Yoder’s Elixir De Dynabol…or something has got the LC crew fired up, yes? Too bad a reschedule of the Moor game could not happen…like to see the result.

    Two years ago TC and LC JV had a great match up at TC, where the Rams barely eeked out a last second victory on a long pass from guess who….Justin Smith, our current, “new” QB. It was a pass that hung forever and was snagged out the air by 6’4″ Drew Tinsley, the current day foot of the Rams.
    I said then that La Canada would be making waves – even contending for the RHL crown. The players from both sides of that JV game are now seniors at the varsity level…and Yoder has moved up with them. Our JV HC then was George Luna, now at SM. Assistants Matt and Thomas are still on scene in green/gold though. Good coaches.
    There is something about Yoder – making him different.
    What is it?

  • curiousgoerge

    Nueva’ York,

    I support all our SGV ALL-STARS,
    black,white,brown,green, whatever lineage you wanna
    call it. I had ask one of the Monrovia coaches over the summer during a passing game and I was just curious because the kid looked Latino to me and the coach told me he was a mexican kid I guess he was wrong. How many Latino QB’s do you see playing on saturday’s?
    Nothing wrong in being proud of my race so you can give
    me a break,guy!

  • Matt

    My apologies Observantcat. You are welcome in LC anytime. No passport needed. Regarding Yoder, he is a solid line guy and really understands the run game. The kids believe in him. He also works his butt off in the off season. He has a program. He also has some good coaches working with him. They understand how to attack you through the air. The defense plays very sound and very hard.

  • SaintsR4real



  • SaintsR4real

    If Bueno can’t depend on his passing game on Friday vs. San Dimas…….NO BUENO!!

    Believe me, San Dimas will go man to man on pass coverage knowing that Bueno is not going to come out with flying colors in his passing game in one week (i’ve seen the Monrovia video).

    It’s no secret..look out for Morgan and Winrow, which have combined for 10 sacks in 3 games.

    I’m just saying….Good Luck, you may need it!

  • The Stang Fan

    Had to heed my boy GA’s advice and step away for a sec for fear that I’d say something I shouldn’t…thanks GA!

    Anyhow, Miguel have you not been keeping up with my picks bro?!?! That would be 7-3 for Week 0, 13-1 for Week 1, and 9-6 for Week 2….for a grand total of 29-10! Not bad methinks!

    Btw, you were actually 4-11 last week, not 3-10….there were 15 total games remember. Either way, the way it looks now, you’ve got a ways to go to catch up brotha!

    Matt, much appreciated! However, the welcome mat might roll up when I pick CV over LC this week. Sorry, bro.

    CV is now the “Premier” team of the Pacific??? Premier??? Wow. I must’ve missed the coronation.

  • The Stang Fan

    Thursday games:

    Glendale over SP (Hell, if a new and improved Hoover can beat SP, I’m figuring the Nitros can do the same at their house)

    Pomona over Keppel (Keppel appears to be playing much harder this year)

    Friday games:

    Monrovia over SD (Big home crowd for the Cats, and SD doesn’t seem to be all they’re cracked up to be IMO)

    Arcadia over TC (This one can certainly go either way, and I’m picking the Apaches because it’s a home game. Each is thirsty for their first victory, and apparently the baseball team and the bands hate each other more than their football counterparts….odd!)

    SF over Burroughs (Something tells me come league JBHS and JMHS will be ok….they still lose to the G-Knights)

    CV over LC (If CV gave SF all the could handle last week, I think they will come out on top over SF’s neighbors at the bottom of the hill)

    LS over Blair (THe honorary RHL team should bounce back against the Vikes)

    HW over The Mead

    Azuza over Gabby

    SM over Hoover (The Tornadoes will be facing a much better RHL foe in the Titans)

    RHP over Boron (BHS scores a ton of points…but RHP is DAMN GOOD!)

    Littlerock over Du-rock

    BC over The Natha

    Chadwick over Marshall (The Eagles have got to show me they can do it again….and Chadwick isn’t that bad….I think they beat RHP last year)

    SG over Contreras

    Alhambra over Wilson

    CH over Flintridge Prep

    Sierra Canyon over Poly (If you lose to Marshall…I just might not pick you against a team that has outscored it’s first two opponent 85-10)

  • Matt


    No harm, no foul.

  • MoneyTalks

    New York,

    I admit I was way off w/the monrovia v rosemead game. I did not realize that rosemead would just lay down like they did last friday. San Dimas is much stronger than rosemead. San Dimas’ high powered offense has scored 130 points in three game. Apparently, all those days running from ride to ride at raging waters this summer has paid off.

    San Dimas by 10, 34-24.

  • Observantcat

    Money Talks;

    Layed down isn’t the word, More like got knocked down. I notice anyone criticizing Monrovia always has something to say about the other teams lack of spirit or desire to play, but what you forget is Monrovia’s ability to bring that out in teams. Rosemead came out fired up, as a matter of fact the first play from scrimmage Rosemead took the ball right out of Derrick Johnson’s hand but did nothing with the turnover. That only got Johnson fired up and he later scored 3 TD’s. I guarantee you that SD would not come out of that Rosemead game untethered by the Rosemead D. But for all of the non-believers this will be you chance to take notes. THE WILDCATS ARE FOR REAL!!!!!!

  • CatsFan

    SaintsR4real: Keep trying to convince yourself that your team will be able to force Bueno to throw the ball. He will throw whenever he is asked to do so. So, you saw a couple of minutes worth of video on Bueno and now you think you know everything about him. Good luck! Monrovia is not anything like the first 3 teams you guys played so far. Just a reminder, the CATS are very familiar with the wing T, since that was our offense last year. Also, we haven’t even begun to open up the playbook.

  • Philly B.

    Money Talks,
    Wow Hoover is for real?????? As much as I hate San Marino’s Pre-league schedule every year, I could confidently say they will take care of hoover. And I guess You havent seen Monrovia’s Defense. Can you tell me San Dimas’s DB’s come up and make tackles on runs???? I can say Monrovia does. Maddox is gonna have those kids ready for The Saints. We have Depth in almost every position. I still will not compare this years team to any others in the past, but I will say We’re ranked No.1 for a reason, yeah we beat an inferior team in Duarte, but the cats could of played down to the competition but maddox doesnt seem like a coach that would allow that. They will be ready for San Dimas

  • Philly B.

    I guess you fail to realize that, San Dimas schedule is almost idenitcal to Monrovias. You beat a better opponent in Los Altos. Then you whopped a inferior team in South El Monte( Monrovia destroyed Duarte), I dont know much about Magnolia, but Im sure that team coming from the O.C. was a good one and the saints took care of them. Rosemead is a good team when they have they’re playmakers healthy. If They get their star RB back, better hope you dont have to play the panthers. Doubt the Cats all you want, but I know Monrovia will have a packed house come friday night. And everyone wants to talk ab out Bueno needs to throw this and he needs to throw that to beat a team. Bueno needs to do exactly what hes doing until a defense stops it. He doesnt look fast but that kid is fast, and if you think your gonna slow him down, I doubt it seriously, also Monrovia keeps him pretty protected, and he rolls out of the pocket and makes the throws he needs to. But he doesnt have to do it, if you cant stop him for runs of 10yrds plus. As far as the rio hondo league being a force to be reckoned with…..
    The weak teams of the pacific League isnt really saying much. If a T.C. or monrovia we’re to beat a Muir, burroughs, or even Burbank, then I’d say then you need to take the RHL Seriously but LC beating a hoover or Glendale is not saying anything. I’ll take a LC beating a crescenta valley would be something to talk about. But Glendale and Hoover is the blair of the Pacific league. Yeah I know a few years back Glendale beat Muir or something, but every dog has its day….its not something that happens alot obviously. Lets not try to put out the the RHL is back or anything like that. Monrovia Looks to be having a squad to remember,

    T.C. will get its groove back against a slow arcadia team

    La Salle Will beat Blair, but If they start thinking ahead how they will try and get close to monrovia, blair might sneak and bite them in the butt.

    South Pas better get Glendale, and by a large margin

    San Marino will beat Hoover Soundly

    I think its a long time coming, Monrovia or T.C. needs to Play Burbank, Burroughs, or Muir. A.D. Bell at monrovia needs to make it happen. It been too long

  • MoneyTalks

    Philly B.,

    I have seen Monrovia’s defense. They are o.k., better than average, but no way great. I like no. 45… he can play. Same with 55.

  • Philly B.

    Yes No. 45 and No. 55 are some studs. But we got DB’s that come and make tackles!!! That is hard to find, no matter what level I think. You say nothing great?? Just Ok?? We’ll see about that. Yeah arcadia is slow, duarte is rebuilding, and rosemead didnt have their workhorse, but it doesnt matter, monrovia has some studs on defense. Can San Dimas Stop Bueno??? Thats what u should be worried about

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