Two-Minute Drill: Robledo, Ramirez and Miller discuss San Dimas at Monrovia, PSN’s Game of the Week

The Tribune’s Fred Robledo, Steve Ramirez and Time Warner’s Reginald Miller discuss four of Friday’s top games. Robledo and Ramirez each stick to their Eastside guns, but I know better. Monrovia by 10.

Click here to preview No. 2 San Dimas (3-0) at No. 1 Monrovia (3-0) on Friday night at 7.

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  • New York

    “And then there was one” will be the headline following the Monrovia-San Dimas game with respect to MidValley Div as well as the headline following the Brawl for the Mall.

  • Reno Hightower

    You can have M-Town/San Dimas or Arcadia/TC, Reno is loading up the van and headed to Santa Fe Springs for the Paraclete vs. St. Paul slugfest. Pregame dinner is the flaming fried chicken @ Clearmans Steak and Stein in Pico Riveria. Norm vs. Marion. Two good ‘ol boy Catholic School coaches. The cheapshots will be flying. Both squads are 2-1 with losses coming to quality opponents. The Spirits are led by speedster RB Davis and the Swordsman don’t have any statistics reported. Typical Marion; don’t let the other team know anything!Norm, that Grandma walking the track with the stroller during practice? There was a midget inside the stroller with a video camera! Both teams are playing good defense right now. In fact, penalty yards will probably outdistance total offense. This game is more important to St. Paul as they play in a tough Mission League. The ‘Clete will roll their league schedule like the Christians during the Crusades. Desert Rat, dropping off the video crew at M-Town and picking them up on the way home? Not a bad idea!

  • Goldenarm

    I work with a St Pauler, his kid is out in cactusland (Knight High School)today on the freshman team.
    Apparently St Paul varsity has an “unscheduled” scrimmage Saturday as well with somebody…following the Clete game Friday night….sounds strange.

    The Clete always has a tailgate contigent coming out of HWY 14.

    I think the last real butt beating they took came at the hands of the Italian clergymen, Bishop Diego.

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