Friday Night Aftermath: Saints marching nowhere, Monrovia wins in rout, 36-17; Unbelievable ending to Temple City-Arcadia game; ‘Natha impressive in win.

Above: Atta boy, Joshy boy. Josh Lowden introduces himself, though his manners are not up to par. You’re supposed to let the kid hold on to the ball. Not. (Sara Reingewirtz / Staff Photographer)



FOR THE RECORD: Not counting the Marshall result, which we’ve yet to receive, I went 10-2-1 on Friday night.

Monrovia 36, San Dimas 17 — ‘Cats are on the run! Maybe there was a reason San Dimas Coach Z wouldn’t divulge his plan to stopping Monrovia’s offensive prowess: He didn’t have one. From Fred Robledo: I never expected this. It looks like like its good times in M-Town again. When I’m wrong, I say I’m wrong. Our reporter Scott French said the Cats will go 14-0.

Temple City 28, Arcadia 28 — Something has to come about after the referees completely blew this one. Will heads roll? Probably not, but someone needs to be held accountable. I thought referees get paid by the game, not by how many quarters are played. If I’m Arcadia I let those checks bounce, but that’s just me speaking out of utter disbelief of what I saw unfold. To let this game end in a tie is an absolute slap in the face to both teams and their efforts in what could have been an instant classic. The game was tied 28-28 as both coaches met at midfield. They agreed to play the overtime. The crowd wanted it. The players wanted it. The coaches wanted. Oh, but not the referees, who seemingly had something better to do with their Friday night. “We don’t get paid for overtime” was their excuse. They jogged off the field to a chorus of boos. Believe you me, I will be following this closely when I get into the office Monday.

St. Francis 35, Burroughs 20 — Knights still on top, continue to roll as Justin Posthuma completed 10 of 21 passes for 190 yards and rushed for 110 yards. Dietrich Riley who? Just kidding, Dietrich.

Crescenta Valley 38, La Caada 35 — Good for the Spartans. I thought they would lose this game, but the final score was a great showing.

La Salle 28, Blair 2 — Not a bad showing for Blair, but as predicted the Lancers were going to be too much to handle. The win, however, may have come at a price. Mike Novell (deep bruise or torn ACL) and Carlos Morales (leg) were injured.

Harvard-Westlake 42, Rosemead 0 — Wow. Lets see how the Panthers rebound next week. Our correspondent said he was impressed with Joey Diaz. Give him the ball!!

Azusa 34, Gabrielino 20 — It’ll be a long year for Gabrielino …

San Marino 42, Hoover 7 — Titans off to another impressive start.

Littlerock 55, Duarte 0 — There was a two-hour delay here after Littlerock’s bus got a flat tire on the way to Duarte. The game didn’t start until 9 p.m.

Maranatha 28, Bakersfield Christian 2 — Great showing for Maranatha. I thought the Minutemen were going to get blown out, but not on this night. This victory was much needed. Josh Jones returned a fumble 70 yards for the Minutemen’s first touchdown and Danny Beckwith added two more to lead the Minutement. They trailed 2-0 before taking a 14-2 lead at the half. This was an even more impressive win since Maranatha was missing five starters. Bakersfield Christian was averaging about 300 yards per game. They were held to 150 yards Friday night. Suffice it to say, the defense came up huge.

San Gabriel 28, Contreras 2 — This should have been a shutout but a muffed punt in the end zone earned Contreras the safety.

Alhambra 21, L.A. Wilson 17 — Joseph Becerra had another great game for the Moors. He stepped up. Mitchell Crockom was kept quiet.

Rio Hondo Prep 28, Boron 20 — The Kares are enjoying the ride back from Boron. Big plays by RHP as they earned their fourth win of the season.

Chadwick XX, Marshall XX — n/a

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  • Goldenarm

    Tough loss for So Pas in OT to the Nitros.

    A fumble hurt them, but they had some nice drives and conversions along the way. Don’t hang your head Tigers.

    the reason the SD heach coach was silent about stopping MTOWN –
    is likely because he has yet to figure it out, and if he did, does not have the horses to complete the job anyway.

    Monrovia defense will be the Saturday morning headline.
    You think Maddox has not fully prepared for this game?? Yeah right. Cats – do the West Side right tonight!!

    Miquel –
    thanks for the vote of confidence (or kiss of death) depending on how you look at it.
    We gotta take it!
    Accept the bad breaks, work through it all and make our own good luck and WIN
    go rams!!

  • Big Football Fanatic

    OK Yeah! What Goldenarm said.

  • tcchamps

    Rumor has it that all Band Members must be there 4 hours early to go through the metal detectors. Gives a whole new meaning to earning your horns!

  • BigFatFan

    Goldenarm: thanks for the kind thoughts. we dug ourselves a 21-0 hole early in 2nd quarter, then clawed ourselves all the way back. as Smith said in the Star News story, we are progressing.

  • New York

    I think Maddox’ quote is dead on. This game will be decided in the trenches. Will Monrovia’s defenisve front disrupt San Dimas’s big but young offensive line enough so that the DBs do not need to over commit? Will Monrovia’s offensive line continue to dominate? I think the answer is “Yes”.

  • New York

    There was once a time whent he TC-Arcadia game would have been played entirely inside the hash lines, heck entirely inside the ends of the LOS. With the advent of the spread offense and throwball, I just don’t know what to expect.
    Good luck Rams. Bring one home for the RHL, even if it hurts Monrovia’s current BCS score….

  • SaintsR4real


    Your on a row!

    By this time tomorrow, you’ll have a perfect score: 100%, 0 for 16…j.k.!

    Monrovia, have a great game tonight, no matter who wins, there are only SURVIVORS!

    Saints….all hopes of avenging our “best team in S.D. history team” last year kinda carries over this year.
    Fight hard, execute 100%, and have a great game!!

  • Fearless

    San Dimas at Monrovia — Monrovia
    Temple City at Arcadia — Temple City
    St. Francis at Burroughs — St. Francis
    Crescenta Valley at La Caada — Crescenta Valley
    Blair at La Salle — Blair
    Harvard-Westlake at Rosemead — Harvard-Westlake
    Azusa at Gabrielino — Azusa
    San Marino vs. Hoover at Glendale — San Marino
    Rio Hondo Prep at Boron — Rio Hondo Prep
    Littlerock at Duarte — Little Rock
    Bakersfield Christian at Maranatha — Maranatha
    Chadwick vs. Marshall at Pasadena High — Chadwick
    San Gabriel at Contreras — San Gabriel
    L.A. Wilson vs. Alhambra at Moor Field — L.A. Wilson

  • Goldenarm

    curious g, Moor fans….

    you guys plan on winning tonight?

    how do you see the game playing out?

    El OSO FEO, the big vato I work with says St Paul freshman team whacked the Clete 28-6 on their home field among the cacti and circling buzzards.

  • The Stang Fan


    That would make me 2-0 bro. And btw, we HAVE NOT stopped this competition my friend. I noticed you have been leaving my predictions out! I wonder why….lol.

    Freddie J,

    If you’re reading this…WHY IN THE HELL do you think the SD/M-town game will be such a walk in the park for SD. The game is in Monrovia, the Cats have played sligthly better teams, the Cats have better ability in open space, and some leadership to boot! Unlike you, I will NOT be stunned to see Monrovia win by 14. Get’em Cats!

  • FredJ

    Stang Fan, Because I’m the same dude that said Diamond Ranch would win at Muir in the first round of the playoffs last year, that’s why. LOL…Defending the Wing T, when run properly (which is what the Saints do), is very hard for high school kids. You need big, physical players up front to defend it. From what I hear, Monrovia is more athletic up front than physical, so we shall see.

  • CatsFan

    The problem is that people heard Monrovia was more athletic than physical. If you’ve actually seen the CATS play, you will find out that they are both. And remember that we ran the wing T last season, so our players are familiar with the offense. Now try and stop our spread option with our athletes.

  • Anonymous

    I heard the half time show was pretty intense. Arcadia came out strong with a Mandy, but TC countered with an old Allman Brothers In Memory of Elizabeth Reed????? Damm, I like Friday nights. Next week we should bust out a Going down the road feeling bad.

  • tcchamps


    I heard the half time show was pretty intense. Arcadia came out strong with a Mandy, but TC countered with an old Allman Brothers In Memory of Elizabeth Reed????? Damm, I like Friday nights. Next week we should bust out a Going down the road feeling bad.

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Monrovia vs San Dimas… NO FREAKIN CONTEST!!!

    Miguel you were the Only Writer to Pick the Cats!

    Braggin Rights for you my man.

  • Longtimefan

    The official “quarter-by-quarter Scoreboard” is a joke. A dozen game were never even reported on and others never updated after half time.

    False advertising, Miquel.

  • goteamgo

    La Salle 24
    Blair 2

  • What a Joke

    No score of St. Francis game? Are you kidding me?


    TC Fans if you dont see the improvement of the Rams and if it doesnt get you excited I dont know what will. Coach White and Staff will have these boys ready for league!!!

  • Tom S

    Miguel: Another one you missed. Maranatha over Bakersfield Christian 28 – 2. The Minutemen are back!

  • former ram


    I don’t know what you saw tonight, but I didn’t see anything different than the last two games. Another victory taken away. This team just cannot finish. No excuses that the tie with Arcadia is a great result cause Arcadia is not good this year.

  • MoneyTalks

    Miguel… it made me sick to see the refs just run off the field. The kids wanted to play it out. The refs should be ashamed of themselves. Even after the game both teams were ready to play without refs. So, both teams are 0-2-1…LAME.

    Ok, I was wrong about mtown. Lay it on me. they proved themselves.

  • A.M.

    Really,…. I have been coaching for 6 years and been helping my AD out for at least half that. I woulD love to know who these SGV refs were that denied OT. And Beyound that maybe its Time CIF made a OT or no OT bluebook rule (yes thats right I went there) so there are no more issures like this.}

  • SH Dawgs

    Long year for Gabrielino??? Not so fast. They near doubled them up in rushing yds abt 300 to 160 n those big 70 yard plays, coughing ball up twice in red zone (like 20 yd, 15yd), 1x inside midfield, and key INTs, …the chance was there for Gab to pull the upset.

    Coming off a 20-17 comeback of being down 17-0 to keppel….KEPPEL…I say they’re (Gabrielino) startin to move in the right direction n a game nxt wk agst PHYSICAL big boy Pomona on the road will only help them as MVL play starts afterwards. With El Monte having unspecified team issues there’s a good chance at playoff spot #3 and possibly 2 if they can eat clock n pound Rosemead.

    The adjustments on the frontline OL & offense made by Coach Sanin n staff were evident tonite. Better fluidity than season opener vs LP and 34-0 drubbing by San Marino, They can only improve n if they start taking care of the ball more consistently theres a long shot .. LONG SHOT chance of even sending Arroyo runnin for its life.

    2008 was Arroyo 16-13 over Gab. with Rivera, Rodriguez n company. And that was coming off a 28-14 W over Mtn View. Tied 14-14 into 4th.

  • SH Dawgs

    Long year for Gabrielino??? Not so fast. They near doubled them up in rushing yds abt 300 to 160 n those big 70 yard plays, coughing ball up twice in red zone (like 20 yd, 15yd), 1x inside midfield, and key INTs, …the chance was there for Gab to pull the upset.

    Coming off a 20-17 comeback of being down 17-0 to keppel….KEPPEL…I say they’re (Gabrielino) startin to move in the right direction n a game nxt wk agst PHYSICAL big boy Pomona on the road will only help them as MVL play starts afterwards. With El Monte having unspecified team issues there’s a good chance at playoff spot #3 and possibly 2 if they can eat clock n pound Rosemead.

    The adjustments on the frontline OL & offense made by Coach Sanin n staff were evident tonite. Better fluidity than season opener vs LP and 34-0 drubbing by San Marino, They can only improve n if they start taking care of the ball more consistently theres a long shot .. LONG SHOT chance of even sending Arroyo runnin for its life.

    2008 was Arroyo 16-13 over Gab. with Rivera, Rodriguez n company. And that was coming off a 28-14 W over Mtn View. Tied 14-14 into 4th.

  • New York


    Monrovia people expected this victory. I’m more interested in your take on that San Marino vs. Hoover score. Would that suggest that San Marino is playing some tough football?

    I cant beleive that you and Moneytalks could not pursuade those officials to stick around for a tie breaker. What about the option of having the two head coaches conduct a form of a tie breaker (ala Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood)?

  • Hal Lamaster

    South Pasadena fans have something to cheer about. After losing their way in the first half against Glendale, the Tigers battled back from 3 TDs down to even things late in the game.

    South Pas has a good QB, and he can run too. I’m glad the teams got to play overtime. It made for a VERY exciting conclusion.

  • Hal Lamaster

    Sorry to read that the TC/Arcadia game ended “early.”
    The officials association has some explaining to do!

  • Coaches Corner.

    New York;

    That Win was for all of M-Town.
    Great reference to Heartbreak Ridge.
    What was the name of that real big marine Gunny fights ? I can’t remember..

  • New York

    Is there something about pre-season games not going into OT? Charter Oak and Rancho Cucamonga ended in a tie last year.

    I’d still consider some form of a pugil contest between the two coaches.

    By the way, I dont think Coach White’s quote will win any favor’s with officials “That is the second time that ref got us”….yikes.

    At the very least, this should fuel the rivalry into next season as well.

  • MoneyTalks

    New York,

    Didn’t the refs know that the “Brawl at the Mall” can’t end in a tie?

    The refs should not even get paid. Services were not rendered.

  • New York

    Coaches Corner,
    Keep it rolling buddy.

    The Swede was in Gunny Highways platoon, but I was refering to the seen when the two platoons rumble for control of that pit and then the two platoon leaders settle the tie…

  • Big Football Fanatic

    Anyone reading what they’re spewing about Monrovia over on Robledo’s Blog?

    No Respect for the Cats at all! Robledo manned up and admitted his mistake, but the SGV is talking trash still!

    “Put more guys in the box that will stop Bueno” they say.

    If Teams put anymore guys in the Box they will have to play 13 players! They all try to stack against the run and the O-Line just keeps opening holes.

    Stop Bueno you get Ramirez around the edge. Try to stop Ramirez they give it to De La Nuez off Tackle.

    Go after De la Nuez and they put in Bubba Johnson and he Rumbles right on thru for Yardage.

    Then you still have to deal with the Cats Defense and Special Teams.

    Good Luck to any Coach trying to draw up a Game Plan against Monrovia.

  • HS fan

    Those referees at the TC-Arcadia game should never be allowed to referee another game.

    Game over, losers!

    What a group of complete jerks.

  • HS fan

    Those referees at the TC-Arcadia game should never be allowed to referee another game.

    Game over, losers!

    What a group of complete jerks.

  • Anonymous

    San Clemente vs. Santa Fe recap
    September 25, 2009 10:50 PM

    WHITTIER After a near flawless debut last week, quarterback Chase Rettig threw three interceptions, and San Clemente turned the ball over five times, allowing Santa Fe to upset the No. 6 Tritons, 34-20, in a nonleague Friday night at Pioneer High.

    It was a debacle, said San Clemente coach Eric Patton. We just self destructed. It was one of the more embarrassing games I have been associated with.

    On the Tritons opening possession, Rettig was intercepted by Jessie Plaza, who ensued to take the ball 55-yards for a score, giving the Chiefs a 7-0 lead.

    Rettig responded with a 30-yard touchdown strike to Dominick Ela only three plays after the interception to tie the score at 7-7.

  • formerram ( diff from former ram)

    hey new york.the ref thing is quite funny. rumor has it that there are cert refs that really don’t like the varsity staff and subsequently took it out on the j.v as well. looks like the new direction is really hurting the boys. they really have talent.

    new ram- they aren’t getting much better. the db’s are horrible, they still are in the dang spread. with the kids they have they should be 3-0. Arcadia is no where as good as they use to be. the kids have fight but if they keep losing the fight will diminish. this staff need to do what the kids do best and that is power running. they are built for that not spreading the defenders and using there speed( what speed?).

    kids keep your head up and maybe the coaching staff will wake up!!!!!!

  • BigFatFan

    CIF refs are so freaking inconsistent. on thursday, the refs had no problem with OT game for SP and Glendale, then last night, they claim they dont get paid to ref OT games? go figure. bafoons!!

  • Goldenarm

    it was the

    actually it ended up looking like 5 guys with serious diarrahea and striped shirts rushing off the field for the last available toilet, in the new version of
    These refs knew their actions would bring disgrace and possibly hostility, that is why they ran from the field like kids who accidentally started some fire in the backyard.

    If anything, both coaching staffs should have been made aware of the scenario that would unfold were the game to end with a tied score – PRIOR to the start of the game. Clearly, this was not the case, based on Miguel’s statement that an overtime period was discussed and agreed to by both HC’s.

    The kids played hard and came away with a “what if”.
    See you next year at TC for the conclusion. Bad move refs.

  • Joe Amat

    When I heard of the travesty at the Arcadia/Temple City game I had to come over here and sound off. I’m not a big fan of the San Gabriel Valley officials in football or basketball and have always felt that a large number of their officials are arrogant and confrontational and do not work WITH the coaches and players to provide the best experience for the kids. They make the Foothill Association look like pros!

    The CIF-SS goes out of their way in the Blue Book, immediately after their Mission Statement, in a section on Sportsmanship that says:

    “- A coach or team shall never leave the playing area until the contest is completed. ”

    It goes on to highlight duties of Coaches and Athletes… Maybe it’s time to add officials to that segment.

    Then under Duties of Principals they have a rule specifically addressing the failure to complete a contest:

    – When a school fails to complete a contest, due to a coach pulling his/her team from the floor, court or field, it is MANDATORY that the CIF Southern Section Office be notified by the principal within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). The competing schools and officials will be required to file written reports, and after review of the aforementioned material, the principal of the school involved will be required to respond to the CIF Southern Section Office concerning his/her investigation of the incident.
    QUESTION: How serious is such action?
    ANSWER: It has been the position of the CIF Southern Section Executive Committee to expect the building principal of the school concerned to relieve the coach from his/her assignment for the balance of that season or the Executive Committee is empowered to consider recommendations for additional penalties.

    If the position of the CIF is for the school to relieve a coach of his duties for the balance of the season I see no reason why they should not hold the same position when it comes to officials. They left before the contest ended. Period.

    This solidifies my feeling about the guys west of the 605. I’m always concerned when we venture that way in either sport – love to compete against the teams, but the officials make it almost unbearable!

  • Mad As #@*%

    Re: The Refs……what a pathetic and selfish attitude to have. What? Are they part of a freakin’ union? I mean c’mon, they could have taken a stinkin’ collection and fans would’ve gladly chipped in to pay for their pathetic OT. I’m sorry…….I agree with a previous comment! Don’t let them officiate again! Do they realize how many people they’ve incensed! And…..I wasn’t even at the game…..I was clear across town at another prep game. Help….I need some blood-pressure meds…and quick!

  • Goldenarm

    the odor is spreading a bit with quotes like this……..
    NEWRAM said:
    TC Fans if you dont see the improvement of the Rams and if it doesnt get you excited I dont know what will. Coach White and Staff will have these boys ready for league!!!

    Maybe TC has one assistant coach too many. Blogging for public relations reasons is a common fact, but it usually disguised better than this.

    If respect and success comes to Temple City football this year, it will not be because of some percieved recent improvements in the Rams. The coaching staff walked onto the doorstep of a team which was a CIF semi-finalist last year.

    Your perception that somehow the Rams are now “improved” makes you either a blind, happy and optimistic person who is simply unfamiliar with football, or something slightly less sweet than that.
    When your 14-0 lead is destroyed by turnovers and poor special teams play in less than 60 seconds – it is no time to yell “yeah, we are improved”.

  • SGVer

    Overtime needs to be agreed to before the game and the officials need to be informed. It sounds like this wasn’t done. There is no CIF clause stating what happens in the event of a tie, but by default the game ends in a tie. Leagues have their own constitutions that call for what happens in the event of a tie, so local officials will generally know the rules are from league to league.
    As much as people would like to blame the officials, this isn’t on them. Separate yourself from the emotion and you’ll see what the actual rule is.

    As for their comment, let’s remember that quote is coming from a coach who was frustrated with the situation. I wouldn’t count on it for accuracy.

  • Dano the cat Fano

    #S 4,6,27,32. In any combination is SIX.The CATS D should be called SMACK,CRACKLE and POP. SMACK #45,CRACKLE #55 and POP #6.The D is awesome but these three guys are special.GREAT JOB CATS.

  • Goldenarm

    Joe Amat

    great post

  • MoneyTalks


    The refs @ arcadia last night ran off like they set off a M180 or something. i don’t know how they were able to sleep. All they wanted was their paycheck for the game and that’s it. They made some horrible calls as well.

  • Goldenarm

    For many TC fans, it was a debacle getting into the game at Arcadia and leaving the game. This may have been because AHS was not prepared for the size of the TC contingent, which overflowed the stands.
    For some reason, at conclusion of the game security closed one direction of exit that was open at the start of the game, forcing all spectators to empty out in the same direction along one narrow 4ft wide pathway, already clogged with giggling high schoolers.
    The result was confusion and smashed bodies – luckily nothing worse.
    I entered on the golf course side, where security refused to let in even Arcadia high school officials, prompting arguments, swearing and a bunch of rent a cops with walki-talkies all confusing one another and solving nothing. Later, some of these security folks actually went into the visitor stands trying to track down some people without hand stamps…I guess trying to get 6 bucks for a 6 dollar burger at Carl’s.
    Apparently some people in the parking area were asking for $100 for close up parking, and denying anyone without green into the area. Word was near kickoff time, the pirates had dropped the price to $20.

  • Joe Amat


    I’m irate and I have no pony on this race. Officials don’t give money back if blowouts go to a running clock or end early because of Mercy Rules!

    I wrote this on the Eastside:

    We should flood CIF office and the officials assigner with calls and ensure none of us get these guys when we go west of the 605 or even worse… when we get “neutral” officials in the CIF Playoffs! With this kind of attitude who knows what they’ll pull. Clearly – it’s not about the kids!

    Now this info is available online – so I’m not releasing any big secrets (I could’ve given you links instead)

    CIF Assistant Commissioner (in charge of Football Officials)
    Rob Wigod

    SGV Officials Assigner
    Joe Conte Sr (323) 257-9071

    What do you guys think? You see these guys every week!

  • New York

    Your monicker could not be more appropriate for that debacle at Arcadia as it was reported. I do wonder, though, what else led to the conclusion. Were the coaches chewing on these refs throughout the game and then the refs let their provoked emotions get the best of them and they left “early” as a payback? Is there an official protocol that prevented the refs from allowing overtime?

    Miguel, maybe you can talk with AD Press at AHS and get some more perspective on this…this week’s human interest story can profile the officials…

  • AnnonCoach

    TC vs Arcadia. Ref’s blew it by not allowing the Overtime to happen! AD’s (from both schools) should get an official reprimand for allowing this to happen in the first place! Are they not in charge of the setting up and scheduling these games? Is it not their job to hire these so called officials and know what the rules and regulations are? Or do they just pick what rules they know about and try to enforce those??? (yeah that’s a bit of sarcasm towards these tools.)

    Rant off for now!

  • Apache joe

    What a joke those refs were at the Arcadia game.

    Dimalante and White met in the middle of the field and rock paper scissored for who starts the OT on offense and defense. Meanwhile, the refs tore off the field like a bat out of hell.

    Who cares if the coaches or AD didn’t have OT set up in the beginning, they sure wanted it at the moment and as for me, that should be enough.

    Ruckle sure needs to get the ball at least 15x a game. He is a top back in the RHL as well as the area.

    Lagace went off! He is a force and is getting better game by game. Hopefully he keeps his attitude in check and continues to develop as a player both on and off the field.

    The refs blew one particular call with a fumble by the TC quarterback as he was standing in mid air, the ball was out and Arcadia fell on top of the ball. Clearly a fumble, the refs ruled the QB down, not being able to see when the ball had come out because the QB was surrounded by 4 Arcadia players. That was just one particular call that was blown by the refs and I’m sure the TC side had just as many. What an awful turn of events for such a tight game and a truly fun one to watch.

  • Prep Fan


    That is a bogus excuse and you know it. If it needed to be decided pre-game then officials would make it part of there opening meetings with the coaches like they do the mercy rule for non league baseball games. In all my years of coaching referees have never asked about over time before a game. Every time if it looked like it could happen we would get asked about it in the 4th quarter, if both coaches wanted it, it happened end of story.

    The blue book merely says overtime for non league contests is by mutual consent, it says nothing about when that consent has to be given. If the refs just left the field and are using that as an excuse to justify their actions, that is one of the most unprofessional and cowardly acts I have ever seen.

  • SGVer

    Prep, trust me, I’m not the type to defend referees. The only way I know about this is because it happened a few years ago in a preseason game I was involved in. The league constitution calls for overtime, but there is nothing in place during the preseason…unless the coaches bring it up in the pregame conversation with the refs. Otherwise, the refs go under the assumption that the game can end with the tie.

    I think the idea of a tie never entered the thinking of the two coaches, so it’s not surprising that it would be overlooked. What if one coach is operating under the assumption that the game ends in a tie and one is operating under the assumption of overtime? Given the issue of playoff seedings, I think overtime should be automatic, but CIF hasn’t taken the initiative to do that yet (probably under the guise of wanting to allow teams to choose).

    As much as the two coaches wanted overtime, the referees couldn’t just change the rules on the spot. Then where does it end? It was a bad situation, but like a couple of people in this thread have stated, this should have been taken care of pre-game. If anything, it makes for a fascinating renewal of the Arcadia-TC rivalry.

  • Dad of 3


    If there is nothing in the CIF rules about what happens in a tie, why would by default it end in a tie? That is illogical. Why wouldn’t the refs consult with the coaches? I was at the game. The refs didn’t wait to consult with anyone. Someone said they ran out like a bat out of hell . That was an understatement. They literally sprinted as fast as they could out of the stadium . It was very strange. I always thought these guys ref because they like to , rather than just for the money. This set of refs called a really bad game . I wonder whether they ran off the field because they knew they smelled the place up.

  • MoneyTalks


    San Marino is playing great ball. The RHL is going to be a tight race. LC was a huge surprise against CV. This is great to see.

  • the Sleeper

    Hopefully LC will keep being overlooked by teams. LC has great play-makers now with the coach to lead them to a championship they will make noise in the RHL. M-town watch your back

  • the Sleeper

    Hopefully LC will keep being overlooked by teams. LC has great play-makers now with the coach to lead them to a championship they will make noise in the RHL. M-town watch your back

  • The Lancer

    I am really sorry to be very contradictory but I have referred many games…As a ref you should love the game of football. I absolutely love the game…The ref should agree with the head coaches. If they are both in to an overtime well then you should oblige. You should always play the game out. Come on rules are rules but who really thinks of overtime…I have reffed many games where the rule never comes up…But you still play the game out…If I am being totally honest the refs do not care about the game…Thats why there are so many bad calls, etc. Really dissapointing.

  • Rams Know It All

    Both teams had chances to put the other team in the grave but didn’t do it. The refs shoved TC/Arcadia into the hole and poured dirt over sealing the fate for an unsatisfying tie. By the way, there were many missed calls on both sides. Wonder how Backus feels about a tie?

  • Matt

    Be quiet the sleeper. We want everyone to overlook us. We will be there in league.

  • The old Referee

    What’s all the Fuss about the Arcadia/TC Game?

    The way they are playing a Tie is a step up!

    Now both teams can walk around thinking..

    “If we had went to O.T. we would have won!”

  • Observantcat


    Time to WAKE up and get the real 411.

    Now that I have had the time to decipher the teams as I see them in this early pre-season, here are my predictions,

    1. MONROVIA- WHY? Unless any team can challenge the fact that this is one of the best teams the Cats have fielded in the last decade then be prepared to get proven wrong. I dont see any weakness on either the Offense or Defense. Coach Maddox has made his job very easy by just keeping several running backs healthy and allowing the other teams to try and beat them. If Maddox were to utilize any one RB for a complete game any of 4 RB’s could average at least 200 yards per game, and no other team in the Valley has that luxury. Our offense can hurt teams in any & every way possible including the passing game. Coach Maddox has shown each pre-season opponent complete sportsmanship by not running up the score. If he wanted to keep his first string players all game long the scores could easily have reached an average of 50-60 pts per game and that is NO exaggeration. Every player seems to get a chance to play by the end of the third and fourth quarter. These kids Love their coach and I notice a very Mutual respect for them. Now let’s get to the Defense. Monrovia is not just good they’re Great on the Defensive side of the Ball. There are 3 D1 linebackers in this mix, Lowenden is playing out of his mind this year to get past him you had better be GOOD and if you are not great then you have Haggard & Johnson to deal with most have failed completely to penetrate this linebacking core. Once you decide to try and go over our heads with your passing game you will then see why very few have succeeded on that end as well. Not only do they Hit Hard they usually get to the ball before the receivers do. The pass rush is phenomenal with the Big guy at DE Ellis McCarthy, although only a sophomore this kid is already a major D1 prospect and he plays full speed every play and his results are show in his Max Preps stats. As I said in an earlier summer blog: Defense will be Monrovia’s strength in the run to a CIF Crown this year!

    2. La Canada: Surprise to some but not to the La Canada Faithful and even some RHL scouts, They have always been a couple of key players away from breaking into good company at the top with M-town & TC. This year those players have developed on both sides of the ball. The only problem is so have a few other players from other teams. If you look at the underclass history of La Canada they have always given the Cats a run for the Money although always ending in defeat the scores have dictated a lot of potential from these teams to gain some momentum in league play. That is why in my earlier blogs I had them winning all of their preseason games, which unfortunately they lost to one of the top 2 Pacific league contenders CV by 3, Although they will come prepared to contend for the RHL crown they are going to have to take it from the defending RHL champions in one of it’s best years ever. Great players on both the offense and Defense this year just not enough to take them to the promised land. Although the good news is that they will Maybe meet Monrovia at the Promised land either semi’s or Finals in the Mid. Valley.

    3. San Marino: Yea I know that everyone in the RHL thinks that this team plays the weak pre-season and then it’s 1 and done for them, but this year they have plenty to prove not only to the RHL but to their coaching staff. Mooney has gone all out this year to provide whatever help in their backfield and secondary to help his team improve in some of the skills categories. I see that SM has adopted the Old TC style of football in their offense and defense and it is working a lot better than Coach White might imagine over at TC. With the transferring of a few TC athletes the guard may already be changing in the RHL where San Marino wont settle on just being a pre-season phenom and truly fight for a shot at the RHL crown.

    4. Temple City aka TC: I know GA that you have never known me to put a TC team under any other team other than the Cats, but after watching what has been unfolding over on Las Tunas I dont see the quick turnaround. TC is in no mans land right now. The biggest problem that I see is Coaching Staff EGO! where the captain of your ship has taken on a new navigation out to Sea and the other crew members are asking “Are You Sure” well when that ship finally comes in it may be miles away from where you wanted to be. I am a Max Ruckle Fan but this year with him running in a spread and other teams with any kind of defensive spread will cut him off at the helm it’s going to be a long season for the kid. Having such a stellar Line can only accomplish you so much with just a couple of plays in the playbook designed to gain just a few yards is not a good thing. It causes too many turnovers and too many 3 & outs. I know that the TC faithful want to see this thing turn around and soon because come league all of those RHL teams want to exact revenge on you guys for all of years past. I hope you guys surprise me and challenge my predictions on the field.

    5. South Pasadena: If Chase Rettig couldn’t do it for La Salle in 2008 then I cant see Bernardski doing it in 2009 for the Tigers. Losing your best receiver from last year has put a brick in your backpack. It will be hard to pull off any-kind of offense when your best plays are pretty predictable pass, pass, pass. If only your Defense could stop someone other than Blair I would give you guys a fighting chance of an upset somewhere along the line, but the only upset could be that you get tested by Blair and lose.

    6. Blair: What can we say! I’m sure somewhere on campus is sitting a 1,500 yard RB with complications that wont allow him to get suited up. If Mooney could somehow get to that player without being seen would be a feat that not even Pete Carrol could envy. It’s back to the drawing board for the Vikings, I would be in favor of Tip bringing all of those kids over to Duarte and starting that program off with at least a touch down this year.

    If anyone is going to take the RHL Crown this year, they will have to take on the defending RHL Champions who in my opinion are almost twice as good as they were in 2008.

    All agreements and disagreements will be treated with the upmost respect!

  • Nervo

    Rams Know It All,

    Funny you should mention that. If you asked Backus, he’d definitely start the response with “A tie is like kissing your sister…”

  • Matt


    Great analysis and thanks for giving Lc some credit. A long time ago someone told me, “If you want to be the best you have to beat the best.” That is Monrovia in a big way this year. LC knows they can play with anybody they have to face down the line. This week is Firebaugh, a team they need to get off the schedule. Are you listening LaSalle and Maranantha?

    Good luck to all RHL teams this week.

  • BigFatFan

    TC/Arcadia Tie: The Refs blew it, from today’s LA Times

    The crowd wanted overtime. So did the players and coaches. But Arcadia High’s nonleague game against Temple City ends in a 28-28 tie after officials inform the coaches there would be no extra period.
    By Ben Bolch

    The crowd wanted overtime. So did the players and coaches.

    It didn’t matter.

    Arcadia High’s nonleague football game against Temple City ended in a 28-28 tie Friday night after officials informed the coaches that there would be no extra period.

    That’s not all they said, according to Temple City Coach Anthony White. As the officials left the field, White said Saturday, one said “something to the effect of, ‘We don’t get paid overtime, so we’re not going to play overtime.’

    “No disrespect to him, maybe he just said it as a joke,” White said, “but when you put in the type of hours coaches and players do, you try to give the crowd a show and you try to compete.”

    Umpire Darren Winkley, who worked the game as part of the crew from the San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Assn., said none of the officials made a comment about overtime pay. Winkley said his crew’s policy was not to allow overtime before league games.

    But Southern Section spokesman Thom Simmons said officials must allow overtime if the schools involved agree to play extra periods. Both White and Arcadia counterpart Jon Dimalante said they wanted to keep playing.

    “The officials are supposed to be there until the game ends, period,” Simmons said. “You get paid from when the game starts to the game ends, depending on what those schools agree to.”

    Simmons said officials found to have skirted section rules could be reprimanded by their sanctioning body and have their playoff assignments curtailed.

  • New York

    So what’s the scouting report on La Salle. Apparently all they need to do is stack the box and they will win this week. Not sure why San Dimas did not think of that. This must be Coach Zernikow’s first year of football…

  • Bob Anon

    Matt, LC couldn’t beat La Salle with LP in the backfield. Playing Glendale and CV, let’s go for the trifecta with Hoover.

    I am so proud of Yoder so far, hopefully they have an efficient win against Firebaugh next week.

    LC can finish 1st or 2nd in the RHL… but they can also finish 5th if they do not execute against Blair and South Pasadena. Those games will be tough, but San Marino, Monrovia, and Temple City will be tougher.

    I am cautiously optimistic about LC. Hope they continue to play well… but under. the. radar.

  • SM Fan, Wants A Challenge!

    When is Mooney Gonna Take The Reins At SM??????
    These Powder Puff Non League Games Are WORTHLESS!

    SM Needs To Schedule Teams Like Arcadia, Alhambra Or A Rosemead To Prepare For League Play!
    These Kids Get A False Sense Of Hope Then Play M-Town Or TC And They’re Blown Out, Or, Fight Till Halftime, Then Get Handled In The Second Half!
    SM Fans Wouldn’t Mind Being 0-5 Going In To League And Really Have A Shot At TC and M-Town! We Would Be Underestimated And Teach ‘Em A Lesson!

    SM Is Tired Of The Same Old Story! Let’s Rewrite History!

  • Reno Hightower

    Satelite Surfing in Kern County

    M-Town is the undisputed #1 team in the Mid Valley Division. A wealth of talent coupled with a outstanding coach = trouble for the RHL. O-Cat hit it on the nose with before mentioned RHL synopsis. Much has been said of SM’s 3 game slide last year. The losses were to 2 eventual semi-finalists and the title winner. LC is much improved (Rocky Moore had a hand in 5 TD) and TC was fortunate for a tie with an average Arcadia squad. Things don’t look right or very good at TC right now. Arcadia could have scored 5 TDs off of turnovers and special teams easily. A good team will not squander those chances like the Apaches did.

    Schurr blasted HH Wilson 42-0 (sorry Brian Z.) while SG and the Moors won. Those look to be the best of the Almont league. Hope the Moors make the playoffs for Coach Gil. The Pacific League has 3 levels: Top (CV, Burbank, Burroughs) Muddle, yes muddle (Arcadia, Muir, PHS) and bottom (GHS, Hoover). CV and Burroughs battled St. Francis for all the Golden Knights were worth. For the PSN faithful say thank you for 4 playoff spots.

    Meanwhile, Paraclete traveled to St. Paul and could have led 14-6 @ 1/2 time save for a defensive stand by the Swordsman. St.Paul rallied in the 4th to win 21-7 but a great defensive effort by both squads. The ‘Clete down a few players this game, Desert Rat? The Spirits will be around in December for you O-Cat! Question is, in Lancaster or M-Town?

  • BigFatFan

    Since SP played on Thursday, I had a chance to watch the Charter Oak game on TV, vs. Rancho Cucamonga. I saw former Monrovia footballer Joshia Thropay standing on the sidelines. It seems that as a junior, he is now stuck as the second stringer on the CO squad, stuck behind a SOPHOMORE QB. I gues the transfer plan for him from Monrovia has just not worked out that well.

  • M-town dad

    He would have been stuck behind Bueno had he stayed anyway.

  • Anonymous

    If he had stayed at Monrovia then it’s likely Garrison would have stuck around and Thropay would have been a three year starter.

    He’s probably just rusty after missing last season. He would have been better off at South Hills where they like to pass more.

  • M-town dad

    Anonymous: Obviously you don’t know the story at M-town. It wasn’t Garrisons’ decision to stay or go. And no way Thropay was beating out Bueno. Even Garrisons’ staff admitted that they brought up the wrong QB during Bueno and Thropays’ freshman season. Bueno has alot of intangibles you can’t teach.

  • arcadia

    Garrett Tuck tore a ligament in his ankle during the game against Temple City on Friday. He will be out for a good three months. This means that sophomore Carr will be starting for the rest of the season, because junior Kody Gerrick quit.

    How will that affect the Apaches season?

  • MHS fan

    No way Thropay beats out Bueno. He can’t even beat out Santiago. Bueno is a STUD!!!

  • Arcadia

    Senior Garrett Tuck tore a ligament in his ankle on Friday against Temple City, and will be out for a good three months. This means sophomore Carr will be starting for the rest of the season, because junior Kody Gerrick quit after last year. Too bad, Gerrick was a great quarterback – Dimalante was even considering playing him over Tuck, had he continued with football. Lots of pressure on Carr, how will this affect the Apache season?

  • Arcadia

    Senior Garrett Tuck tore a ligament in his ankle on Friday against Temple City, and will be out for a good three months. This means sophomore Carr will be starting for the rest of the season, because junior Kody Gerrick quit after last year. Too bad, Gerrick was a great quarterback – Dimalante was even considering playing him over Tuck, had he continued with football. Lots of pressure on Carr, how will this affect the Apache season?

  • Anonymous

    That is not ment to be a nock on Bueno. He is fun to watch and a great player. Are you a school admin? That is a interesting comment you made.

  • Apache Joe

    I heard Tuck did not tear a ligament, just that he has a bad sprain.

    I guess I’ll wait for the word from Dimalante about it. This is a huge loss. Tuck is Arcadia’s senior QB, the leader of that team. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  • Anonymous

    Who said beat out? There was no true QB tryouts before. Ask any former “backups” Nothing against Bueno because he is good QB but also good luck Thropay to stay focus and hungry.

  • observantcat

    MHS faithful:

    Time has been really good to the Cats. First getting rid of Garrison A
    real Republican coaching a Democratic team… just not going to work. As talent rolled out new talent rolled in. Some right in front of our own eyes. Anyone taking a look at Derrick Johnson would have assumed that he was a starter at PCC as a sophomore last year though he didn’t receive much playing time. Look at him Now! He will be at some Pac 10 school in 2011. Having Nick Bueno playing as a freshman on a star studded freshman team and to have Josiah Thropay standing on the sidelines as a true freshman on Varsity in 2007 who would have thought? Two totally different styles, body types, both having skills way ahead of their time, I’m glad of the outcome because Nick gives you a threat that a pass only QB can’t give you. Taking nothing away from Thropay or his family but High School football has become too competitive even at the High School level to be ignored. Two of our running backs who are still also at Charter Oaks would have found it hard to walk in and get their jobs back. I still think we got the better deal. I would take Ramirez & Johnson over Golden and Youngblood as starters. Golden has already secured a D1 Scholarship at Washington State after he graduates and I’m sure Youngblood will go D1 as well. On the other hand Johnson is a pure athlete who you just cant coach a game plan against (Ask Rosemead & San Dimas) Having said all of that I think that Maddox has put the talent he has back on the right track and as far as the east Valley is concerned I think they would agree that Monrovia would be a solid number 2 school outside of Freds All everything no matter what Bishop Amat lancers, by the way I would love to see that Game Monrovia by 20. As we still give love to our distant Cats and wish them all well I think maybe they didn’t even see this coming.

  • M-town dad

    @ M-town, all positions are graded on a weekly basis which dictates playing time. It keeps the players hungry. Nothing like competition to keep everybody motivated.

  • Nervo

    Hey SM Fan,

    cool it on the Mooney preaching. God knows Mooney is a great coach, but you have to realize the situation that awkwardly puts him in. Imagine showing up to work where people are yelling how much better you are than your boss. It’s probably awkward for Mooney (a pretty modest guy) to have people yelling that he is better than the head coach. So unless you are Mooney (obviously not), then don’t try and ruffle feathers, just support your staff as a whole.

  • mister

    well lookie here. san marino opens league with monrovia. lets see if SM can transition from their pre-season schedule to their league opener.

  • SGV Football Fan

    Even though Coach Mooney is not the Head Coach at San Marino, we all know he runs the whole team. Good for the head coach (who is it anyway?) because the team couldn’t make the playoffs the previous years. The Head Coach should consider doing what ever is needed to keep Coach Mooney and his boys on the SMHS staff.

  • JFMat

    Miguel you shouldn’t of Picked keppel to win twice in a row.Perhaps next week Against Mountain View is more likely. I’m pretty sure you won’t Pick Keppel a third time….or maybe??

  • Goldenarm


    Your RHL rundown may be finest summary ever to come off your keyboard.

    one person who LC will never slide by without noticing is me. GA has been ringing the alarm for awhile.

    Apaches –
    I hope the best for the recovery of Garrett Tuck.

    As far as the game, the Rams were extremely fortunate to leave with a crappy, unfullfilling tie. At least 4 sure Arcadia touchdowns did not happen because wide open receivers had passes thrown too long, out of their reach. 56-28?

  • Goldenarm

    The “weak” RHL ain’t so weak this year.

    Anyone who has seen the SD game film, knows we have the Mid-Valley’s premier team in our midst now. And no, it is NOT too early to say that. Monrovia is confidence inflated, running on every cylinder, and has a defense with very, very few flaws to exploit. Bueno’s field vision is super-hero caliber, the dude flat out sees the seams..and accelerates right into them….even the PSN clip highlights that.\speed in the backfield, power up front….and the guy turning the crank (Maddox)knows exactly what needs doing.
    It is a long, long ride to the promised land…but the possibility is huge and real this year.

    La Canada – may be the only RHL team capable of beating Monrovia.
    San Marino – better than most think, even when feasting on lower food chain teams.
    Temple City – a potentially great team frozen in a new direction warp field.

  • Goldenarm

    TC got a great performance from our quarterback on Friday night, throwing for 200+ yards and running for nearly 100.
    Ruckle as usual., left it all on the field.

    At one point, we were averaging 8 or 9 yards a carry….so what do you do? Pass. Strange days in Ramland. Our O line is still down a man but is doing a better and better job every week as the left side gets familiar with things.

    Can we get it together? We can if we learn by our mistakes, both players and coaches. It is about this year, not next year.

    Opening week in the RHL – TC/LC, SM/Monrovia….talk about a crucial opening week. TC/LC is a Thursday night, making the game a scout’s dream

  • Goldenarm

    I’m still pissed about “The Brawl for the Last Stall”.

    Only Wildebeasts can flee faster than those Zebra’s did.

  • Arcadia

    Carr and Lagace both are young talents. Hopefully they will be able to connect with each other on the field.

    Tuck is getting an MRI today to see if there is any real damage. I estimate he’ll be out at least two weeks. At least. Hopefully it’s only a sprain.

    It is rumored that Arcadia coaches are working closely with the Athletic Department to see if Gerrick can be cleared, so he can be quarterback along with Carr – seems unfair to allow him to play without prior clearance, though. But if it helps Arcadia, so be it.

  • Dan

    Your getting a little to excited there partner, Monrovia by 20 over AMAT! Your boy’s didn’t even beat San Dimas by 20 let alone Amat, and although M town is my favorite team over there on the westside they wouln’t be #2 in our top ten, 5 or 6 maybe.

  • MoneyTalks


    Where did you get this info from? They have Ponce, another Soph, who will back Carr.

  • Observantcat


    Sometimes things are what they are. If San Dimas is #4 on the east side then where would Monrovia be?… I think that Charter Oak would be our best competition BA is good but if I were a betting man I would have my money on the Cats once again. And It wouldn’t’ be a real shocker to anyone who knows football.

  • pacific fan

    Actually Arcadia,

    Tuck is out for a few weeks with a bad ankle sprain.
    Where did u get that Gerrick was going to start over Tuck? Gerrick quit 2 years ago and was never considering coming back.

  • Goldenarm


    Dan knows football.

  • ex college coach

    I would take Monrovia over Amat and South Hills this season. The Cats vs Charter Oak would probably be a good match up. Monrovia has some fantastic skill players and from what I understand, many are underclassmen. Their Thunder(Johnson) & Lightning(Ramirez) combo is devastating, and I can’t see anybody containing Bueno. He can get a 1st down almost anytime he wants. Lastly, their O-line and D-line play has been exceptional.

  • Observantcat

    GA: I’m sure he doe’s. So if he were able to see what Coach Maddox has done to these Wildcats there would be no question in his mind that this team is Ready for anyone. If you passing game isn’t 150% then I dont see any team in this area competing! the run gets NOTHING!

  • Dan

    I’ll say one thing, you got me curious to see the Cats in action, the only problem is I don’t want to miss any WC games, I do believe the Cats are a cut above this year and would be a great game with teams like South Hills, Glendora, Damien, WC, Rowland, or D.Ranch, but I think Amat & C.Oak are still a cut above the rest of the SGV and day in and day out they would usually beat the others, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be upset on ocassion. Remember that it’s easy to look impressive against the teams that you’ve played so far, I really wished that you guy’s had a few heavy weights on your schedule then we’d have something to measure with, also remember that on the eastside Freds rankings seem to be based on what kind of season a team is having according to their caliber or ability, not so much on who would win head to head, so thats why San Dimas was at 4. In my eyes there are probably 6 or 7 teams over here that would have done what you guy’s did to the Saints. The game I wished would happen this year is ST. Franci vs Monrovia, who would win guy’s?

  • Observantcat


    If I told you my answer to the St. Francis Monrovia Matchup we would have to break out the tissue on this blog. Monrovia would beat them this year, next year and the year after in my estimation. Having 1 or 2 players to boast about isn’t enough to take on a whole team of gifted players I would take Monrovia by 20. I also think that St. Francis could beat Amat this year I believe that if you asked the true SD Saints fans they may agree with me on what may hit them that night. I disagree that seven teams on the Tribune top 10 could do that to San Dimas this year. Most of these teams are pretty much competitive with each other on the Eastside this year. It would be interesting if Maddox paired his team up for future game with West Cov. It could happen as early as next season.

  • Dan

    O Cat,
    I agree with you about WC and M Town, I think it would be a good series of games, from what your saying it sounds like Monrovia could be good for a few more years, I believe WC’s future is pretty bright too, the lower levels have some good talent over here. As for the teams that would beat San Dimas, I think most of the teams I listed in my previous post would beat them by 20, the teams San Dimas played are very weak this year, I could be wrong, we’ll know more as the season progresses, thats what I love about this sport, in the beginning it’s nothing but a guessing game and hunches that we go on, but the questions get answered as the season plays itself out.

  • Romball


    I must start by saying IMO the Monrovia-Arcadia game could have gone either way and Monrovia came out on top. I have been to all Monrovia games and Rosemead was a blowout. San Dimas could have lost by 40 plus. The first team D, began getting substituted in the mid-3rd and came out in the fourth. Monrovia hits hard, go to a game it is undeniable. Their coaching staff makes adjustments quickly. You may be able to use a set or a play that creates a mismatch and exploit the Cats but sooner rather than later the fix is put in.

    There run defense is stout. San Dimas had some fairly large kids but I would like to see how they handle a line like Rosemead had last year. I believe through the air is the only way to beat the cats…

    I have a sneaking suspicion some Bigger schools,if they accept, will be playing the Cats next year.

  • Goldenarm


    It is not like you, myself and others did not see this coming. If you dig back years into the archive – you can find GA getting ripped by proclaiming M-town will soon find the promised land. Not such an easy proclamation – when the school (M-town) is the hated rival of the team which I support.
    Many factors are at play – but the dominating one, above the rest, is the arrival and near immediate impact of coach Maddox. Monrovia officials who directed his hiring are to be commended. I agree that the Cats are not just about this season – the RHL will need to raise their game or pledge allegiance as underlings in the season ahead…the only two options available.
    Never being equal in the talent pool – TC will need to return to foundation football, assure lower level fundamentals are rock solid, and pray for consolidation or re-boundary realignment. No way is it time to concede – time to live up to the challenge.

  • New York

    Monrovia is playing a VERY different brand of football than what we threw into the lions’ den against Charter Oak a few years back as well as the series with West Covina. This is a well-conditioned, well-behaved, well-prepared and fundamentally sound team. The thing we don’t have this year, UNFORTUNATELY, is a pre-season schedule of winning teams. SO, our schedule leaves us, rightfully, open to question. Oh well. That won’t last long.

  • Dan

    I do believe the Cats can put on the hit and I know they are athletic at the same time, Maddox is a
    smart young coach who had our WC defense in tune each week. Rosemead and San Dimas are impressive wins for the Cats, but I think both of those teams are down from last year, Harvard Westlake blew out the Panthers 42 to 0 the week before the Cats got to them, San Dimas is said to be slower this year, like I said earlier I wish there was a few heavyweights on the Cats schedule so we could compare because its easy to tee off and look physical and fast against the teams you have played, as you probably already know teams like Amat are the way they are due to the whole team being fast and good, not just the skill guy’s, they may not look as athletic and big as some teams but they read and react and get to the play quicker as a team than most other teams, and they don’t miss tackles. I’m not saying M town couldn’t be that way too, but unless your team lines up against them its hard to appreciate, I’ve seen WC line up against some good teams, CO, South Hills, Rancho C, Amat, Mater Dei, Glendora, Mayfair etc, of all those teams, Amat in 08 and Mater Dei in 07 were significantly different, the overal team speed and physical play was at a much higher level, even more than Charter Oak or Rancho C. Neither CO or RC overwelmed us when we played them the way those teams did. This years Amat squad was not quite as good, but they were close to that level, still a physical swarming discipline team but not quite as athletic as last year, we played them with 6 positions missing starting players, if we were healthy I think we beat them but I know the old saying is that every team has to deal with injuries, so I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
    Just a question, do you guy’s think the way M town played Arcadia compared to the way St. Francis blew out Arcadia has any significance? Or do you think it was a matter of Monrovia being out of sync for the first game?

  • Philly B.

    Ok, Ok, Ok, for all us monrovia faithful including myself. Lets not get carried away here. Amat, and Charter Oak????? I have to say we’d put up a good fight, but both of those schools recruit and they stay with athletes. Not too sure how they’re doing this year. But I wouldnt say that we would take those teams out with ease. But as far as the rest of the east. I agree with the rest of the monrovia faithful as well as the bandwagoners now. South Hills, WC, glendora, Wilson, &Rowland, would feel the wrath of Bueno and our stable of Running Backs. Plus Maddox has Monrovia so well coached I dont see why we couldnt schedule at least two games in the east. Let La Salle go, and bring on one of the schools of the east. Matter of fact I will blog this on fred’s website, and see the reaction I get LOL

  • M-town dad

    Arcadia may not be any good right now, but going into the season, there were alot of optimism for the Apaches. They had 2 very good running backs in Maldonado and Arnett. Especially Maldonado, who probably would have been at least 50% of their offense. Unfortunately, Maldonado was injured on a Derrick Johnson tackle and Arnett has been nursing a lingering ankle sprain since before the season even started. Arcadia would be a far different team than from what you see on the field now if eveybody was healthy. Monrovia, like most teams during the fires, didn’t get alot of meaningful practice time. Plus the fact that several key players(ie Ramirez) didn’t even play in the 1st game. Craig Brown, who is a receiver, played most of the game at RB.

  • Observantcat

    Dan: Rosemead met Monrovia before the Harvard Westlake massacre. If you were to see the Arcadia game, coach Maddox was giving any and every running back a chance to get a few carries in that game. It ended up with Bueno taking the bulk of the carries and managing to get over 200 yards. Our Starting RB De’Shawn Ramirez did not play niether did Michael Harris, but to coach Maddox surprise he found one of the best power backs in the valley ( Derrick Johnson) 2 of Johnson’s 5 carries went for TD’s also in that game we made only 2 passing attempts. Maddox has long since found what he’s been looking for in his offense. Speed? Nick Bueno & DeShawn Ramirez are two of the fastest backs in the Sgv, no matter how you try and contain them they will find a way to beat you. Speaking of Amat, I played at MHS in the early 80’s when Amat fielded one of it’s better teams and was ranked in as hi as #2 in the state the same setment was said about us then, but our atheticism became very prevalent in that game and we won. That is one of the reasons I have the same confidence in this team

  • Dan

    O Cat,
    I do know about Monrovia’s win vs Amat and I also know that they beat Diamond Bar when DB was a powerhouse in the 90’s, for that reason and for the fact that I believe you guy’s really have a gem of a coach in Maddox, and also by the way you guy’s seem so thoroughly convinced of this years Wildcat team, I’ll
    give you guy’s the benifit of the doubt, I’m still not convinced your on the same level as Amat and CO, but I’ll give that it could be a toss up game with the SH’s, WC’s, DR’s and Glendora’s of the east side.

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