Star Picks: Another week, another chance to get it right

The Stang Fan — Last week: 16-1-1 … You have any lottery numbers for me?
Melendez — Last week (Total): 12-5-1 (31-33-1, ugh)

If nothing else, the Temple City-Rosemead game will be a chance for people to check out the show better known as the Max Ruckle Show. The senior has unbelievable ankle-breaking speed, and he’s one tough dude, too. Any chance this one ends in a tie, too? Don’t get me started. St. Francis’ Justin Posthuma is the big man on campus this week, but can he lead the Knights to a 4-0 start? The guess is he can. La Salle will get a good test in Monrovia. Talk about beefing up your schedule. Wildcats can’t look ahead and dismiss the Lancers, who are much-improved. La Salle’s win last week came at a price though: Mike Novell and Carlos Morales are injured. So Muir is 0-3 heading into Pacific League action, and like many of you it’s hard to gauge where the Mustangs stand against their counterparts. But we’ll get an early indication and depending on how Muir fares Friday night, we’ll know if this truly will be a rebuilding year.

Arcadia at Glendale, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Arcadia)

Temple City at Rosemead, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Temple City)
Rio Mesa at St. Francis, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (St. Francis)
La Salle at Monrovia, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Monrovia)
South Pasadena vs. Alhambra at Moor Field, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Alhambra)
Hoover at Pasadena, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Pasadena)
San Marino at Cantwell-Sacred Heart, 7 p.m. — Melendez (San Marino)
Mountain View at Keppel, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Keppel)
Muir at Burroughs, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Muir)
Brentwood vs. Marshall at PCC, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Brentwood)
Blair at Hacienda Heights Wilson, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Wilson)
Duarte at La Puente, 7 p.m. — Melendez (La Puente)
Gabrielino vs. Pomona at Ganesha, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Pomona)
Flintridge Prep at Malibu, 7 p.m. — Melendez — (Flintridge Prep)
La Canada at Firebaugh, 7 p.m. — Melendez — (La Canada)
Pasadena Poly vs. Webb at South Pasadena, 7:30 p.m. — Melendez (Pas Poly)

Salesian at Bosco Tech, 1:30 p.m. — Melendez (Bosco Tech)
Maranatha vs. Calvary Chapel at Downey, 7 p.m. — Melendez (Maranatha)

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  • Prep Fan

    Come on Miguel – you are leaving a few games out. It was a much better week but you were 12-5-1 last week. You were wrong on South Pasadena, Keppel, Bakersfield Christian, Marshall, and Pasadena Poly. Your not quite over .500 yet.

  • Miguel Melendez

    You’re right, Prep Fan. No one said sportswriters can count.

  • FootballWatcher

    As proven last year, Pasadena Poly will have their hands full with Webb when the teams meet this Friday night. The Gauls have improved, and they have some speed and power in the backfield. Their line, while a bit undersized, does a good job of making solid contact at the point of attack.

    If Poly comes in thinking it’s a “gimme” league win, I’d re-consider taking them too lightly. On second thought, I hope they do.

  • Drama


    I have to agree with FootballWatcher, I’m taking Webb on this one.
    It’s not too late to switch…..

  • The Stang Fan


    That would be 16-1-1, thank you very much.


    PHS BullDog will be the sleeper team in the Pacific League this year!!!
    There Defense will keep them in the game this year!!!
    If offense come around and if PHS cut down there turn-over and mistake. This Team will give teams in the Pacific League TROUBLE!!!
    Not a cupcake team this year!!!

  • Goldenarm


    Thanks for recognizing Max.
    He has been scratching and clawing for every yard, and when we give him a .5 millimeter crack, he takes it for 1/2 mile.

    Coaches may want to consider giving Gibby some carries, though Max would never complain.


    Why are peopel talking about pasadena poly? WHO CARES!
    They lost to marshall. end of statement


    Why are people talking about pasadena poly? WHO CARES!
    They lost to marshall. end of statement

    Oh and by the way Miguel, Novell isnt hurt, just Morales. This is a big loss but lets see how the boys rebound!

  • Desert Rat

    Wow….San Marino’s non-league schedule is really loaded….lol!

  • Manic Hispanic

    FYI, Rio Hondo Prep has changed their 10-9 game from La Verne Lutheran to Desert High School (Edwards Air Force Base). Lutheran has already forfeited this Friday’s game. Does anyone know why?

  • the Sleeper

    Yo miguel,
    Im all for the football stories keep them coming people are starting to get excited again which is awesome but what about the other sports(volleyball, waterpolo, or even cross country) don’t they deserve to be recognized?

  • Witness

    Manic Hispanic,

    La Verne Lutheran was scheduled to play Salesian last Friday and when I got to the game, Windward High School was taking the field against the Mustangs. I assume La Verne Lutheran cancelled with Salesian and Windward had an open date.

    I know two weeks ago La Verne Lutheran lost to Webb
    88-0. Injuries?

  • Philly B.

    Desert Rat
    Thank you for realizing the lack of san marino’s pre-leaghue schedule. Its a joke now. You go 5-0 pre-league just to maybe get a chance to get 2nd place in league. They Need to maybe play some teams in the almont league or somewhere down below the 60fwy

  • New York

    Philly B,
    Give San Marino some credit. Their wins have at least been strong wins over these teams. Monrovia’s schedule looks pretty light right now as well. Regarding San Marino’s chances of winning league: I’ve seen strange things happen. Besides, I’m not sure what type of pre-league schedule would prepare them for Monrovia. Without the right horses, the best jockey in the world won’t win races. That said, when Monrovia missed the 2003 playoffs it came at the hands of San Marino, remember? Frankly, their best chance will come if all their players are healthy. Not getting banged up and injured with too tough of a pre-season may prove to be a smart strategy.

  • The Stang Fan


    Lol! I just may.

    Another 18 games this week bro…here are my picks:


    Arcadia over Glendale- (1st win for the Apaches, even without some of their key guys…but, AHS misses the playoffs for a second consecutive year when it’s all said and done)


    TC over The Mead (I can’t see the Panthers doing well without their two best guys…and something tells me TC is going to run, run, run…)

    SF over RM (…too easy…)

    Monrovia over LS (…too easy…)

    Alhambra over SP (…too easy…)

    Pasadena over Hoover (I’m sensing a theme here…too easy…oh, and look out for the Dogs this year. They have BY FAR the most significant win in the WSGV with their win AT LB Jordan. No team’s win, on this side of the 605, tops that….nobody’s!)

    SM over Cantwell (SM seems to be bruising folks…Cantwell should give them a little more comp though)

    Keppel over MV (Wow. Did I just write that?!?! Uh, yeah I did….enjoy it Aztecs!)

    Brentwood over Marshall (don’t see the Eagles pulling this one out)

    Wilson over Blair (another long year for the Vikes)

    LP over Duarte (At least the Falcons will score this Friday)

    Pomona over Gabby (Long year for Gabby too)

    Malibu over FP (the surfers over the preppies…sounds like a bad B-movie)

    LC over FB (Spartans playing TOUGH ball this year)

    Webb over Poly (…Poly lost to Marshall…I can’t let that go…)

    Muir over Burroughs (I hear that some key guys will be released from the stables….NEXT WEEK! Arggghhh. Nonetheless, the week off allowed the Stangs to work on themselves, get things right, and come out ready for league….of course I’ve got more comments for a seperate thread a little later)


    Salesian over BT (nothing like a Saturday morning friendly…)

    The Natha over CC (Going against the Minutemen ruined my undefeated weekend last week….they may have turned the corner after that game)


    If the Mead is healthy, meaning Joey and Luis Diaz are playing I like the Mead against TC. If not…I still like the Mead!!


  • Philly B.

    New York,
    Yes I remember that year, we didnt make the playoffs at the hands of san Marino!!! Please dont remind me of that! It hurts still. But as far as San Marino’s pre-league scheduling….every year they enter league into 5-0 or 4-1, I told miguel that means nothing last year, and he told me the titans were a force to be reckoned with, and I said it wont, and it wasnt. Monrovia, and T.C. took them out with ease. and they had to fight with sp and lc just to get 3rd place!!! Im sorry but to me thats not good enough!! I can say that have t.c. or sm or even sp play san Dimas and it would be ugly!!! Yeah we beat up rosemead without their star player, destroyed a duarte team that is at the ground zero process. La Salle….we dont even need to be playing them anymore. So I cant give sm credit unless they take out the cats or the rams. I’ll agree with you when our schedule strength is somewhat weak this year. But thats all I do. sm needs to beef up their schedule just as monrovia does

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